• Aalborg Instruments & Controls, Inc. Manufactures flow measurement and control instrumentation for gases and liquids
  • Actaris Neptune Manufacture of flow meters.
  • Advanced Metering Systems (2000) Ltd Provides tiny flow control systems and pumps for process control, batch, and ratio flow control suitable for corrosive and non-corrosive liquids. [English and Hebrew]
  • Alicat Scientific, Inc. Manufacturer of analog and digital pressure and flow instrumentation used in process control applications for laboratory and industry.
  • ASAHI/America,Inc. Corrosion-resistant plastic vortex flow meters. Manufacturer.
  • ASL AQFlow Inc. Flow meters for low head dam flow measurement, spillway discharge measurement, flow monitoring, hydroelectric industry.
  • Autoflow Products Co. Manufacturer of gas and liquid flow switches and sample system steam select valves.
  • AW Company Manufactures flow meters, flow monitors, flow computers and customized flow control products. Positive displacement and turbine flow meters, flow monitors, two-component ratio monitors and state-of-the-art closed-loop controllers, fiber-optic sensors, on-line optical sensors.
  • BIF Water treatment industry products including universal venturi tubes, flow controller and measurement tools. Also, information on sealed metering and rate of flow. An SPX company.
  • BIOS International Corporation Manufactures precision air flow calibrators and automated sequential sorbent tube samplers for industrial hygiene, environmental, laboratory, and metrological applications.
  • Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V. Manufacturers massflow and pressure meters and controllers for gas and liquid fluids.
  • Central Station Steam Co. Condensate, vortex and ultrasonic meters for the measurement of condensate, steam, hot and chilled water.
  • COX Instrument Manufacture of flowmeters and accessories.
  • D-Flow Offers technical support for ultrasonic flow measurement. Provides the means to develop an ultrasonic flow meter using technology based on the sing-around method, which is a further development of the transit-time method. The concept is realized in an integrated circuit and ultrasonic transducers.
  • Digmesa Manufacturer of flowmeters for measuring small amounts of liquids.
  • EESIFLO Manufacturer of clamp on ultrasonic flow meters and open channel flowmeters.
  • Engineering Measurements Company Designs, develops, manufactures, markets and distributes electronic and electro-mechanical instruments for measuring the flow of liquids, steam and gases. (Nasdaq: EMCO).
  • ERDCO Engineering Corporation Manufacturer of industrial/utility flow meters, indicators and switches for water, air, oil, steam, and sve.
  • F S Brainard Manufactures portable instrumentation under the brand name, Meter-Master, including flow recorders, pressure recorders, data loggers, flow monitors, data collection and analysis software.
  • Fathom Technology Manufacturer of thermal gas flow measurement and control instrumentation in Texas. Includes pricing and specifications.
  • Flomotion Systems Provides advanced magnetic flowmeters and unique pumping solutions for the food and water industries.
  • Flow Technology Turbine flow meters and custom designed flow measurement systems for users in the automotive, aerospace/defense, process/manufacturing and metrology industries.
  • Flowell Corporation A manufacturing company of flow elements.
  • FlowHIRE Limited Flowhire is a unique hire company specialising in the hire of flowmeters and flowmetering systems in the UK.
  • Flowhow Oy Manufactures flow measurement equipment including orifice plates, nozzles, venturis, venturi nozzles, others.
  • FMC Measurement Solutions Manufacturer of the brand Smith Meter offering a range of current technologies for liquid and gas measurement and control applications.
  • Franklen Equipment Offers flow measurement solutions for the chemical, petroleum, and food industries.
  • Harwil Corporation Manufacturer of fluid flow and liquid level switches, level controls and shut down controls.
  • Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc A manufacturer of turbine flowmeters and electronic measuring devices.
  • Horiba Stec Mass flow controllers for fluid measurement and control.
  • Imperial Flange & Fitting Company, Inc. Manufactures custom flow elements including orifice plates and flanges, flow tubes and nozzles, venturi and pitot tubes, thermowells, thermocouples, RTDs, grounding rings, meter runs, and spool pieces.
  • InFlow Inc. Manufacturer of standard and specialty flow instrumentation (low flow, and/or high accuracy) and controls.
  • Ion Science Manufacturer of gas leak detection, pressure leak detectors and hand held portable equipment for industrial production lines, medical devices, gas filled containers and automotive applications.
  • Jinggong Instrument Manufacture of orifice plates, nozzles, venturi tubes and other standard or non-standard throttle devices. From China.
  • Katronic Technologies Ltd. Manufacture of ultrasonic flow measurement.
  • Key Instruments Offers flowmeters, optical flow alarms and controllers, for medical, industrial, chemical, and laboratory applications.
  • Krohne Variable area, magnetic-inductive, ultrasonic, mass flowmeters; level measuring instruments; flow controllers. Manufacturer, global supplier.
  • Kurz Instruments Manufactures thermal mass flow meters for industrial gases, combustion air, flue gases and other applications. Also, Mass flow control valves, inline elements, transmitters.
  • Laboratory Control Systems Incorporated Manufactures a line of air flow control and measuring equipment for laboratory, health care and industrial environments.
  • Lambda Square Inc. Differential pressure flowmeters feature single-piece construction, no moving parts, trouble-free performance.
  • Litre Meter Manufacture of products for the measurement and control of fluid flow including a variety of flowmeters.
  • M+W Instruments Manufacture of thermal mass flow meter and controllers.
  • Marsh-McBirney, Inc. Manufacturer of water and wastewater flowmeters.
  • Mass-Flo Manufacture of mass flow controllers and advanced material delivery products.
  • Max Machinery, Inc Manufactures positive displacement flow meters and fuel systems for low flow rates.
  • McMillan Company Manufactures liquid and gas flow sensors, meters, and controllers. Specializing in Teflon liquid flow sensors and controllers for CMP, UHP.
  • Micronics Ltd. Manufacture ultrasonic, Doppler, electromagnetic flow meters and energy meters.
  • Milton Roy Company Manufactures water and wastewater treatment products for municipal and industrial markets including leak detectors and metering, plunger, gear, rotary pumps.
  • MPB flowmeters Variable area flowmeters, flow and level switches, calibration cylinders, flow alarms, flow transmitters, sight glasses, specialist gas flowmeters.
  • MSR Magmeter Manufacturer of magnetic flowmeter for water and water-based liquids in pipes from 3" to 120" diameter.
  • Nixon Flowmeters Ltd Manufacturers of industrial and hygienic turbine flowmeters and streamflo velocity meters.
  • Panametrics Manufacturer and worldwide distributor of ultrasonic testing equipment and process control instrumentation.
  • PKP Prozessmesstechnik GmbH Manufacturer of measuring and monitoring equipment for flow and level as well as the necessary secondary instrumentation and accessories. From Germany.
  • Precision Proving Ltd. Offers on-site proving and calibration of custody transfer and sales meters. Repairs to most types and makes of meter.
  • Proces-Data Manufacturers flow transmitters, fieldbus based controllers and I/O modules and SCADA software.
  • Process Control Instrument Manufacturing of flowmeter, rotameter, manometer, level indicators, level switches, orifice plate and assembly. From India.
  • Processautomatic Manufacturing hygienic and magnetic flowmeters and systems for measuring liquids in the food and beverage industry. From Sweden.
  • Proteus Industries Manufacturers flow switches and flow meters for industrial cooling systems and WeldSavers for cap off detection on robotic welders.
  • Pumphlo Co. Manufacture of a flow measurement instrument based on volume change over a period of time.
  • Qualiflow Innovative solutions for UHP gas systems: mass flow controller, high purity valve, gas systems. From France.
  • R.R.Flowmeters Pvt. Ltd. Manufacture of flow meters and water meters.
  • Rapidcharge Frigofrance s.a.s. Manufactures automatically controlled equipment which ensures circuit testing and filling with various types of fluids, for the automobile industry.
  • Ritter Apparatebau GmbH Manufactures high precision gas meters for laboratory use made out of various superior plastics.
  • Rockwin Flowmeters Indian company produces turbine flowmeters for applications in industrial and custody transfer industries; sizes from 5 mm to 400 mm.
  • RS Hydro UK consultants providing flow measurement expertise, flow meters, level sensors and water quality monitoring equipment for industrial and environmental applications.
  • Sage Metering Inc. Manufacture of equipment to monitoring, measuring and control gas mass flow in industrial processes.
  • Schenck AccuRate Provides bulk solids metering products and solutions for domestic and international powder bulk solids industries and creator of the flexible walled volumetric feeder.
  • SeaMetrics, Inc. Makes simple, economical flow sensors and controls.
  • Sensus Manufactures water and wastewater treatment products for the municipal and industrial markets including computer software, meters, turbines, encoders, instrumentation.
  • Sierra Instruments Manufacture of Mass flow metering equipment.
  • SIMA servis s.r.o. Measurement and control design, installation. Also, manufactures induction flow meters and calorie counters.
  • Superior Products, Inc. Manufactures orifice plates and other flow measurement differential devices.
  • Systec Controls Manufacturer of levelmeters and flowmeters for steam, gases and liquids.
  • Teledyne Hastings Instruments Instruments for the precise measurement and control of vacuum and gas flows.
  • Thompson Equipment Company Repairs and rebuilds magnetic flowmeters. Also, replacement and reconditioning of liners and electrodes.
  • Total Control Systems Manufactures piston and rotary positive displacement flow meters, for use in the petroleum, chemical, industrial, food processing, agricultural industries.
  • TSI Flowmeters Manufactures gas flowmeters that have high accuracy, fast response, and low pressure drop. This includes a line of general purpose flowmeters as well as a line of OEM flowmeters for embedded applications in medical equipment, fuel cells, and analytical instrumentation
  • TTS Technologies Online fluid sensors, analyzers and dosing systems.
  • United Sensor Corporation Offers a wide variety of temperature and pressure sensing probes.
  • VPInstruments Offers compact digital mass flow meters, digital gas meters and oem mass flow sensors.
  • VSE Manufacturers flow measurement equipment used in process control, plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint, ink, hydraulic automotive industries.
  • Vögtlin Instruments AG Manufacturer of thermal mass meters and controllers (MFC) for gases, and variable area flowmeters for liquids and gases.
  • Water Specialties Manufacturer of flow measurement technology, including electromagnetic flow meters and electronic propellers and water meters
  • Wyatt Engineering LLC Manufactures differential flow measurement and control products, including venturi meters, orifice plates and meter runs, and flow nozzles.

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