This category includes listings for manufacturers of electronic integrated circuits.
  • 9Co Produces Stratum timing devices for SONET and SDH telecommunications systems.
  • advICo mircroelectronics GmbH German based IP (Intellectual Property) provider. Also offers ASIC design services with capabilities up to 40 Gbps.
  • Aemics Designs custom systems and custom chips.
  • Aeroflex Incorporated Manufactures standard and custom devices for applications that include space, land-based, and deep sea.
  • Agere Systems Inc Manufactures ICs for markets that include wired and wireless communications, VoIP (voice over IP), and consumer electronics. Formerly Lucent Microelectronics.
  • Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. Providing innovative system-level solutions in the design and manufacture of advanced mixed-signal hall-effect sensor and analog power ics serving applications within the automotive electronics, office automation, industrial and portable electronics markets.
  • Alpha Microelectronics Corp. Design and manufacture of speech IC, voice IC, recoding IC, music IC, synthesis IC, controller IC and contract manufacture of ICs with 4 bit, 8 bit MCU.
  • AMIC Technology Inc. Produces memory ICs. Also offers ASIC and system-on-chip design services as well as IP for RF wireless products.
  • Anadigm Ltd. Design and develop programmable analog array silicon and software products including analog IP modules and SoC applications. Online line card and demonstration software available for download.
  • Analog Devices, Inc. Offers ICs for data converters, amplifiers, DSP, RF and communications, power and thermal management, supervisory and interface, and MEMs.
  • Aplus Integrated Circuits Inc. Design and manufacture consumer voice ICs, software development for 4 bit/8 bit micro controller and COB and module products. Includes product descriptions, questions and answers, company news and data sheets available for download. [zip, pdf]
  • Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC) Manufactures communications ICs.
  • ASICentrum, s.r.o. Provides ASIC design services, IP (Intellectual Property), and FPGA to ASIC migration abilities.
  • Atmel Corporation Designs, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of semiconductor integrated circuits for use in the computing, telecommunications, industrial control and instrumentation, consumer electronics, automotive and avionics markets. (Nasdaq: ATML)
  • Automatisierungs und Systemtechnik GmbH A German company for automatic handling, test and labeling of memory modules.
  • Broadcom Corp Manufactures networking and communications ICs for data, voice, and video applications.
  • California Micro Devices Designs and manufactures integrated thin-film, silicon-based termination, filtering and ESD components with active electronic circuitry.
  • California Micro Devices Corporation Designs, manufactures and markets thin film passive devices, resistors, resistor networks, telecommunication integrated circuits, microprocessors and other integrated circuits. (Nasdaq: CAMD).
  • Calogic LLC Manufactures a line of standard products in bipoloar, CMOS, dmos, JFET and dielectrically isolated technologies as well as full custom IC capabilities from design to final test.
  • Centellax, Inc Develops physical-layer electronic components for broadband microwave and optical communications systems. Products range from singulated GaAs and SiGe ICs to ceramic- and plastic-packaged ICs, connectorized modules, and complete test accessories.
  • Cirrus Logic, Inc Supplies linear, DSP, and mixed-signal chips for storage, communications, consumer, and industrial applications. Also sells under the Crystal brand.
  • Conexant Systems, Inc Produces ICs for consumer products that include networking, digital video, cordless technology, fax machines, modems, and set-top boxes.
  • Cypress Semiconductor Produces a wide range of semiconductors including programmable logic devices, memory, chipsets and networking ICs.
  • Davicom Semiconductor Inc. Provides wire and wireless network communication ICs, including SMSC compatible MAC and phy chips.
  • DLogixs Designs amplifiers based on x-class technology (digital, mixed mode power processing).
  • E-Lab Inc. Specializes in electronics circuit development.
  • Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology Inc Manufacturer of DRAM, SRAM and SGRAM memory semiconductors. Online line card and specifications.
  • Exar Corporation Makes analog and mixed-signal ICs for the video, imaging, and communications markets.
  • Freescale Semiconductor, Inc Manufactures a wide range of IC's for applications such as automotive, communications, and consumer electronics, among others. Formerly Motorola Semiconductor.
  • Fujitsu Microelectronics Manufactures analog and digital ICs and produce microprocessors, memory, networking ICs, custom ASICs.
  • GCT Semiconductor, Inc Produces ICs for wireless communications, including transceivers and RF processors/controllers.
  • Genesis Microchip Inc. Designs, develops and markets sophisticated, real-time, cost-effective, high-quality digital image manipulation integrated circuit solutions. (Nasdaq: GNSS).
  • Harris Manufacturer of a wide range of semiconductor devices. Application areas include: MOS power transistors, surge protection, intelligent power, data acquisition, microprocessors and DSP.
  • Hytek Microsystems, Inc. Designs, manufactures and sells custom and standard hybrid microcircuits and manufactures delay lines, thermo-electric cooler controllers, and laser diode driver standard products. (Nasdaq: HTEK).
  • inSilicon Corporation Provides intellectual property used to design complex semiconductors called systems-on-a-chip. (Nasdaq: INSN).
  • Integrated Device Technology Supplier of semiconductors to the communications market.
  • Integrated Electronic Solutions (IES) Produces specialized and custom microelectronic components, hybrids, and assemblies.
  • Intel Corp Makes devices for personal computer, networking, and communications products.
  • Intersil Corp. Manufactures analog and mixed signal ICs for products like flat panel displays, optical storage and power management, among others.
  • Irvine Sensors Corporation Researches and develops compact solid state microcircuitry for military and commercial applications. (Nasdaq: IRSN).
  • Jeilin Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of system-on-a-chip for scanner ICs, PC camera IC, MP3 decoder IC, and switching Hub IC with USB port.
  • KWE (Kedah Wafer Emas Sdn Bhd) Makes electronic systems in addition to producing ICs for power management, consumer electronics, and communications. Offerings include image sensors, MEMs devices, and bluetooth ICs.
  • Kyocera Corp Offers industrial IC packaging of optoelectonic packages, MEMS packages as well as ultra high vacuum ceramic products.
  • Legend Electronics Inc A distributor of ICs.
  • Longer Electronics Co.,Ltd Manufacturer and designer of universal remote control and IC, PC RF remote control and dimmable electronic ballast.
  • Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Manufactures semiconductors. Especially Ethernet, Cable, and DSL related communications devices. Acquired Galileo.
  • Maxim Integrated Products Produces digital, analog, linear, and mixed signal integrated circuits. Acquired Dallas Semiconductor.
  • Micrel Semiconductor, Inc Offers ICs ranging from analog to digital to RF to Ethernet Phy's (via Kendin purchase).
  • Mictrotronixcorp A semiconductor technology company developing new products in ferroelectric memory technology, markets and RFID technology.
  • Mindspeed Technologies Manufactures ICs for enterprise, access, metropolitan and wide area networks.
  • Minilogic Device Corporation Limited Manufacturers a voltage regulator and detector.
  • MStar Semiconductor, Inc. Taiwan based ASIC design that focuses on mixed signal and analog, as well as offering intellectual property (IP) and LCD displays.
  • NanoAmp Solutions, Inc Manufactures low-power analog and linear ICs, as well as low power memory devices.
  • National Semiconductor Makes analog and digital ICs for the consumer and communications markets.
  • NEC Corp. Provider of IT network integrated solutions and semiconductor solutions. Includes product and service information and links to regional sites.
  • Octasic Semiconductor Provides silicon products focused on the challenges of voice processing and packetization for next generation packet based networks.
  • PMC-Sierra, Inc Produces MIPS processors in addition to a range of ICs for the communications, storage, and consumer markets.
  • Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Design, test, and distribute ICs for consumer electronics, telecom devices, computer peripherals, multimedia and communication network hardware. Online line card and specifications.
  • Renesas Electronics Corporation Makes ICs for the mobile, automotive, communications, and digital home electronics markets. Formed from the semiconductor divisions of Hitachi, Mitsubishi, and NEC.
  • Samsung Semiconductor Manufacturer of a full line of semiconductor devices - Memory, Asic, System.
  • Samsung Semiconductor Division Manufacture a full line of semiconductors including power modules, memory devices, LSI and consumer electronics.
  • Semtech Corp Produces analog and mixed-signal devices for use in communications, portable devices, computers, and industrial equipment.
  • SSC Electronics Manufacturer of audio and video ICs and do-it-yourself kits for equalizers, preamps, switchers, mixers, and faders.
  • Standard Microsystems Corp (SMSC) Designs, develops and supplies analog and mixed-signal ICs and semiconductor intellectual property (IP) cores.
  • Stengel's Resource Semiconductor manufacturers lists and links.
  • TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. Develops to customer specifications, manufactures and markets high performance analog and mixed signal integrated circuits for wireless communications, telecommunications and computing markets. (Nasdaq: TQNT).
  • Twilight Technology, Inc. Manufacture of various obsolete semiconductor and IC products for military, industrial, commercial applications.
  • Virage Logic Corporation Provides semiconductor intellectual property for the memory elements of complex electronic systems contained on a single silicon chip, consisting of designs, software systems and software tools. (Nasdaq: VIRL).
  • Vitesse Semiconductor Corp Manufacturer of network processors, optical modules, and communications ICs.
  • Winbond Electronics Designer and manufacturer of ICs for several types of electronic products.
  • Winbond Electronics Corporation America (WECA) Produces IC products for the PC, peripheral-related, consumer electronics, multimedia and memory IC markets including telephone dialer, PC I/O controller, memory, speech synthesizer and MPEG decoder markets.
  • Yamar Electronics, Ltd. Developer and manufacturer of DC-bus power-line communication transceivers for multiplex networks of CAN, LIN, SPI and UART protocols. A vehicle for data, voice and video transfer.
  • YogiTech Independent IC design services provider in central Italy covering analogue and digital, circuit and system design.
  • Zarlink Semiconductor, Inc Manufactures ICs used for communications systems and cardiac pacemakers.

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