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  • 360 Visibility Microsoft Business Solutions partner provides a solid foundation of tool sets for Financials, Distribution, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Customer Relationship Management and Human Resources.
  • Achiever Supplier of CRM, eCRM and e-business software solutions.
  • Asian Market Information & Analysis Centre (AMIAC) Provides of data and CRM tools designed to facilitate communication with Asian markets.
  • BimSym eBusiness Solutions, Inc CRM and sales force automation for insurance professionals
  • BRD Provides software allows operators to monitor web site activity, and alert them if customer assistance is needed.
  • C3i Inc. Offer CRM systems integration and support services. Headquarters in New Jersey, USA.
  • CABC's Maximizer CRM Discussion Board Discuss Maximizer CRM software features and support issues with other Maximizer users. Compare Maximizer with other CRM packages.
  • Click4Operator Firm offering agents who provide Web call center services.
  • Client Compass Software Client information management and CRM software system that is user customizable. The software provides invoicing, notes, data import/export, integration with email clients and MS Outlook.
  • Competitive CRM Performance Publisher and consultancy dedicated to assisting clients with the successful implementation of customer relations management.
  • Consilience Group A virtual business development firm that creates customized CRM solutions.
  • CRM Buyer An independent source featuring CRM product information, reviews and product comparisons.
  • CRM Mantra CRM consultancy firm provides consulting services to small businesses for procurement, integration and deployment of software systems.
  • CRM Newz CRM news, information, and tutorials.
  • CRMailer Provides CRM software solutions for online e-mail marketing, combining database marketing, and newsletter publishing.
  • Customer Relationship Management Includes articles about strategy and technology issues.
  • DVT Provides CRM business intelligence software. Find company profile, description of services and contacts.
  • E-Interchange E-Interchange provides CRM solutions by establishing and managing electronic conversations through traditional email, email campaigns and web forms.
  • eCentric Media An independent multi-channel CRM systems integration consultancy with expertise in Chordiant, Ab-Initio and e-business-CTI application software solutions.
  • eGain Communications Corporation Provides customer service infrastructure solutions for businesses engaged in e-commerce, designed to manage the high volume and complexity of online customer communication, including email and interactions on the web.
  • enVesage CRM and Information Technology firm specializing in providing a variety of CRM solutions including database management and campaign management.
  • GoldCRM, Inc. Gold Service Advisor for Amdocs Clarify is a web and wireless based field service application that incorporates intelligent dispatching, route optimization and SLA driven scheduling. Integrated with Microsoft Mappoint and optimized for Blackberry RIM paging system.
  • Highrise Web-based contact manager and conversation tracker from 37signals. Includes a product tour and the list of features.
  • Ideal Host Provides e-commerce and CRM software.
  • InfoScience Specializing in the business of bespoke and application development especially in the area of service support management and customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Infotivity - CRM Software Guide CRM software selection guide.
  • Innotrac Corporation Provides customized, technology-based support services. (Nasdaq: INOC).
  • IntelliPad A product integrated with Outlook and dedicated to legal firms. Used to manage customers and marketing campaigns. Presents the list of features and contact information.
  • Intrabench Integrated solution for managing customer relations, invoicing and purchasing. Includes the list of features and available pricing plans.
  • ITApps Limited ITApps Ltd is a full-service CRM provider that helps organizations develop and deploy one-stop, end-to-end mission-critical solutions. ITApps Limited provides CRM and contact center solutions across the Asia Pacific Region.
  • Kana E-Business infrastructure solution for online customer interaction. Scalable solution to manage high volumes of e-mail and Web-based customer communications.
  • Khaos Control A complete and customisable CRM system that links into eCommerce solutions
  • LBT Services Provides CRM solutions designed maximize the effectiveness of the various business systems within an organization. Features company profile, contact details, description of services and products.
  • Livecare Call center, help center and remote support software.
  • A customer service tool for websites that enables site visitors to instantaneously communicate with customer service personnel using text chat or voice over IP.
  • MainstayCRM An international contact center that provides blended inbound and outbound telecalling facilities coupled with BPO services such as email management and back office tasks.
  • Mareeba Independent CRM consultants provide advice to companies on how to maximise the returns from their existing CRM installations.
  • Marketpoint Global database marketing.
  • Microsoft Dynamics An integrated sales automation and customer management solution. Includes testimonials and a list of product features.
  • MM Group Ltd. Provides call center and customer data services in the UK. Also provides printing, response management, e-commerce, and database management services.
  • Noonmark Web based customer information system for small and medium sized businesses.
  • OpenCRM Hosted solution providing an intuitive interface and Outlook integration. Presents the list of features and available pricing plans.
  • Paladin Consulting Group Customer management and customer interaction management consulting.
  • PlaybookIQ Web-based tool for managing leads, customers, sales processes and real-time reports. Includes the list of features, plans and pricing information.
  • ProspectSoft Provides CRM solutions combined with mobile computing. Products feature integration with Pegasus, Sage, Exchequer, Access, popular accounting software and manufacturing systems.
  • RidgeTek Internet and CRM consulting group. Bethel, Connecticut.
  • SalesPage Provides web-based services and related technical support. Presents available products and the list of services offered.
  • Salestrac Marketing and sales automation software.
  • Sedna CRM A web-based contacts management system, from Erbix. Includes available features and several use-case scenarios.
  • SemaTree Enterprise class CRM software designed and implemented for the scalable J2EE application server environment. ECS is a CRM application framework and product consisting of EJB business components and Web templates.
  • Senior Consultant CRM CRM Consultant
  • SimplifiedCRM Easy to use, online (web based) solution. Includes the list of benefits and available pricing plans.
  • SplashDot Customized customer engagement solutions for Web sites.
  • SpringDove eCRM technologies, E-business consulting, web designing, hosting, content development and IT application development
  • SugarCRM Commercial open source customer relationship management software. Includes details of features and services, online demo, documentation, download, and discussion forums.
  • TBN - The Business Network Provides on-demand web services for the IT distribution industry.
  • Telemation CRM software system including complete telephony features and application development toolkit.
  • U&D Square Provides 24x7 technical and customer support for web hosting companies, ISP's, Data Centers and other businesses.
  • Vertical Marketing Inc. Software consulting firm specializing in the implementation and support of CRM systems.
  • Vojus CRM consultants who provide a range of CRM products and implementation services.
  • West Monroe Partners LLC Business and technology consulting firm.
  • Windsail Technologies LLC Design and implementation of central customer information files in support of CRM initiatives for large corporations. Data cleansing and data consolidation.
  • Zerotouch Provider of web based customer service solutions.


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