The Electronics category focuses on the business of manufacturing, distributing, and marketing products related to consumer electronics. Typical types of products include home entertainment equipment, portable radios, and calculators.

  • AIWA America, Inc. Manufacturer of consumer electronics, audio equipment, and computer products.
  • Akai Electric Co., Ltd. Maker of televisions, audio and video equipment, and home appliances.
  • Aliveal Enterprises Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of 2.4 GHz wireless audio and video transmitters and receivers, wireless CCTV security products, and motion detectors, and CMOS cameras. Based in Taiwan.
  • American Recorder Technologies Makes audio, video and photo equipment and accessories. USA.
  • Amerisonic International Manufacturer, worldwide distributor, and retailer of audio, video, and wireless products. USA.
  • Amstrad UK. Manufacturer and supplier of telecoms, audio, TV, video and digital satellite products. Includes a corporate profile, product details, reviews, and contacts.
  • Aom-Sun Limited Manufacturer and exporter of calculator such as pocket size calculator, desk top calculator, scientific calculator and portable audio and video products.
  • AViTA International Corp. Manufacturer of electronic digital thermometers and infrared ear thermometers for both home healthcare and medical applications.
  • AwoX Develops UPnP and DLNA middleware technologies for aggregation of digital media content on home networks.
  • Bang & Olufsen Manufacturer of a complete line of audio and video products.
  • Beyon Manufacturing Industry Manufacturer of solar application products like garden and lantern lights, camp light, and chargers. China.
  • BeyondTel Specialized in designing and manufacturing digital products such as MP3 player, VoIP phones, digital frame and electrical baby swing. China.
  • Blusens Retailer and distributor of portable, digital home electronics, communications and networks products. Spain.
  • Bonpal Technology Co., Ltd Manufacturer and distributor of digital camera battery, E-book reader, USB radio and TV player, USB microscope and headset. China.
  • Boston Acoustics Engineers, manufactures and markets moderately priced, loudspeaker systems for use in home audio and video entertainment and after-market automotive audio systems.
  • Cable Electronics Inc Manufactures audio and video distribution equipment for consumer and commercial applications.
  • Cana Kit Corporation Manufacturer of educational and professional electronic kits for beginner or seasoned kit builders. Many kits available in assembled, fully tested and ready-to-use versions. Online catalogue and purchasing.
  • Cedar Electronics & Gifts Manufacturer of consumer electronics such as calculators, calendars, databanks, radios and games players.
  • Centre Trading Specialized in trading of audio and video equipment from China.
  • Chaney Electronics Manufactures educational electronic kits and robots for schools.
  • China Andy Electronics Specializes in manufacturing gift radios, car refrigerators, car TV monitors, and MP3 transmitters. China.
  • ChinaTiv Specializing in the design, manufacturing and distribution of digital and audio products, and led light products. China.
  • Chit Shun Enterprises Manufacturer of mini FM radios, handsfree radios, voice recorders, light-up and flashing key rings, personal alarms and baby monitors. Hong Kong, China.
  • Cimtek Manufacturer of LCD monitors, control system, GPS equipment, alert system, co-axial cables and connectors. Taiwan.
  • Clark Synthesis Tactile Sound Manufacturer of waterproof transducer, home theater seating and transducers and professional sound equipment. Provides technical information manual.
  • Clock Audio Specialist manufacturers of professional microphones and audio equipment such as headset for use in broadcast and communications.
  • Cndigitalbay Manufacturer and exporter of electronics products and digital articles with CE, FCC quality certification. China.
  • CoachComm Specializes in sports solutions such as football headsets and sideline communication systems, decks/remotes, camcorders, projectors, editing and coaching software. USA
  • Coby Electronics Corporation Manufacturer of consumer electronics and handsfree accessories such as TV, DVD and CD players and, home and portable audio. USA.
  • Comet Jobs UK electronics retailer. Features available careers, application, benefits, and virtual workplace tours.
  • Common Ways International Ltd. Manufacturer of CD, VCD, and DVD players, portable CD and mp3 players, VDF display, and DC micromotors. Based in Hong Kong.
  • CongInfo Technology (Xiamen) Manufacturer and exporter of digital photo frames, USB and GPS devices. China.
  • Consumer Priority Service Extended warranties for consumer and commercial equipment such as iPods, cameras, video cameras, televisions, GPS, car audio/video, and home appliances. Accidental damage coverage is also available.
  • Contract Assembly and Manufacturing Co. Produces electronic water detection devices for residential and commercial properties, and marine bilges.
  • CoolSources Manufacturer of MP3 and MP4 players, car FM transmitter, GPS, digital photo frame, USB flash disk, Bluetooth and LCD products. Taiwan.
  • Cooperator Electronic Co.,Ltd. Manufacturer of translators dictionary and making DVR (Digital Voice Recorder), USB pen drive, MP3 and digital camera.
  • Cosy Communications Manufacturer of office automation systems, test instruments, led clocks and sign boards. India.
  • Crescent Electronic Industries Manufacturer of UPS, inverters, DC power supplies and reverse osmosis plants for domestic and industrial usage. India.
  • Daisy Multimedia Provides multimedia cameras, MP3 players and Bluetooth devices.
  • Danavox Manufacturers of stereo and home theater loudspeaker, USB tablet and LCD monitor. Taiwan.
  • Daviscomms Pte. Ltd. Produces telecommunications and electronics products in Singapore for the mass market. Technical support.
  • Denver Electronics Manufacturer of a wide selection of electronics components such as audio, video, security and telecommunication products.
  • Dianmen Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturer and exporter for digital electronic products including pda, pocket pc, camcorder, laptop, and mp3 player.
  • Dixons Group Careers European electronics retailer. Lists profiles and vacancies at Dixons, Currys, and other divisions.
  • Doremi Labs, Inc. Manufacturer of digital video disk recorders and video servers for video and audio recording, playback, and broadcast.
  • Double-k Principal activity is the manufacture - assembly at small industry level as well as the distribution of electrical and electronic products such as telephones, TVs and cameras.
  • Dual Electronics Makes home and car audio and video mass consumer products. USA.
  • Dynastream Innovations Manufacturer that research and develop smart devices using inertial and wireless technology. Canada.
  • e.Digital Corporation Designing and providing manufacturing services for branded digital video and audio and wireless products. USA.
  • eAlim Technology Limited Manufacturer of digital Islamic products like Islamic iPad, digital Quran, read pen Quran, and eBook.
  • Effectual Devices Supplier of specialty electronic equipment, products, devices and gadgets. Singapore.
  • Ego Pacific Limited Manufacturer and exporter electronic consumer products such as calculator, clock, world time calendar, organizer, translator, radio and organizer calculator.
  • Elec Gift Industry Co. Ltd. Manufacturer of portable audio and video products such as digital players, LCD monitors, pen drive, sim card and Bluetooth hands-free. China.
  • eltax Manufacturers of hi-fi, surround speakers and systems, suboofers, home audio electronics, DVD players, monitors and accessories.
  • Emerson Radio Mass market manufacturer of DVD players, clock radios, home audio and video and small appliance. Canada.
  • Enmac Engineering Ltd. Manufacturer and distributors of digital Quran products. Hong Kong, China.
  • Equi=Tech Makes professional rack system, audio and hi-definition video and isolation transformers products. Provides technical papers, and application notes about distributing balanced AC power.
  • Faryuan Consumer Electronics Manufacturer of electronics products such as LED lights, mobile phone, mp4 player, and digital photo frame.
  • Fazaa Business Investment Pvt. Ltd Manages the consumer electronics and telecommunications shops F1 and B Mobile. Maldives.
  • Feihong Industry Manufacturers of MP3 and MP4 players, DPF and GPS navigation systems. China.
  • Fidelity Electronics Provider of innovative personal electronics and consumer products including digital picture frames. Canadian distributor for Excalibur Electronics. USA. [English, French]
  • Fisher Produces audio and video products including TVs, CD players, DVD players, and shelf systems. Includes link to service center.
  • Futurmatix Provides research and development services in the consumer electronics related marketplace. UK.
  • Professional writers of consumer electronics and computing product reviews, plus commentary on travel, entertainment, books, and leisure activities targeted at women. Full content available by paid subscription only.
  • GLK Corporation Contract manufacturer of various electronic products. US office provides technical support and liaison between customers and our Chinese factory or other Asian product sources.
  • Groove Enterprises Co Ltd Chinese manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of headphones, microphone, VCD, karaoke and accessories.
  • Grundig Manufacturer of audio, video products, mini systems, personal and floor care small appliance and phones. Germany.
  • GT Time Management Specialising in time and attendance, ranging from mechanical time clocks to integrated PC software solutions.
  • Hangzhou Direct Electronics Manufacturer of the iPod accessories, cables, car dvd players and solar power products. China.
  • Hangzhou Medical Digital Thermometer Manufacturer of clinical digital thermometers, infrared ear thermometers and digital blood pressure monitor. China.
  • Harmon Kadron Manufacturer of a wide range of home and car audio and video products. USA.
  • Hitachi, Ltd. Manufactures electronic and electrical equipment. Operations are divided into the following segments: Information systems and electronics, electronic devices, power and industrial systems, and consumer products.(NYSE:HIT).
  • Hitachi Digital Media Official Hitachi products information, software, brochures, specifications, reviews and technology guide.
  • HKEA Company that focused on research and development, production and manufacture of digital video/audio core products.
  • HongLei Electronic Wholesaler, manufacturer and importer-exporter of CD, VCD, DVD, mechanical games, automobile audio equipment. China.
  • IGK Electronics Manufacturer of pulse induction metal detector with microprocessor and LCD display, electronic device for detecting hidden radio transmitters, device for bee poison extraction, and electronics kit's for home made. Bulgaria.
  • iLAB America Inc. Designs, develops and manufactures audio and video products for the OEM market. Specializing in digital audio products such as Dolby Digital, DTS, USB and virtual surround sound processors.
  • Inest Internet marketplace for a range of new and refurbished electrical and car audio equipment.
  • Inngc Digital Manufacturer of digital products such as mobile Internet device, MP3, MP4 and accessoies. China.
  • Intrasonic Technology Offers a built-in home intercom system. Also includes subwoofers, in-wall and ceiling speakers. USA.
  • Isinotech Electronics Specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing electronics promotional gifts such as USB flash drives and hubs, pedometers, mp3 players, and FM transmitters. China.
  • Jaton Audio and video systems and accessories for home and computer. Australia.
  • Jiashan Boss Electronics Supplier of car amplifiers, interior decorations and speakers, home appliance and electronics. China.
  • JinBo International Exporters and manufacturers of product such as solar panel, calculator, radio, flashlight, light and chargers. China.
  • JobSite Systems Specialized in custom installation audio and video related products.
  • JVC America Manufacturer of home, mobile, and automotive electronics equipment and accessories.
  • jWIN Electronics Corporation Manufacturers of LCD and video products, digital cameras, home audio, security systems and accessories. USA.
  • Kenwood Corporation Manufactures a range of consumer electronic and communications products.
  • Keysbond Limited Manufacturer and exporter of electronic organizers, translators, databanks, card readers, currency converters, educational toys, fitness monitors and electronic pedometers.
  • Kinxo International Limited Manufacturer of digital and electronic products such as mp3 player, digital photo frame, Bluetooth dongle and mp3 FM transmitter. China.
  • LCD Digital Manufacturer of LCD monitor and TV, digital players and cameras and accessories. USA.
  • Lee Handerson Manufacturer and exporter of desktop calculator, game calculator, pocket calculator, currency converter, databank calculator, as also produces clock and gift set.
  • Lexicon Wide range of digital audio/video products, mostly for the pro market.
  • LG Electronics Global manufacturer of electronics products such as mobile phones, plasma and LCD TV, domestic appliances, DVD recorders, home cinema systems and IT products.
  • Ligao Electrical Appliance Co Ltd Manufacturer of TV antenna, wireless digital doorbell, car equalizer, automatic voltage regulator, power inverter and TV antenna booster.
  • Linear Development, manufacture, and world-wide distribution of electronic and electro-mechanical components and systems. USA.
  • Litech Electronic Products Limited Manufacturer of a range of digital clocks, and watches. Based in Hong Kong.
  • LRAD Corporation Develops, manufactures and markets acoustic consumer electronic products.
  • Magnavox Mass market manufacturer of TV, home theater systems and DVD, portable audio and clocks.
  • Marantz Manufacturer of mass market and high end home audio and multichannel systems and equipment.
  • Maritec Manufacturer of aids to navigation, installation and test sets, mobile, coastal and base stations, receivers, and transmitter. South Africa.
  • Meicheng Audio Video Co., Ltd. Specializes in audio and video equipment for consumer and studio needs. Taiwan. (Chinese, English, Taiwanese)
  • Meiloon Manufacturer of car, stereo, and home cinema loudspeakers and systems, DVD player and projectors. Taiwan.
  • Meridian Design and make digital and analogue audio, in surround sound, in CD, DVD and video products.
  • Monster Cable Large cable company that make cables, gaming speakers system, mobile and photo accessories, power amplifiers and audio accessories.
  • Moser Baer Manufacturer of pc peripherals and home electronics. India.
  • Moser-Baer SA Manufacturer of industrial time systems such as master clocks, time centers, indoor and outdoor clocks, facade clocks, GPS and DCF radio code receiver, NTP time server and synchronisation software.
  • MSI Group Manufacturer of VHF wireless professional microphone, 7 inch LCD monitors, home theater system, and computer parts.
  • MTX Provides car, home and professional audio and video products. USA.
  • Nakamichi Manufacturer of home audio and video products, car electronics and multimedia entertainment systems. Japan.
  • National Organisation of Installation & Service Engineers Trade association for manufacturer trained and authorised local consumer electronics servicers. UK wide coverage for installation, repairs and support. Book and track jobs on-line.
  • Natural Sound Electronics Co., Ltd. Manufacturer and exporter of car audio and music audio electronics such as DVD player and speaker.
  • Newlane Limited Manufacturer of TV, VCD, and DVD players, amplifiers and home theater and portable CD and cassette players. Based in China.
  • Newman Manufacturer of MP3 and MP4 player, portable hard drive, USB flash drive, and GPS. China.
  • Nice Progressive Electronics Co. Manufactures electronic products such as digital radio receivers, headphone radios, radio controlled clocks, TV remote controls, and telephones.
  • OEM Systems Manufacturer of architectural audio products and accessories for residential, commercial and institutional applications, including loudspeakers, electronics and decorator style jack plates which mount in standard J-boxes. USA.
  • On Q/Legrand Manufactures products for telephone, intercom, networking, audio, lighting, temperature and security in the home. USA.
  • Outland Technology, Inc. Manufacturer of underwater video cameras and systems, and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).
  • Oxygen Manufacturer specialized in product such as home video, digital multimedia player, iPod and iPhone docking, portable audio, and clock radio. China.
  • Panasonic USA Manufacturer of consumer electronics, computer products, business and office equipment, broadcast audio and video equipment, building and commercial tools, security systems, and industrial electronics components.
  • Peaking Technologies Supplier of a variety of product such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, GPS navigators, LED lighting and e-cigarettes. China.
  • PGI Group Television, air conditioner and DVD players suppliers. India.
  • Philips Manufacturer of TVs, Blu-Ray Players, DVDs, VCRs and audio systems.
  • Phonemarket Manufacturer of telephones, telephone accessories and headset.
  • Pioneer Electronics Produces a full line of audio and video products for home entertainment. Service, support and dealer locator.
  • Prestigio manufacturer of electronics and hardware such as LCD monitors and TV, GPS navigation systems, and data storage.
  • Pretty Rich Industrial Ltd Manufacturer of electronic calculators, games, toys, and similar products.
  • Quantum Technologies Manufacturer of professional audio and video equipment and acoustical analysis tools. USA.
  • RCA Mass market manufacturer of TVs, VCRs, portable stereos, camcorders, and DVDs.
  • ReSource Group Canada Canada’s national progressive sales and marketing agency to the consumer electronics industry.
  • RIKA Sport Manufacturers of the "Coach in a Box" system, which is a shooters electronic trainer aid.
  • Rix Labs Manufacturer and distributor high definition audio video media products.
  • Royal Retailer of electronic cash registers, shredders, calculators, weight scales, PDAs, time management punch card units.
  • RPT Electronics Manufacturer of church nursery pager systems in several sizes and models, including wireless versions.
  • Samsung Electronics Manufactures TVs, digital cameras, DVDs, VCRs and audio systems.
  • Sanji Security Systems Manufacturer of infra red remote extender suitable for extending the range of satellite or any infra red remote control. Works through walls.
  • Satow Electronic Co.,Ltd of Zhuhai China manufacturer of black and white and color TV and monitor series, camera, quad processor, LCD video door phone, LCD TV and monitor, digital camera and other surveillance series.
  • SDAT Group Specializing in designing, manufacturing and distributing professional audio and video products, such as home theater systems, car audio, loudspeakers, DVD players and amplifiers. USA.
  • Senton Enterprise Manufacture and exporter of antennas, cellular and PDA accessories, computer peripherals, wireless LAN antennas, OEM and ODM electronic products. Taiwan.
  • Sharp Electronics Manufacturer of a wide range of consumer and business products, from appliances, audio and video equipment, calculators and organizers, computers, printers and copiers.
  • Shen Zhen Vatop Technology Manufacturer of consumer electronics products, such as GPS tracker, portable GPS, laptop computer and E-Book reader.
  • Shenzhen Arc World Tech. Ltd Manufacturer and exporter of mini radio, pedometer, calculator, LED product, clock, calendar and cosmetic item. China.
  • Shenzhen HengChen Electrical Co Ltd. Manufacturer and exporter in China. Product range includes DVD, VCD players, amplifiers and speaker systems.
  • Shenzhen Longhorn Industrial Specializing in the process of research, development, manufacture and marketing home and automotive security systems and digital products. China.
  • Shenzhen OME Technology Co.,Ltd Manufacturer and supplier of MP3 player, IT products and digital products. China.
  • Shenzhen Xinlingnan Electronic Technology Specialized in manufacturing emergency products, lights and radios. China.
  • Shenzhen YuWei Electronics Manufacturer of home and portable audio such as radios, calendar, telephones, SIM card backup, flashlight, and physiotherapy. China.
  • Sherwood Electronics Labs Manufacturer of home theater and audio/video components. Products include receivers, amplifiers, DVD changers and players, CD-ROM players, speaker systems.
  • Shiro Corporation Specializes in manufacturing home electronics, computer peripherals and telecommunications products such as digital audio players and cameras. Singapore.
  • Smart Zone Specialist in flashing novelties such as flashing ornaments, laser pointers, flash and money detector keychains and flash lighters
  • Soka Technology Co., Ltd. Specializes in producing flash memory module, flash memory cards, card reader, and mobile phone. Taiwan.
  • Sony Electronics Manufacturer of a wide range of consumer electronics products including audio, video, communications, and computer systems.
  • SquareTrade Warranty Warranties for equipment like laptops, iPods, cameras, cellular phones, TVs. Accidental Damage Coverage available.
  • StreetFire Sound Labs Makes networked digital audio player streams multimedia content such as music, MP3, photos or video from a PC to TV or home stereo system. Online store.
  • Sunforce Electrical Products Ltd. Exporter and manufacturer of small electronic appliances and consumer products.
  • Suntop Enterprises Co., Ltd. Manufactures radios, VCD, DVD and MP3 players, promotion electronics gifts and toys, digital cameras, USB and home appliances, energy saving lamp, and mobile phone accessories. China.
  • Surpass Infinity International Manufacturer of GSM mobile cellular phone, digital players and accessories. China.
  • Sylvania Electronics Manufacturer of mass market home audio and video and appliances. Canada.
  • Tamo Technology Specialized on development, manufacturing and marketing of electronic and embedded computer system. China.
  • Tatung Company Major computer and electronic home appliance companies in Taiwan.
  • TCL Electronics, Ltd. Manufacturer and distributor of televisions, telephones, electrical accessories, computers, home audio, mobile phones and pagers.
  • Tcu Ltd Produce audio products includes mini radios and cassette recorders, TV and players. From Hong Kong
  • Technolink Enterprise Manufacturer of RIAA phono preamps, audio and video switchers, and AV distribution and amplifier. Taiwan.
  • Tele System Manufacturer of electronic products like satellite receivers, digital terrestrial receivers, portable navigation devices, TVs, DVD players and recorders, aerials.
  • Tenda Electronics Manufacturer of host mp3, mp5 and mp5 modules and video player. Provides R&D services. China.
  • Tesonic Online Hong Kong consumer electronics manufacturing and export company.
  • The Mind Factory Designs, manufactures digital FM transmitters, MP3 and multimedia players, and car stero. Canada.
  • Thomson Manufacture a range of audio and visual products. Gallery and contact information.
  • Thomson Consumer Electronics Manufactures and markets a wide range of GE brand home products including televisions, vcrs, audio, communications equipment and accessories.
  • Toshiba Manufacturer of laptops, televisions, recording equipment, and other electronics. Includes information about products, online shopping, and support.
  • Truly (U.S.A.) Inc. Manufacturer of digital music players, electronic calculators, LCDs, and pagers.
  • Trusty Industrial Inc. Manufacturer and exporter of digital video recorders, memo voice recorders, KVMs, mobile phone battery chargers, computer connectors and adapters.
  • UDC Electronic Industry Manufacturing and export satellite, telecommunication and TV systems, PLL circuit devices and security systems. Hong Kong, China.
  • VCAN Electronics Manufacturer of car electronics products, digital tv receiver, car TFT LCD monitor and car GPS DVD player. China.
  • Victor Company of Japan - JVC Manufacture a wide range of consumer electronic products.
  • VisionQuest Manufacturer of LCD TVs, LCD monitors, media players, home theater systems, and digital photo frames and home appliances. Canada.
  • Visual Word Systems, Inc. Sells and rents audio-visual equipment, also providing staging services.
  • Vivanco Supplier of technical accessories in the following sectors: information technology, telecommunication and consumer electronics such as wireless headphones.
  • Voice Express Corp. Provides technology that enables any company to offer talking voice chip enabled cards, gifts, imaging products and promotions that replay the sender's personal voice message.
  • VTech Group of Companies Manufacturer of consumer electronic learning products, educational software, cordless phones and computer products.
  • VTK Industrial Ltd. Produces a variety of small electronic novelties and gifts in China including LED displays, recording cards, and custom specialties.
  • Wellpur Company Limited Manufacturer and exporter of electronic products such as calculators, scientific calculators, clocks, pedometers, promotional items, radios and world time calendars.
  • Wenco-Global Provides a variety of telephones, MP3 players and external enclosures. Hong Kong, China.
  • Weterm Electronics Manufacturer and exporter of digital camera, usb flash disc, camcorder battery, optical mouse, rechargeable battery and promotional gifts from China.
  • WiLan Designs, develops and manufactures hardware and software products for the multimedia and cable television industries. Located in Ontario, Canada.
  • Winkler Industrial Company Limited Manufacturer of radio controlled clock, radio, battery charger, thermometer, and digital soldering station.
  • World Products Manufacturer of computer cabinets and DVD recorders.
  • Worldpole Electronics Limited Manufacturer and exporter of electronic data banks, universal reminders, clocks, calculators, and similar products.
  • Would Hsiang Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of consumer electronics products such as automatic water drainage system for split-type air conditioner, and video tape winders.
  • Xinkewei Electronic Factory Manufacturer of handheld, desktop and other electronic calendars.
  • Yamaha Consumer Electronics Gateway for home entertainment products. Literature, comparisons, technical information, customer support and dealer locator.
  • Yueh-In Co. Ltd. Produces a variety of electronic devices including headphones, microphones, outlet strips, and mobil phone accessories in Taiwan.
  • Zhongshan Leetac Focuses on developing audio and videos electronics for major OEMs Europe and the US markets. China.


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