This category lists manufacturers of woven, printed, embroidered and/or embossed labels and labeling systems, as well as leather labels, for the textile, garment, footwear, luggage and bags, and accessories industries.

Other languages: Dutch.

  • A-Tex AS Denmark. Design and manufacture of woven labels for the garment industry. Offers product design and promotion services. Also, bags and packaging solutions. [English, Danish]
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  • Alpha Impressions, Inc. USA. Supplier of hang tags and printed, woven, and rubber logo, size, content, and care labels. Also key chains, imitation leather, iron-on and heat seal, and pressure sensitive products. Offers custom artwork and a quote request form.
  • Apparel Label International USA. Producer of woven and printed labels for apparel, stuffed toys, furniture, and home textiles. Also paper hang tags and tickets, size and inspection stickers, rack dividers and hanger markers. Offers design assistance, quote and order tracking forms.
  • Artco Global Group USA. Custom designed woven and printed labels, paper hang tags, lapel pins and string seals for the apparel, toy manufacturing, and a variety of additional industries. Includes FAQs and on-line job opportunities.
  • Atam Associates Pvt. Ltd. India. Manufacturer of woven, printed, and PVC labels, and paper stock hang tags. Also, produces jacquard trims. Includes sample images and an information request form.
  • ATL Sourcing USA. Provider of brand identification items, such as labels, patches, hangtags, and stickers. Offers an online support desk.
  • Bao Hy Co., Ltd. Vietnam. Manufacturer of woven and printed labels and ribbons, such as size tabs, care and content, hang and price tags, woven badges, and barcodes. Serves the clothing and leather industries. [English, Vietnamese]
  • BCI Corporation USA. Manufacturer of labels for the apparel industry, including woven, printed, tagless, rubber and silicone, leather, and cardstock. Offers online ordering and design services.
  • Cadica Srl Italy. Custom design and manufacture of garment labels and accessories. Woven and printed labels, ribbons, badges and emblems. Also, patches and tags. Links to trade fairs. [Requires Flash]
  • carelabel UK. Specialize in manufacturing variable data printed products for garment manufacturers, and other industries requiring variable data labeling.
  • Clotex Labels Hong Kong. Manufactures woven and printed labels, badges, and hang tags. Includes a company profile, locations, product catalog, news, and a contact form.
  • Dacor Etiketten Germany. Manufacturer of woven and printed textile, paper, and plastic branding and security labels and tapes. [English, German]
  • Dah Mei Silk Weaving Factory Co., Ltd. Taiwan. Manufacturers of woven and printed labels and tapes, paper tags, and accessories such as boxes, emblems, and radiant film. Includes news, inquiry form, and career opportunities. [English, Chinese, French, Spanish][Requires Flash]
  • Decatex Labels Italy. Manufactures jacquard and woven fabric labels, ribbons and tapes. Includes a company profile, product images, and contact information. [Italian and English]
  • Dynic USA Corporation USA. Subsidiary of Dynic Corporation, focussed on the design and manufacture of coated textile materials and thermal transfer ribbons for the clothing care and industrial labeling industries.
  • EPUS Woven Labels Manufacturer of woven labels and ribbons for clothing, accessories and footwear, such as jaquard labels, badges, hang tags, size tabs, and zipper pullers. Offers custom artwork, includes pricing and contact information, product gallery, location map, and a quote request form.[Polish, English, German]
  • Eti-Textil Spain. Manufacturer of brand identification products such as woven, printed, and embossed labels, hang tags, badges, zipper pulls, and ribbons. [English, Spanish][Requires Flash]
  • Etydet SAL Spain. Manufacturers of air-jet woven, yarn and solid dyed, printed and finished labels. Also, leather labels and hang tags. English and Spanish.
  • Finotex USA. Manufacturer of woven and printed labels and tapes. [English, Spanish]
  • Flex Image Australia. Manufacturers of soft vinyl polymer labels for clothing, caps, bags, wet suits, motorcycle wear, footwear and zip pulls. Includes photos.
  • GB Name Tapes & Labels UK. Manufacturer of woven labels and ribbons for branding, personalization, care instructions, crafts and hobbies.
  • Giftstart Co., Ltd. Taiwan. Manufacturer of woven, embroidered, leather, PVC, TPU, rubber, and silicone labels, patches, emblems, ribbons and tapes. Luminescent and reflective products are available. [English, Chinese]
  • Great Pacific Label Co. Canada. Manufactures woven, printed, and PVC labels including zip pulls, name tapes, and ribbons in a variety of fabrics. Includes product descriptions.
  • Görenler Turkey. Manufacturers of printed and woven labels, and custom-made promotional items, such as lanyards, digital woven posters, cushions, and bookmarks. [English and Turkish]
  • Hanmi Label Co., Ltd. Korea. Broadloom, needle loom and jacquard woven labels for the apparel and sportswear, footwear, bags and accessories industries. Custom design and private label services. Includes location maps and job opportunities. [English, Korean]
  • HH Calmon UK. Design and manufacture of jacquard and taffeta woven, printed labels, swing tickets and accessories for clothing retailers and fashion houses. Also, electronic article surveillance tagging systems. Short descriptions of the various weaving techniques, employed in label manufacturing. Members of the Nilorn Group.
  • Hin Kei Knitting, Ltd China. Manufacturers of woven, printed and dyed labels, ribbons and tapes for the garment industry, from bamboo, viscose and recycled polyester. Also, polyester strings and elastic webbings. English and Chinese.
  • Identity Plus USA. Manufacturer of molded, pvc and pvc-free identification products, including labels, keychains, stickers, magnets and zipper pulls.
  • Image Label Systems Australia. Manufacturer of woven, pvc, rubber and leather printed labels for the textile and apparel industries. Also offering swing tickets, hang tags, metal pins and badges, printers and supplies, and source tagging products. Includes profile, product details, list of distributors worldwide, enquiry form and contact details.
  • Indigo Co., Ltd Hong Kong. Manufacturers of custom designed labels for fashion, garments and accessories, from leather, and PVC and polyurethane on felt.
  • Industria de Passamanarias, Ltda Portugal. Manufacturers of printed and woven labels, and elastic and stiff ribbons for fashion and promotion applications. [English, Portuguese]
  • Inmetess Italy. Manufacturer of woven labels and ribbons, offers sequential numbering. Also, woven pictures, curtains, and display panels.
  • ITC Labels USA. Design and manufacture of woven, printed and embossed labels, patches, hangtags, stickers and trims for the garment industry, from textile fabrics, PVC and leather. Custom design services.
  • Kavita labels Pvt. Limited India. Manufacturer and exporter of woven, tafetta, damask, satin, composite, tubular and stuffed labels. Includes equipment details, delivery and contact information.
  • Kwan Tat Industrial, Ltd Hong Kong. Custom design and manufacture of screen printed, embossed, embroidered and flocked labels, patches, hangtags and badges for the garment industry, from textile fabrics, paper and rubber.
  • Label Express Greece. Manufactures woven and printed labels, ribbons, bar codes, and hang tags. Includes company information and a contact form. [Greek, English]
  • Label Prima Indonesia. Manufacturers of self adhesive and iron-on labels for the apparel and bedding industry.
  • Label Service, Inc USA. Offers label printing services on a variety of materials, such as polyester satin and taffeta, Tyvek and Remay, cotton and cotton twill. Woven labels and hang tags available, minimum quantity requirement applies. Includes FAQs, accepts online orders.
  • Labelon Sales, Ltd UK. Manufacturers of printed labels, woven tickets, patches, labels and tags for clothing.
  • M.A. Elahi Pvt., Ltd Pakistan. Manufacturers of damask and taffeta woven greige, dyed and embroidered labels for the apparel and textile industry. Label designs catalogs.
  • Magam Poland. Custom design and manufacture of satin and taffeta woven, iron-on and self-adhesive labels for the apparel industry. Also, zipper pendants, curtain tapes and netting. [English, German, Polish, Russian]
  • Markmaster Norway. Custom design and manufacture of iron-on labels and vinyl stickers for the sewn products industry. Includes FAQs, accepts online orders. [English, Swedish, Danish]
  • Multistiq BV The Netherlands. Manufacturers of coated, self adhesive and heatseal, nonwoven, paper and foil base materials for applications within the label industry and information carriers. Part of Royal Ten Cate BV. [English, German]
  • Nilorn, Ltd UK. Design and manufacture of woven and printed labels and swing tickets for packaging and branding in the garment and fashion industry. Part of the Nilorn Group.
  • Nilörn Group Sweden. Custom design and manufacture of printed, embroidered and embossed, woven and paper labels and label programs for the fashion and ready to wear industry. Also, barcode and price tags. [English, German]
  • Northwest Tag & Label Inc. USA. Provides custom printed logo labels, size and care tabs, and hang tags. Includes detailed product pricing and downloadable catalog with order forms.
  • Ozkural Labels Turkey. Manufacturer of woven and labels, miniature rugs and hangtags. [English, German, and Turkish]
  • Oztek Label Industry & Trade Inc. Turkey. Producer of woven and printed labels and paper hang tags. Includes company profile, product images, and a contact form. [English, Turkish, Russian]
  • Paxar Corp USA. Identification and tracking systems for the apparel and retail markets. Tapes, labels, barcodes and tags. Printers and scanners. Brand identification and product information, and merchandising and inventory management solutions.
  • Penny Label Factory Limited Hong Kong. High density, soft edge shuttle loom woven labels for the textile and fashion industries. Also, manufacturer of high speed, electronic jacquard shuttle weaving looms.
  • PT. Gunung Mas Labeltech Indonesia. Producer of woven labels and embroidered products.
  • Rapid Tag & Label, Inc. USA. Custom and standard hangtags and pressure sensitive labels. Printed barcodes, and retailer specific items for the apparel and merchandise industries.
  • Roll Cover Srl Italy. Custom design and manufacture of coated and laminated self adhesive labels for textile and apparel industries, from paper, nonwovens and polymer film. [English, Italian]
  • Sedef Etiket Dokuma Baski ve Matbaacilik San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey. Manufacturer of woven, printed fabric, and cardboard labels and tickets for the clothing and accessories industries. Applications include branding, size, care and content, price, bar code, instructions, warnings, company information, and guarantees. [English, Turkish, German]
  • Shining Label Weaving & Printing Factory Limited China. Manufactures woven and printed labels. Includes detail images, FAQs, location information and a feedback form. [English, Chinese]
  • Shore To Shore, Inc USA. Brand identification solutions for the global apparel and retail industries. Labels and tags from paper, textile materials and leather. Barcode systems and security hangtags. On-line order status and tracking service, and job offerings.
  • Signal, Ltd Bulgaria. Manufacturers of printed paper and textile based adhesive and non-adhesive labels for the garment industry. Technical information. English and Bulgarian.
  • Sitara Labels Pvt., Ltd Pakistan. Manufacturers of single and double side plain, satin, twill, damask and taffeta rapier loom woven, yarn and solid dyed, and finished labels for the textile and garment, footwear and leathergoods industries.
  • SML Group USA. Design and manufacture of woven and printed labels for the garment, footwear and home furnishing industries. Also, iron-on and sew-on name tags and tapes, laundry bags and webbing belts. Detailed product descriptions, prices and ordering information.
  • Sun Sin Mei Knitting Factory Hong Kong. Manufacturer of woven and printed labels, and hang tags for the apparel industry. [English, Chinese]
  • Sun Woo Corp Korea. Taffeta, damask and satin woven labels for the textile products industry. Custom design and name brand labels.
  • Talitnia Ltd. Israel. Manufacturer of woven labels and hang tags. Offers a company profile, product images, and a contact form. [Requires Flash]
  • Tessitura ROVE Srl Italy. Custom designed and manufactured, woven and printed labels and braided ribbons for the garment, footwear, home textiles and accessories industries. [English, Italian][Requires Flash]
  • Tex Labels Offers a variety of woven, embroidered, rubber and vinyl labels, stickers, hang tags, patches, and buttons.
  • van Engelen & Evers Netherlands. Manufacturer of woven, printed, rubber, and leather labels for the garment and textile industries. Also paper tags, jacquard ribbon, and branded promotional items. [English, Dutch]
  • Vantage Services, Inc Spain. Manufactures security holograms, knitted and embroidered labels. Includes product details. [English and Spanish]
  • Wah Fung Label Co. Ltd. Hong Kong. Producer of brand identification items such as woven printed labels in satin and taffeta, jacquard tapes, zipper pulls, and ribbons. Includes a list of locations and contacts.
  • Woven Labels UK Suppliers of stock and custom woven labels and tapes for apparel and footwear, luggage and bags, and craft and hobby applications. Also, identification labels and name tapes. On-line purchasing feature.
  • Xpresa Woven Label Designs USA. Manufacturer of woven and printed labels for fashion, textiles and apparel. Hang tags, garment, clothing and care labels are also produced per custom requirement.
  • Yenel Etiket Turkey. Manufacturers of jacquard woven, embroidered, and printed labels for the textile industry. Also, bookmark and tapestry miniature carpets. [English, Turkish]
  • York Label USA. Manufacturers and converters of printed pressure-sensitive labels. Also, resellers and system integrators of labeling, data collection, and printing systems for product labeling, tracking, and monitoring in manufacturing, warehouse, and retail environments.
  • Zalaquett SA Chile. Manufacturers of woven, printed and embossed labels for the textile, apparel and footwear industries, from cotton, polyester and blends, genuine and artificial leather, PVC, polyurethane and rubber. Also, hangtags and stickers. English and Spanish.

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