Defines garments such as dresses, skirts, sweaters, cardigans and pants that are knitted, crocheted, or woven from cotton, wool, or synthetic yarn. This category lists only MANUFACTURERS.
  • Acme - McCrary Corporation USA. Manufacturers of branded and private label knitted apparel such as sheer legwear and tights, socks, and seamless bodywear. Includes a company profile and slide show.
  • Amadeus Ltd Bulgaria. Manufactures and exports women's, men's and children's knitwear. Includes a company profile and a product catalog.
  • Assisi Organics India. Manufactures, wholesales and exports natural organic cotton knitted garments for men, women, children and babies. Includes a company profile and product photos.
  • Ayka Textile Turkey.All kind of knitted textile products, totally integreted textile mills, All kind of synthetic and cotton products.
  • Babini kuki, Aristo Co Bulgaria Bulgaria. Manufacturer of hand knitted sweaters and baby blankets. Spring-summer and fall-winter designer collections.
  • Badun Tricot Manufacturing ladies, men's and children's shirts and vests.
  • Balmoral Knitwear UK. Specialist manufacturers of knitted corporate- and clubwear, and sports and leisure wear. Also, stock suppliers to wholesale and retail markets.
  • Bernardini Maglificio Italy. Manufacturer of knitwear for men and women. Includes a company profile and product photos. [English and Italian]
  • Blue Mill UK. Manufacturers of knitwear, garment and sofa cover dyers.
  • Bremont Germany. Textiles, yarns and fibres. T-shirts, polo-shirts, scarves.
  • Bridge Knitting Group China. Diversified group of companies, active in textiles and artificial leather. Design and manufacture of collections of women's, men's and children's knitwear. Also, polyurethane coated artificial leather for apparel and fashion accessories, upholstery and leather goods. English and Chinese.
  • Carraig Donn Manufacturer of Irish coat, patchwork, cardigan, skirt, vest and accessories. Ireland
  • Cecile Benac Knitwear Canada. Designer handknits- tops, blouses, skirts.
  • Charlino Bulgaria. Manufactures boutique clothes, fashion collections.
  • Classic Polo Manufacturers of knitted Polo shirts for men.
  • Cocorito Italy. Manufacturer of printed and custom embroidered knitwear for men and women.
  • Continental Pakistan. Robes, chemise, night shirts and night dresses.
  • Corum Knitting China. Hand and machine knitted fashion for men, women and children, from wool, polyamide and blends. Also, embroidered, crocheted and beaded items, and accessories.
  • Danys Fashions Bangladesh. Manufacturer and exporter of variety of knitwear such as T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, and pyjama sets.
  • Deniz Orme Manufacturers and exporters of knitwear.
  • DIL Bulgaria. Manufacturer of garments such as blouses, cardigans and also skirts, dresses, suits and accessories
  • Dusen SA Spain. Manufacturers of hosiery, knitwear and underwear.
  • Dynasty Fashionwear Canada. Specialize in woven and knitted products such as suits, coats and dresses.
  • EBE Exports India. Manufacturer and exporter of knitted garments including golf shirts, polo shirts and knitted garments for men, ladies and children. Includes a photo gallery of products.
  • Ecolution Hemp knitted fashion wear for men and ladies.
  • Edel MacBride Ireland, Designer of sweater, crochet dress, and coat.
  • Elegant Knitting of Australia Knitwear manufacturers.
  • Elfin House Bulgaria. Design and produce hand knitted and crocheted clothing and accessories for ladies and girls, such as sweaters, cardigans, tops, dresses, skirts, ad ponchos.
  • ETA Pacific China. Manufactures and exports knitted sportswear, casual wear, sleepwear and jackets for men and women. Includes a catalog of products and a company profile.
  • Fabdesigns, Inc USA. Technical design services for the knitted fabrics and garment industries. Links to literature, trade journals, fashion, textile and museum web sites.
  • Fair Stream Industrial Hong Kong, China. Manufacturer and exporter of ladies knitwear such as jacket, pullover, jacquard, and crochet garments.
  • Fashion Link Manufacturer and exporter of knitwear from Hong Kong
  • Fast Base Enterprises, Ltd Hong Kong. Spring and Fall collections of fine gauge knitted sweaters, from acrylic, wool, polyester, polyamide and spandex. On-line voice meeting place. English and Chinese.
  • Fat Shing Knitting Factory Hong Kong, China. Manufacturer and exporter of a variety of items such as baby wear, blouse and shirt, glove, socks, and sweater.
  • Fedmac Exports Pvt., Ltd
  • Feniks Hungary. Manufacturer and wholesaler of knits for women and men was established in 1984. Includes a brief company profile and photo galleries of products.
  • Fratelli Knitwear Australia. Specialist manufacturer and wholesaler of pure wool and machine washable men's knitwear including cardigans, polo shirts, vests and pullovers. Includes profile, catalog, FAQs and contact details.
  • Fujuan China. Silk, spun silk, noil silk and rayon, visconse garments.
  • Funika U.S. USA. Suppliers of chenille bathrobes, towels, and textiles. Production in Turkey with offices in the US and UK.
  • Garlita Joint-Stock Company Ltd. Lithuania. Manufactures knitted outerwear for ladies, men and children, and offers a knitting and sewing service. [Lithuanian and English]
  • Gee Kay Knit Fabrics Manufacturers of piece dyed, knitted garments from cotton fiber. Private label service. Screen and heat transfer printing facilities.
  • Hing Shing Looping Manufacturing China, Hong Kong. Manufacturer and exporter of sweaters such as ladies knitwear, classic tops, novelty tops, pants, and vest.
  • Horveit Estonia.Knitted products from linen, cotton and wool, male, female and children's clothes and also hats and scarts.
  • Huanan China. Children`s and adult`s woolen garments: shirts, sweaters, blouses.
  • I Rocchi Italy. Manufactures cashmere knitwear for men and women, and home accessories. Includes a brief company profile, technological details and photos. [Italian and English]
  • I.Tran sro Slovakia. Manufacturers of circular and flat knitted apparel for sports and leisure. Also, underwear and clothing accessories. English and Slovakian.
  • Icomas Italy. Design and manufacture of collections of circular and flat knitted garments for men and women, from blends of wool, polyester and cotton. Also, private label manufacturing. English and Italian.
  • Intertex Bulgaria. Make lady's and men's sweaters, cardigans, and pullovers.
  • Irfan Textiles Pvt., Ltd Pakistan. Vertically integrated knitwear manufacturing company focusing on casual, fashion and sports wear.
  • Jay Kay Knitwears India. Manufacturer and exporters of knitted garments for men, women and children, yarns and fabrics. Includes a company profile, product photos, machine specifications and a feedback form.
  • Jiangsu Knitwear & Home-textiles Imp. & Exp. China. Manufacturers of knitwears for men, ladies, children. Also home textiles and porcelain dolls.
  • Jinan Yuanshou Produces all kinds of knitwear of any size, all colors, and different fabrics.
  • Jo Gordon UK. Designer of traditional Scottish knitwear.
  • Joan Murray Knitware UK. Designer of knitwear and accessories.
  • Jumbuk Wools Machine and handmade knitwear from Australian wool. Also offers bedding products, jeans, sheepskin products and local souvenirs.
  • Kaharoa Holdings New Zealand. Manufacturers of contract and commission designed knitwear, from cotton, wool and blends.
  • Kankurin Tupa Designer knitwear and other high-quality woollen garments from Finland.
  • Karlight Industrial, Ltd Hong Kong. Hand and machine manufactured knitwear for men, women and children, from cotton, polyamide, spandex, polyester, viscose, acrylic, wool and blends. Also, twin sets and embroidered items.
  • Kayjain India. Knitted fabrics, hosiery, t-shirts, casual wear, and wool fabrics.
  • Khanna Exim Pvt., Ltd India. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Design and manufacture of collections of yarn and piece dyed, and embroidered knitwear, from cotton, polyester and blends.
  • Kilkeel Knitwear UK. Manufacture of knitwear to customer specification, and covers variables like proportions, yarn, and colours.
  • Lead Way Knitted Garment Ltd. Specialized in all kind of ladies' and men's high fashion. Hong Kong.
  • LongXing China. Knitting factory which supplies clothing made by knitting methods such as crocheting, jacquard, and embroidery.
  • Maglieria Artigiana Italy. Making precious knitwear for men and women, woven and stitched.
  • Maglieria Gemma Italy. Manufacturers full fashion outer knitwear. Includes details of the manufacturing process, products, a list of yarns, a history of the company, and the retail outlet's hours. Italian, English, Spanish and Japanese]
  • Malhinter Manufacturers and exporters of knitted garments for women, men and children.
  • Merinogold Australia. Knitted garments for woman and man.
  • Meta-Tex Hungary. Manufactures knitted pullovers and cardigan sweaters for men, women and children, women's suits and vests. Includes a brief company profile, a catalog of products and facility photos. [English and Hungarian]
  • Mianoor Textile Industries Pakistan.Knitting, dyeing and stitching.
  • Mihaela's Signature Designs USA. Makes customized hand knitted and crocheted sweaters, afghans, and baby apparel. Also offers knitting and crocheting classes, circles, retreats and custom repairs. Includes FAQs, stories, and the artist's profile.
  • Mitra Textile Turkey. Manufacturer of knitted and woven garments for men, women and kids such as trousers, tops and baby overalls.
  • NewMan Exports Group India. Exporter of a variety of knitwear for babies, children, ladies and men.
  • Ningbo Hengxing Garment Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of knitwear from China.
  • Paola Davoli Italy. Manufacturers of sweaters, cardigans, twin-set, knitted tops and skirts, and waist coats.
  • Polar Fabrics India. Polar fleece and micro fleece as fabric, garments and blankets.
  • Poppys Knitwear Indian Knitwear Exporters and Manufacturers based in Tiruppur, Coimbatore.
  • Pravin Tex Manufacturers and exporters of knitwear and woven garments, Tirupur, India.
  • ProntoModa UK. Manufacturers of women's knitted tops, sports and casual wear.
  • Prototypo, Srl Italy. Design and manufacture of large size knitwear for men and women, from blends of wool, cotton, polyamide, vicose, acrylic, silk and elastomeric yarns. Password protected customer area. English and Italian.
  • Puthumana India India. Manufacturer and exporter of men's and women's knitted cotton garments. Includes company profile.
  • Sai Kai Knitting Fty. Ltd Manufacturer and exporter of knitted garments for men, ladies and children.
  • Shenzhou International Group China. Group of companies, involved in private label manufacturing of knitted garments and sports wear, from circular knitted, dyed, printed and embroidered fabrics. English and Chinese.
  • Sierra Pacific Apparel Group USA. Manufacturer of corporate and business apparel including fleeces, jackets, pants, blankets, Blake and Hollister shirts, and FeatherLite shirts, ties and aprons. Includes profiles, product catalogs, supplier lists, news, and contact details.
  • SIMS International Trading, Ltd Mauritius. Diversified group of companies, active in textiles, marketing, real estate, and education and training. Exporters and suppliers of collections of knitwear for men and women.
  • Sitong Cashmere Product Co., Ltd China. Manufacturer of cashmere raw materials and ready-made produdcts.
  • Sky Resources Garments Hong Kong, China. Manufacturer and exporter of sweater, vest, woolen wear, and beading fashion.
  • Sophia Ukraine. Production of knitwear garments for women, men and children. Includes a company profile, technical information, and a products catalog. [ Ukrainian, Russian and English]
  • Sportsman Knitters India. Manufactures and exports knitted garments for men, women and children. Includes a product range, photos and an inquiry form.
  • Swathika Textile Pvt., Ltd India. Design and manufacture of collections of knitwear and fashion for men, women and children.
  • Têxtil Mouril Lda. Portugal. Manufactures textiles and outer knitwear for men's, women's and children's coats and jumpers. Also produces trimmings. Includes a company profile and product photos.
  • Technopol Holding AS Slovakia. Diversified group of companies, active in textiles, communication and military equipment. Design and manufacture of knitted sportswear and underwear. English and Slovakian.
  • Textila Romania. Provides men and women pullover and jacket for all seasons.
  • Texturbol Bolivia. Manufacturer of fabrics and apparel such as T-shirt, polo, T-running pants and strap tanks.
  • Tianjin Jinmeida Knitting Group Manufacture and exporter of knitwear such as sleepwear, sportswear, sweaters, T-shirts, and polo shirts.
  • Union Gate Knitting Fty, Ltd Manufacturer of handknitted and embroidered fashion wear for men and women.
  • Vicson Group China. Designs, manufactures and sources women's knitwear and sweaters.
  • VSO Group India. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in textiles, paper and food products. Woolen and cotton rich yarns. Private label manufacturing of knit fashion wear, from wool, cotton and blends.
  • Wear-a-Knit USA. Manufactures knitwear such as hats, scarves, and sweaters. Also provides custom and college logo or promotional accessories and clothing.
  • Weihai Jucheng Textile Co. Ltd. China. Sweaters, hand crochet products, handmade products and accessories.
  • Yantai Kelly Knitwear Corp., Ltd China. Produces cotton underwear, sweaters, t-shirts, sportwear and casual wear. Includes a company profile, photos of products and facilities, and a contact form. [Chinese and English]
  • Zhejiang Xinyang China. Garments made of blending of silk/flax, silk/cotton, silk/wool, pure silk, cashmere, cotton, flax and wool.

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