• Abacus Shade Structures Manufactures, designs and installs shade structures, sails and membrane structures in shade cloth or waterproof materials.
  • Aireshelta Manufacture portable shelters made from re-inforced woven nylon fabric with PVC, for use by emergency services as well as business. Includes contact information for global agents.
  • Alaska Structures Designs and manufactures portable, easily mobilized fabric buildings for military, commercial, industrial, and recreational applications. Includes product overviews.
  • Alnet Shade Cloth Manufacturers of UV resistant shade cloth products.
  • American Covers Inc. Offers truck covers and tarps, fabric buildings, and other fabric products as well as rentable tents. Located in Mandeville, LA.
  • American Spaceframe Fabricators, Inc. Designers of long span sport and utility structures for commercial and military use. Features photograph gallery of applications. Crystal River, Florida, USA.
  • Aquila Shelters, Ltd UK. Suppliers of portable and fixed tensile structures for indoor and outdoor uses. Kist of case studies.
  • Architen Landrell Design and manufacture of tensile fabric structures. Technical information and project examples.
  • ASATI Design, manufacture and sale of air-supported structures for recreational and industrial applications.
  • Aztec Design and manufacture tents, clear span buildings and tension canopies. Product descriptions and examples.
  • Base Structures Ltd A tensile fabric contractor for both exterior and interior structures and forms. Located in Bristol, UK.
  • Big Top Shelters Provides custom tensioned membrane shelter solutions for clients around the world.
  • Birdair Tensioned membranes can be used to construct roofs, free standing buildings, skylights and accent enclosures.
  • Cameron Holdsworth Associates UK. Engineering consultants, specialised in portable tensile structures and tunable vibration absorbers. Links to related sites.
  • Clamshell Buildings Relocatable tension fabric structures for temporary or permanent uses. Pictures and profiles.
  • Creative Tent International Portable pre-engineered structures for commercial, recreational and industrial projects. Maintenance, warehousing, military, business and equestrian.
  • Delta Structures Manufacturing aluminium frame canopies, clearspan tents, storage facilities, sport halls, and marquees. Pictures and product information.
  • Dome Shelter Systems Manufacture of frame-supported fabric structures. Application specific project examples.
  • Dropshade, Inc Manufacturer of custom made drop shade systems for interior and exterior use in residential and commercial buildings.
  • East Coast Shades Design, manufacture and installation of sail shades and fabric structures.
  • ESA International Manufacturer and supplier of air domes for sports, industry, exhibition, protection and agriculture. View site in Czech, Dutch, English or Spanish.
  • Fabric Architecture UK. Design, manufacture and installation of tensile fabric structures for internal and external applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information, specifications, color cards and drawings.
  • Fabric Architecture Architectural, engineering and design company specialising in tensile structures.
  • Flexible Structures International Designers, manufacturing and installation of fabric tension structures, air-supported structures, gazebos, tents, awnings, canopies, architectural umbrellas and fabric interiors.
  • Flontex Switzerland. Manufacture, project management and technical consultancy services for textile based architectural structures, tents and membrane structures. English and German.
  • Gale Pacific, Ltd Australia. Design and manufacture of a range of UV-blocking shade cloths and sails, umbrellas, window furnishings and portable shading structures.
  • Green Frog Shelters Supplier for all major brands of portable and temporary shelters will accommodate every size and budget need.
  • Harnois Industries Manufactures greenhouses, irrigation equipment, fabric-covered domes, shelters.
  • Mahaffey Fabric Structures Manufacture temporary, relocatable fabric structures available for rent or purchase. Product photographs, specifications and FAQs.
  • MakMax Pre-assembled ready-to-install umbrellas and tensioned structures for weather protection and enhanced landscape design.
  • MoonBurst Structures, Ltd UK. Design, manufacture and installation of permanent and portable membrane tension structures. Also, structure hire services. Extensive technical information and description of design process. Products and services brochure on PDF file. Links to related sites.
  • Quick Structures Suppliers of small fabric structures. Includes pictures and sample applications.
  • Rudi Enos Design Design, engineer and manufacture of tensile and portable fabric structures. Example projects and company information.
  • Sediabena Sdn Bhd Design and build tensile fabric structures, spaceframes, architectural structural roofs and claddings, aircraft hangars, pre-modular wide span buildings, and exhibition halls.
  • Shade Systems Inc. Manufacturers of outdoor shade covers, canopies, tents, umbrellas, and shelters.
  • Shaded Spaces Manufacture of fabric frame tents and structures. Applications include party tents, exhibition halls and recreation structures.
  • ShelterLogic Manufacturer of portable, fabric covered steel frame tubing temporary structures. Shows garages and portable greenhouses, aircraft hangars and industrial storage shed photos and pricing.
  • SIMA Pictures of shelters being offered for farm storage, livestock barns, riding arenas, quonset garage, boathouse and greenhouse.
  • Sopers Inc. Fabric solutions such as tension, dome and frame air structures, flexible ducts, enclosure systems, safety and environmental products.
  • Special Structures Lab, Ltd UK. Design and manufacturing consultants to architects, engineers and companies involved in portable structures and architectural membranes.
  • Spéciale Textile France. Fabricators of textile fabrics based inflatable and architectural structures, facades, tents, domes and marquees, and environmental products. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. Part of Relais Textiles Techniques. English and French.
  • Sprung Instant Structures Manufacturer stressed membrane structures consisting of a series of aluminum arched ribs integrally connected by modular architectural membrane panels.
  • Superior Building Manufacturing Manufacture of single arch and truss steel tube frame fabric structures. Agricultural and industrial applications.
  • SuperSpan Manufacturers of custom designed shade structures for agricultural, aeronautical, automotive, water conservation and shopping center applications.
  • Tensilefabric Fabric structures for interior, exterior and exhibition environments.
  • Tension Span Custom tension membrane shade structures for outdoor sails.
  • Tensys An engineering analysis consultancy providing specialist services for the design and construction of lightweight stressed membrane structures worldwide.
  • Tentnology Design, engineer, manufacture, rent and sell the fabric structures.
  • TFS Design Suppliers of tension fabric structures using a lightweight medium that can be manipulated by the designer or architect for production needs.
  • The Farley Group Design, manufacture, installation and servicing of air-supported structures. Pictures and product information.
  • The Storage Shed A supplier of steel frame tubing, fabric covered temporary structures for the home, business or Farm.
  • Thorline Shade Structures Australia. Design and manufacture of portable shade structures for domestic and commercial markets.
  • Timber Intent Suppliers of fabric covered timber structures.
  • Trans Continental Tarps South Africa. Manufacturer of Tarpaulins and Ducting products made of PVC. Presents pictures of products for reference.
  • Universal Fabric Structures Manufacture pre-fabricated, clear-span, tension fabric membrane buildings, shelters and structures. Includes an application guide and picture library .
  • Universal Fabric Structures Pty., Ltd Australia. Design and manufacture of pre-engineered and custom architectural tension membrane systems for shade protection. Also, project management, installation and maintenance, and technical consulting services. Technical information. Product brochures on PDF files.
  • Vector Foiltec Manufacturers of fabric structures using ETFE fabric.
  • Vehicle Protection Structures Manufacture of UV, sun, and hail protection structures.
  • Weatherhaven Designs, manufacture, and install of portable fabric structures. Includes pictures and product information.
  • WebShade Pty., Ltd Australia. Design, development and manufacture of shade protection solutions for commercial, residential and institutional projects. Technical information. On-line demo software for shade auditing, design and modelling. Links to related sites.


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