The artistic rendering of design for architecture and interior design. Landscape architecture is included in this category.

Other languages: German, Italian, Türkçe, Česky.

  • 3ARQ Providing architectural illustrations using computer graphics. Based in Spain.
  • 3D Design Architect A company based in Jakarta Indonesia providing 3d architectural renderings for commercial and residential projects.
  • 3D Fabrique Offers architectural rendering and illustration services as well as tips on image composition. Based in Paris, France.
  • 3d-scene Architectural design service include visualization, 3D graphics, modelling, video production, animation, and surveying.
  • 3Dar Buenos Aires firm specializing in 3D architectural rendering, including VFX, real-time, and 3D animation.
  • 4 Vision Studios A UK based company offering 3D architectural illustrations for commercial and residential projects.
  • 4C Design Studios Specializes in rendering and animation services enhancing clients' visual communication.
  • Anderson Renderings A Las Vegas, Nevada based design firm offering 3D computer generated renderings to builders and developers throughout the USA.
  • Andrea Paduano Portfolio of an 3D interior and perspective architectural renderer based in Rome, Italy.
  • Andrew King Water-color and mixed-media architectural illustrations. Portfolio, clients.
  • AP Digital Studio Computer visualization, 3D modeling, rendering and animation for real estate, architects and interior designers.
  • ARCad A multi-disciplined architecture practice in New Zealand specializing in 3D modeling and multimedia promotional material for architects and developers.
  • Arch Designs Lew Moncure, based on Maui, Hawaii, provides architectural illustrations for architects and real estate developers.
  • Archiform 3D Virtual reality photo-perfect 3D architectural renderings and animation for the real estate and property development industry. Offices in Australia, Dubai, UK and US.
  • Architect View Services include architectural illustrations, computer animations, drafting, and interior design. Located in India.
  • Architectural Art Providing architectural rendering, 3D modeling, traditional illustration, and full graphics services to builders, architects, developers, and their advertising agencies.
  • Architectural Imaging Bruce Edward Clement provides 3D digital rendering and animation services to the architecture and design community. Image gallery, services.
  • Architectural Renderings by Keith Schmidt An architectural illustration and rendering service for architects, custom home builders, and real estate developers.
  • Architectural Renditions Translating 2D structural blueprints into architectural 3D renderings and animated sequences for architects, developers and city planners nationwide. Florida.
  • Architecture Vision Offer traditional gouach renderings as well as digital watercolor, digital photo real, and pencil sketching.
  • ARCmotion Hong Kong based company offering 3d computer animation and rendering for the architectural and construction industry.
  • Art For You Specializing in architectural illustrations. Includes traditional, 3D and digital. Portfolio. Based in Vienna, Virginia.
  • AXYZ Images French firm providing still and moving architectural renderering in Europe and North America. Services, gallery of samples. In French and English.
  • Barney Davidge Associates California-based firm that specializes in watercolor architectural renderings. Company profile and portfolio.
  • BaumbergerStudio Architectural illustration / visualization and animation for clients worldwide.
  • Bernard Droege Specializing in 3D-modeling, web design, digital photography, and digital image manipulation.
  • Blink Image A UK-based multi-media trained architectural visualisation company, specializing in animation and interactive presentation. Company profile, gallery, brochure.
  • Blue Chip Graphics Professional architectural illustrations, 3D modeling, visualisation and presentations, based in Melbourne Australia.
  • BohneGrafx A graphic design studio based in Tampa Florida, U.S.A, specializing in architectural illustration and technical art. Company profile and portfolio.
  • Born Digital UK based architectural illustrator and photographer.
  • Bozig Specialising in professional and creative renderings for: design development, government submissions, contests and marketing. Melbourne, Australia.
  • Brackett-Zimmermann Offers watercolor, pencil, art marker, pen and ink, and computer-generated architectural illustrations.
  • Bright Green Design Ltd A UK based company offering 3D renderings of architectural projects, live events, conferences and exhibitions.
  • Buda and Turk Italian company offering photo realistic visualizations and studies of architecture. Includes profile, work examples, services and contacts.
  • Builders Art & Graphics, Inc. A supplier of artwork and graphical renderings to builders and contractors of housing developments. North Carolina.
  • Cad Lib Architectural rendering, illustration, animation, 3-dimensional computer modeling and graphics. Texas.
  • CGarchitect A resource site focused on the use of computer graphics and visualization in architecture.
  • Clem Cizewski Illustrations and renderings for the architecture and design community in pen and ink with various colored media. Includes profile, portfolio, client list and contacts. Located in Pennsylvania.
  • Comunick8 Specializes in producing architectural visualisations and multimedia presentations utilising many of the leading software packages.
  • Creative 3d Produces computer generated landscape and environmental visualisations for use in interpretation and planning.
  • CWA Firm in Boston, Massachusetts, US, offering 3D visualization, digital renderings and architectural illustration. Profile, services, gallery.
  • D3V A London-based 3D visualisation company with specialist skills in interior design visualisation for the office sector. Profile, images, methods,
  • DesignVis Portfolio of 3D imaging and animation solutions for architecture design visualization and presentation.
  • Diffuse 3D A UK based company offering 3d architectural rendering and animation.
  • Digital Art Specializes in digital and traditional architectural rendering.
  • Digital Rendering European firm offering animations and 3D-renderings of architecture and design. Offices in Copenhagen and Berlin. Company profile, services, philosophy, samples.
  • E.V. Radvenis Firm based in Vancouver, Canada, providing architectural 3D animation, rendering and illustration services. Profile, portfolio, awards.
  • Eldaco Electronic Design & Art Company Located in Germany and provides photorealistic presentation images and animations of architectural developments.
  • Gary Irish Graphics 2000 Architectural rendering. Portfolio of projects around the world.
  • Graphica Company in Wilmington, North Carolina, offering 3D animation and perspective modeling. Profile, services, client list.
  • Grikat Architectural graphic artist in Israel offering perspective, 3D illustrations, and photo-realistic renderings. Biography and portfolio.
  • Iain Denby Distinctive perspectives for architects, property developers and interior designers.
  • Iain Stewart Architectural rendering in watercolor and graphite. Based in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Imaginer Specializing in architectural and industrial digital visualizations.
  • Indeep Arch Denver, Colorado based visualization studio offering both architectural and product visualizations.
  • Infinite 3D UK firm providing professional visual design solutions for architects and interior designers: Cg models, still images and animations. Profile, services, portfolio, completed projects.
  • Ivy and Arches Architectural illustrators to custom home builders and architects or the general public. Information on the artist, gallery, pricing, product line.
  • Ivy Hill Studio Architectural illustrations and conceptual renderings in watercolour from this Canadian artist.
  • J. Bullock and Associates Architectural illustration rendered in the mediums of gouache, watercolor, pen and ink, marker and a variety of mixed media techniques. Residential and commercial.
  • John Gibson Renders architectural interiors and perspectives using watercolors. Located in NY.
  • Joseph Calabrese Architectural Illustration Services include traditional architectural illustration, digital illustration, photo retouching, and CADD three dimensional model enhancements. Includes services, portfolio, and contacts.
  • Keith Hornblower British illustrator offering watercolor renderings for architects and developers. Specializing in loose concept/atmosphere sketches. Gallery and news.
  • Ken MacLeod Designs Computer visualization, architectural rendering, modeling and animation. Specialize in photo realistic 3d presentations.
  • Kent Stichter Provides architectural renderings, plan presentation, brochure design and layout, manufactured housing design and consulting.
  • Kirchman Associates Staunton, Va. firm specializing in architectural rendering in traditional media and scale models.
  • Kitchen Sink Studios Architectural computer animation company dedicated to creating highly realistic still imagery and animation for marketing the unbuilt project.
  • LEG3D Luis E. Gonzales specializes in photo realistic renderings, images and animation for architects, interior designers, real estate and developers. New York.
  • LightChalk Firm in London, UK, providing computer-generated 3d visualisations for architecture and design, including architectural reconstructions. Profile, portfolio and contact details.
  • Lightwell Specialist design visualisation company serving the architectural, interior design and property development sectors.
  • LunarStudio Offers architectural renderings and animations. Includes a portfolio and client list. Located in Massachusetts, USA.
  • M. P. O'Beirne Provides architectural illustrations in the traditional media of watercolor, pencil and color pencil. Portfolio of work, personal profile and contact information.
  • Maggiani Saralegui Architectural renderings and animations all over the world. Portfolio, clients, staff.
  • Mark Wearne Architectural Perspectivist Portfolio of work finished and conceptual renderings done in pastels, watercolors, pen and ink. Includes work examples and contacts. Located in the UK.
  • Mayron Renderings Architectural watercolor illustrations, formal watercolor illustrations, and sketches to architects, interior designers, real estate developers within the United States and worldwide.
  • MBR Studios Provides 3D renderings, illustrations, and animations, as well as interactive presentations, websites, graphic and motion graphic design.
  • Mcade, LLC Located in Oklahoma City and provides clients with professional architectural illustration services.
  • Mertens3d An Austin based 3D architectural rendering and architectural animation studio.
  • Meshroom Provides visualizations of various architectural projects.
  • Michael Swanson Provides architectural illustrations for the North American market.
  • Modelmaking Company UK. Suppliers of 3D physical scale models and computer generated images (CGI's) for architects and property developers. Includes profile, portfolios, and contact details.
  • Modesto Padilla Pen and ink drawings and prints of architectural buildings and elements.
  • N-Trace A team of Israeli designers and architects specialising in 3D architectural and interior design rendering. Profile, gallery.
  • New Age Design Creates achitectural illustrations and animations in 2D and 3D. Located in Weinheim, Germany.
  • Nexus Multimedia Arizona-based firm offering architectural renderings, 3D modeling, rendering, and animation for the architectural, building and development industries. Process, gallery.
  • Pechara Studio Offers 3D rendering, illustration and animation services to the architectural community. Services, examples, latest project. California.
  • Pixel Image Provides 3D visualisation services for architects, property developers and interior designers. Based in Scotland.
  • Pixelmade Provides CGI architectural rendering and animation services. Located in Portugal.
  • R.A.M. Design & Drafting Computer-generated drafting and design services for new homes, additions, and home plans. 3D perspective rendering, graphics and virtual image generation. Canada.
  • Reg Trundle British artist creating presentation perspective drawings to promote architecture, interior designs or landscapes. Portfolio and experience.
  • Reggie Stanton: Illustrator/Designer Specializes in rendering for the entertainment industry and architectural firms.
  • Reiser, Dave Specializing in architectural illustrations/renderings, and graphic design.
  • Renderings Now Source for architectural renderings, drawings and illustrations of homes and commercial buildings.
  • Rice Associates Computer renderings, photo retouches, marker sketches, 3D animations, litigation exhibits, presentation, boards, and other computer graphics. St. Louis, MO.
  • Rich Poling Creative Arts Architectural illustration, landscapes and graphics.
  • Robert Becker Inc. Architectural illustrations and conceptual renderings in watercolor.
  • Roccella Design Studio Firm based in Melbourne, Australia, offering computer assisted architectural illustrations and 3D modeling.
  • S-Sencial A French company providing 3D renderings to the architectural community.
  • Scott Onstott Providing digital imagery with the creation of 3D models, renderings, online drawings and virtual tours for designers and builders. Classes, books, and free downloads are available.
  • Shadow Gap Architectural Visualisation Offers photorealistic architectural visualisations and renderings for planning approval, marketing and design development. Based in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Simon Powney Based in Houston, Texas - Specializing in digital 3D architectural illustrations Browse sample gallery of images
  • Sketch Plus Provides architectural illustration services for architects, homeowners, realtors and builders. Samples, prices. Ontario.
  • Stem Ltd. Provides 3D computer generated illustrations and animations, mainly for architecture and common goods. Company based in the UK.
  • Stephen Davis Architectural illustration and rendering. Water-colours, computer-generated images and photomontages. Richmond, Surrey, UK.
  • Storm Studio Provides architectural renderings, 3D architectural animations, and outsourcing services.
  • Studio Athelas Igor Hajduk in Zagreb produces architectural visualizations of construction projects, with examples and digital animations.
  • Studio2a Company specializing in architectural visualization and illustration.
  • Studio4d A digital illustration studio dedicated to providing the highest quality, photo-realistic architectural renderings, animations, 3d modeling and multi-media presentations.
  • StudioDIM Providing 3D rendering and animation services for architects. Based in Florence, Italy.
  • Sun and Associates New York-based firm specializing in rendering, architectural illustration and presentation by perspectivist Suns Hung. Profile, projects.
  • TA Studio LLC Provides hand-drawn and digital illustrations for commercial and residential projects, with company background and portfolio. Feasterville, Pennsylvania.
  • The Design Firm A firm in New Delhi, India, offering 3D modeling, rendering, graphics, illustration, walkthrough/animation and logo design.
  • ThreeDV A UK based firm offering architectural illustration, photo-montage and animations.
  • Touch3dmedia Ltd Developer of 3D visualization and interactive media supplied to architecture, interior design, oil and gas industries for promoting, marketing, virtual prototyping, developing and training.
  • Triad Studios Based in Houston, Texas, offers architectural animation and rendering. Services and samples.
  • Triade Media Workshop specialized in 3D previsualisation applied to architectural representation. Montréal, Canada. [French and English versions].
  • TW Design Studio A Toronto based interior design company that provides renderings for commercial, corporate and residential projects. Contact information and portfolio provided.
  • upLink3d A design visualization studio located in Burlington Vermont. Specializing in architectural illustrations and animations.
  • Vector Z Specializes in architectural 3D modeling, rendering, and animation.
  • VG Renders Offers computer generated visuals of architecture.
  • Viewpoint Studio Architectural renderings and illustration. Experience in all areas of development, architecture, and engineering.
  • Visual Biscuit Michigan based visualization studio that creates computer generated architectural illustrations and animations.
  • Visual Environments A photo-realistic illustration service based in Colorado offering computer 3D model rendering and photo-simulation services. Company profile, services and gallery.
  • Vize Prague-based presentation services for architects in Europe. Office outline, portfolio, services.
  • Specializes in professional visualization of architecture.
  • Voss Lauritsen Tillrock Architectural illustrations and renderings for commercial and residential. Photo manipulation and site plan artwork for architects and builders.
  • Wallis Illustrations Australian illustrator provides building illustrations and plans to architects and builders. Profile, sample illustrations and contact information.
  • Zerofractal Corporation Firm in Florida offering visualization services for architecture and industrial design. [English, Spanish]


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