This category is for professional photographers who are available to work for-hire to take travel, and/or location photographs for editorial, tourism, and advertising uses. Any site which does not include any information about for-hire availability of the featured photographer will not be listed in this category.
  • Adams, Jonathan Photojournalist documents his 341 day journey through 23 nations. Also, presenting his newspaper and wedding portfolios. Based in Jackson, Wyoming.
  • Ali Kabas Photography Specializing in Turkey and international travel, scenic images, people, places, and underwater photographs. Stock and assignment work. Based in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Arcomano, Vito Professional portfolio, including images from Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.
  • Arruza, Tony Stock and assignment work with images of the United States of America and international travel, nature, sports, and people photography. Based in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Asmundsson, Smari Landscapes and location images, and digital video for advertising, editorial and stock. Photographs of Iceland are specialty. Located in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Bipinchandra Photographs of people, landscape, and abstract images shot in India and Europe, including commissioned and personal images.
  • Blair, Jonathan Images of people, nature, and archaeology from around the world by a contributor to the National Geographic Magazine.
  • Blake, Robert Shows samples of his work, including images of travel, wildlife, art reproductions, and fashion. Also, featuring the biography, a list of clients, and a contact address for stock and assignments.
  • Bognar, Tibor Nature, cities, monuments, and people from worldwide destinations. Stock and assignment work. Based in Montreal, Canada.
  • Bondareff, Diane Shows her black and white, and color photographs of New York City and Havana, Cuba. Based in NYC.
  • Buonamici, Stefano People and places from Europe and North America. Also, showing samples of his work for editorial clients.
  • Byers, Bruce Portfolio of candid and environmental portraits, fashion, and corporate work. Includes photographs from North America, Europe, and Egypt. Based in New York City.
  • Caldas, José Specializing in Brazilian culture and tourism, nature, industry, transportation, and agriculture. Stock and assignment work. Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Catcheside, Steve Including commercial, travel, scenic, wildlife, portraits, and event images from the United Kingdom and worldwide. Offering stock and assignment work. Ketch 22, his company, is based in the West of England.
  • Ciccocioppo, William Portfolio includes travel, documentary, commercial, editorial, and fine art works. His company, Cyclops Images is based in Toronto, Canada.
  • Cipollini, Mario Includes images of Mediterranean countries, Cuba, and Madagascar. Also, presents photo essays, black and white portraits, and outdoor photographs. Based in Trieste, Italy.
  • Cone, Chris Environmental portraiture for corporate and editorial clients, and travel images from South America, Africa, and Asia. based in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Cook, Ann Photographs from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Cuba. Stock images are available. Based in Somerset, England.
  • Cook, Gary Images from South America and Africa. Stock and assignment work.
  • Cooper, Neil People and places in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Also, offering photojournalistic images of the developing countries. Stock and assignment work.
  • Cowger, William Photographs from North America and Africa. Also, showing commercial images, art work, and photojournalistic views. Located in Troy, Michigan.
  • Davies, Damian Images for tour companies, magazines and brochures. Work shown from the United Kingdom, and Europe. Available for assignments worldwide. Based in Devon, England.
  • Davis, Caryn Candid portraits and scenic photographs from Asia and North America, images of boats, and a stock list. Based in Connecticut, United States.
  • Dennis, Deborah Photos of adventure, wildlife, and nature by Black Rhino Photography. Includes images from Africa, Asia, and the Americas.
  • Dik, Wilmar A. Presents his images from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Morocco, Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, and Laos. Based in the Netherlands. Available for travel and advertising assignments.
  • Endlich, Eric Stock photographs of the Charles River, Boston, New England, the Rocky Mountains. Also, flora and fauna from locations worldwide. Available to do assignment work.
  • Estersohn, Pieter Presenting his work from international locations for magazines and commercial customers. Also, featuring architectural photographs and portraiture. Based in New York City.
  • Fredericks, John Travel portfolio from around the world. Black and white, infrared, and colour photos including his portrait and artistic work. Based in Montreal, Canada.
  • Goodrich, Alfie Nature, architecture, places, music, and portraits from around the world.
  • Gregory, Doane People and places from around the world. Includes celebrity portraits. Based in Vancouver, Canada. [Flash plug-in required]
  • Grosset, Simon Images and writing from the United States, Australia, and Europe. Also, featuring people and events for public relation purposes. Based in Scotland.
  • Halperin, Stewart Various impressions of nature, people, and places from around the world. Also, featuring fine art prints and workshops. Based in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Heeb, Christian Images from North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia, Europe, and North Africa. Also, featuring travel books, prints, calendars, workshops, and stock archives.
  • Heller, Dan Freelance travel photographer, living in Marin County, California. Shows a large number of images from North and South America, Africa, and Europe. Stock and assignment work.
  • Hendriks, Sijmen Featuring portraits of philosophers and photos from Morocco, Nepal, India, Jordan, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Based in Utrecht.
  • Heslenfeld, Thijs Dutch travel photographer, documenting adventurous destinations, out of the ordinary trips and especially the beauty of people.
  • Holt, Christopher Images from Japan, Europe, South America, and the USA. Based in London. Prints are available online.
  • Huntress, Diane Showing selected impressions of the United States, Italy, and France, and environmental portraits. Colorado based artist is available for assignments worldwide.
  • Israel, Kobi Images from Israel and around the world, including urban scenes, landscapes, people, and gay life style. Also, featuring information on the artist, published work, and awards.
  • James, Wilf Photographs of nature, people, and places from around the world.
  • Johnston, Greg Outdoor adventure, travel and lifestyle photographer shooting editorial, advertising and corporate images. Stock and assignment work. Based in Miami, Florida.
  • Kennedy, Paul Surfing, travel, and lifestyle images. Based in New Zealand.
  • Keribar, Izzet Photographs of the people, and landscapes of Turkey, Japan, Nepal, and Bhutan. Based in Turkey.
  • Klagesbrun, Eliezer Specializing in images of the people and places of Israel. Prints for sale and assignment work. Based in Jerusalem.
  • Kopff, Jerry International travel photography, stock images, assignments and limited edition prints. Indigenous people, landscapes, sports and scenics.
  • Krist, Bob Presents images of people, places, and aerial photography. Available for assignments and workshops. Stock covers photos from around the world. Based in New Hope, Pennsylvania.
  • Lawrence, David Images of landscapes, both natural and man made. Panoramics and aerials of large subjects are a specialty. Offering stock, and assignment work in the United States and world wide.
  • Leder, Manuela and Marcel Nature photographs from Switzerland, North America, and Australia, including flowers and birds.
  • Marshall, Jamie Ethnographic and travel photography from Asia, Latin America and Africa. Textile arts are a specialty. Based in the United Kingdom.
  • Miller, Brian K. Nature, wildlife, and scenic images from Africa, America, and Europe. Also, offering stock photographs, prints, calendars, and books.
  • Ohringer, Adam and Jones, Amanda Samples of their work from Mongolia, India, and Europe. Based in the United Kingdom.
  • Pelnar, Bonnie Underwater photography from Fiji, Palau, Cozumel, Galapagos, Caribbean, and around the world for the travel industry. Based in Irvine, California.
  • Pitamitz, Sergio World traveler, based in Italy. Shows images of cities, people, traditional lifestyles, ancient sites, and tropical islands.
  • Piwowarczyk, Jacek Portfolio with images from Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. Based in Hong Kong.
  • Polverino, Karl Los Angeles based artist displays images from events, travel, photojournalistic work, portraiture, and still life. Stock images are available.
  • Price, Annette Travel photographer based in London, available for assignments worldwide. Specializing in adventure travel, especially watersports.
  • Rocco, Denise Adventure-travel images from around the world including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Mali, Kenya, Italy, and Ecuador. Specializing in digital photographs.
  • Ross, Andrew Provides architectural, interior design, building, hospitality and food service industries photography. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Rouse, Andy and Rich, Tracey Wildlife photographs, including stock images and prints, workshops, and books. Based in the United Kingdom.
  • Sanger, David Travel, editorial and stock photography from Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and California.
  • Seton, Louisa Portfolio of travel photographs from around the world, and wedding photography. Based in Sydney, Australia.
  • Skrypczak, Witold Travel, and landscape photography from North America and Europe. Extensive coverage of Texas and Poland. Stock and assignments. Based in Houston, Texas.
  • Smith, Richard Hamilton Location advertising, editorial, and stock photographer, available for work worldwide. Based in Park Rapids, Minnesota.
  • Souza, Nick Sample portfolios, including people, ships, transportation, corporate, industrial, and travel images. Available for assignments world wide. Based in Fountain Valley, California.
  • Steyn, Danny Specializing in images of Africa, wildlife, glamour, sports, outdoors, travel, leisure, and parties. Also, offering wedding and video services. Stock and assignment work.
  • Talmont, Ralph Portfolios, project work, and books in print. Stock images are available. Based in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Timmermans, Tricia Presents travel images from America, Asia, and Europe. Stock, assignment work, and photographic services. Based in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Toft, Roy Photos of wildlife from Africa, America, and Oceania. Offering stock images. Available for assignment work, tours, and seminars.
  • Topelmann, Lars Black and white photographs for international brands and clients. Also, showing pinhole views of bridges, images of hot rods, and stock. Based in Portland, Oregon.
  • Turner, Pete Images from Africa, North America, Tuscany, and around the world, volcanoes, and conceptual photographs for advertising campaigns and record covers. Based in New York City.
  • Vibert, Jean François Images from Europe, Asia, and Africa, including photographs of extreme sports and adventure trips. Motion sequences are a specialty.
  • Williams, Jonathon Foster Shows his portfolio of candid and environmental portraits, landscapes, and street scenes from Wales, Spain, and New York. Based in the United Kingdom.
  • Wiltsie, Gordon Specializes in outdoor, adventure sports, and mountaineering photography. His services include assignment work for editorial and advertising clients, stock images, slide presentations and lectures, and the sale of fine art prints. Based in Montana, USA.
  • Wyatt, Jon Featuring images of sky, clouds, light, earth, and water. Also, offering e-cards.
  • Wyman, Jake A small selection of travel, corporate, and stock imagery. Based in Guilford, Connecticut.
  • Yamanouchi, Miki Photographs of people and scenes from Portugal and Vietnam. Portfolio includes fine art still life and experimental views.
  • Yuricich, Dirk Photographs from Europe, Asia, North and South America, available in print or digital form. Based in Lake Tahoe, United States. Available for assignment worldwide.

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Dragan 065/884-8890
Iskusni bravari rade hale, garaže, panelima leksanom, kao i kapije, ograde, natkrivanje terasa.

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Najpovoljnije i najkvalitetnije montažne kuće u Srbiji, uvoz iz Austrije. Eksluzivni najprodavaniji modeli. Proverite sajt

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Potrebni preprodavci božićnih ježića od žita. Ručni rad, mali su, simpatični, cena je povoljna i postoji mogućnost pristojne zarade pred Novu godinu.

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