Producers play a very important role in the process of making a recording. They are the ones behind the scene deciding who is going to record what and how... from contracting the studio, making the musical decisions, and controlling the quality of the final master tape. More submission details in Business: Arts and Entertainment: Music: Production
  • Almario, Ryan Producer and engineer based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Biography, musical experience, and contact information.
  • Archontis, Aris The website of producer and engineer, also called aka syra. Features biographical information, audio clips, and a list of current equipment
  • Arvay, Stephen Producer, sound engineer and photographer. Website includes credits, discography and contact information.
  • Babida, Chris Biography, works, gallery and latest news of the producer, composer, arranger, and music director in South East Asia.
  • Ballard, Glen The official website of Grammy Award winning producer.
  • Barnett, Mandy Renowned vocalist who is also an accomplished producer. Styles include Country, Gospel, Pop, Jazz, Blues, and Bluegrass.
  • Bendiksen Productions A Colorado, USA-based music production company that primarily utilizes the production talents of Mike Binder and Lance Bendiksen.
  • Black, Tony A website that contains discography and news related to the producer and engineer based in New York, USA.
  • Bob Cranham Production Producer, arranger, and songwriter mainly for Christian music. Credits and resume.
  • Brotherhood Productions Founded by "Mojo" and "Badmoon" Riesen. Aspires to create and find the hidden talents in music, film and theature. Studios in Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Bud Martin Productions Los Angeles, USA-based record producer: credits, clients, and offered services.
  • Carfrae, Ted Information about the producer and music arranger, and his company TCM Music Ltd.
  • Chang, Dave Producer and sound engineer for rock music; includes credits, resume and contact information.
  • Chase, Ben Produces electronica, rock and contemporary music to broadcast level. Artist development. Co-arrangement, co-writing, production and engineering. Fully equipped studio and mobile rig. Located in Perth, Australia.
  • Corozine, Vince Dedicated to helping musicians and students improve their musical skills and understanding of music arranging, music business, jazz improvisation, music production and musical theatre.
  • Cousins, Randall Works, links and info regarding Canadian producer and songwriter.
  • Darkchild Entertainment Home of producer Rodney Jerkins. Features biography, artists, songs produced, photos, tips and interviews.
  • Dave Andrew Productions Located in Malaysia and specialising in music composition and production for commercials and documentaries.
  • Dearnley, Mark Producer and engineer. Website includes discography (AC/DC, Paul McCartney, and more) and contact information.
  • Deming, Michael Producer and engineer; includes discography, reviews, press, biography, and contact information.
  • Dolio the Sleuth Information about this DJ, producer, and composer based in New York City, USA.
  • Ducy Lee Recordings A company dedicated to the new writers of theater and cabaret music in the USA, owned and operated by songwriter Wayne Moore.
  • Dynamite Ham Music A company home to Ethan Stoller, a composer and producer focused on soundtracks for televised broadcasts.
  • Eaton, David Los Angeles , USA record producer. Discography, biography and financial recording support featured.
  • Endino, Jack Official site of the Seattle producer and engineer, features production discography and FAQ.
  • Eric Copeland Music Production, songwriting, and arranging of Christian music in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
  • Flite Media The home of Chris Harvey from Paignton, South Devon, England. Also offers web design.
  • Flyte Tyme Productions Home of producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Includes awards and demo submission information.
  • Forced Media Forced Media is the production facility of Nirto Karsten Fischer, composer and producer.
  • Foster, David Canadian musician and producer. News, biography, lyrics and interviews.
  • Gibson, Sam Discography, photos, biography, and sound clips related to this professional, also a sound engineer.
  • Gordine, Tim Profile, information, and credits. In addition, over 50 MP3s and clips, biography, pictures and links.
  • Hall, Adrian A music producer, engineer and mixer based in London, England. It includes a brief biography, list of recent credits and contact details.
  • Hendrich, Brent Nashville, Tennessee producer and engineer. Site features history, achievements, and contact information.
  • Hey Chubby Music, Inc. The website of Chein Garcia, songwriter and producer located in Newark, New Jersey, USA. Credits include songs written for Enrique Iglesias, Lara Fabian, and Frankie Ruiz.
  • Hiticiti Music Production Website of Curt Harpel. Biography, credits, studio tour, and samples of his works.
  • Hitsville Production Hitsville is Ole Evenrude's production company and studio. It's located in Halden, Norway. Artists include A*Teens, Ace-of-Base, Kabah, A-ha and others.
  • Jenkins, Brian Providing the services of music production and engineering for over 14 years. View discography.
  • Kearns, Peter A record producer from New Zealand who is available for work internationally.
  • Larry Butler Music Group Producer Larry Butler manages a company that deals with most areas of music. Based in Florida, USA.
  • Lash, Tony An online portfolio and resume for the Oregon, USA professional who has worked with artists as Elliott Smith, and The Dandy Warhols.
  • Le Marchand, Didier This site presents the work, the discography and the professional path the producer and sound engineer.
  • Leon, Craig Music producer, composer and arranger who has been working with the leading artists of our time. Biography, news and downloads featured.
  • Lerman, Stewart New York City, USA-based record producer and engineer. Digital and analog equipped recording studio for music production featuring Pro Tools HD.
  • Levine, Steve Worked with Culture Club, Honeyz, The Beach Boys and Louise. Biography, discography, downloadable MP3 audio samples, and contact information.
  • Limborg, James Producer, songwriter, musician, and rock guitarist located in Minnesota, USA. Available mp3s for listening.
  • Managra Music Features producer Joel Moss, with experience in Rock, Jazz, Country, Classical, Film, Broadway cast recordings, and with artists such as Little Richard, Tony Bennett, Aerosmith, and The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.
  • Mancini, Michael The website of the New York, USA-based composer and producer. Provides music reels, television commercials and album projects for clients to view.
  • Mara, Chris Independent record producer/engineer based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
  • Mathews, Scott: A multi-platinum music producer and recording artist, founder of the recording studio - Tiki Town Studios.
  • Merrick Music Official website of recording artist, composer, producer and engineer, Neal Merrick, head of a music production team for all genres.
  • Moten Music Frank Moten, producer/artist. Audio samples, biography and photographs.
  • Music and sound design film, video, radio, television, internet by James Joseph.
  • Negative Format Electronic Music An electronic music project specializing in Trance, Electro, D'n'b. Music for film, media, and dance.
  • Otto van den Toorn 's Automatic Music Productions Offers music for commercials. Also, remixes and sound design. Specializes in Bigbeat, Hip Hop and Trip Hop.
  • Paradise Alley Dale Penner, producer, engineer, mixer and artist developer, based in Canada. Artists include Nickelback, Holly McNarland, Econoline Crush, Matthew Good Band, Universal Honey.
  • Paul Buckley Music Specializes in TV and film. Also offers composition.
  • Peterson, Frank German composer/producer.Includes news, and projects.
  • Phoenix Recording Studios Producers working in Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA recording studios
  • pigFACTORY Music publisher and management company which represents record producers and artists. Services offered in the USA and Europe.
  • Power, Robert An award-winning producer, mixer, engineer, and musician. Projects, discography, interviews, and contact information. Accepts submissions of music.
  • Ramone, Phil Interview with songwriter/producer by Dominick A. Miserandino.
  • Reilly, Graham A producer, composer and sound designer. Offers music for TV and film.
  • Rufftone Productions Presents some new electronica and soul tracks to download. Also features information about award winning pianist, composer and producer Emanuel Rüffler.
  • Rybnikov, Dmitriy Website of the Russian musician, producer, and audio engineer.
  • Samengo, Andrea Music producer located in London, United Kingdom.
  • Sandusky, Kim Wood Vocal consulting, production, artist development and vocal therapy based in Nashville, Tennessee, with studios in New York, Los Angeles and Houston, USA.
  • Smith, Jed Producer/composer in Santa Monica.
  • Stegall, Keith Features information about this professional who is also a songwriter and performer.
  • Stephen Budd Management Home of the record producers Mike Hedges, Arthur Baker, Ash Howes, Charlie Rapino, Rafe McKenna.
  • Steuns, René Music producer, programmer and composer. With his London based enterprise 'Totally Ambush' he offers lush music production packages for up and coming talents, film makers and agencies.
  • Stiles Music Studio information, history and Clark Stiles producer archive.
  • Triple Z Music Offers services of songwriting, composing and production for corporate events and videos, broadcast, theatre and recording artists. Owner biography, client lists, and music/video clips.
  • Visconti, Tony Lists his work, pictures of artists, and stories about the creation of songs and concepts, including the albums produced for David Bowie.
  • Walter, Kurt Music tracks designed for specific needs. Customer retains all rights to the track.
  • Williams, Steve Downloads, photographs, news, and background information about this professional.


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