• Allison, Taron UK boom operator, camera assistant, and sound recordist.
  • Anderson, Robert UK based location sound recordist with credits, location photo gallery and links page.
  • Anderson, Scott Freelance location sound mixer based out of Austin, Texas. Credit list, photos, booking calendar and equipment list.
  • Atherton, Stephen Location sound recordist based in Carlisle, UK.
  • Bacon, Matt UK based freelance Sound Recordist and Boom Operator.
  • Bailey, Peter Sound mixer / sound recordist / sound designer based in Warrington, Cheshire, England, U.K.
  • Balch, Jeff Location sound mixer and recordist based in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Barrow, Bob Stereo PSC and multi-track sound recordist based in Aberdeen, Scotland.
  • Beresford, Martin Drama sound recordist, sound mixer based in North England.
  • Bohannon, Joe Sound mixer based in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Boyle, Hugh Sound mixer based in Tampa Bay.
  • Brammell, Chris Production sound mixer and sound designer based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Bridgett, Rob Sound design and post-production sound for film, TV, multi-media and computer animation. Articles, sound samples, and resume.
  • Briggs, Darrell Freelance location sound recordist for documentaries, drama, light entertainment, promos, and commercials. Based in London.
  • Brown, Christopher International location sound mixer based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
  • Bruwier, Benoit Sound recording and post production services based in Belgium.
  • Bucher, Stéphane Production sound mixer in Paris, France.
  • Bysshe, Simon UK based sound recordist, boom operator, sound assistant.
  • Cannon, Jeff Sound recordist based in central Florida.
  • Cardillo, Michael Sound designer and audio post mixer in the Atlanta, Georgia area.
  • Carey, Bayard Motion picture sound mixer and location sound recording.
  • Carli, Daniele Sound designer and composer for film and video production in Treviso, Italy.
  • Chronopoulos, Panos Sound designer based in Athens, Greece.
  • Cleland, Diana Arizona based location sound for film and video production.
  • Connolly, Scott Location sound mixer, boom operator and audio utility based in Lexington, Ky.
  • Cooper, Mike Location film and TV sound recording facility based in the south of Spain.
  • Cottrell, Michael Arizona based production sound services for film and video.
  • Davies, Malcolm UK based production sound mixer and recordist.
  • Degy, Quentin Audio technician for production, post-production and presentation, based in Vancouver.
  • Dodds, Colin Sound recordist, sound mixer, and foley Artist. Based in the U.K.
  • DOMC Mastering Dedicated mastering suite located outside of Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
  • Dunbar, Bob Freelance sound recordist, sound supervisor based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England.
  • Duncan, J.R. Location sound services for North Carolina, South Carolina, and the Southeast.
  • Durfy, Chris Atlanta based production audio for television and film.
  • Ent, Jeff Video sound mixer, located in Central New Jersey.
  • Ermec, Umut New York-based audio engineer ,editor, recordist, mixer and sound designer.
  • Espada, Jesus Espada Sound recordist / sound mixer located in Madrid, Spain.
  • F7 Sound and Vision Post production sound recording and mastering studio, original sample CD-ROMs and sound recordings on CD.
  • Fichtner, Filmton Location sound recordist in Germany.
  • Finlay, Grant Location recording and mixing for the film, television and music recording industries. Based in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Fitch, Dennis Sound recordist for television and film based in the UK.
  • Forejt, Petr Production sound mixer and sound designer based in Czech Republic. Equipment list and references.
  • Gallup, Jim Production sound mixer working out of Santa Fe / Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Garrett, G. John Location sound mixer, trainer, writer, based in Boston, MA.
  • Gibbions, Chris Television documentary sound recordist based in England.
  • Gilbert, Brian Location sound recordist based in Chattanooga, TN.
  • Gilbert, Jon Location sound recordist for television. UK based.
  • Gilchrist, Jim Location sound recording services for film and television production in Washington and Baltimore.
  • Gott, Richard Location sound recordist in Wales, UK. Credit list, links photos and cv.
  • Green, Al Sound recordist, sound designer, dubbing mixer. Based in the United Kingdom.
  • Grove, John Documentary sound recordist based in London, England.
  • Haire, Doug Sound recordist based in Seattle Washington.
  • Hall, David Production sound mixer and location recordist based in Stockport, Manchester, UK.
  • Hansen, Hans Wilhelm Norwegian freelance soundman, and also the manufacturer of the Pole-Cat, Fat-Cat and the Micro-Cat windscreens.
  • Harburt, Tom UK based sound recordist operating out of London.
  • Harris, Josh Audio for video in the Tampa Bay area.
  • Hassell, Collin Broadcast sound supervisor, St. Albans, Herts, U.K.
  • Hegde, Rajendra Freelance location sound recordist and mixer based in India.
  • Henschel, Jeff Location sound recordist based in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Hill, Alan Boom operator, sound editor, sound recordist in the UK.
  • Hill, Ronan Belfast based location sound recordist mixer with C.V., equipment list and sample audio files in WAV MP3 and Real Audio.
  • Hrbek, Dennis Sound mixer/boom operator from Trumbull, CT.
  • Johnson, Kris Los Angeles based boom operator and director.
  • Kasic, Mike Sound recordist and sound mixer for film and television based out of Bozeman, Montana.
  • Keenan, Mike New York sound mixer/recordist.
  • Kelly, Terry Eng audio for the Washington, DC area.
  • Kennedy, Drew ENG sound mixer from the Washington, D.C. area.
  • Kirton, Ian Freelance dubbing mixer, sound recordist and composer based in Cumbria, north west England.
  • Knoop, Joel Michigan based sound recordist.
  • Knyziak, Marcin Freelance sound recordist and sound designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
  • Kolias, Nick Production sound for motion pictures and television. Based in Seattle, Washington.
  • Kruse, Frank Sound designer and location sound recordist based in Germany. CV, pictures, links and contact information.
  • Lewis, Robert J. Location sound mixer based in the Cleveland/Pittsburgh area.
  • Lohninger, Mariel Location sound services for television and film productions, based in Paris, France, and Los Angeles.
  • Magal, Itzhak Location sound recordist based in Los Angeles, California. Site features resume, pictures, links, information and a listing of awards.
  • Mandler, Mark Sound recordist/mixer for the New York/New Jersey area.
  • Mankowski, Peter A. Sound designer, lighting engineer and musician. Based in London, UK.
  • Mazet, Nico Freelance location sound mixer based out of New York City. Credits, clients, photos, equipment list.
  • Mihlfried, Bob Jr. Chicago based field and studio sound mixer.
  • Miller, Steve Dubbing mixer, sound designer and sound editor working between the UK and Spain.
  • Miller, Steve Production sound mixer, and production audio recordist in Los Angeles, California and surrounding areas.
  • Milton, Mary Sound recordist based in Bristol, UK.
  • Mladenovic, Nikola Sound designer and recordist from Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Momcilovic, Milos Sound Recordist and boom operator.
  • Moorman, Eric Miami based location Sound Recordist for the film and television industry.
  • Mottl, Andrew Location sound recording, sound design, and music recording. Based in Düsseldorf.
  • Murphy, Aaron California based location sound mixer for film and video.
  • Nokes, Rob Field sound effects recordist and supervising sound editor based in Santa Monica, CA.
  • Nusic Sound Post production sound effects and sound design. Based in Poland.
  • O'Duffy, Alan UK based production sound mixer.
  • Planet 00:00:03 Sound Co. Production sound recording and music playback based out of Studio City, California.
  • Post Plus Sound Audio sound design and mixing for television, film, and radio located in Burbank,CA.
  • Potts, Chris UK based studio sound engineer, sound recordist, and unit crew.
  • Power, Luke Sound Recordist working in TV and film across the UK and internationally.
  • Procter, Andy UK based freelance Production Sound Mixer.
  • Reeves, Eric Sound mixer and recordist based in Seattle, Washington.
  • Revell, Tony U.K. based Sound Supervisor with 35 years BBC experience.
  • Rolla, Alessandro Rome, Italy based location sound recordist for television and film.
  • Saunders, Doug Location sound mixer based in Orlando, Florida.
  • Scelza, Ron Motion picture and television production sound mixer from Miami, FL.
  • Scetta, Mark Post-production audio mixer/sound designer for film and television located in New York City.
  • Schaaf, Dave Production sound mixer for film and video. Based in Denver, Colorado.
  • Seivers, Zach Sound designer and mixer for film and television. Offices in North Carolina, Washington DC, and Los Angeles.
  • Shafer, Thom Location sound for broadcast television, based in Ohio.
  • Sharma, Arunoday Curriculum vitae in PDF format, detailed filmography, and links.
  • Skeoch, Andrew Wildlife and nature sound recordist based in Australia.
  • Stone, Casey Music scoring mixer based in Los Angeles. Credits, pictures, and a FAQs page.
  • Stuk Sound Sound for live events, film and television.
  • Taylor, Michael Lee Location sound recordist and sound assistant, based in London.
  • Teti, Nick Location sound mixer and boom operator for film and television based in Denver, Colorado.
  • Thompson, Deke UK based sound recordist.
  • Todd-AO Studios Television and motion picture sound mixing with biographies and resumes of Dennis Kirk, Mark Fleming and Bill Jackson.
  • Vonk, Wim Amsterdam based sound designer.
  • Walker, Nick UK based location sound recordist/production sound mixer.
  • Watson, Sam Location mixer and sound designer from Mississippi.
  • Whitehouse, Michael Sound recordist based in London, England.
  • Whitehurst, Rob Tampa Bay, Florida based location sound recordist and sound mixer for film and television.
  • Williams, Darryl Studio, location, and live concert sound engineer based in the Los Angeles area.
  • Winston, David Sound recordist and mixer for film, High Def and standard video, based in Pennsylvania.
  • Wolfe, Jerry Film and video location sound mixer based in the Los Angeles, California area.
  • Wood, David Audio editor and post production sound designer, based in Leeds, UK.
  • Wornum, Anthony Film and television sound recordist based in London with biography, credit list, links and contact information.
  • Wytas, Steve Location and studio sound recording services in Haddam, CT.
  • Yaffe, David Barr C.A.S. film sound recordist based in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Zecca, John C.A.S. Location sound services for film and television based in the New York/New Jersey area.

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