• Alameda Homestead Nursery Australian producer of hybrid clematis, as well as a range of other landscape plants. Information and photos for many varieties.
  • Albo Vanhulle Belgian export nursery specializing in cut greens or ornamental foliage such as quercus rubra, quercus palustris among others. Also delivers ornamental and forestry plants internationally.
  • Aldershot Greenhouses Limited Wholesale producer of roses in North America.
  • Allied Growers, Inc. Supplier of tropical and blooming plants to the horticultural and floral industry, based in Florida, offers online shopping. Varied assortment includes houseplants, hanging baskets, cacti, and palms.
  • Anthony Tesselaar International Producer of a wide range of home garden plants with locations of dealers worldwide, descriptions and photos of plant varieties and information about the company.
  • Anthura B.V. Netherlands grower and exporter of a large selection of cut and potted anthuriums, phalaenopsis orchids and bromeliads. Includes company profile, virtual tour of facilities and detailed product information. [English/French/Dutch/German/Spanish]
  • Apopka Foliage Industry Guide Provides potential buyers a complete online listing of nurseries, brokers, transportation and other allied services.
  • Atchison Exotics Grower of regular and tropical indoor pre-bonsai, including ficus, fukien tea, and pachira money tree. Located in Florida.
  • Australian Lavender Industry Contact information for the professional association, annual conference details, and sample pages from its newsletter. Overview of the uses of lavender, cultivation requirements, and extraction of essential oils.
  • Bailey Nurseries, Inc Wholesale grower of a wide range of ornamental plants, distributed through retailers and landscapers. Products include perennials, roses, vines, shrubs, and trees. Includes a searchable database with descriptions and photos.
  • Bella Vista Flowers Specialized in the selection and breeding of Alstroemeria plants for cut-flower production.
  • Blacks Nursery Northern Ireland supplier of hardy nursery stock from alpines to semi-mature trees to garden centers, landscapers, golf courses, and other amenity sectors.
  • Bloomz online New Zealand floricultural company, specializing in calla lily, sandersonia and other exotic species such as phormium. Primarily orientated to the production of high health tissue culture, bulbs and tubers.
  • Blue Sky Nursery Ltd. Wholesale grower of ornamental nursery stock including azaleas, rhododendrons, hollies, ornamental grasses, blueberries, and hostas. Located in Ontario.
  • Bluebird Nursery Suppliers of perennials, herbs, grasses and wildflowers to garden centers, landscapers, parks and zoos.
  • Bonnie Plant Farm Alabama grower and wholesale distributor of flowers and vegetable plants.
  • Booman Floral Wholesale nursery in California offering liners and finished plant products, including Rex begonia, cyclamen, orchids, carnivorous plants, and clivia. Product photos and descriptions, availability, cultural and company information.
  • Booshoot Gardens Nursery specialized in the propagation of clumping bamboos for the wholesale market. Distributor and contact details. Located in Washington, United States.
  • Briggs Nursery Nursery in Washington specializing in tissue culture production of rhododendron, azalea, kalmia, lilac and perennials.
  • Bron and Sons Nursery Co. Offers hardy perennials, shrubs, ornamental and street trees, roses, and evergreens. Located in British Columbia. Availability and pricing information requires password.
  • California Flora Nursery Small unconventional nursery offering a diversity of natives and Mediterraneans. Wholesale and local retail.
  • Casa Flora Inc. Wholesale grower of ferns. Over 30 varieties of ferns shipped world-wide. Wholesale direct to growers only.
  • Cattaneo Vivai Nursery in Italy offering cuttings of woody ornamentals, balled-and-burlapped, and potted specimens. Italian/French/English.
  • China Bamboo Centre Grower in Yunnan Province offers potted plants and seeds for bamboo, as well as several other ornamental plants.
  • Clearview Horticultural Products Inc. Wholesale grower in British Columbia, specializing in clematis, also offering other vines, climbing roses, pelargoniums, and an assortment of miscellaneous shrubs and plants.
  • Coachwood Nursery Nursery that specialises in growing and marketing new releases of outdoor trees and shrubs.
  • Conco Horticultural Landscape design and installation, sod service and a wholesale nursery to commercial and residential clients. Locations, services, and quotation requests.
  • Container Nurseries Wholesale supplier of a variety of plants including bromeliads, grasses, perennials, groundcovers, gardenia, hibiscus, rhododendrons, climbers, trees and shrubs, subtropicals, and fruit plants, located near Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Cornflower Farms Nursery growers of container stock California native plants, perennials, grasses, ornamentals, and contract grown native restoration revegetation plants.
  • Coromandel Native Nursery Grower of Australia-native trees, plants and grasses, wholesaling to governments, landscapers, parks and gardens. Also has a retail department. Information on plant offerings, online pricing and availability.
  • Corporate Roses Rose breeder in South Australia specialising in Meilland International roses for propagation and supply to Australian garden nurseries. Wholesale and retail.
  • Darwin Plants Netherlands exporter of bare root perennial plants and bulbs. Includes list and availability of plants.
  • De Ruiter's New Roses International Dutch introducer of new varieties of cut roses and pot roses.
  • Decker's Nursery Supplier of nursery stock, specialty liners and grafts to retail greenhouses, wholesale nurseries, and landscape companies. Products include broadleaf evergreens, conifers and deciduous trees, grasses, groundcovers, and perennials. Located in Ohio.
  • Ed Sobkowich Greenhouses Ltd. Licensed propagator of finished spring annual bedding plants, cyclamen liners, poinsettias, annual seedlings and plugs. Ontario, Canada.
  • Edgar Joyce Nursery Offers a full line of container and field grown plants.
  • Edo Plant Wholesale bonsai supplies and Japanese garden accessories. Illustrated overview of offerings. Located in the Netherlands.
  • Europlants UK Ltd Supplier of specimen plants in the UK, acting as an agent for Vannucci Piante and offering a range of services to the horticultural industry. Products include bamboo, palms, tree ferns, and other exotics, deciduous and evergreen trees, and topiary.
  • Evergreen Nursery Georgia seller of a variety of ground covers with photos.
  • Fields on Caton Farm Wholesale Wholesale grower of landscape plants, daylilies, hosta, trees, and hardy shrubs. Serves garden centers, landscape professionals, and retailers throughout the United States.
  • FitzGerald Nurseries Young plant nursery, specializing in hardy and semi hardy garden and patio plants for wholesale.
  • Flora Company Wholesale grower in Idaho producing annuals, perennials, potted crops, topiaries, aquatics, and fish.
  • Florico Foliage Florida producer of ferns, interior foliage plants, and hanging baskets. Product photo gallery.
  • Flormart International trade exhibition for the nursery, gardening and floriculture industries held in Padua, Italy. Lists schedule, programs, vendors, accommodations. [English, Italian]
  • Foliage Design Systems Provides professional interiorscape services including the sale and installation of live, preserved, and replica plants. Catalog, service overview, franchise information. Headquartered in Florida.
  • Four B's Nursery,Inc. Nursery located in Delray, FL.
  • Fronds New Zealand Specialist wholesale nursery supplying New Zealand ferns, including tree ferns, ground ferns, carved ponga and cordylines, to garden centres and landscapers.
  • Garden Bloomers Takao Nursery Supplier of plug trays in California, whose products include perennials, miniature roses, and spring plants, sold primarily through brokers. Company information, list of brokers, product overview.
  • Garden Pavilion Dynamic trading group of retail nurseries in South Africa, allied to benefit from group buying power, marketing and branding. Member listing and information about activities and benefits.
  • Glacier Nursery Inc. Supplies Montana Rocky Mountain hardy trees, shrubs, fruits, roses, perennials, vines, and evergreens to wholesale and retail nurseries, landscapers, golf courses and municipalities.
  • Green Piece Wire Art Supplier of wire-frame topiary sculptures and bonsai, offering a variety of primarily animal figures in different sizes.
  • Greenearth Biotechnologies Limited Tissue culture lab in India offering micropropagated medicinal, ornamental, flowering and fruit plants.
  • Gro Wild Tennessee nursery specializing in native North American plants, growing a wide range of native flowers, trees, vines, grasses and shrubs.
  • Hazorea Aquatics Israeli exporter of hardy and tropical water lilies and lotus. Also dealing in Bio-secure Koi, cold water and tropical ornamental fish.
  • Heemskerk Flowers Dutch exporter of flowers, greens, and cash-and-carry plants. Overview of company and services. Multilingual site.
  • Hesters BVBA Belgian grower of greenhouse and outdoor azaleas, rhododendron, begonias and camellias, as well as herbaceous hardy and tender perennials. Includes company history and online purchasing to registered users. [English, Spanish, French, Dutch]
  • Hines Horticulture Large-scale supplier of ornamental shrubs, color plants and container-grown plants with commercial nursery facilities throughout the United States. Extensive product list with photos and information.
  • Hoffman Nursery North Carolina wholesale nursery specializing in ornamental grasses and aquatic plants.
  • Hogendoorn Wijk en Aalburg B.V. Dutch exporter of young plants, with an assortment including perennials, ornamental grasses, tree peonies, and flowering shrubs. Catalogs vary by geographical target market.
  • Holland Nursery News Online magazine providing information about Dutch nursery plants, production methods, and marketing programs, featuring plants of the month, research reports, and general articles.
  • Holub Plants Offerings include young plants of Rhododendron, Hosta, Azalea, Paeonia cultivars micropropagated in vitro.
  • Horticultural Sales, Inc. Wholesale only plant brokerage offering plants from Southern California to florists, nurseries, and interiorscapers across the country.
  • Iberplant Spanish company specializing in the production of saplings of ornamental Mediterranean plants, including palms and other trees, shrubs, vines, and herbs.
  • IGI Marketing Owner-operated prefinished foliage specialist that services and sells products to wholesale growers. Located in Central Florida, IGI grows and markets approximately 35 varieties of plants.
  • Imperial Nurseries Wholesale growers specializing in rhododendron, ornamental trees, deciduous shrubs, perennials, ground covers, and ferns, with farms Connecticut and Florida.
  • Ingleside Plantation Nurseries Wholesale nursery in Virginia, serving retailers, landscapers and garden centers throughout the New England and the Mid Atlantic regions.
  • Intra Greens Grower and exporter of cut foliages for the flower industry and live ornamental plants, located in Costa Rica. Photo gallery of operations, information and pictures of assortment.
  • ItSaul Plants Plug production company supplying liners to professional growers. Assortment includes perennials, woody ornamentals, succulents, and tropicals. Georgia, USA.
  • Ivy Acres Long Island, New York grower and wholesaler seasonal bedding annuals, potted perennials, and poinsettias. Company information, product overview, and employment opportunities.
  • J. C. Bakker Nurseries Growers of shade trees, evergreens, flowering shrubs, rose bushes, and ornamental plants.
  • James Nursery Company, Inc. Offering a full line of Northern grown nursery stock in containers, and balled and burlapped, including shrubs, groundcovers and vines, fruit and ornamental trees, junipers, evergreens, and ornamental grasses.
  • Jan Langedijk Dutch exporter of prepackaged flowerbulbs, perennials and seeds. Includes product information, sales and contact points.[English/German/Dutch]
  • Jeffries Nurseries Ltd. Supplier of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials to western Canada and the northern United States. Features company facts, publications, photos, plants, and contact details.
  • Jericho Farms Provider of a variety of landscape plants.
  • Jost Greenhouses Wholesale grower in Missouri specializing in bag grown trees, tree liners, perennials, herbs, shrubs, and ground covers. Online availability listing.
  • JVH Nurseries Export nursery in Belgium growing ornamental and fruit trees, shrubs, roses, conifers, vines, and perennials. Company profile, overview of plant offerings with some photos. Must register to view full catalog.
  • Koenig & Associates, Inc. Broker connecting growers on the US West coast with suppliers of annual and perennial starter plants from around the United States. Availability for each source in PDF format.
  • L & L Ever-Green Wholesale horticultural distributor with nurseries in Connecticut, offers trees and shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, and groundcovers. Overview of products, plant listings by use area, and lawn-care product information.
  • Lady In Red Hydrangea Promotion of and information about this new hydrangea cultivar with purple foliage. Information about its development and care, and a find-a-retailer form.
  • Landmark Nurseries Wholesale grower/distributor in Texas, offering trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and groundcovers. Information about locations, policies, and company profile.
  • Lansen Nursery Ltd. Wholesale supplier of a large assortment of hardy perennails, bamboos, ornamental grasses and hardy ferns, located in and serving the UK. Company profile and news, overview of products and services.
  • Larkman Nurseries Propagation nursery with a mail order division, growing Australian plants, perennials, lavender, trees, shrubs, grasses in tubestock and liners.
  • Lawyer Nursery Wholesale suppliers of bareroot field grown nursery stock and seeds of woody plants, worldwide.
  • Licensed Nursery Farm Krystyna Krzewinska Nursery in Poland specialized in small fruit plants, also offering ornamental shrubs, at wholesale and retail. [Polish/English/Russian]
  • Lorenz von Ehren Nurseries Wholesale nursery in Hamburg (Germany) offering a wide range of deciduous trees, conifers, rhododendrons, roses, topiary, fruit trees, and perennials.
  • Madrone Nursery Wholesale nursery specializing in seed-grown trees, shrubs, grasses, yuccas and wildflowers of the Edwards Plateau and Trans Pecos regions of Texas. Information about availability, introductions, and FAQ.
  • Magnolia Gardens Nursery Wholesale nursery located in Texas, specializing in perennials, trees, and shrubs.
  • Majestic Nursery, Inc. Wholesale provider and custom grower of annuals, perennials and container garden arrangements, serving resellers in Illinois and surrounding states.
  • Manakau Village Nurseries Wholesale propagation nursery in Horowhenua, New Zealand, with wide range of tree, shrub and perennials.
  • Master Nursery and Landscape Supply Supplier of irrigation, trees, shrubs, erosion control, and allied products to the trade. Located in Covington, Georgia.
  • Matakohe Gardens New Zealand grower and exporter of sandersonia flowers and tubers for export around the world, particularly Japan. Brief information with photos about the plants and the nursery operations.
  • Milne's Plant Link Ltd Plant supply service to the landscape industry in New Zealand. Quotation request form, FAQ.
  • Minnesota Valley Wholesale Wholesale nursery with trees, shrubs and perennials, serving garden centers and landscape contractors throughout the Midwest.
  • Mobjack Nurseries Wholesale Virginia nursery. Offers hosta, perennials, flowering shrubs, grasses, trees and aquatic plants. Requires registration.
  • Monrovia Nursery Producer of container-grown plants, spanning a range of hardy and tender perennials, shrubs, grasses, and trees, in premium-sized specimens. Listing of plant offerings with cultivation information, and consumer gardening tips.
  • Mountain Shadow Nursery Wholesale nursery and micropropagation lab specializing in custom propagation and tissue culture production of choice woody and herbaceous plants. Located in Washington state.
  • NC Farms Inc Grower of tropical starter plants. Order plants online. Full picture catalogue with plant descriptions and helpful growing tips.
  • Netplant A Netherland plant export company offering a mixture of fresh garden and houseplants.
  • New England Nursery Sales, Inc. Wholesale supplier of nursery stock in the Northeastern US, sourcing and selling trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials, ferns, ornamental grasses, and vines. Information about services, sourcing, and primary growers.
  • New Zealand Palm Co. Limited Wholesale supply of New Zealand plants, supplies of native NZ palms and flora.
  • North Branch Nursery Wholesale nursery and retail garden center in Ohio offering perennials, shrubs, and trees. Online catalog and order form.
  • North Coast Native Nursery Wholesale nursery providing California native plants to restoration and landscape professionals as well as retail suppliers. Assortment includes trees, shrubs, perennials, wetland plants, ferns, and grasses.
  • Octoraro Native Plant Nursery Pennsylvania wholesale nursery provides container-grown trees, shrubs, and seedlings, including species for streambank stabilization, wet-tolerant, and upland varieties. Overview of products, terms and conditions.
  • Opal Horticulture Co., Ltd. Exporter/grower of tropical plants in Thailand, specializing in aquatic plants (including water lily, lotus, and marginals), supplying garden centers, landscaping contractors, and plant importers.
  • Paramount Acres Wholesale growers of bedding plants and shrubs based in Florida.
  • Peace River Growers Wholesale nursery selling woody and deciduous ornamentals, including flowering and foliage plants, tropicals, and evergreens. Serves Florida and neighboring states.
  • Piante Ferretti Italian producer of conifers, trees, and shrubs, and subtropical plants including palms, agave, and citrus.
  • Plant Development Services, Inc. Wholesale nursery providing patent assistance for new plant development.
  • Plant Farm Rentals, Inc Provides a range of plants, including tropical foliage, blooming plants, topiary, and seasonal plants, for rental during weddings, conventions, and special events. Locations in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic and West Coast.
  • PlantGroup New Zealand supplier of perennials and woody ornamentals, including hebe, hydrangea, pittosporum, and phormium. Partial overview of assortment.
  • Ponto Nursery Nursery in California providing wholesale stock for nurseries and growers, carrying a large variety of perennials, ornamental grasses, shrubs, and trees. Availability and flat pricing.
  • Prides Corner Farms Supplying woody shrubs, trees, and perennials to retail nurseries, rewholesalers, and landscapers, located in Connecticut.
  • Proteaflora Wholesale nursery providing first quality proteaceae to Australian nurseries and garden centres, and cut-flower growers world-wide. Information about varieties, cultivation, FAQ, and outlets in Australia.
  • Proven Winners Grower of a large variety of bedding and potted plants including perennials, ornamental grasses, and shrubs. Includes details about retailer marketing programs, wholesaler locator, photo library, and ideas for home gardeners.
  • Riverbend Nurseries Wholesale center specializing in gardening and nursery supplies and landscaping material with large inventory of nursery stock and plant material.
  • Robrick Nursery, Inc. Produces over 100 varieties of plants for wholesale and retail growers.
  • Rolling Acres Nursery Wholesale price sheet and contact information.
  • Roskam Young Plants Pty Ltd. Importer and agent in Australia supplying gerbera plants and cups, roses, and alstroemerias to growers in Australia and New Zealand. Also provides consultancy services to flower growers.
  • Santa Rosa Tropicals California seller of ferns for home and porch.
  • Sapho French organization for nurserymen, aims to publish a catalogue of new woody ornamentals on behalf of their breeders. Photos and description for each variety, and a listing of the distributor network within and outside of France.
  • Saunders Brothers Wholesale nursery and orchard in Virginia presents its catalog of annuals, perennials, grasses, trees, and shrubs. Also information about the farm market and national boxwood trials.
  • Schubert Nursery, Inc. Wholesale grower of ivy and herb topiaries, servicing most of North America. Catalog, availability, and ordering instructions.
  • Seeds of Life Retail and wholesale nursery in Nebraska offering perennials, trees, shrubs, and native grasses, and specializing in the production and sale of Fleming Hardy Hibiscus.
  • Sexton Nurseries Ltd Wholesales roses, miniature roses, award winning hybrids, patio trees, antique varieties, tropical color hibiscus, and mandevilla.
  • Shourd's Wholesale nursery in SW Indiana.
  • Spring Meadow Nursery Wholesale propagation nursery offers a large selection of flowering shrub varieties.
  • Star Roses Producer and wholesaler of a wide variety of rose plants. Offers a PDF catalogue.
  • Stuppy Companies Greenhouse manufacturer, Sun-Brite Tunnel, Floral Products Company, and Stuppy's Mid-America School of Floral Design. Since 1873. Wholesale only. Five locations in Midwestern U. S.
  • Subtropica Subtropical plant nursery that specializes in organically grown subtropical plants to provide an edible landscape.
  • Sunset Specialty Goundcover Promotional information about the ornamental perennial peanut groundcover Arachis glabrata: landscape uses, varieties, product styles, and contact information for the company in Florida.
  • Swafford Nursery, Inc. Wholesale grower of conifers, trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, and grasses. Includes pricing, photos, news, and driving directions.
  • Szõregi Virág - Dísznövény ÁFÉSZ Cooperative firm in Hungary, offering roses, fruit trees and berries, and ornamental shrubs and trees for export in bare-root form. Overview of assortment and availability.
  • Tarrawood Native Nursery Wholesale production nursery specialising in growing garden-worthy selections of Australia's flora. Illustrated catalog and stocklist, along with articles on care and news.
  • Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Wholesale supplier and exporter of perennials (including native and wetland species), woody ornamentals, berries and fruit trees, ferns, vines, and groundcovers. Online overview of products, pricing, and availability.
  • Thai Orchid Source Wholesale grower of orchids including cattleya, vanda, dendrobium and oncidium. Based in Thailand.
  • The Cottage Gardens, Inc. Wholesale grower with facilities in Michigan and Ohio, supplying a range of perennials, ornamental grasses, shrubs, and trees within the Eastern half of the US.
  • TnNursery.com Searchable database of ca. 100 wholesale and retail nurseries, nursery products (nursery-grown plants) and suppliers in Warren County, Tennessee, which is known as "The Nursery Capital of the World."
  • Tom Dodd Nurseries Wholesale growers with plant varieties from azaleas, camellias, ferns, hollies and grasses to a wide variety of other hardy ornamental, native and carnivorous plants.
  • Tree of Life Nursery California native plants nursery for landscaping and ecological restoration at the wholesale level.
  • Tulips.com RoozenGaarde, located in Washington, features a two and one-half acre show garden planted and labeled with every variety offered for sale in the catalog.
  • Utility Research Garden Wholesale nursery in central Texas specializing in several varieties of clumping and running bamboos. Company overview, online catalog, and photo gallery.
  • Utopia Wholesaler of palms and cycads, seeds and seedlings in Australia.
  • Valfei Products Inc. Distributor of horticultural products (mulches, peat moss, soils and growing mixes) and seasonal items (pumpkins, squashes, straw bales, Christmas trees). Located in Quebec, delivering within the US Northeast.
  • Van der Giessen Nursery, Inc. Wholesale grower of woody ornamental shrubs (specializing in azaleas) and perennials for the Southeastern US, available in sizes from cellpacks to large containers. Specializing in azaleas, woody ornamentals and Southeastern perennials
  • Verwer-Dahlias BV Wholesale developer and supplier of dahlias in the Netherlands. Site features business information and photos of featured varieties.
  • Virginia Berry Farm Wholesale nursery specializing in container fruit plants. We ship to retail nurseries along the east coast, east of Mississippi.
  • Vista Farms Nursery Grower offering bougainvillea, hibiscus, and ixora liners to wholesale nurseries.
  • Viva! Garden Information about the Viva! line of herb and vegetable plants marketed by Floragem, including how-to cultivation instructions and tips, and FAQ.
  • Walters Gardens, Inc. Wholesale grower specializing in field grown and potted greenhouse perennials.
  • Weeks Roses A wholesale grower of bareroot roses, offering a selection of popular, unusual and AARS-winning roses to nurseries and garden centers throughout the U.S.
  • White Tank Palms Growers of field and box palm trees featuring tornado palms, Mexican fans, California Palms.
  • Willow Springs Tree Farms Wholesale nursery in Southwest Virginia specializing in evergreen and shade trees, pines, spruce, fir, maples and Christmas trees.
  • Willoway Nurseries, Inc. Growers of nursery stock in Ohio, offering a wide variety of perennials, ornamental trees and shrubs, and annual specialties.
  • Wind Poppy Farm & Nursery Wholesale nursery specializing in ornamental grasses and unusual perennials.
  • Wit's End Growers Sells finished crops wholesale for truck delivery in coastal New England, with a varied assortment of specialty annuals, tender and hardy perennials, ornamental grasses, and groundcovers.
  • Woodland Nurseries Containerized wholesale tree nursery near Jacksonville, Florida. Includes plants available, credit application, and contact information.
  • Worthington Farms, Inc. Production of quality container and field-grown nursery stock for garden centers, landscape professionals, retailers and wholesalers.
  • Yunfeng Gardens Chinese grower of containerized bamboo plants, as well as acer, daphne, and podocarpus species.
  • Zabo Plant Suppliers of lilies, lily varieties, perennials, pre-packed flowerbulbs, pictures and characteristics of more than 1000 plants.
  • Zelenka Nursery Wholesale growers of perennial and woody ornamental plants. Headquarters in Grand Haven, MI with distribution facilities in Smithville, TN and Sims, NC.

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