The Forestry category contains sites offering products, information and equipment relating to the forestry industry. Areas of focus include:

Planting and Maintenance, Harvesting and Production, Fire Fighting, and Timber and Tree Products

Also included are support industries such as associations, wholesalers, importers, and media companies which focus on the forestry industry.

Sites not listed in this category include:

Companies growing and harvesting Christmas trees are found under Business: Agriculture and Forestry: Horticulture: Christmas Trees. Topics related to the scientific or academic aspects of forestry are categorized under Science: Agriculture: Forestry.
  • Air Burners, Inc. Air curtain destructors and incineration systems for wood waste and animal carcasses. Used in land clearing, natural disaster debris cleanup.
  • Big John Tree Transplanter Inc. Provides information on new and used tree transplanting equipment.
  • Bio-Teho Oy Manufactures ecological treated wood stakes for vineyard installations.
  • Blue Ridge Diesel Injection Offers diesel and natural gas engines, power units, and engine controls. Also offers diesel fuel injection repair and engine service. Located in Salem, Virginia.
  • British Columbia's Internet Marketplace An online marketplace that connects the forest products, manufacturing and construction industries. Businesses can find, buy, sell and share using industry directories and the online marketplace.
  • Buchanan Forest Management Complete forest management and survey services, including GIS, GPS, mapping and aerial photography and reconnaissance. Selma, Alabama.
  • Center for International Trade in Forest Products (CINTRAFOR) Works to improve knowledge of trade, and to train professionals in the analysis and interpretation of trade issues and policies. Disseminates information on world trade in forest products by means of seminars, conferences, workshops, and publications.
  • Clarke Cunningham Tree Maintenance A fully integrated tree care company providing a complete range of professional tree care services and arboricultural consultancy. Also manufactures handcrafted furniture, flooring, green and kiln dried timber, wood-chips, and firewood.
  • Dowdeswell Forestry Management Providing forest and woodland management, advice and contracting services. Covers central and southern England and Wales.
  • Dutchmaster Nurseries Ltd. Manufacturer of tree spades and other nursery equipment including planters, potters, tree wrappers, ball handlers, stakers, and stabilizers. Located in Brougham, Ontario.
  • Elmia Wood News and details of the conference and trade fair, due to take place 1-4 June 2005 in Sweden.
  • Finnforest Corporation Supplies retailers and merchants with a range of timber products supplied across Europe. Building products, wood panels, garden components and decoration and interior products.
  • Forest Technology Systems Designer, manufacturer and supplier of environmental monitoring solutions, with emphasis on fire weather systems, watershed monitoring, meteorological monitoring stations and precipitation sensors.
  • Business and products directory, organized by subject and product area.
  • Haglof Inc. Develops and manufactures measuring systems, instruments, inventory programs, and collection software for forestry professionals. Includes product details, online training, and workshop program. Minnesota, USA.
  • Hakmet Ltd. A wide range of forestry equipment including loaders, firewood processors, harvesters, and cranes.
  • Hoffman Boots Manufactures boots for loggers, linemen, and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Holt Tree Spades Ltd. Supplies custom built tree spades; skid steer, loader, truck, excavator and custom built trailer mounts. Sizing from 16" up to 144" root ball.
  • Hud-Son Forest Equipment Manufactures various forestry equipment including band sawmills, debarkers, log loaders, firewood processors, and slab grinders.
  • Hyperautomation Manufactures and supplies sawmilling, mining, and timber equipment in Southern Africa. Specialized equipment designed and built in accordance with client specifications for a variety of industries.
  • J.D. Irving Limited A family-owned company based in the Maritime region of eastern Canada and in Maine, manufacturing a wide range of forest products including kraft pulp, newsprint, tissue and corrugated medium.
  • Larix Consulting Offers commercial and non-commercial tree and shrub seeds. Also offers forestry consulting.
  • Lemar Tree Spades Offers custom or standard tree spades and attachments for handling, potting, and wrapping.
  • The official website of Lumbermen's Equipment Digest featuring new and used forestry, sawmill and pallet equipmentas well as new product and industry news.
  • Lyons Sawmill and Logging Equipment and Supplies Inc. Offers logging and sawmill equipment and supplies, including skidders, loaders, feller bunchers, bull dozers, forwarders, trailers, and firewood processing equipment.
  • Macdonald Inspection Services Ltd. Provides grade stamps for wood products and mill audits.
  • Marden Industries Manufactures brush cutters and forestry implements.
  • Megafolia-Paulownia Tree Information about this fast-growing tree and its applications in reforestation, wood and biomass production, and bioremediation. Site by Winrock Financial, Ltd., the development corporation engaged in the commercial exploitation of the trees.
  • Forestry resources for managing forests as a business and understanding federal timber taxes. Information about forestry fiance, economics, accounting, taxation, and business tools provided.
  • Nata Reforestation and Management Provides services in reforestation as well as plantation and forest management. Northern British Columbia.
  • Okanagan Innovative Forestry Society Identifies and implements investment opportunities in the forest industry in the Okanagan.
  • Orissa Forest Development Corporation Forestry organization in the Indian state of Orissa, involved in trade and marketing of timber, bamboo, and other natural products.
  • PBS Print Buying Services Ltd. Produces plain or pre-printed lumber and log labels, tags, and tallies. Non-pressure sensitive labels and tags are made from materials that are tear and abrasion resistant.
  • R.A. Whitfield Mfg. Co. Provides reforestation equipment and supplies.
  • Rotary Brushcutting Forestry and logging brush cutter products and equipment
  • Savannah Forestry Equipment, LLC. Specializes in the design and manufacture of site preparation equipment. Includes products, videos, and articles.
  • Shearer Penn Offers many forestry related services, including tree care, woodcutting, mulch, and lawn care.
  • Stevens Tree Spades Produces truck mounted, loader mounted and trailer mounted tree spades from 18 inches to 100 inches.
  • The Moisture Meter Store Distributor of a line of moisture meters for wood, concrete and grain. Offers online ordering.
  • Timber Moisture Meters New Zealand. Offers many models of pin and pinless moisture meters with selection charts and links for more information.
  • Timber-Mart South Quarterly market price survey and report of the major timber products in 11 Southeastern states. Subscription and contact information, online newsletters.
  • Timbergreen Forestry Information on using green techniques to harvest and process trees into various products.
  • True North Forestry Specializing in cutting permit development and data management. BC.
  • United Nature Promotional site for a teak reforestation project. Offers information about the importance of reforestation.
  • WM Biers, Inc. Sales, rentals, parts and service of grinding and waste removal equipment and landscaping supplies.
  • Wood World World wide trading site for information to promote trade in the wood industry.


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