The Biologicals category focuses on living organisms, or products derived from, and utilized for pest and disease control or growth enhancement and regulation. These include:

Parasitoids, Predators, Pathogens, Weed Feeders, Organic Extracts used as stimulants, controls, or soil improvement, and Enzymes and Microbial.

Not listed in this category are:

Sites covering scientific and technical issues which are found under Science: Agriculture: Pests_and_Diseases: Biological_Control.

Other languages: Italian.

  • Abtec Manufactures and distributors of bio-fertilizers, bio pesticides and organic manures, suitable for sustainable and organic agriculture.
  • AgBio Natural mycorrhiza and biocontrol products for home and garden, greenhouse, nursery, production agriculture, restoration, landscape and interior plants.
  • Agraquest Producer of natural products for control of pests and diseases on crops and in home gardens. Their main product, Serenade biofungicide, is used on grapes, lettuce, bananas, tomatoes, organic soybeans and other crops.
  • Agrartest Biological consulting group targeting plot studies for determining the yield for all types of agricultural crops.
  • Agri Life India based bio-research company producing bio solutions for crops, soils, animals, humans and the environment. Products include bio-pesticdes, and bio-fertilizers.
  • AgriSense BCS Ltd AgriSense is a company that specialize in manufacturing bio chemical pest control devices
  • Agro Extracts Limited Producer of neem oil and related products in India. Products include solvent-extracted and cold-pressed oils, a solid cake byproduct, a wetting agent, and a urea fertilizer enhancement.
  • AgSci Inc. Produces agricultural soil biostimulants and nematode control additives.
  • Algea Seaweed Extracts Offers seaweed extracts for use as plant treatments, to relieve plant stress and improve crop efficiency.
  • Algifol Producer of a protective leaf spray for plants based on marine harvested brown algae.
  • Applied Biochemists Chelated copper and algae control technology.
  • AuxiGro - Emerald Bio Agriculture Natural plant growth improvement through the activation of two key natural plant amino acids.
  • Beneficial Insectary Beneficial Insectary is a producer of beneficial insects for those interested in a non chemical alternative to pest control.
  • Bicontrol Network Bio-rational alternatives for agriculture, horticulture, commercial and residential use.
  • Bio-India Biologicals Corporation India based company focusing on biological solutions for agriculture primarily based on cultivation of micro organisms.
  • Biohumin Suppliers of products for natural soil improvement. Examples and advice for use included.
  • Biological Control of Weeds Supplier of live insects for non-chemical control of rangeland and pasture weeds.
  • BIOMOR A producer of crop protection products that protect against foliar fungal pathogen which leads to mildew, blight and rust in crops.
  • Bioscape, Inc. Produces BIO-WEED, an organic pre-emergent weed suppressor and organic slow release fertilizer.
  • Biotactics Producers of Benemite: natural enemies for management of spider-mites in greenhouses, field crops, fruit and nut trees and home gardens.
  • BioWorks BioWorks develops, produces and sells biological products for the control of plant diseases in agricultural food and fiber crops, ornamental crops and turf.
  • Buglogical Control Systems Natural beneficial insects and information to control pests, and disease without using poisonous chemicals and insecticide in your organic gardening, farming and greenhouse.
  • Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. Manufactures enzymes, microbials, flavors and enhancers for aquaculture, livestock and poultry.
  • Certis USA Integrated pest management company focusing on biopesticides, and pheromones.
  • Cooper Mill Ltd. Suppliers of biological and chemical control products for insect and vegetation management.
  • Divergence A biotechnology company focused on discovering environmentally safe and effective methods of nematode control.
  • Earthworks Manufacturer of natural organic fertilizers, soil conditioners, bio-stimulants, and rock minerals primarily used for lawn care.
  • Eco-Grow New Zealand Limited Supplier of microorganisms and bacterias for use in all forms of agriculture. Offering sole import and distributorship agencies of Eco-Grow products in selected countries.
  • EcoChem All natural feed supplements for livestock, horses. Organic fertilizers.
  • EPM Inc Manufactures compost tea brewers and vermicomposting systems to improve plant nutrition and disease resistance. Located in Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA.
  • Garlic Barrier Offers garlic extracts in water for spraying on farm crops and gardens to keep insects off plants naturally.
  • Green Methods A free resource on the topic of biological pest control and integrated pest management.
  • Growing Solutions, Inc. Manufacturers of commercial scale compost tea systems and accessories. Product offerings and demonstration, distributor locator, company overview, and a resource section.
  • Inscent, Inc. Researching novel, nontoxic compounds for controlling insects. Includes description of technology, facilities and investors pages.
  • Insect Parasitic Nematodes Biology, ecology, and retail suppliers of Steinernema carpocapsae, S. riobravis, and S. scapterisci and species of Heterorhabditis for biological control of mole crickets in turf, caterpillars such as army worm and sod webworm, and citrus weevils, and fungus gnats. The Ohio State University. Java enabled.
  • Jegdon Hi-Tech Industries Manufacturers of Neem-based biopesticides.
  • K. Sivaram Bros Producers of natural neem oil, neem based bio pesticides, and organic fertilizers. India.
  • Koppert Biological Systems Researching, developing and producing beneficial insects and mites, biological crop protection and natural pollination products.
  • Kunafin Offers beneficial insects to control pests. Includes catalog, contact information, and company information. In Spanish and English.
  • Legume Technology Ltd. Manufacturer of legume inoculants based in the UK, producing agricultural and home gardening products for lupin, soya, clover and lucerne.
  • Linn Biotech Chandler biological and organic products for crops, livestock, lawns, garden and home.
  • March Biological Every pest has a natural enemy, the key to successful pest control is to identify the pest and its natural enemy, releasing the Beneficial Insect early when pest levels are low and let nature take its course.
  • Marrone Organic Innovations A new venture capital funded start-up that discovers and develops effective natural products that fill unmet market needs for weed and pest management.
  • McClay Ecoscience Research and consulting services in biological control, invasive species, and insect-plant ecology. Supplier of biological control agents for invasive plants. Based in Alberta, Canada.
  • Natural Industries On-Line Supplies microbial inoculants which protect the root system of plants and creates a healthy growing environment within the soil. For horticulture, agriculture and turf industries.
  • Nature Technologies Tea related agricultural fertilizers and tea based compost brewing equipment.
  • Neogen Europe Suppliers of reagents, rapid test kits and services for the detection of plant pathogens, microorganisms and toxins.
  • Neudorff Supplier of effective natural/organic plant protection products that do not harm pets, wildlife or the environment
  • New Line Products Provides soybean oil products as hog feed supplements, bear bait, and horse feed enhancers. Business, product, and contact information.
  • NICO Orgo Manures Manufacturer and exporter of organic fertilizer and eco friendly agricultural inputs primarily based on neem and nicotine
  • Ozone Biotech Manufacturers of neem products, pesticides, biopesticides, neem oil, and azadirachtin. India.
  • Parker India Group Manufacturer of neem cakes and oil products for fertilization and pest control applications. India.
  • Phosyn Specialises in crop nutrition and has 30 years international experience in the formulation, manufacture and marketing of trace element products.
  • Plant Health Care Biotechnology company specializing in the development of “plant health care” products and natural systems solutions for the commercial tree care, horticulture, turfgrass, forestry and land reclamation industries.
  • Plantin Produces biological fertilizers and insect controls.
  • Plasma Neem Large exporters of neem, karanja and soap nut products. These products are used for pest control and in health care formulations.
  • ProAct Microbial Supplier of biological microbes that through bioaugmentation reduce animal manure pollution.
  • Prophyta Develops, produces and markets biological products and processes and promotes these processes through its range of services. The products are primarily preparations based on living micro-organisms.
  • Scarletts Provides a range of biological pest controls for growers and gardeners. UK.
  • Soil Technologies Develops, manufactures and markets biorational pest management and plant growth-promoting products used in agricultural and horticultural crop production.
  • Spalding Labs Offers pesticide free fly control.
  • Tap Trap Producer of an environmentally friendly bug trap by re-using plastic PET bottles.
  • Thorverk Icelandic manufacturer of organic sea weed based fertilizer for lawn and garden use.
  • UAS of America Makers and suppliers of organic and natural fertilizers and soil conditioners, detoxifiers.
  • Valent BioSciences Producers of environmentally friendly pesticides for crops, orchards and fields.
  • Whitmire Microgen A biological Pest Prevention company that focuses on turning organic pesticide research into industrial products including corporate training in their use.
  • Yeti in the Zirbenland? Biological farm in Obdach. Pictures of farm and local area with contact details. Austria.

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