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Tips for writers. This category includes articles and websites which have tips for writers of fiction and non-fiction. Check the Directories and Indices category for sites which offer a variety of resources and links.
  • Change The World With Words Writing tips and resources for writers in all genres.
  • Confident Writing Writing tips and virtual coaching at a blog based site
  • Cool Author Writing articles by Richard Lowe.
  • Copylaw (aka Law Offices of Lloyd J. Jassin) News and information about copyright, libel, trademark, publishing and entertainment law.
  • Crystal Clear Writing Advice on making writing clearer and communicating stories more effectively.
  • Daily Writing Tips Daily tips on grammar, punctuation, spelling and fiction writing.
  • Dissertation Workshop Helps with dissertation blocks and procrastination difficulties.
  • E-gineer: Web Writing for Many Interest Levels Article by Nathan Wallace on structuring web content to satisfy all readers, regardless of their level of interest.
  • Erica Jong's Tips for Writers Weekly bits of advice.
  • Eye on Writing An article looking at the visual aspects of writing.
  • Fear of Writing Inspirational article which suggests that suffering will make our work real, thereby giving it depth and integrity.
  • FeatureStory FeatureStory tells the story behind the stories of today's newswriting, talking to leading journalists about their craft.
  • Fiction writer's tips A first time author shares the knowledge he gained writing his novel to help beginner writers create fictional works.
  • Forward Motion Articles, workshops, large free writers' community, publication how-to's and discussions, free e-books and bi-monthly e-zine. From full-time novelist Holly Lisle.
  • Free Articles for Writers Most are available as .PDF files which need Adobe Acrobat. Subjects include writing online, query letters, bios, literary agents, and editors.
  • Funds for Writers Sources of grants, fellowships, contests, awards, markets and nonprofit partners.
  • Get Into It Deals specifically with writer's block. Includes advice, resources, exercises.
  • Getting Published in America Inspirational article for the new millennium.
  • Guide for Amateur Writers of Erotica Includes basic rules and advice on grammar, usage, and mechanics. Informative tips regarding perspective and style. Explains the differences between erotica vs. pornography.
  • Harold Underdown's Frequently Asked Questions File General questions about children's books, writing, and publishing. Copyright 1996-2000 Harold D. Underdown.
  • How to Get Happily Published Sensible solutions to get books into the hands of readers.
  • How to Reach Writing Success Collection of links to articles that give free advice on getting published and making a living as a writer.
  • How to Tell if a New or Small Press is Legitimate Ways to check out a publisher before signing a contract.
  • How to Write a Journal Writing a journal is useful for professional writers, artists, and for personal endeavours. Here's how!
  • How to Write A Resume Instructions on how to write an appropriate, personalised resume.
  • How to Write a Resume for a Job Writing and tailoring a resume precisely is a challenge. This site shows you how to do it properly.
  • Hyper Critical Critical writing reviews
  • Ian McMillan's Writing Lab Insight into the creative writing process, including tips for nurturing your inner writer.
  • Ideasfactory: Writing Channel 4's home of creativity, full of advice, information and tips for making a career in the creative industries.
  • Ink Lists, articles, tips, and links to tips for ink-on-paper writing, vs. e-writing. Opinions are those of The Fontayne Group's writers.
  • Inspiration for Writers Writing tips and techniques, editing and critiquing services, and plenty of encouragement.
  • inspirational writing A group of new writers in the UK that help to support one another in writing both fiction and non-fiction books. We are all self published and offer help and support to new authors. This includes a forum and chat area as well as organising Meet the Author sessions to help promote books.
  • International Writers' Institute Helps aspiring writers to achieve their writing goals through a comprehensive help system.
  • Ivan Hoffman, Attorney at Law Internet and Intellectual Property. Articles discuss writers' legal issues and publishing on the Net.
  • Judy Reeves Free writing prompts, how to work in a writing group, writing practice importance, writer inspiration, senses, attracting the muse, revisions, writers' guidelines, taking risks, help for the writer.
  • Karen Mitura FAQ with information about ghost writing from a ghost writer.
  • Linda Acaster Writer, Tutor, Coach Published UK writer, Linda Acaster, offers tutorials and coaching in short or novel-length fiction and autobiographical life stories. On-site instructional articles and FAQs.
  • Medical Writing Instructions for clear, technical, communicable medical writing.
  • Meghan McCarthy - Publishing Articles A section devoted to authors and illustrators - with publishing advice, writing tips, and author interviews.
  • Monica Wood- Tips for Writers Monica Wood is a novelist and short-story writer who teaches fiction workshops. This page is updated monthly. Also has information about her books.
  • Nathan Bransford - Blog Nathan Bransford is an author and an ex-literary agent with dozens of pages of advice on how to write query letters, get an agent and get published.
  • OrganizedWriter.com Provides tips, tools and resources to help writers get organized and write more.
  • OurSimpleJoys: Writing Tips and advice from Ruby Bayan, freelance writer, editor, and site designer.
  • Publishing in the Northwest A collection of resources for publishing non-fiction in the Northwest, with descriptions of small publishers. From Open Spaces Quarterly.
  • Revising Prose Suggestions, with good and bad examples of each.
  • SFF Chronicles - Publishing forum Popular forum about the publishing industry and getting published. Moderated by literary agents.
  • SFWA: Information Center From Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. volunteers. Pointers on manuscript preparation and critiquing.
  • Sheenas Pen Free articles on writing. The topics are varied and fall into four main categories. These are editing, story ideas, writing tips and indepth articles.
  • Starving Artists Law Launch pad for artists and writers looking for self help legal information.
  • Story Writing - Character Development Ebook This Ebook will walk you through the creation and development of any character you wish to write.
  • Storymind Writer's Web Site Promoting Dramatica story development software; however, there are some useful tips, advice and tutorials presented by the theory co-creator. Free Real Video and Real Audio writing classes, complete 450 page Dramatica theory book online, Dramatica Dictionary, questions and answers, the Lost Theory Book, and classes.
  • Suite101: Resources for Writers Amy Krug gives resources for writers, including writing books, writing advice, and publishing advice.
  • Thank You Note Examples and Tips Gives examples of thank you notes for both business and personal use. Also offers tips on note writing, proper etiquette and gift ideas.
  • The Cost of Writer's Block A short essay looking at the emotional costs of Writer's Block.
  • The Creative Cauldron Articles and links to publishers, artists, conferences, classes and other creative places.
  • The Fearless Publishing Guide A free overview of the main routes to publication, mainstream and alternative, with many helpful links.
  • The Pen and Sword A tidy collection of tips, help, quotes, inspiration and advice, beginning with overcoming writer's block.
  • The Pleasure of Writing Essays on how to write poetry, journals, and fiction.
  • The Vocabula Review (TVR) Monthly, free journal. Articles discuss how to battle nonstandard, careless English and embrace clear, expressive English.
  • The Write Thing Tips for developing writers, with a particular focus on speculative fiction. Reviews, interviews, inspiration, writing prompts, writer's resources.
  • The Writing Block Online Writing resource with Articles, videos, tips, and tools to help you write better.
  • The Writing House: Plumbing and Foundations An overview of structuring writing from the bottom up.
  • The Writing Workbench Tidbit articles for both fiction and nonfiction writers.
  • Tips, Tools and Ideas to Improve Writing Includes tips for writers and students, grammar helps, and a guide to online resources.
  • Torkulweef's Corner A site dedicated to the art of vivid writing, illustrated with examples, exhortations, falsifications and truisms. And also, illustrations.
  • Twilight Times: Marketing and Self-Promotion Article written by author Astrid Cooper.
  • Victory Page for Writers of Fiction Original articles by Victory Crayne. Links to resources, search tools and motivational articles.
  • Wacky Writer's World A list of links along with a monthly newsletter which provides in-depth feature articles, interviews with publishing professionals and authors, and market tips. Page was last updated 5/5/99.
  • Web Writing That Works Articles from trainer-writer team Jonathan and Lisa Price. Incorporating research on usability, readability, reading comprehension, and writing methods.
  • What do Publishers do? Excerpt from pages 5-29 of Getting It Published: A Guide for Scholars and Anyone Else Serious about Serious Books, by William Germano.
  • Wordwrights Canada: Literary Editing and Publishing Wordwrights Canada also helps with student resources, and links. For the Canadian writer.
  • Write It Sideways As an accredited and experienced teacher, I can help you achieve better writing by teaching you new skills, helping you define your goals, encouraging your unique voice and preparing you for publication.
  • Write101.com Articles, workshops and writing advice for a variety of genres. A free weekly writing tips newsletter.
  • WriteDirections Online resources and articles by Beth Mende Conny.
  • Writer's Homestead Kievah's personal home page, with helpful tips for fiction publication and his personal writing techniques and approach to storycraft. Everything learned about writing is shared by Kievah here.
  • Writer's Universe Newsletter, tips, interactive story.
  • Writers Online The Writing Community with Resources and Tips by Writing Magazine UK.
  • Writers R Us Some writing tips and links. Site also publishes writing.
  • WritersReign Offers help, free courses and answers to questions and a comprehensive article archive. Browse listings of current writing competitions and contests and sign up for free writing courses.
  • Writing Advice From Dan Perez, writer and editor. Articles about agents, short story contracts, writer's groups, and discipline.
  • Writing Advice and Articles Advice and articles on writing, English, composition and more.
  • Writing Dog Stories Guide to writing stories about one's dog.
  • Writing for teenage authors Although anyone can learn to write, only those with an active imagination will create characters, places, and adventures that entertain.
  • Writing for the Web Research on how users read on the Web and how authors should write their Web pages. Mainly based on studies by John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen. Includes links to other resources on the subject.
  • Writing Guidebook Useful articles full of information for both novice and experienced writers.
  • Writing in Flow Contains pages of excerpts from Los Angeles Times Bestseller, Writing in Flow. Also links to other sources.
  • Writing in Michigan This blog offers a variety of writer's resources including weekly job links, contests, markets and articles.
  • Writing in the Age of the Network Text of ideas about authoring in an age of multi-media: the computer's effect, the book as a media space, and an invitation to respond.
  • Writing Novels That Sell Advice to fiction writers, story critiques, and online writing courses that teach how to write a novel and become a published author.
  • Writing Paramedic Stories A guide to writing stories as a paramedic
  • Writing Tips, How-To's Knowledge Hound. Links to how-to guides, tutorials and tips on novels, plot, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting, comics, business and research writing.
  • Writing Wedding Vows Information on writers looking to create wedding vows.


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