Sites which offer, mainly, a directory of online resources.
  • Absolute Write Screenwriting, freelance writing, novels, playwriting, non-fiction, and technical/specialty writing are covered. How-to articles and interviews with working writers, producers, publishers, and agents.
  • Article Announce Designed to get writers published and assist e-zine publishers in finding the articles they need.
  • Author's Promo Page This page is for the authors who want some places to start promoting their works. This page contains information on sites who advertise for the author, accept reviews from authors and perform other beneficial services.
  • Author Christine Goldbeck's Virtual Home Author offers advice, information and reviews for writers and readers.
  • Author Network Resources for writers, including links, articles, columns, publishing advice and critique service.
  • Authorlink An electronic clearing house and on-line information service for writers, literary agents, editors and publishers.
  • Binnacle Press Promotion and showcase of novels, ebooks and poetry free of charge. Specialising in promoting the work of new, recently published writers (self-published included).
  • Bloomington Web Guide Writers Resources Freelance writers markets, ezines and other links of interest to writers.
  • A search engine for online magazines. Also a directory of writers resources.
  • Articles, ezines and links for writers of several genres, both non-fiction and fiction.
  • Cats and Jackets Writer's Resources A collection of helpful writer's resources on the web.
  • Writing Resources Free online English dictionary and reference guide. List of sites writers can use.
  • Errant Dreams for Writers Essays and articles on writing, book reviews and recommendations and a weblog of writers' exercises.
  • Every Writer's Resource Listing of literary magazines, book publishers, movie production studios and related links.
  • Fiction Writer's Super Site The site offers a large number of links for fiction writers.
  • For Writers Markets, conferences and more sites for and about writing.
  • Garbl's Writing Resources Online Annotated directory of web sites that focus on English grammar, style, usage, plain language, words, reference sources, online writing experts, word play and books on writing.
  • Gebbie Press Download their database of addresses for TV and weekly newspapers free, then print them out on mailing labels to use when querying the papers.
  • Indispensable Writing Resources Links to all sorts of reference material, writing labs, web search engines, and writing-related Web sites.
  • Internet for Writers Contains links for writers and editors.
  • Internet Resources Sal Towse maintains a classified directory of links for writers: research, markets, writing exercises, writing for children, genre fiction, copyright law, newsletters, journalism, search engines, grammar, and editing.
  • Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau Resources for writers in all genres. Markets, competitions, editing and critiquing services.
  • John Hewitt's Writer's Resource Center The Center provides job listings, articles, and links for writers.
  • Writing resources including publishers, courses, conferences and workshops. Also collaborative fiction contests, seeking original manuscripts and screenplay submissions.
  • Preditors and Editors This resource is intended as a simple compendium for the serious writer, composer, game designer, or artist to consult for information, regardless of genre. Reviews, by writers, of publishers.
  • Resources for Writers Categories include publishers, agents, writers organizations, marketing, job opportunities, and writing for specific genres. From
  • Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors By Jack Lynch, Rutgers University.
  • Robin's Nest for Writers A listing of resources for writers, including online writers' workshops and hundreds of links in categories such as genre fiction, markets for writers, newsletters and lists, publishers and agents.
  • SharpWriter.Com Electronic book resources; dictionaries, encyclopedias, grammar, usage, style tips; markets for fiction and nonfiction; free fiction; quotations, thesaurus, magazines, books.
  • Soul Food Cafe This cafe is designed to feed the muse and fuel creative inspiration.
  • SPAWN Resources for writers, artists, publishers. Also has pages with resources for researchers and publishers.
  • Sweethearts at the Editors Desk Personally evaluated web sites of publishers and their guidelines for writers.
  • The Greenlight Zone Resource on the web for writers, screenwriters, agents, directors and other professionals in the entertainment and publishing industries.
  • The Online Communicator Professionals in all aspects of communications will find this site chock-full of useful files, links.
  • The Online Writery Reference resources and cyber tutorials offered from the University of Missouri-Columbia.
  • The Readers and Writers' Cookie Jar A site that's devoted to readers and writers, offering articles, tips, links and information. Visitors can add their URL to the site.
  • The Savvy Click Offers a useful writing and publishing area. Directory of links.
  • The Tale Wins Author Showcase Directory with links for newsletter publishers and writers. Also, articles about writing in print and on the web.
  • The Well-Fed Writer Self-Sufficiency as a freelance writer. Links for writers.
  • The Writer's Retreat A meeting place for writers with links, quotations and market information.
  • The Writers Page Resources for writers and poets. Large directory.
  • The Writers Site Categorized directory of information for aspiring writers that focuses on the art of writing and the business of getting published. Also lists blogs by writers.
  • The Writing on the Wall Gateway to e-texts, archives, literary reference, interactive writing and online poetry and fiction resources.
  • Weekly Writer A promotion-oriented web site designed to refer interested individuals to online groups and markets who can help promote their work and advance their writing careers.
  • WriteLink A writers resource site linking to paying markets, competitions, reference sites, writers circles, software and agents.
  • Aims to help the literary writer publish and find audiences for his work, and to provide a venue for readers to share their passion for the written word.
  • Information and links for: screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, short story writers and journalists.
  • Writer's Help Desk Self-publishing and writing resources. Contests and a group to join.
  • Writer's Resources Links to websites for writers from Espresso Graphics.
  • Writers References and Resources General writing resources.
  • Writers Retreat Directory of writing listings: for jobs, career information, organizations, and research.
  • Writers Web Resource Writers resources including information on books, authors, magazines, chat, competition, creative, news, letters, words, poems.
  • Writers.Net Internet resource for writers, editors, publishers and agents.
  • WriteSearch The only search engine just for writers.
  • Writing and Markets Articles on writing. Links to markets for writers of articles, fiction and poetry Tips for writers A free web site for writers updated regularly. A free writer's newsletter.


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