• Allred, Linda Figurative work and portrait busts, in clay, porcelain and cast bronze.
  • Anderson, Martin Oregon artist's archive of life-size neon horses, from highway installations, and gallery shows.
  • Arend, Lucien den Shows sculpture and other artworks placed on and/or around roundabouts, and traffic circles.
  • Audfray, Etienne French sculptor, President of the French National Society of Fine Arts. Works include busts, figures, and monuments.
  • Azizyar, Abdul Sharif Biography of this Afghan artist now living in the Netherlands, gallery of his realistic sculptures and presentation of his son Ahmad.
  • Baldwin, Barry A range of sculptural works by the Californian artist from monumental public works to gallery pieces in a diversity of media.
  • Bava, Elena Small scale figurative work in bronze, fibreglass and terracotta. [English and Italian]
  • Bechtel, Lawrence Reid All forms of sculpture, including commissions, figurative, busts, portraits, carvings and castings.
  • Bednarczuk, Martyn Figurative work, portraiture and furnishings in wood and stone in a contemporary or period style.
  • Bejan, Silviu Romanian artist living in Vancouver. Figurative work in bronze marble and fiber glass including some portraiture and religious commissions.
  • Bennett, Christopher Classically-rendered sculptures of humans and animals ranging in size from monumental to miniature, in bronze, ceramic, welded steel, wood, stone, resin, cast iron, plaster, and cement.
  • Berks, Robert Official website of sculptor Robert Berks featuring his public collections, a photographic gallery, several videos.
  • Bianchi, Jorge Figurative sculptor in bronze, stone and terracotta from Argentina.
  • Blackburn, Bennett Black walnut and bronze abstract and figurative sculptures. Some of them are available for purchase.
  • Blanco, Jorge Portfolio site for Venezuelan artist's contemporary, abstract sculptures in acrylic, steel and aluminium.
  • Boyajian, David A Contemporary Sculptor from Connecticut working primarily in steel, wood and bronze.
  • Boyer, Eric Based in Idaho, this sculptor uses wire mesh to create realistic, classical, male and female torsos. Features include the artist's statement, photo gallery and complete contact details.
  • Boynton, Sharon Metaltique: an online gallery of sculptures in steel, copper, glass, and other materials for inspiration and enjoyment.
  • Brouwn, Hortence Abstract sculptures of the human body expressing the inner feelings of the human being. Marble, cement, limestone and bronze.
  • Bungay, Angus Mark Something between 19th-century prosthetic devices and medieval torture implements, these leather and metal sculptures suggest bizarre practices of a painful kind. Images, reviews.
  • Cameron, Clarence P. Owl sculptures in soapstone, bronze, pewter, and copper. (Uses Quicktime plug-in).
  • Cavicchioli, Gino Australian born artist living in Canada creates super realist portraits in a variety of materials.
  • Cerulli, David Produces contemporary sculptures using permanent materials. Examples of award sculptures, hanging sculptures, and sculpture in metal or glass.
  • Chirchirillo, Joe Pictures and short movies of mechanical sculpture, created from steel, wood and found objects. The work ranges from whimsical animals to installation projects based on landscapes.
  • Cicansky, Victor Saskatchewan artist makes clay and bronze sculptures with humor and passion, inspired by his love of gardening.
  • Coccia, Enrico Italian artist presents his sculpture in vetrorsina (fiberglass). Includes biography, contact information and photographs. [Text in Italian, French and English]
  • Cohen, Raquel Presents a collection of light sculptures for gardens, outdoor, and indoor decoration.
  • Conlon, Kevin Features bronze portraiture and figure studies, monumental works in plastics, and environmental installations in concrete.
  • Cortés, Carlos Concrete landscape pieces made to look like wood (faux bois), including furniture, folk art, and bird baths.
  • Csiky, Laszlo Traditional and caricatured portraits, done in terra cotta and bronze. In English and Hungarian.
  • Darling-Diehl, Charlotte Exhibits her figural sculpture in soapstone and alabaster, with some bronzes. Includes resume.
  • Darovskikh, Jane C. Figurative sculptures in bronze, leather, and stone, focused on Nordic mythology.
  • De Reggi, Emanuele The Italian artist presents his work in bronze, terracotta and stone.
  • deGuatemala, Joyce Tribute to the artist; biography, works, and information about plans for a memorial.
  • DeMoss, Max Working with the fragmented form, this California sculptor's subject matter ranges from the figure to Biblical allegory, from abstract to narrative.
  • Denis Kleine A selection of work in a variety of styles from stylized, figurative to abstract and some public commissions. British Columbia based artist.
  • Deutsch, Richard Creates abstract sculpture for public and private settings, in materials such as granite and bronze. He often creates environments, which include sculpture and landscape elements, where the work is site specific.
  • Dewart, Lynn Soft sculpture, fine art dolls representing the sacred and mundane, goddesses and gods, myth, folklore and archetypes of a woman's tale.
  • Dickson, Dean Wildlife and western artist displays life-like sculpture in bronze, and alabaster.
  • Diersen, Christopher Sculpture in stone, steel, concrete, including contemporary modern public artwork and smaller works for private collections.
  • Dimond, Francesca This British artist creates unique sculptures in steel, cement and mosaic for gardens, architectural projects and interiors. Includes contact details, biography and photo gallery.
  • Dowd, Jack Illumination of the human condition through sculptures of the often off-beat world, in bronze, cast resin and a variety of materials.
  • Dunscomb, Laurel Connecticut sculptor creates sculptural art for businesses, public spaces, home and garden.
  • Eisenhart, Ruth Figurative bronze and metal assemblage sculptures inspired by classical myths, symbolism and a sense of fun.
  • Elvin, Michael R. Kinetic and electronic sulpture, paintings, silkscreening and farm life.
  • Erdman, Richard Abstract sculpture of intimate and monumental scale in stone and bronze expressing energy and buoyant motion.
  • Ernst, Michael Sculpture in stone, wood, metal and castable composites.
  • Fels, Peter Artists Peter Fels and Phoebe Palmer show metal sculpture, functional art, figurative painting, laser prints and notecards.
  • Ferrari, Virginio L Italian-American Contemporary sculptor. Large scale public sculpture and small scale residential works in a variety of material such as bronze, stainless steel, marble and stone. Biography, international locations of work, current projects. [Flash]
  • Filippos Eclectic sculpture inspired by the mysticism of ancient rites and cultures.
  • Flickinger, Charles Figurative works in a variety of media.
  • Follere, Sandrine Figurative and abstract sculptures in stone, wood, bronze, resin, and clay. [French and English]
  • Fraser, Steven Sculpture in stone and bronze. His passion is the animation of the human figure, most often represented by images of rural, working class people in community.
  • Fuhrman, James Architectural scale public art, small contemplative steel and wood sculptures.
  • Gal, Sophie Life-size bronze and acrylic sculpture.
  • Galligani, Luigi Italian sculptor of monumental, life-size and smaller figures in terracotta, bronze, fiberglass, concrete. Images of his sculptures, biography, commentary and exhibition calendar.
  • Gann, Melvin Exhibits limited edition fine art sculpture in bronze and wood, and photography.
  • Gates, William Sculpture in bronze, marble, wood, and other sculptural media, in a various scales.
  • Gerstein, David Contemporary Israeli artist and creator of hand painted, indoor and outdoor sculptures. Includes photo galleries, biography, contact information and press.
  • Gideon A complete history of the American artist and sculptor, featuring painting and sculpture samples, biography and collection tours.
  • Glover, Aprille Best Exhibits figurative and abstract sculpture, that spans from stone and bronze objects, to site specific installations.
  • Goren, Joseph Exhibition of abstract, dynamic, carvings in various types of stone, such as granite, quartz, and marble, as well as in wood and metal. Artist living in Canada.
  • Gould, Geri Jimenez Creates original bas-relief sculpture portraits for medals, coins, and plaques.
  • Groves, Randy Presenting bronze, wood, and marble sculptures, featuring civil war, native people, and aquatic themes.
  • Happach, Bozena Figurative and thematic sculptures in bronze, gesso-duro and stone in both three-dimensional and bas-relief configurations.
  • Harrison, Robert Architectural landscape installations by Montana artist Robert Harrison.
  • Hart, Frederick Official website for this bronze and acrylic sculptor most noted for his Three Soldiers statue at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC.
  • Hart, George W. Geometric sculptures displaying the beauty of mathematical forms in various media.
  • Hegyi, Béla S. Figurative and contemporary work in stone and metal by a Hungarian sculptor and restorer.
  • Henry, Sean UK sculptor creates representational human figures in painted bronze for urban environments.
  • Hillen, Jaak This Belgian sculptor works to commission and offers lectures and courses. Resume, gallery, symposia. Sculptures in various materials for sale.
  • Hopkins-Lisle, Andrew New England artist shows his traditional and new media sculpture.
  • Hunter, Angela Animals, portraits and figurative works; in stone and wood, modelled in wax and clay, cast in bronze, glass, plaster and polyester resin, and welded steel and copper.
  • Iliescu-Calinesti, Gheorghe Romanian sculptor working in stone, bronze and wood. Biography and cyber-gallery with link to a separate sales site.
  • Jackson, Dilys Bronze, stone, wood and mixed media sculptures and installations.
  • Jameson, Gary Sculpture in various media and drawings by this artist from Maryland. Jameson's art is an interpretation of the American landscape.
  • Jaskevich, Jane Atlanta, Georgia artist presents her stone, wood, and bronze figurative sculptures, from life-size, to pedestal.
  • Jason, Elaine Abstract art through wood, neon, and acrylics.
  • Jones, Cindy Figurative sculpture predominantly with clay and plaster, hand built and mould techniques used, combined with mixed media elements. Female forms and relief structures have classical and art historical influences.
  • Kaccoufa, Theo London artist makes kinetic and conceptual works with a humorous edge.
  • Karn, Mick Offers biography, poems and sculptures at the Hamilton Gallery.
  • Keld, Moseholm Danish sculptor displays quirky figurative sculpture in bronze, stone and stainless steel.
  • Keropian, Michael Realistically depicted and anatomically observed figures, animals and portraits in bronze and cast resin.
  • Kim, Sunghoi Contemporary sculpture incorporating abstract forms and human figures in a variety of media.
  • Kolok, William Image gallery of his works in marble, limestone, wood, and mixed media.
  • Kreutzer, Ingo Austrian sculptor in bronze and iron. Gallery, biography. Text in English and German.
  • Krey, Paulina Martin de Exhibition of figurative and portrait sculptures, created in metal and stone.
  • Lagemann, Jay Sculptor and video artist works in steel, bronze and clay, and holds a summer art camp on Martha's Vineyard.
  • Lee, Won H A Toronto-based sculptor and painter. Born in Korea and trained in fine arts in the United States and Canada, his work has been shown and commissioned in North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Lenner A collection of abstract mixed media sculptures, mosaics, and wood-carvings.
  • Lepretre, Jean The French sculptor presents his works and last exhibitions. Site in English, Spanish and French.
  • LeQuire, Alan A gallery of figures and portraits, created mostly in bronze, and plaster.
  • Lester, Jamie West Virginia artist specializes in bas relief portrait sculpture for the monument industry. Catalog of portraits and details of a 9/11 firefighters memorial for Coney Island.
  • Mandir, Kirti Inspiration from prehistoric art, anthropomorphic sculptures and functional objects based on human form. Working in a variety of materials including bronze, stone and wood, combining modern and traditional techniques.
  • Manzi, Alice Figurative, liturgical and portrait sculpture in upstate New York. Other services include consulting, design, three-dimensional scenery and props.
  • Margolin, Reuben Kinetic sculptures, rickshaws, portraits, and other works. Includes artists education, training, and major exhibitions.
  • Martel, Marc Birds, murals, trophies, and non-figurative sculptures, in various materials. In English and French.
  • Massee, John Displays stylized figurative, and abstract sculptures, done in various media.
  • McConnell, Matt and Mac Farrior A portfolio of sculpture, lighting, furniture, and custom public, commercial, and residential installations using concrete, steel, fiberglass, and other materials.
  • McCoy, Kirk Carvings in colorful natural rhyolite quarried in the American south-west, wood sculpture and pop-surrealist sculpture.
  • McCullough, Donna M. Figurative sculptures of animals and women's clothing, created in steel, wood, and stone.
  • McDaniel, Harry The artwork ranges from abstract, decorative sculptures to symbolic pieces dealing with psychological and anthropological themes.
  • Mcleod, Aden & Karena Portraits and life size figurative sculpture in clay and bronze.
  • McPherson, Jim Specializes in sculpture used for filming special, and digital movie effects.
  • Mechling, Monica Artist whose work is inspired by the pre-Raphaelites and the Art Nouveau movement. Find exhibitions and past works.
  • Medford, Amy Figurative works in bronze, marble, stone and terra cotta; commissions accepted.
  • Middlebrook, David California based artist specializes in site specific large-scale stone and bronze sculptures. Portfolio of ceramic work done before 1982.
  • Mikulasek, Chris Online gallery of romantic realistic sculptures in bronze and marble, specializing in figure and portraiture.
  • Mongeon, Bridgette Portrait sculpture in bronze, terracotta and concrete. She demonstrates the commission and bronze process and shares marketing tips for artist, gathered from her lectures.
  • Monzon, Don Portfolio of selected works by this California based sculptor. Includes photo gallery and contact details.
  • Moreno, Rafael F. (Falo) This Spanish-born Canadian artist produces sculptures based in the beauty of geometry. CV and gallery.
  • Mudd, Joyce Ann Limited edition and original sculpture of large women in terra-cotta and bronze. Resume, galleries, order form.
  • Mulnix, Gary Relief and sculptural nature and figurative works in bronze and plaster.
  • Munslow, Angela Public and garden sculpture, general sculpture, giftware, portraiture, figurative works.
  • Musick, Pat Camus, Inc.; large scale installation works in a variety of stone, woods and metals, exhibited throughout North American and Europe.
  • Neil, T.J., Sr. and T.J. Jr. Father and son team together to create concrete sculpture for private property, business and pool or fountain areas from their Florida based studio. Features include Photo gallery, studio profile, merchandise for sale, works in progress and contact information.
  • Nichols, Nelson Sculptures executed in wood, stone and bronze.
  • Nickel, Lothar Stylized figurative and abstract sculpture executed in marble, bronze, steel and copper by a German artist.
  • Nurzia , Orlando An Italian contemporary sculptor who explores the human head in various media. Gallery. English and Italian text.
  • Oldenburg, Claes and Coosje van Bruggen Oldenburg and van Bruggen collaborate on playful sculptures: ordinary objects depicted in monumental scale. Biographies, past and current projects, gallery.
  • Peacock, Michael This British sculptor works in mixed media, mainly terracotta and ciment fondu. Biography, views, photographs.
  • Penny, Evan Canadian super-realist sculpture.
  • Perry, Charles O. Artist and sculptor. Biography, and list of lectures, publications, shows, and awards. Photos.
  • Persinger, Raymond Californian artist and instructor shows examples of his monumental figurative works, glass sculpture and mixed media reliquaries.
  • Petruzates, Steven This Wisconsin based artist creates sculpted works in a wide range of styles, including figurative, representational, functional and architectural. The materials used include stone, metal, sand and ice. Features include photo galleries, contact details and a printable reference sheet.
  • Porter, Gaye Abstract and figurative sculpture in limestone and concrete. Gallery.
  • Pratt, Frances G. New England sculptor specializes in site-specific commissions that convey grace and optimism through their lyrical, energetic lines.
  • Randall, Douglas Figurative work in bronze and in glass. Portfolio and resume.
  • Rebele, Christopher Focusing on the human form and mythological figures with plank-style, continuous-form, and bronze works.
  • Reeberg, Rosita Sikking Features vessel and bust sculptures, rendered in ceramics and bronze. In English and Dutch.
  • Rigby, Paul Figurative work in stone, terracotta, bronze and wood.
  • Rijkeboer, Chrystl Contemporary artworks from a Dutch female artist working with human hair.
  • Rodriguez, Marilyn Showcase featuring this San Francisco artist's work, bio and information about sculpture classes at her studio.
  • Rose, Chris Sculptures in soapstone, alabaster and/or bronze of sports, birds and beasts. Biography and gallery.
  • Ruppert, John Documentation of 15 years of work in a variety of materials: cast metals, chain-link fabric, mud, photography and drawing. The sculpture is a delicate balance between the forces of nature and the power of industry.
  • Russel, Hugh Representational and abstract figurative work in bronze and wood. Monumental pieces and other commissioned works.
  • Satow, Heath Large-scale public sculpture, and architectural elements, in metals, and other materials.
  • Sewell, John Feminine forms, and abstract sculptures in bronze, wood, and stone.
  • Sham, Foon Provides Sham's resume and exhibition. Includes chronology , portfolio, images of his indoor, outdoor work, drawings and commissioned works.
  • Shapiro, Arye Sculptor based in Austin, Texas specializing in the human figure and portraits. His work is available in bronze and ceramic.
  • Silverman, Ted Arizona artist creates stone and metal abstract sculpture with flowing, rhythmic shapes ranging from table-top to monumental scale.
  • Sisko, Paul Contemporary sculptor and furniture maker using metal, wood, stone and glass, small to large scale, interior and exterior.
  • Sithole, Lucas (1931-1994) South African sculptor. Gallery of his works, biography, articles, interviews.
  • Siveriver, Leonid Large scale and pedestal sculptures in bronze, marble, stone, wood and terra cotta; in addition, examples of his ceramics and photography.
  • Slater, Amalia Delicate natural forms in an organic combination of stone, wood and bronze. Artist based in Potomac, Maryland.
  • Smith, John New Zealand artist creates sculpture from a man made material called Hebel. Features include biography, contact information and maintenance instructions.
  • Spaulding, DM Abstract assemblages and figurative, symbolic sculpture.
  • Spratt, James Killian Representational sculpture in a diversity of themes including wildlife, nudes, religious and fantasy.
  • Stelmashenko, Alexander The home page of famous Ukrainian sculptor Stelmashenko
  • Stoval, James Stone and bronze sculpture or abstract and figurative works, also restorations.
  • Strini, Robert Established artist working in Virginia makes abstract and narrative works assembled from a diversity of materials. Some pieces are then cast in bronze or ceramics.
  • Sutton, Pauline British sculptress showcases figurative pieces in bronze and stone. Features include photo gallery, biography and contact e-mail.
  • Syadristy, Nikolai Ukrainian sculptor who developed the "microminiature" form.
  • Thayer, Russ Sculpture, architectural elements, functional pieces and cultural commentary, in stone, bronze and wood. The artist is based in Fredericksburg, Texas. Features include photo galleries, artist's comments and contact information.
  • Thornhill, Alan UK-based, figurative sculptor, using clay and terracotta for casting in bronze and other media. Gallery. Photograph and brief details on the artist.
  • Tracy Kelly, Rosamund de This British artist has exhibited her bronze and ceramic portraits and figures on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Trevisan, Flavio Sculptural constructions in everyday materials such as drywall and cardboard. The artist is based in Toronto, Canada. Includes contact information, biography and photo galleries. [Requires Flash]
  • Tyree, Bill Boulder Colorado artist Bill Tyree records pioneer Americans who were the sod busters of the prairie states.
  • Vaadia, Boaz Shares images of his stone and bronze works. A behind-the-scene look at how the sculptures are made.
  • Van Lusk Studio Large scale, outdoor sculpture by commission in steel, iron, stone and bronze.
  • Varga Sculpturing Studio Family of sculptors available for private, public, or religious commissions, as well as church restorations. Classes are also available. Gallery of previous works with detailed information on each item.
  • Vogler, Fabian German artist shows his individual interpretation of the human figure in a variety of plastic media. (Site in German and English)
  • Waller, Patricia Food art and social comment in woolen crochet work. [German site with English texts]
  • Walsh, Edward Human and animal forms realized in rich, durable materials: polished stainless steel, bronze and marble.
  • Webster, Jake Artist working in Indiana expresses himself through his carvings in wood and Indiana limestone.
  • Weinberg, Elbert Sculptures in marble, bronze, and wood. Expressions of Judaic and Christian themes, the human dilemma, animals, mythology, and women.
  • Wheelwright, Joe Sculpture of stones, trees, bones and other natural materials. Artwork includes stone sculpture, wood carvings, tree sculpture, bronze castings and lawn sculpture.
  • Wieser, Bernard This artist who has worked as an assisitant to Phillip King, shows a catalogue of his own work in a variety of materials including steel wood and ceramics.
  • Wise, Sibille Totems for public sites and figurative works in copper or in wood.
  • Yeates, Steven Figurative work and portraiture in cold cast bronze, recycled glass or papier mache.


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