Pastels or oil pastels refer to the application of soft colors by painting with soft sticks that resemble chalk. The colors (usually muted or lighter tinted) are drawn onto the artwork surface. Edgar Degas, a 19th century French painter was well known for his works in pastel.

Other languages: French.

  • Abderrahmane, Latrache Moroccan artist specializing in portraits and the human figure. [English and French]
  • Allaire, Ann Gable Artist based in Kennebunk, Maine, who creates plein air landscape paintings.
  • Allison, Brooke Florida artist who concentrates on still lifes and portraiture and offers art courses.
  • Antonelli, Cynthia Blair New England based artist utilizes Photoshop enhanced images as references for her landscape and figurative paintings.
  • Bartlett, Melissa Original pastel paintings including landscapes, commissioned animal portraits, florals, and figurative work. Images, biography, introduction to pastels.
  • Bebb, Peter Showcasing the work of a British pastel artist including realistic portraits, landscapes, wildlife and seascapes.
  • Belanger, Christine Canadian artist creates highly detailed portraits and drawings .
  • Budan, Karen Pastel artist from Arizona who specializes in still life paintings of everyday objects. Includes resume and exhibition schedule.
  • Buttling, Helene French pastel artist and instructor also working in watercolors and acrylics. Includes information about classes and residential courses.
  • Caldwell, Carolyn Northeastern US painter displays her gallery of New England landscapes and Caribbean figurative works.
  • Castro Jr., Arcadio Artist residing in Florida concentrates on the figure as subject matter. His emphasis is sports and the figure in motion.
  • Chambers, Karen Portfolio of a North Carolina artist and instructor including plein aire, boats, landscapes, marshes, people and animals.
  • Chavez, Lorenzo Artist from residing in Colorado paints landscapes of the American West. Includes list of galleries exhibiting his work and schedule of artist workshops.
  • Christine upStairs A gallery of pastel paintings by Christine Siegfried. Includes news, sketches and an artist biography.
  • Clark, John Scenes of English wheatfields, windmills, cottages, and boats. Includes a biography, and links to the artist's Caribbean collections.
  • Cook, Betsy Payne Pastel artist from Cape Cod focusing on plein aire painting. Includes biography and portfolio.
  • Czyl, Peggy Based in Colorado and specializing in landscapes and coastal scenes. Includes resume, exhibition history and portfolio.
  • Dahl, Sandi A pastel painting artist specializing in impressionist landscapes.
  • de Almeida, João Portuguese artist working with pastel on large sheets of paper, often black and white, but more recently colored, and subjects including nature and landscape.
  • Dowse, Sarah Portfolio of a British artist specializing in shoe portraits, landscapes and the human figure.
  • Erard, Mary Jane Specializing in rural landscapes of the mid-western US and Europe. Includes exhibition schedule and information about commissions.
  • Few, James Colorful paintings by this Florida pastelist working in a realistic style.
  • Fioravanti, Jeff A collection of pastel paintings of various outdoor scenes.
  • Frechette, Louise A. Louise, a national award winning artist, whose paintings are inspired by the awesome power of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, paints with a wide spectrum of richly colored soft pastel using her fingers only.
  • Furdell, Phyllis Award-winning pastel artist specializing in portraits and urban scenes and portrait commissions.
  • Gartzman Goonerman, Carol Offers pastels of children, Victorian themes, the New Jersey shore, cats, portraits.
  • Geenen, Jo Original pastel painting - landscapes, gardens, seashores and flowers.
  • Glass, Margaret Pastel and oil paintings; subjects are varied and include many from Venice, Italy and from her home county Suffolk, UK.
  • Goodstein-Shapiro Paintings, personal statement, and educational biography of artist Goodstein-Shapiro.
  • Gray, D. F. Canadian artist based in Vancouver paints in impressionistic style. Subjects include plein air landscapes, seascapes, old cars, figurative nudes and jazz performers.
  • Gulley, Niki Seeks to capture the brightness and energy of spring and summer.
  • Hall, Jessica Displays Lowcountry scenes, landscapes, flowers, and animals. Includes contact information.
  • Hartman, Lesley Ann Studio of award winning artist specializing in Arabian horses, pets and wildlife. Demonstrator for Daler Rowney.
  • Hepburn, Michael Scottish artist specializing in portrait, landscape, maritime, still life and wildlife paintings. Includes biography and information about buying prints.
  • Higdon, Susan Luckey Central Oregon artist who interprets nature's beauty with color. Landscapes, fly fishing scenes, lakes and rivers are her favorite subjects using pastels and oils.
  • Hills, Ria Massachusetts based artist with a wide range of subject matter: still lifes, landscapes, interiors, portraits and figurative paintings.
  • House, Cindy An upcoming landscape and nature artist in Vermont. She uses the Internet to inform viewers of upcoming exhibits and to display her work.
  • Intihar, Sharyn Portrait and landscape artist based in Michigan and working primarily with soft pastels but also acrylic and oil. Includes resume and portfolio.
  • Iriks, Berenice Happe These paintings describe the beauty of objects, landscapes, and people.
  • Jacobs, Martine Presents her latest pastel series. Tibetan Faces and abstractions based on Japanese characters.
  • Jaenicke, Barbara Impressionistic spaintings of landscapes and still life subjects in pastel and oil. She uses bold colors and a soft touch. Images and statement.
  • Joffre, Marie-Lydie Virtual gallery of pastel and mixed media figurative artworks, a presentation of the new art technique of drawing pastel on stones and resources to learn about pastel.
  • Kalayjian, Terry This site profiles Terry Kalayjian whose pastels capture the energy and spirit found in nature.
  • Kalinowski, Kathleen Pastels by PSA Signature member. Includes landscape originals and prints, a list of exhibitions, and artists biography.
  • Kendrick, Barbara Colorado pastel artist specializing in luminous landscapes and coastal scenes. Includes profile and exhibition schedule.
  • Kenevan, Simon Portfolio of a British artist specializing in pastel seascape and landscape paintings.
  • Kenney, Elizabeth Artist from Indiana focusing on landscape and figurative work with elements of surrealism, symbolism, and narrative.
  • Kenyon, Liz Pastel illustrations and fine art of landscape, people, animals, and still-life. Images, biography, and upcoming shows.
  • Kies, Beverly North Carolina pastel artist specializing in the animal world in both contemporary and traditional representations.
  • Laframboise, Angi Charcoal and pastel portraits drawn from your photos of adults, children, dogs, cats, horses and homes. Gift certificates available.
  • Lawrence, Susan Displays the work of a pastel artist from New York City focusing on portraiture and the human figure.
  • Le Saint, Jean-Francois Portraits, street scenes and landscapes of various countries.
  • Leckett, Peter Original pastels and watercolors of landscapes and outdoor scenes.
  • Llorens, Gisela A gallery of pastels which include portrait, figure, floral and landscape by a Florida artist working in a realistic style.
  • Massicot, Christiane Christiane paints in pastel her native Berry, France countryside.
  • Meyerson, Jacqueline Based in Pennsylvania and specializing in painting flowers and nature with vivid color and emotion. Includes portfolio and information about teaching workshops.
  • Mineo, Gerard Specializing in family portraits.
  • Moore, A.J. Renderings of aquatic nature scenes.
  • Moriarty, Katie With a unique method of applying pastels on synthetic suede, the artist evokes the Impressionist painters with a contemporary edge
  • Muchnik, Michoel A Chassidic artist living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York. He is known for is use of soft pastel colors and for creating images that appeal to both child and adult alike.
  • Myers, Tatiana Russian artist now residing in Pennsylvania and creating landscapes, seascapes, miniatures and illustrative paintings in pastel, oil pastel and egg tempera.
  • Palaschak, Don Impressionist and representative pastel paintings of American and French landscapes, still life and animals. Original paintings and limited editions.
  • Pesta, Maureen O'Hara Pastel paintings by an award-winning Indiana artist. Images, biography, and news.
  • Preston, Michael M. A gallery of impressionistic and abstract original oil pastels, capturing themes that include jazz, wine, cigars, and summer.
  • Read, Cath Bristol painter who paints still lifes and landscape. Images, biography, and exhibitions.
  • Schoenherr, Shelley Gorny Michigan artist working primarily with pastel and oil pastel to create landscapes, coastal scenes, portraiture and still life in a representational style.
  • Segal, Harvey Gallery of Pastel paintings include portraits, still life, and Landscape. Includes information on art lessons.
  • Smith, Tom E. Original landscapes of La Jolla, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and several locations in Europe.
  • Southworth, James Gallery of pastel art, awards and resume. Includes a demonstration of how a painting is built up.
  • Stull, Sean Pastel landscapes paintings depicting natural themes
  • Sudworth, Anne Mystical pastel artwork.
  • Swinburne, Lucy British artist specializing in pastel portraits, particularly of animals and pets. Includes information about commissions and buying prints.
  • Swire, Michael A gallery of abstract and modern works in soft pastel. Artist draws with his thumb.
  • Talley, Carol Painter of pastel and plein air landscapes. Provides an artist statement, background, gallery and exhibitions.
  • Thompson, Neil Pennsylvania artist creating contemporary landscape paintings in pastel and aqueous media. Includes resume, statement and portfolio.
  • Tibbs, Edward British painter of village life, urban scenes, animals and people. Includes portfolio and information about commissions.
  • Troupe Smith, Kathy Abstract drawings - oil pastels on paper.
  • Truslove, Bill Showcasing the representational paintings of an Australian pastel artist including equine, landscape, seascape and urban scenes.
  • Twardoch, Dariusz A gallery of pastel paintings by a Polish artist focusing on an imaginary world of humanized puppets and moody landscapes. [English and Polish]
  • Wright, Gina Portfolio of a Scottish artist specializing in seascapes, landscapes and figurative work, primarily pastels but some oil and watercolor.


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