Mixed media includes artworks where more than one artistic medium is used in its creation. For example an ink and pastel drawing, painting combined with a collage or a lithograph with etching would all be mixed media.

  • Adam, Thomas Oil paintings, watercolors, mixed media painting, gouache paintings.
  • Baer, Julie Selection of work incorporating painting, the mixed media, collage, found imagery, and natural objects. Includes narrative biography and exhibition list.
  • Baler, Efrat Israeli born artist exhibits her humorous art.
  • Barkan Clarke, Mia Artist presents, "Sisters of the World" series. Abstract paintings in mixed media. Inspiration: Ethnic, national, spiritual, folkloric, mythical and biblical women.
  • Battistella, Robert D. Portfolio of contemporary drawings and photographs by this Canadian artist, with introduction by artist and links to art resources.
  • Bennink, Eric Acrylic and mixed media abstract paintings by the Toronto artist. Images and exhibitions.
  • Benrey, Lizet Mexican-born artist who tries to enable encounters with her inner visions, and to combine her heritage and spirituality with magical, peaceful moments of full awareness. Images, short statement, and curriculum vitae.
  • Blady, Annette Canadian artist with an eclectic style of mixed media collage painting using textured papers and fabrics, cut glass, and metallic acrylic.
  • Blake, Joanne British artist using texture and bits and pieces to create pet portraits and wild animals in their habitats through to abstract shapes, people and landscapes.
  • Bloom, Rosalind Biography and portfolio of a Pennsylvania artist known for her mixed media paintings of fanciful and mysterious creatures.
  • Boon, Anna British artist fusing photography with painting to make layered and textured images, and also creating figurative sculptures. Includes resume and statement.
  • Brandon, J M Drawings, paintings and mixed media. Subject matter relating to animals, endangered species, and the environment.
  • Broughall, Lee British artist whose abstract paintings are characterized by a consistent use of homemade oil paint, polyurethane varnish and studio debris.
  • Cachinero, Evangeline Australian artist creating quirky, colorful paintings that ride a thin line between humorous and bizarre. Includes resume and exhibition schedule.
  • Calef, Nancy Oil and 3D paintings, peoplescapes, depicting the irony of human nature.
  • Chudasama, Amita and Mira Indian artists creating primarily representational paintings with a variety of media including coffee. Includes press reviews and portfolio.
  • Craig, Casey Based in Texas and creating colorful and contemporary mixed-media paintings of nature, florals and animals. Includes statement, resume and portfolio.
  • Cruz, Maria Elena California artist creating representational and abstract paintings in a variety of media. Includes resume and exhibition schedule.
  • Cryer, Roz British artist now residing in South Africa and combing paint with textiles on canvas to create paintings with both representational and abstract elements.
  • Cutler, Meredith Mixed media works in canvas, found paper, plastic and fabric by an artist from Boston whose paintings explore the convergence and disintegration of social systems.
  • D'Angelo, Elizabeth Georgia artist focusing on figurative, organic objects and architectural spirals. Includes statement, portfolio and information about workshops.
  • Dean, Rachel Contemporary paintings and drawings, some containing whimsical characters, by an artist from New York. Contains biography and personal statement.
  • Deighton, Claire Presenting the work of a New Zealand artist specializing in mixed medium painting on recycled timbers.
  • den Hertog, Michael Contemporary and abstract paintings in acrylic and mixed media. Includes artist biography and contact details.
  • DePaola, Wilfred Original paintings in acrylic, oil, and watercolor by Sonoma County artist. Includes landscapes, still life, and abstracts.
  • Derks, Lesley Ann Showcasing the work of a Scottish painter specializing in contemporary views of cityscapes and landscapes.
  • Dews, Pat New York artist and instructor creating watercolor and mixed media paintings focusing on the abstract essence of nature.
  • Dong, Monica Specializes in painting wildlife vignettes, ballerinas, and beach scenes in mixed media.
  • Drobychevskaja, Elena Belorussian artist mixing acrylic color, pastel chalk and charcoal to create artworks that are a mix between painting and graphics. [English and German]
  • Elisabeth, Hedy Dutch artist mixing paint with beads, products of nature and little stones to create depth and shadows in her representational and abstract paintings. [English and Dutch]
  • Ellis, Tami Curtis Paintings created with a variety of unconventional materials which are based on the rich history, music, culture and nature of Louisiana.
  • Estey, Paula Massachusetts artist creating realistic portraits and semi-abstract paintings with a spiritual theme. Includes resume and information about teaching workshops.
  • Fatemi, Laura Resume and portfolio of mixed media paintings.
  • Feehan, Andy Contemporary work inspired by alchemy, dreams, and Eastern mysticism.
  • Fox, Alx Based in Oregon and accomplished in both modern methods and classic techniques, blending thought provoking mystery with abstract expressionism.
  • Gajewska, Katarzyna Polish artist focusing on portraiture and the human figure with elements of realism and abstractism.
  • Gargost, Estefan A collection of military, political, and religious paintings among other subjects. A short biography of the author is included.
  • Garnier, Suzanne Encaustic and fiber mixed media paintings by an artist from Illinois focusing on reflections of life's journey.
  • Gaston, Denis Biography, blog and portfolio of an artist from Florida inspired by the many cultural traditions around the world.
  • Gerolimatos, Stephanie Massachusetts abstract artist artist whose work is somewhere between painting and sculpture, combining painted surfaces with three dimensional space.
  • Giancristiano, Michael California artist best known for his figurative and abstract, plywood wall reliefs inspired by nature and the transformation of the landscape.
  • Gold, Max Fusion art glass painting, archival giclee prints on canvas and watercolor paper. Photo gallery of studio and PDF resume.
  • Grisanty, Aurelio Images of work by Dominican-born artist, with curriculum vitae.
  • Grygo, Diana Massachusetts artist creating beaded paintings which are inspired by pop culture, dogs, classic cars and rock and roll music.
  • Guyton Based in California and combining the Flemish Masters technique of layering with Japanese leafing to create his own unique style of imagery.
  • Habicher, Elena Russian artist now residing in Switzerland and working with acrylic and window paint on transparent surfaces, combining graphic design with figurative work.
  • Hadley, Gemma UK artist known for strong textural works with thematic elements centering on the human form, solitude, obscurity, persistence, and silent confrontation.
  • Hampe, Susanne Showcasing the abstract paintings of a German artist. Includes resume and exhibition history. [English and German]
  • Harrison, BJ Canadian artist who is inspired by nature and creates large-scale mixed media abstract paintings with textured color fields.
  • Haugo, Clea Canadian artist showcasing her mixed media paintings, drawings and illustrations as well as designs for greeting cards.
  • Heinemann, Christina Based in Canada and specializing in expressive art in mixed media and hand painted animals on recycled clothing.
  • Hermance, Marie French contemporary painter who specializes in abstract or expressionist paintings. Includes biography and information about her technique. [English and French]
  • Hewson, David Gallery of still life, portrait, figurative, and religious paintings created in a realistic style. Includes resume and information about commissions.
  • Hines, Garnette Mixed media paintings and drawings by a Maryland artist using fragmented imagery that include natural objects, patterns, and clues.
  • Hirsch, Adam Portfolio of a San Francisco Bay Area artist focusing on paintings, drawings and mixed media that evoke a waking dream.
  • Hirsch, Glenn Showcasing a San Francisco artist's abstract paintings. Includes resume and press reviews.
  • Jelic, Uros Serbian artist now residing in Canada and focusing on figurative paintings influenced by the heritage of expressionism.
  • Kazez Current and recent exhibitions of mixed media paintings, drawings, collages.
  • Komar, Kristin Resume and portfolio of an artist from Illinois specializing in abstract paintings and resin wood panels.
  • Labedzki, Annette A collection of sketches, paintings, drawings and sculptures. Abstracts in graphite and mixed media.
  • Lanza, Pamela San Francisco artist's mixed media drawings, paintings and collage. Includes resume and information about exhibitions.
  • Larsen, Mary Intense paintings and mixed media works on paper and floppy disks. Original, expressive art that is neither abstract nor figurative, yet falls somewhere in between.
  • Lawrence, Skip Maryland artist and teacher creating both representational and abstract paintings, including landscapes , animals and figurative.
  • Lax, Lorraine Florida based mixed-media artist who incorporates her own photography into provocative, introspective paintings.
  • Lee, Nova Biography and portfolio of a Hawaii based artist creating illuminated paintings with vibrant translucent colors on Plexiglas light boxes.
  • Levacy, Megan Tennessee artist creating mixed media, watercolor, and fabric-based work exploring the relationship between man and nature.
  • Love, Marianna Californian artist focusing on vibrant florals, still life and nonrepresentational paintings. Includes statement and information about exhibitions.
  • Lutz, Leora Canadian artist now living in California and creating artwork with seemingly mismatched pairings of material and genre.
  • Mae, Laura Based in Florida and creating artwork with the use of acrylic paints, printmaking techniques, and collage from disparate sources.
  • Markus, Csaba Limited edition serigraphs, etchings, sculpture, and original art.
  • Martin, Joan South African artist presents her paintings and drawings of trees and personal subject matter, which is decorative and concerned with texture and surface pattern.
  • McCardle, Cheryl Incorporates natural materials into her symbolic landscape, still life, and floral paintings, to create rich textures.
  • McCloskey, Paul Samples of Irish figurative artist's distinctive mixed media paintings, specializing in portraits.
  • McCord, Ellen C A portfolio of paper pulp paintings with other natural materials used to add texture, based on New Orleans, South Louisiana and other whimsical subjects.
  • McKeon, Louise A selection of realistic paintings by the Irish artist, in mixed medium of watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and needlework on Japanese handmade paper.
  • Mills, Bridgette Guerzon Featuring the encaustic and mixed media paintings of an artist from Chicago, inspired by the inherent beauty and spirit of the natural world.
  • Mollitt, Renee Canadian artist focusing on landscapes, portraits and flora, creating texture through mixed media and the introduction of recycled materials to her paintings. [English and French]
  • Monk, Laura Based in Florida and creating abstract paintings and drawings with transparent forms and strong linear elements.
  • Motherwell, Jeannie Collages combine painting with photographs, images and text, bridging reading to looking and content to style.
  • Mukhtar, Helene American artist creating paintings which reflect on current social issues with photographs and paint which are collaged onto canvas.
  • Nadii, Aria Featuring mixed media artifacts of oil, paper, ink, gold pigment, fiber, and other fragments.
  • Ngaio, Jessie New Zealand artist creating brightly colored, varied artwork influenced by pop surrealism, primitivism, feminism and sexuality.
  • Nicobela Gallery of unique art pieces created with acrylic, oil, craft paper and ink on canvas. Includes biography and blog.
  • Nuttall, Kenneth G. Watercolors, pen, and ink paintings, including portrait, landscape, and still life.
  • Prodi, Maria Oil and mixed media paintings by an Italian painter
  • Puri, Antonio Abstract artist using a modified batik technique applied with mixed media. Includes biography, statement and list of exhibitions.
  • Rambeau, Marc Images, biographical note, and curriculum vitae.
  • Rebeck, Dae Socially and personally charged images by a Philadelphia artist. Includes statement, curriculum vitae, mailing list, and events.
  • Rendon, Luis Showcasing the work of a Los Angeles based contemporary, abstract artist working primarily with mixed media.
  • Riché, Kerry Gallery of paintings by an artist who explores different themes such as science, landscape, seascape and modern.
  • Rigby, Kirstin On-line gallery displaying graffiti inspired art created using acrylic, oil and mixed media, by a New Jersey artist.
  • Roberts, Lynne The work of Manchester artist in pen and ink, water colors, and collage.
  • Robertson, Henry Images of his paintings in mixed and various media, with some photographs of his exhibitions in Glasgow and a biographical note.
  • Rose, Shanti Mixed media paintings and contemporary artworks by a California artist. Includes biography and statement.
  • Saccaro, Claude Paintings rendered in oil, often mixed with gold, and done on clay.
  • Sale, Judy Internationally known artist who paints in oil acyrlic and mixed media including the use of found objects. Subject is abstract but sometime thematic.
  • Saplys, Silvija Canadian artist creating natural forms from a rice-paper collage technique and also working with watercolor, acrylic, and oil.
  • Savels, Cathy Belgian artist based in France and combining traditional painting media with other materials to create bold textured works that have tactile and aesthetic qualities.
  • Schlechter, James Portrait, landscape, and still life paintings, and line art.
  • Serran, Jessica Resume and portfolio of a Canadian artist now residing in the US.
  • Sigurdsson, Gisli Artist from Iceland displays works inspired by magnificent mountains, glaciers and lava.
  • Sloane, Robert B. Landscape, architectural and portrait themes in watercolor, oil and acrylic.
  • Smith, Roberta Colorado artist combining collage, pigmented plaster, found objects, drawing, calligraphy, gold leaf and traditional painting techniques.
  • Sobkek, R.P. Watercolours / Airbrush (mixed media) on Canvas.
  • Stahlschmidt, Hans Jorg California artist creating abstract mixed media and monotype paintings. Includes personal statement and portfolio.
  • Takahashi, Yoshito Resume, critique and portfolio of a Japanese artist. [English and Japanese]
  • Talley, Sharon Painting focus includes Scottish standing stones, megaliths, surrealism and portraits. Provides a biography and ordering information.
  • Thorley, Judy A gallery of floral, landscape art and other artistic subjects by an artist from Ontario, Canada.
  • Toï, Emilie Featuring textile and graphic art that mixes painting and dyeing on discarded clothes and materials by a French artist.
  • Tymkow, Joe British artist whose abstract paintings are influenced by the physical, tactile and aesthetic qualities of materials. Includes statement and exhibition schedule.
  • van Berlo, Will A changing selections of paintings by the Dutch artist with a short statement.
  • Verdiere, Marceau French artist now residing in California and inspired by the chaotic and unpredictable in nature.
  • Verges, Albert This artist uses the binary code to give shape with the minimum representative figures to concepts such as the Universe, the Human being or his own experiences. Abstract Hyper-Realism art.
  • Vetter, Kelly New Jersey artist creating narrative and dreamscape paintings. Includes biography, portfolio and exhibition schedule.
  • Walker, Robin Ann A visual feast of contemporary fine art by Texas artist Robin Ann Walker. Including mixed media collages, impressionistic landscapes, and abstract images.
  • Waltking, Adrienne Adrienne Waltking - conceptual mixed-media artist - view online portfolio, artist's statement and resume
  • Ward Thacker, Kate Portfolio of the artist's colorful large scale 'paper quilt' paintings (gouache, paper, and stitched thread). Includes biography.
  • White, Richard Based in Spain and specializing in the integration of digital imagery with the painted surface. Includes artist's statement and portfolio.
  • Wilber, Bonnie Texas artist creating colorful paintings in mixed media, using oils, intaglio, and watercolor. Includes resume and statement.
  • Wilson, Greg Featuring the contemporary paintings and drawings by an artist from Ottawa in Canada.
  • Withycombe, Howard James Based in Texas and creating contemporary and abstract paintings influenced by the life and loves of the ordinary and the estranged.
  • Ziobrowski, Aaron San Francisco based artist creating primarily figurative narratives and portraits. Includes portfolio and information about commissions.
  • Zouves, Theo Provides a biography, press clips, gallery of paintings and installations and ordering information.


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