Here you will find exhibits of photographs made using pinhole cameras.
  • Aita, Roberto A gallery of pinhole images made with Polaroid film and custom cameras, mostly handheld in order to expand space and time through blurred vision.
  • Alessandra Capodacqua Photography A website on pinhole photography, toy cameras and alternative processes
  • Ambrosini, Dario Travel and landscape color pinhole photographs by D. Ambrosini and G. Schirripa Spagnolo.
  • Babilon, Damien Some of my best pictures. Almost all pictures were done with a pinhole camera.
  • Baciar, Mystic view of Egypt Mystic black and white panoramic photographs of Egypt taken with self-made pinhole camera.
  • Barber, Craig J Cultural landscape photographs of Vietnam, Cuba, Italy, New York, SE Asia, England and the American West. Features galleries, artist biography, statements and articles.
  • Bottero, Roby - Utopie Urbane Black and white pinhole photos by Roberto Bottero.
  • Breslin, Nancy A. This Delaware photographer specializes in amusement parks and images made with a pinhole camera. The latter includes the series "Squaremeals: a pinhole diary of eating out."
  • Buckley, Angie Contemporary photographer using a pinhole camera to explore how habits, stories and traditions handed down shaped the cultural identities and personal histories of individuals.
  • Buehlmann, Roland Pinhole and other photography.
  • Cooke, Katie Cooke Gallery of pinhole photographs by Katie Cooke, with a weblog about other lensless photographers, art, exhibitions and cameras.
  • Cugnasca, David Black and white pinhole camera studies of landscape, figurative, the seashore and ocean by David Cugnasca.
  • de Forest, Bethany Photographs by Bethany de Forest. Information on the technique, gallery of her work, and links. [Dutch and English].
  • DeLaCube DeLaCube is a photographer, composing art in time and place. Includes color, panoramic pinhole images.
  • Diana H. Bloomfield Personal website the contemporary American photographer, specializing in pinhole and alternative processes, including platinum, cyanotype, and gum bichromate.
  • Dugdale, Rowena - Polaroids and Pinholes Ethereal photos taken using homemade pinhole cameras. Also pinhole polaroids and photograms.
  • Eelen, Birger Pinhole Photography, pictures taken with self-built pinhole cameras. Pictures, camera's, extra information
  • Frank Lopez Imagery Artist and educator specializing in pinhole and diana camera imagery of Vietnam, Prague, Amsterdam and the cultural landscape of the American West.
  • Gaskins, Richard Richard Gaskins unique archival color pinhole photographs of flowers and figures resemble paintings. Mural size one-of-a-kind clich* verre images are created with a handmade camera.
  • Glorieux, Guy Straight, digital, and softly focused, color pinhole photography.
  • Hagemann, Matthias Camera obscura works of Matthias Hagemann from Berlin, Seville, Barcelona. Includes exhibits, photo art calendars and concepts.
  • Hamilton Gallery: Pinhole Color images taken by Mac Legrandi using a homemade 4 x 10 convex panoramic camera.
  • Hanft, Adrian - Found Photography Adrian Hanft specializes in creating photos from pinhole and non traditional cameras.
  • Hayashi, Toshihiro Black and white fine art photographs taken with pinhole and film cameras. Includes landscapes, towns and people in Japan as well as instructions in making a pinhole camera. [English and Japanese]
  • Hörmann, Corine Pinhole photographs of different types of landscape in color and black and white.
  • Interrante, Mark Pinhole and zone plate photographs by Mark Interrante.
  • Irvine, Steve Pinhole photographs made with a variety of cameras. Each image has process details and there is a page about the cameras and their design.
  • Johnston, Lisa - Aeternus The fine art pinhole photographs by photographer Lisa Johnston include New Mexico Pinholes landscapes and "Urban Anthropology" - a pinhole photographic documentary examining conditions of contemporary urban environments.
  • Jonas, Kein - Camera Obscura b/w and color pinhole photos with description for making a camera.
  • Kapoor, Jan - LightWorks Combines pinhole and alternative photo processes. Contains sample images.
  • Karhof, Bob Multiple-image panoramic color photos made with a pinhole camera.
  • Kassab-bachi, Jason This site shows a selection of pictures taken with the Leonardo 4x5 wide-angle camera and self-made boxes mainly in Berlin and in Syria.
  • Kemp, Gregg D Portfolio, exhibition schedule, and contact information for pinhole artist Gregg D Kemp.
  • Kirkpatrick, Ed Fine Art Photography from Pinhole to Digital. Black and White landscape pinhole images made with home-made trash can cameras. Digital color images of cityscapes and nature.
  • Lacomba, Gabriel Photographs by Gabriel Lacomba. Information on the cameras, porfolio, bibliography and links. [Catalan, Spanish and English].
  • Lawrence, John Black and white pinhole photographs in Galleries 5 and 6 of floral, desert plants and Manzanar. A different abstracted mostly very wide angle viewpoint, done with modified 120 folding cameras and handmade cameras.
  • Levinson, Edward Personal web site of Edward Levinson, specializing in fine art and editorial pinhole photography.
  • Lienkamp, Soeren All pictures were taken with 35 mm film cans converted into pinhole cameras.
  • Mabel Odessey Pinhole Photography Colour and black and white pinhole images, photograms and information on workshops and commissions.
  • MacNeill, Cher Cher MacNeill is a Toronto-based photographer specializing in pinhole and panoramic photography, as well as pregnancy and portrait photography.
  • Mark Tweedie Photography Galleries of fine art pinhole and other photography and blog with details of philosophy, techniques and methods.
  • Michael McCarthy ~ Photographer & Artist Alternative photography site showing pinhole, stereo and toy camera images of landscapes, architecture, nudes and portraits using black and white, color, liquid light, cyanotype, gum bichromate and other non-silver processes.
  • Miller, Tom Images by pinhole photographer Tom Miller, using various pinhole cameras, techniques and themes. Also includes resume and contact information.
  • Morell, Abelardo Pinhole camera obscura photographer Abelardo Morell's site provides images of his work, links to interviews, publications and exhibits.
  • Moroux, Philippe - La Porte d'Aval A site dedicated to pinhole photography, kallitype prints, Etretat and to everyone who believes that photography may be a kind of philosophy.
  • Narvicius, Andrius Gallery of pinhole and other photos.
  • Pinhole Doug Doug Blain's workshops, galleries, projects, and services that relate to pinhole photography. WARNING: site navigation opens lots of new windows.
  • Quinnell, Justin - Pinhole photography A selection of pinhole photographs by Justin Quinnell and instructions on how to make pinhole cameras.
  • Rago, Alexis Pinhole photographs by artist and photographer Alexis Rago… capturing the passing of time in a single image.
  • Rammel, Hal Black and white pinhole photographs.
  • Reeve, Thomas Hudson - Pinhole Papercams Pinhole paper cameras photography portfolio of photographer Thomas Hudson Reeve.
  • Reyes, A. A. - Pindust World of Visions Portfolio of black and white pinhole photographs taken with a Zero 2000 pinhole camera.
  • Romero, Howard Black and white "PanScenic" photography and figure studies, some made with pinhole cameras. Includes descriptions of cameras.
  • Sabuncu, Ahmet S. Color and black and white images, from single and multi-aperture cameras in a variety of formats. Photographs include images of Praha, post-war Bosnia-Herzegovia, Turkish architectural monuments, a solar eclipse, and portraits.
  • Saddler, Veronica A collection of images depicting New York from a pinhole point of view. Features interactive map and artist statement.
  • Salniker, Steve Color and black and white images by Stephen Salniker featured in the ninth Seacoast, NH Photo Gallery.
  • Scott Speck's Film Pinhole Photography This is a set of photos by Scott Speck, on, featuring both medium and large format film pinhole photographs.
  • Sheer, Marcia C. Kallitype and cyanotype pinhole photographs of Venice, Holland, Grand Canyon and Central Park taken by Marcia C. Sheer (1916-1989).
  • Slepekis, Melissa Joi - The Fertility Series Black and white pinhole images on the theme of fertility.
  • Smith, Claudia - Through the Pinhole pinhole polaroids by Claudia Smith
  • Stefanutti, Massimo Pinhole photographs by Massimo Stefanutti, plus information (in Italian) about pinhole photography.
  • Sténopés Black and white photographs taken with a pinhole. Venice, Amsterdam and other places of the world.
  • Stillman, Scott Pinhole camera landscape photography in color and black and white. Fine art prints by Scott Stillman of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Strecker, Henrieke I. Exhibition and contact information and portfolio of German pinhole artist Henrieke I. Strecker.
  • Tosato, Roberto - Haiku Pinhole prints are "a way to spread time on paper". A tour of hidden Tuscany in twelve pictures taken with a pinhole camera.
  • Trubshaw, Bob - Indigo Gallery Anamorphic pinhole photographs by Bob Trubshaw.
  • Vieira, António A collection of forest, seascape and river images. Features galleries and a guestbook.
  • Vincent, Jerry Black and white photos made with diverse cameras, including Bender and modified Hasselblad and 35mm plastic camera.
  • Wolff, Ilan Includes exhibit of mural size pinhole and stenogram works. Features galleries, biography and information on his workshops and exhibition catalog. [English and French]

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