This category is for photographers and their portfolios of documentary work. Sites may be solo exhibitions or group exhibitions. Photographers may wish to indicate in their sites whether their services are for hire; prints are available for sale or for exhibition purpose only. In any case, contact information should be available. At present, all sites are listed together. If the category gains critical mass, they may be listed in separate categories and/or in alphabetical order.
  • Alexander, Bryan & Cherry Photographing Polar Regions for 30 years, particularly Arctic Siberia and Antarctica. Site contains library images.
  • Alexander, Dawn Photographer's promotional website. Contains documentary stories, works in progress, photojournalism and documentary style wedding photography.
  • Anderson, Andy Specialized in location, portrait, and lifestyle photography. Andy shoots award winning black and white, and color, pictures for Communication Arts, PDN , and Graphis.
  • Anthony, Goicolea Cuban American photographer who lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, his photography focuses on self portraiture.
  • Arnold, Éva Black and white picture stories about Beijing, Berlin, Sicily, Hungary, and the Ukraine. [Flash required]
  • Aron, Bill Black and white photographs appear from two of authors books, "From the Corners of the Earth" and "Shalom Y'all."
  • Artcoup An exhibition photos by photographer known as Boogie with daily photo postings.
  • Atkinson, Brian Photography covering magazine and NGO assignments from Latin America and Africa to China, along with travel, editorial and commercial work in New Brunswick, Canada.
  • Baigel, Steven Images from Tibet and of exile culture in Nepal and India. Description of film projects on Tibetan refugees and the Indian sitar master, Nikhil Banerjee.
  • Balco, Andrej Slovak documentary photographer. Site featured biography, gallery and links.
  • Barta, Ivan Czech documentary photographer who is living in Ireland and Czech republic. Mostly pictures of children.
  • Bartholomew, Pablo Award-winning photographer, also a jury member of the World Press Photo competition.
  • Bayer, Ruth London-based photographer, official archive photographer for London's Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA).
  • Beaulieu, Martin Subjects: Tibet, China, refugees, children and Peru. In French.
  • Blejer, Tomas Valenzuela Features documentary gallery, authors background, studies, exhibitions, commissions and reviews.
  • Boatright, Ryan Online portfolio with black and white photographs, documentary of the southwest, and conceptual art.
  • Borra, Fabrizio BandW, documentary, landscape photographs and portraits.
  • Bouclainville, Philippe Photographs of New York (Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Under Ground, Time Square) and Paris.
  • Brunet, Jerome French photographer's photo story on the police in Texas.
  • Bussian, Peter Photographer specializing in humanitarian relief and emergency situations, photographing refugee/relief situations for more than ten years.
  • Byrne, Peter Portfolio website with medium format colour features by British photographer.
  • Campion, Britta Sydney-based photographer.
  • Carnochan, Brigitte Handpainted and gelatin silver flowers, nudes, and documentary photographs. Upcoming exhibitions, workshops, and galleries, as well as information about the artist and her techniques.
  • Cemal, Z. Tacal Photographic collection of city, people and life in 1900-1950 period in the Black Sea region of Turkey.
  • Charleville, Pontus Photographic image galleries and projects galleries in color and black/white.
  • Ciantar, Alan An Artist based website that looks at photographic projects of one artist. Includes portraits and exhibition.
  • Cohen, Jeff People and street scenes by a Los Angeles based artist. [Flash plug-in required]
  • Colen, B.D. Black and white photography of the daily lives of American families and individuals. Pulitzer Prize-winning former print journalist.
  • Curry, Joshua Photos taken around the South on fairs, rodeos, toughman contest, trailer parks and skateboarders.
  • Daniels, Errol Photographer and publisher of two books of photography in Cuba.
  • Darwell, John Evocative and poignant imagary from the acclaimed photographer.
  • Davies, John On British and Western European locations. Biography, articles and image galleries.
  • Davis, Steve Recent work, including "Captured Youth: Images of Teenage Incarceration." Winner of the 2002 Project Competition, Santa Fe Center for Visual Arts.
  • Dean, Sacha Biyan A compelling photographic journey to the farthest raeches of the globe, delving into the customs and rituals of various remote and vanishing cultures.
  • Dine, Arnaud Contact Photos is website of photographies showcasing the work of photographer about Poland and polish people around the world.
  • Dunkin, Gary Portfolio site for professional photographer and photojournalist from New York City. Includes portraits, photo documentary and personal projects.
  • Enos, Clay The photography and work. Celebrity portraiture, wild nightlife, and Streetstudio portraits.
  • Farrington, S. Blake Portfolio of black and white photographs, with a special focus on the former Yugoslavia and social issues in the San Francisco Bay area.
  • Fassinger, James Black and white photographs taken in Eastern and Central Europe since 1992.
  • Faust, Chris Documentary work has been a series of commissions and projects in landscape photography. Includes collection of urban, night and rural scenes.
  • Finkle, Harvey Award-winning documentary still photographer whose interests are social, political, educational and cultural.
  • Flores, Germán Photographer and a web designer in Chicago. Images from Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico and Chicago.
  • Fuchs, Martin This site shows the body of work of Austrian documentary and reportage photographer.
  • Galvez, Jose Capturing Latino culture for more than 30 years. Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer.
  • Glickman, Andrew Z Portfolios of the Washington DC subway, Oaxaca, Mexico, people at a shopping mall and Tuscany, Italy.
  • Griot Photo Produces and supports projects for social change. Works predominantly with non-governmental organisations.
  • Grossman, Anna Documentary and travel photography from around the world. Countries featured include: Cuba, USA, Italy, Jamaica, Thailand.
  • Haarlov-Johnsen, Ditte Of teen-age mothers, transvestites and HIV positive people in Denmark, Mozambique and Canada.
  • Hansen, Geoff Award-winning photojournalist, Vermont based. Known for documentary style wedding photography. Also author of "My Life As a Dog".
  • Harder, Michael International photojournalism, documentary and feature photography. Based in Denmark.
  • Hauck, Jennifer Web site of award-winning newspaper and wedding photographer in the Dartmouth College area.
  • Henry, Elizabeth Photo compositions of African wildlife in natural settings.
  • Hill, Robb The work includes images from Eastern Europe, Asia, Portraiture and his current project about a high school on the south side of Chicago.
  • Holmner, Kjell Light Vision. Photographer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Features Scandinavian images, cities, wildlife, and landscape.
  • Hotchkiss, Cappy Author is specialized in documentary style wedding photography.
  • Houwen, Pieter van der Portfolio of photographer and documentary filmmaker, with experience in Africa.
  • Howlett, Lars About Patagonia and whimsical personal work. Interviews and journal on site.
  • Hullerman, Thatcher Cook Documentary photographer based in Portland, Maine. His clients are primarily humanitarian aid and development organizations that work with refugees and other people affected by war, economic upheaval and natural disasters.
  • Hulme, John Photos around south east Asia, from the Karen people of Burma to Klong Toey slum to Gold mining in Katchin state. Burma's forgotten war.
  • Iris Imaging, Inc. Specializes social marketing of political and social issues using photographic essays and the delivery of visual communications by non-traditional methodology.
  • Jacobs, Vance This site serves as an on-line portfolio, providing a quick and easy way to check out some of the best work of the featured journalists.
  • Jacobsen, Anders London and world travel photography by a frequently travelling digital camera entusiast.
  • Jacobson, Michael Hardy Three important correlates of the social problem, crime: the economy, education, and corrections. Photographs of prisons, factories, and schools.
  • Jang, Michael Cowboys, punk scene, south, movie premieres and heroes. [Requires Flash]
  • John Morstad Photography documentary, journalistic, editorial and corporate work
  • Jong, Wubbo Black and white images of Kosovo, Albania, Madagascar, Rwanda, and Amsterdam. Dutch photographer.
  • Kahane, Lisa Photographer based in New York City, has over 25 years experience photographing art and life. Portraiture, whether on location or in the studio, is her specialty.
  • Kanamori, Mayu Documentary and portrait work in Australia and Japan. Sydney based.
  • Kash Gabriele Torsello Photojournalist specialised on Jammu and Kashmir. Author of The Heart of Kashmir.
  • Katz, Colby Documentary photographs of sideshows, small towns, beauty pageants, and teenage hunters.
  • Kemp, Bentley Editorial and fine Art photos, paintings and collages for publications, marketing, exhibitions and collections.
  • Klimek, Martin Editorial and documentary photography specializing in location portraiture.
  • Knowles, Lindsay Lightning photography and storm chasing. Features guest book, links and photo gallery.
  • Koutsoukos, Yannis A digital portfolio with photograph under several subjects. Most of them are published in Greek newspapers and magazines.
  • Krieger, Herman An offbeat look at churches in America, a small town in Oregon called Blue River, and other photo essays.
  • Levin, Mikael Presents projects "War Story", "Common Places", "The Border Project" and "Walking City".
  • Lewis, Jonny Australian photographer who has made portfolios on Bondi Beach, in Indonesia, the Outback, the Bush and most recently worked in East Timor. This is all black and white work and is available to collecters and for exhibition.
  • Light, Ken From Texas death row to rural Mississippi. Also a stock list and biography.
  • Lipman, James Reportage style images on the UK, Shanghai, China and Bolivia. Samples of published work on site.
  • Little-Smith, David Black and white general documentary photography and 2 essays on Gay Pride events and activists.
  • Loren, Raku A series titled "Stories From The Road" featuring Indonesia, North America, India, Morocco, Brazil and Laos.
  • Ludak, Mark Online portfolio, Lambertville New Jersey based professional photographer.
  • Lyon, Danny and Edwards, Hugh Black and white images by Danny Lyon (still photography and film) and color images by Hugh Edwards.
  • Løfquist, Michael Independent filmmaker, writer and photographer presents photography from China.
  • Manley, Tina Portraits of people in Honduras, Guatemala, Middle East and Russia.
  • Manning, Michael Boston based photographer specializing in humanistic documentary and editorial work. The site is a showcase for his corporate and personal work.
  • McAllister, Andrew Portfolio of commissioned and personal work from Ohio based photographer.
  • McClellan, Michael Documentary photography includes photos of landscapes, monks and monasteries, portraits, and still lifes.
  • McCluskey, Corrie Social documentary photography site offers street scenes, cemeteries, prisons and architecture with images of Alcatraz, San Francisco, Prague, Terezin/Theresienstadt, Auschwitz. Includes portfolio, biography, gallery, links and publications.
  • McEwen, William Black and white portrait photographer uses an 8x10 view camera to photograph people in politics, entertainment and the arts.
  • McKinnon, Sheila Of Italy, India and developing countries. Has worked with UNICEF, Africare and FAO.
  • McLinn, Libby Documentary Sight. Award winning photography from New York City and Brooklyn featuring weddings, editorials, music and portraits.
  • Min, Marcelo Photographs and stories about real brazilians. Includes audiovisual, biography, and contact.
  • Minami, Brian Recent photojournalism from Los Angeles, CA, with emphasis on the Japanese American community. Special projects include text and photo essays documenting the Lordsburg and Santa Fe WWII internment camps.
  • Mobasher, Johnny Street photography, social documentary and environmental photography.
  • Mornement, Hannah Portfolio featuring projects on Antarctica and Eastern Europe as well as performance images of musicians.
  • Motola, Gabrielle Official website for London-based photographer, specialized in portraiture and observational-styled personal documentary projects.
  • Moxham, Kate Travel and documentary photographer. Capturing the essence of life around the world. Images from Cuba, India, Morocco, Vietnam, Burma, and the American west.
  • Naselli, Fluvio Pietro Mainly reportage photographer, trying to cover aspects that are connected to a broad range of social issues.
  • Nelson, Barbara Author is homebased in NYC. Daily lives of people, their environments and events Studio portraits are included.
  • Newbery, Paul Photographs of general landscapes from travels from inside and outside of UK. Features information about author, FAQ, gallery and contact.
  • Nicholls, James Online gallery of images and documentary photo assignments for humanitarian projects such as the war in Sudan. Includes portfolio, projects, artist and contact.
  • Nicola Kurtz - Photographer Portfolio website for the London-based documentary photographer Nicola Kurtz.
  • Nimcova, Lucia Features photos, media, portfolio, ilustrations, projects, exhibitions.
  • Olley, Jonathan Award winning documentary photographer based in London, England. Work focusing on images to help us to better interpret and connect with the world.
  • Owens, Bill Published works include Suburbia, Working, and Our Kind of People.
  • Pathy, Mariette Allen Collections of black and white and color photographs: vintage photographic images from Philadelphia and New Jersey, "people with art" and transgender documentary images.
  • People of Endangered Cultures: A Portrait of Compassion The award winning photography of Phil Borges is combined with personal anecdotes, and the spiritual thoughts by the Dalai Lama.
  • Perez, Paul Photography specializing in Latino and Hispanic lifestyle and culture.
  • Perkins, J.D. Award-wining British photographer presents essays on the UK, Germany, Canada and the Middle East conflict (2000-2002) in black and white and in color. Stories from beaches to politics to war to art.
  • Polach, Scott Gallery of Chicago based fine art and documentary photographer.
  • Privitera, Marisa Monochrome and documentary photography on Sicily, the North End of Boston, Florida and Italian immigrants.
  • Radim, Beznoska Czech documentary photographer. Gypsy, social and other topics.
  • Ranard, John Social documentary photography. Included are photographs of drug use and HIV issues in the former Soviet Union, boxing, prisoners, New York, and weddings.
  • Raul Touzon Photography Documentary, Editorial and Underwater Photography. Photography Workshops and Image Sales
  • Rawson, Piers Landscape and cultural imagery, with emphasis on reportage and documentary, includes digital artwork.
  • Redis, Merkurios Portrait, travel and street photography of the U.S., India, Cuba, Tibet, Nepal, Greece and China.
  • Renaldi, Richard New York based photographer's works include portrait, travel and social issues.
  • Rhoades, Michael Independent photographer based in Chicago. Documentary photography from East Timor, Cuba, and Chicago.
  • Richard Sobol Photography Documentary photographs by Richard Sobol including the Abayudaya Jews of Uganda, Architect Frank Gehry and the design and construction of MIT Stata Center wildlife and endangered species
  • Ridings, Daniel Photographs documenting everyday life in the midwest: St. Louis, southern Illinois. More recent photographs come from Sweden and Africa.
  • Rosenoff, Lara Edgy, mind expanding photography and stunning mind blowing travel photography.
  • Russell, Tobin Assignment documentary and editorial photojournalist. Features portfolio, news, and friends.
  • Sabrie, Gilles Features photos from New York, China, Indonesia, India, Bengladesh. Themes are Faith, Washington DC Millennium March, Calcutta prostitutes.
  • Saxgren, Henrik Official site of the Danish photographer. Include gallery, war and love, books and links.
  • Schlossman, Marc London based photographer and photojournalist. The sections in the site range from traditional photojournalism to corporate portraiture and abstract landscapes.
  • Schulman, Susan UK based photographer, specialising in editorial, documentary and NGO work. Frequently updated current gallery along with work from the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and USA.
  • Shambroom, Paul Images explore power in its various forms. Recent projects include "Nuclear Weapons" and "Meetings."
  • Siva, Sami Portfolio of Canadian photographer based in Toronto showcasing his projects which include Mandapam refugee camp for Sri Lankan Tamils, Roncesvalles and documentary work from India.
  • Sliwa, Jakub Portfolio of award winning freelance photographer based in Cracow, Poland. Includes biography, images from India, Egypt, and Ukraine, and contact details. [English, Polish]
  • Smith, Victoria Hot rock photography, fashion and portraits. Primarily documenting the San Francisco music scene, and contracting to worldwide publications, agencies and individuals.
  • Soar, Duncan Freelancer based in London, UK. Portrait and documentary photography.
  • Sonnenschein, Timm The portfolio site of the contemporary German photographer. The Lifeboat Bremen, pinhole, and concept.
  • Stark, Andrew The web site of Australian photographer. His candid, street work spans over 20 years showcasing Sydneysiders in gritty, grainy, black and white.
  • Stecha, Pavel Black and white photographs, documenting the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.
  • Stockenström, Tone Authors documentary work has been published in Doubletake Magazine, Photographers Forum, Time Out New York, River Oaks Review, Streetwise, American Photo on campus and The Chicago Tribune Magazine. Features gallery of wedding photography, biography and contact.
  • Syracuse, Nicholas Uncover a mystical sense within an elusive America. A road adventure peering over the shoulder of documentary, travel, and fine art photographer.
  • Taylor, Mark Parren London-based travel, editorial and documentary photographer. Particular specialisms include China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and South-east Asia.
  • Tehrani, Alex Photos from Africa to Asia to South America following stories of personal and political interest. Includes portfolio, biography and contact information.
  • Thompson, Michael Photojournalist and documentarian. Samples of photography, which can be used for both publication and advertisement.
  • Tompkins, Kent A portfolio of 20 years' work featuring Native American ceremonies, Central America, candid portraiture and landscape images.
  • Tondl, Jiri Photo gallery of a Prague photographer, member of the AF, association of the professional photographers of the Czech Republic. Includes photographs from Beijing and Prague.
  • Typaldos, Scott Authors photography web site including pictures from his book "Mes details". Include diary, buildings and portraits.
  • Tzanev, Zara Portfolio including images from a project on Bulgarian emigres in Boston. Also, photographs of rodeos, truckers, and people in their daily lives.
  • Unsworth, Luke Photographer recently involved in documenting the regeneration of The Bull Ring in Birmingham. Mainly black and white photography, his work is contemporary and modern.
  • van der Helm, Wim Of Rwanda, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Congo, and other essays. Berlin based.
  • van der Pal, Joep A documentary of Cholmondeley Children's Home in Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • van IJken, Jan Documentary photography on religious customs of the Netherlands.
  • Villarino, Xulio Reports, exhibitions and original photographs on site.
  • Walker, Chris Photographer based in Sheffield, UK, specialised in documentary photography and reportage.
  • Watt, Bryan "Disappearing Cultures" documents the lives of 2 hill tribes in South-east Asia. Available for work on humanitarian projects.
  • West, Jim Images deal with jobs, economic issues, race relations, guns and violence, the environment, outdoor recreation, and portraits. Extensive stock photo list, with licensing information.
  • Westcott, Ed Documenting nuclear development (1942-1959) from The Manhattan Project to the Cold War and daily life at Oak Ridge.
  • Whitaker, J. Michael Images celebrating the wonderment of individuality; Cuba, restricted attention, nyc 11 september 2001, pictures without people.
  • Wilkinson, Mark Documentary photographer showcases his award winning work. Regular clients include The Royal National Theatre, The Arts Council of England, Centerpoint and IPC magazines.
  • Willett, Amani A site showcasing images from across the globe. Including Cuba, South Africa, Brazil and Tanzania.
  • Wodnicka, Barbara An online portfolio featuring portraits, features and photojournalism, infrared photos and photos from Thailand, Luxton rodeo and Quebec.
  • Wright, Bill Emphasis's on "the positive attributes of humanity" with a series on the Tigua and Kickapoo Indians.
  • Zarrow, Alison Online portfolio of Tulsa Oklahoma based photographer. Portfolio, resume and contact information.


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