• Patel, Roma Digital theatrical designer in the UK and Europe. Includes examples of work in theatre, film and television examples of working techniques and tutorials.
  • Allenby, Kate Portfolio of set designs, props, costume and scenic art.
  • Antaky, Matthew San Francisco based scenic and lighting designer. Image galleries and resume.
  • Ardizzone-West, Jason Portfolio of theater design. Includes images of lighting design, architecture, and photography.
  • Aronow, Scott Portfolio of New York City based scenic designer Scott Aronow. Resume and Photographs.
  • Barisonek, Justin Free-lance Lighting and Theatrical Designer. Resume, biography, image gallery.
  • Bembridge, Brian Award Winning Chicago, U.S.A. based Scenic and Lighting Designer. Image galleries and resume.
  • Boik, Jeramy Technical director's resume with examples of theatrical and lighting designs.
  • Bosy, Pavlo Conceptual theatrical design examples, resume and writings from the Ukrainian theatre academic and practitioner Pavlo Bosy.
  • Bower, Alan Design work by Alan Bower, UK theatrical designer and scenic artist for theatre, television and corporate events.
  • Bown, Abi Theatre designer and illustrator based in the UK specialsing in theatre for children, puppetry and small Props. Example of puppetry and theatre design.
  • Bradley, Scott Scenic designer based in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Working in theater, opera, film and television. Images of various designs.
  • Burgess, Paul London-based set, costume and projections designer and experimental theatre director. Includes news, biography, portfolio of designs, information on projects, and contact details.
  • Burrows, David International theatre designer and lecturer. Costume and set renderings, production images, theatre research area and cv.
  • Conway, Daniel Online portfolio of Daniel Conway, Washington D.C. based Scenic Designer. Portfolio, biography and contact information.
  • Crompton, Peter Portfolio of San Francisco based scenic designer and sculptor Peter Crompton. Site includes bio, contact information, and image galleries.
  • Davidson, Glenn Canadian designer, with a range of theatre and opera designs on display.
  • Daw, Simon Portfolio of international theatre designer and artist. Image gallery and production details.
  • Diaz, Erik Theater designer based in Boston, U.S.A. Production photos and sketch work.
  • Disbergen, Wilhelm International theatre designer of sets, costumes and lighting for dramas, operas, dance and musicals.
  • Fahrer, Martin Design work by Emmy Award winning television and theatre designer. Production photos and sketch work.
  • Finkelstein, Richard Extensive portfolio of American theater designer and academic, displaying work from a variety of productions including a Broadway show that toured to the then USSR in the late 80's.
  • Fisher, Mark UK based architects and production designers for music concerts, theatre and television.
  • Gallo, David Tony award winning theater and musical theater designer. Production image galleries, biography and reviews.
  • Garcia, Regina Portfolio of New York City based theater designer, with experience in opera, theater, musicals and corporate events.
  • Grünberg, Klaus Portfolio of the international theatre designer Klaus Grunberg, image galleries illustrating his work in a wide range of theatrical genres.
  • Hammer, Andrew G USA based theater designer, Image galleries illustrating conceptual and realised performances.
  • Hart Hansen, Nicolai Theatre designer, consultant, model-maker and theatre design lecturer. Includes images of theatre productions, biography and c.v.
  • Hatley, Tim Award-winning Production Designer for Film and Theatre. Images from Spamalot, Closer and Notes on A Scandal.
  • Helnwein, Gottfried German theatre designer with a rich, performance art visual image. Site contains examples of work in theatre, ballet and opera.
  • Helpern, Lauren Portfolio of New York based designer of theatre and musical productions. Production images and resume.
  • Heyse, Nicolaus-Johannes Portfolio of stage design.
  • Hillmar, Gregg Scenic and lighting designer based in the USA
  • Homchick, Kent Stage and scenic designer in Colorado. Includes examples of stage design techniques.
  • Housman, Bronia Portfolio, production photographs and CV of UK based theatre designer Bronia Housman.
  • Huber, Patrick Teacher and designer with examples of scenic and lighting designs for theater.
  • Kalatzis, Katrina Design examples and resume of USA based theater designer Katrina Kalatzis.
  • Klingelhoefer, Robert Resident designer at Fulton Opera House, Pennsylvania, and the Contemporary American Theatre Festival. Resume and design images.
  • Kobak, Mark Freelance theatrical and opera designer based in Cleveland, USA.
  • Kouwenhoven, Erik International theatre designer and director. Galleries of dance, theatre and design work.
  • Kronzer, James Scenic designer based in Washington, DC. Includes portfolio, resume and contact information.
  • LeFevre, Ted Theatrical designer with experience in theater, opera and television. Based in New York, USA.
  • Magaw, Jack Online portfolio of Jack Magaw, Chicago based Scenic and Lighting Designer. Portfolio, resume and contact information.
  • Manciagli, Salvo. Italian based Theatre Designer working internationally specialising in opera and theatre. Production photographs, a biography and design schemes.
  • Marcos, Claude Australian theatre and costume designer. Image galleries, c.v. and contact information. [Requires Flash]
  • Marker, Alex British theatrical designer with experience in a wide range of theatrical and television productions. Includes photo galleries, resume and press clippings.
  • Marshall, Stuart Belfast, UK based theatre designer, site contains image galleries of conceptual and production designs, description of design process and c.v.
  • Maxwell, George American theatrical designer with a range of images detailing work in theater and opera.
  • McMath, Tim Theatrical design portfolio. Production photos and resume.
  • Naylor, Diana. Diana Naylor's online theatrical portfolio includes images of set and costume design, AutoCAD drawings and production photographs.
  • Neeman, Ruth. Site displaying photo galleries of American set designer's work, including design work for the premiere of The Laramie Project.
  • Neil, Sophie London based scenographer, offering production design for opera, dance, theatre, installation, film and live events.
  • Newman-Brown, Rhiannon UK based opera and theatre designer. Reviews, production images and curriculum vitae.
  • Pollard, John Theatrical, television and film designer based in New York, U.S.A. Theatrical and operatic production photographs.
  • Prague Quadrennial Quadrennial international theatre design exhibition. Details of exhibitors and image galleries.
  • Rizzotti, Patrick J. Portfolio of Toms River New Jersey based Scenic Painter. Images of productions and resume.
  • Rogue, Lili. French theatre designer working in the UK. Includes examples of theatre design, community outreach and costume construction.
  • Rosenthal, Todd American theatrical designer working in opera and theater. Production images and sketch work.
  • Sage, Jonathan T. Student designer's portfolio with galleries detailing scenic and lighting design.
  • Schweikardt, Michael New York based American theatrical designer. Resume, biography and photographs.
  • Soroko, April Theatrical designers site including many images of costume designs for a wide range of academic and some professional productions.
  • Stone, Kris International theatrical designer. Site a wide range of Kris Stone's varied and acclaimed work.
  • Umfrid, Thomas C. Designer of theatrical sets for drama, musicals and opera. Site features gallery of work, resume, design history, vitae and contact information. Based in Cincinnati.
  • United Scenic Artists Designers and artists for the entertainment industry.
  • Vassiliev, Alexandre Designer for opera, theatre and ballet. Examples of costume and set design and biographical details about the artists' academic work in fashion and costume history.
  • Wagner, Marie Lynn Theatrical designer's portfolio with image galleries and details of a number of productions.
  • Walsh, Frank Provides design services for exhibitions, live events, museum displays, theater, and interior design.
  • Welch, Douglas Theatre consultants providing lighting design, audio systems design, and audio/visual systems design.
  • Wilkerson, Megan Portfolio of Milwaukee based Scenic Designer. Image gallery, resume and contact information.
  • Windberger, Markus Andreas Austrian theatre designer with experience in theatre and corporate design. Production images.
  • Winslow, Colin. International designer and theatre design academic's site illustrating designs for a range of productions and articles discussing new technological advancements in theatre design.
  • Zieglerova, Klara Internationally recognized theatre designer from Prague who is based in New York. Designs have been featured in plays on and off Broadway, and also in films.


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