Portfolios related to lighting design specifically related to theater, and dance. Designers who deal mainly in Industrial lighting design or architecture should list elsewhere.
  • Adam Bassett Design Limited Lighting design for the entertainment, architectural and corporate industries. Includes information on the staff, and previous projects.
  • Ambrosone, John Lawrence Massachusetts based Lighting Designer working in Theater, Opera and Dance.
  • Ansell, Flick Freelance Lighting Designer based in the UK available for all performance and events projects.
  • Arnold, Stephen New York based Lighting Designer specializing in Theater, Dance, Music, and Corporate Events. Includes resume, images, reviews and paperwork for recent projects.
  • Badger, Jason A. Lighting Programmer with 20 years of theatrical experience. Listings of Experience and contact information available.
  • Becker, Tim - Fluid Lighting Founded by Tim Becker, Fluid Lighting is a lighting design firm that specializes in theatrical and architectural lighting designs that create environments that move and touch audiences.
  • Bembridge, Brian Chicago based scenic and lighting designer. Includes portfolio and resumes.
  • Besson, Danielle UK lighting designer for conferences, exhibitions, fashion shows, and arts events. Production photos and contact information.
  • Beyer, Michael J. An online portfolio of theatrical designs - lighting and scenic.
  • Blue Hill Design Designs lighting for corporate events and theatre.
  • Bonner, Jon Theatrical Lighting and Set Designs. Also doing technical consultations and lighting system designs/installations.
  • Butts, Mark Automated lighting programming and lighting design for concerts, corporate events, and television.
  • chaoscenter Lighting and production design site for touring, corporate and television. Rolf Wenzel, designer based in Germany works euro- and worldwide for the entertainment industry.
  • Clotfelter, James Professional portfolio of international lighting designer James Clotfelter. Images, CV, and links to relevant collaborators.
  • Clyve, Scott Design and Consultaion the Entertainment Industry
  • Conacher, Hugh Twenty years of lighting design and project management for the performing arts, film and video. A specialist in lighting for dance, theatre and music.
  • Cooke, Nick Provides lighting design, operation, and technical services for shows and events. UK based. Includes personal information, photo galleries, and a links page.
  • Cooper, Charles Online portfolio of Charles Cooper, Oak Park Illinois based Theater Lighting Designer. Portfolio, resume and contact information.
  • Couture, Alain Lighting Designer within the school of creators who fuses the many facets of up-to-date technologies.
  • Crick, Steve Professional lighting design for theatre, dance, opera and commercial projects. Images, credits and contact information.
  • dalton design ltd lighting and production design. television, concert, exhibit, event.
  • Darcy Design LLC A New York based lighting design company for theatrical or corporate events.
  • DreamVisible Lighting Design Lighting design for concerts, corporate shows, and touring. Information includes reviews, portfolio, and contact details.
  • Eagland, Matthew Biography and gallery of previous theatre lighting design work.
  • Farncombe-Fischer, Markus Includes pictures, press releases, and resume.
  • Feldman Designs LLC A full service design firm specializing in entertainment lighting.
  • Fischerm, Kai Theatre lighting and set designer based in Glasgow, UK.
  • Fuller, Thom Includes personal scenic/lighting designs. Based in Missouri.
  • Gallegos, William London based freelance lighting designer and lighting technician providing lighting and production services for theatre, corporate, and special occasions.
  • Gardner, Andrew Lighting Design for all forms of entertainment including theatre, commercial events, architectural, conference, and cabaret.
  • Got Light? Lighting design for theater, dance, opera, events, and private functions based in California.
  • Grabowski, Michael Thomas Designer with experience at MTV Times Square Studios and the Howard Stern Radio Show.
  • Grant, Alistair Web site of the international lighting designer. Includes biography, design portfolio and contact details.
  • Greeson, Timothy New York City based Event Lighting Designer. Portfolio, client list and contact information.
  • Habeck, Michelle Chicago based Lighting, scenic and multimedia designer for the theater. Portfolio and resume.
  • Hamburger, Susan Portfolio and Credits for New York based Theatre, Dance, Opera, and Corporate Event Lighting Designer Susan Hamburger.
  • Harper, Jon Freelance designer of over 60 shows, based in Buffalo, NY. Includes design portfolio and resume.
  • Hartley, Bryan Designs lighting for concerts and theatrical shows. Specializes in moving light programming and integrating special effects into a show.
  • Hennessy, Sean A portfolio of a NYC based lighting designer. Includes documentation of past and present projects. Also featured are photographs, slideshows, a resume and online designer tools.
  • Hillmar, Gregg Designer for corporate and theatrical productions. Includes portfolio of designs.
  • Hultquist, Jim Lighting and photography portfolio.
  • Hungerford, Andrew J. Lighting designer from MSU, site has production history with an abundance of images.
  • Hutchison, Jim Lighting designer and automated lighting programmer. Lighting Design for theatre, concert production, business theatre, industrial design, and film.
  • Iannacone, Ernest W. Lighting, Set, Sound Design, Video and Production Services.
  • Jkld Inc. Lighting design and production for fashion shows, special events, trade shows, retail display, architecture, television and theatre.
  • Jonathan, Mark Biography, picture gallery and press quotes of recent lighting designs for theatre, opera, ballet, dance and arena.
  • Jones, Kristopher D Lighting Designer based out of the Chicagoland area. MFA from Ohio State. Large Production Archive and Galleries.
  • Kaiser, Charles R. Godtar is an entity that exists to serve Christian houses of worship and the not-for-profit, charitable and educational theatre communities.
  • Kato, Ben Contents include resume, portfolio, renderings and photos.
  • Keenan, Lee Digital portfolio of lighting and scenic designer Lee Keenan.
  • Klainer, Traci Online portfolio of Traci Klainer, New York City based Theater Lighting Designer. Portfolio, resume and contact information.
  • Kongshaug, Jesper Lighting designer born in Denmark, now working internationally for theatre, opera, dance, events and television.
  • Lander, David Offers design services for theater, architectural, themes and special events. Includes production and location lighting information and photos, along with contact information.
  • Lasiter, John Online portfolio of John Lasiter, New York City based Lighting and Scenic Designer for Theater, Opera and Dance. Portfolio, resume and contact information.
  • Luxious Lighting Provides design, programming, and consulting services for live events from theater to rock concerts to trade shows.
  • Meadow, Aaron Lighting Design Portfolio
  • Mehta, Prema Lighting Design for theatre
  • Mendelowitz, Kade Lighting Designer and Technical Director for the University of Alaska Fairbanks Theatre Department.
  • Miller, David UK based freelance lighting designer and moving light programmer David Miller. Site features CV and recent shows, as well as pictures.
  • Moity, Gilbert Based in Paris, Lighting Designer for Architectural Lighting and Events.
  • Mollner, David A freelance lighting designer with over 10 years of experience working on tradeshows, product launches, meetings, special events, concerts, and theater. Includes photos, resume, and contact information.
  • Mongold, Mark Lighting designer specializing in dance.
  • Morrison, Charlie Lighting design for theatre, touring, live events, architecture, and themed environments across the USA and abroad.
  • O'Shea, Steve Portfolio and resume of the lighting designer.
  • Ordower, Daniel Lighting design for theatre, events, architecture and installations. Biography, photos, press, and contact information.
  • Palazzo, Paul Lighting design and consultation for exhibition lighting, corporate events, museum installations and theatre.
  • Palma, Kim Photos of Kim Palma's theatrical and dance lighting designs with a link for email.
  • Pan Tilt Studios Lighting visualization company which designs lighing in the virtual world to save time and money in the real world.
  • Pearson Lighting A lighting Design firm.
  • Plater, David Theatrical lighting designer based in London. Includes a list of productions, and a photo gallery.
  • Poulis, Randy - Lightworkz Randy Poulis, MFA, is a professional lighting designer for theatre and film as well as an instructor in the discipline.
  • Primrose, Jon The lighting design work of UK based designer Jon Primrose.
  • Ricketts, Dan Resume and images of theatre and dance lighting designs.
  • Rowse, Shane Online resume and portfolio of Kansas City lighting designer.
  • Rubenstahl, Ruby Website and Portfolio for lighting designer and technician Ruby Rubenstahl
  • Rubinstein, Uri American/Israeli designer and teacher with 23 years experience; presently living in Paris, working around the world. Well-organized site with portfolio of impressive production photos, resume, and resources for designers and students.
  • Sadler, David L. Contains production photos, news, and contact details.
  • Salzberg, Jeffrey E. A lighting designer specializing in dance. Includes portfolio, photos, reviews.
  • Schlick, John John Schlick is a concert lighting designer. Photos of his work, articles that he has written about touring, and lighting related information.
  • Schulman, Joshua Homepage of Joshua L. Schulman, Lighting Designer
  • Sonia Pasqual Online lighting design portfolio and resume for theatre, dance, and opera. Includes photographs from recent productions.
  • Stiller, Michael Lighting Design is the on-line presence of Michael Stiller, Inc., a full service lighting design company specializing in television and live theatrical events.
  • TAM Studios Provides lighting design for theatre, dance, and concerts. It features online portfolios of designers associated with TAM.
  • Tevelow, Benjamin C. This site contains portfolio photos, resume and references for Benjamin C. Tevelow, freelance designer, director and technician.
  • Thompson, Barbara E. Professional lighting designer for dance.
  • Treeble Lighting Theatre and entertainment lighting design services. Conferences, trade shows, corporate presentations and architectural lighting design.
  • Tsutsui, Hideaki Lighting Designer: Hideaki Tsutsui's resume and pictures of his work.
  • Veitch, Matthew Online portfolio, resume and contact resource. Includes photographs from recent productions.
  • Weiner, David Lighting design for Theater, Film, Architecture, and Special Events. Includes project photographs and video.
  • Welch, Jacob M. Freelance lighting designer working in theatre, dance, corporate, and opera.
  • Wilder, Andrew Lighting design for theatre, dance, concerts, trade-shows, corporate, and industrial events.
  • Woods, Steve Lighting designer of opera, dance, and theatre.
  • Wrightson, Ann Online portfolio of Ann Wrightson, New York City based Theater Lighting Designer. Portfolio, resume and contact information.


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