Person who manipulates an inanimate object (a puppet) to create the illusion of life. A puppeteer can operate a puppet either by the use of strings, rods, wires or simply their own hands.
  • Acorn's Productions Information about Jonathon Acorn, an international puppeteer and clown from New Zealand. Includes CV, various shows he performs in and pictures.
  • Andrew Kim Creates puppet and mask plays, pageants, parades with theaters and community arts groups in the Seattle area. Includes past work with Heart of the Beast, Bread and Puppet.
  • Andy Hayward Puppeteer and puppet builder. Includes profile, news, credits, puppet design portfolio, video clips, and contact information.
  • Arm of The Sea Theater Original, live performances in New York's Hudson Valley with visual theater that incorporates masks, puppets and live music.
  • Artello Puppet and theatre company from Vigo (Galicia, Spain) founded by Rosa Hurtado and Santiago Montenegro.
  • Atlanta Puppet Professional puppet shows and workshops for schools, festivals, fairs, malls, and cruise ships. All styles of puppetry. Award winning Master Puppeteer Peter Hart.
  • Barefoot Puppets Heidi Rugg's shows feature world folk-tales and far-away lands with scripts that aim to be imaginative and well-researched. Performance schedule, show descriptions and photographs.
  • Barry Purves Article from Bright Lights Film Journal discusses the major works of the British puppet animator.
  • Blind Summit Theatre Information on plays, workshops, history, tour dates, and contact details.
  • Blue Sky Puppet Theatre This professional touring company presents educational, fine art, and fun performances. Topics include: math education, peaceful conflict resolution, drug and alcohol prevention.
  • Bob Baker Marionettes The longest running children's theater in Los Angeles. All of the marionettes, puppets, props and costumes for the theater are produced in the on-site shop. Performances play for audiences of all ages.
  • Bryan, Lee aka That Puppet Guy Captivating audience while creating lasting memories through the magic of live puppetry performances.
  • Carousel Puppets Puppet shows for all occasions. Large and colorful marionettes and hand puppets. Lively music and lots of audience participation.
  • Chicagoland Puppetry Guild An affiliate of the Puppeteers of America. Officers, details of upcoming meetings, and a member directory.
  • Crabgrass Puppet Theatre Offers information on history, current productions, booking, news, public performance dates and a photograph gallery. Based in Vermont.
  • Curious Moon Puppet Theatre Georgia-based puppet company that provides programs and workshops for all ages and venues.
  • Dandelion Puppets British puppet shows, children's entertainment, wildlife shows. See and learn shows with an educational bias.
  • Deputy Bob Christian ventriloquist. Services, photographs and news.
  • Don Becker A well-made odd collection of original characters and miniature marionettes.
  • Freshwater Pearls Puppetry Presents classic puppet theatre to schools, libraries, festivals, museums, historic sites and other venues.
  • Friends Puppet Offer character education puppet adventures in Vancouver, Washington. Children will learn and laugh as the Friends teach important Bible lessons.
  • Gary Friedman Productions Showcases the work of a South African with over twenty years experience in puppetry-in-education and development, advertising promotions, television and live theatre production.
  • Gasch Stories & Puppets Dianne Gasch is a professional puppeteer using hand and bigger than life size puppets. Bob Gasch is a professional storyteller. Both are available to schools, libraries and other organizations for workshops, inservices or performances.
  • Great Arizona Puppet Theater Online reservations, show descriptions, and show times.
  • Grey Seal Puppets A professional puppetry performance and design company which performs over 300 shows a year. Grey Seal also has many years experience in T.V. and video, as well as construction.
  • International Purves Puppets Scotland's only permanent puppet theatre. Information on puppet shows, workshops, children's parties, Christmas shows, teacher inservice and touring company.
  • Jim Gamble Puppet Productions Extensive repertoire of original state-of-the-art productions, each with its own set of unique puppet characters.
  • Kelly, Kevin Magic and puppet shows for adults, families, and children in the Chicago area. Biography, show descriptions and testimonials.
  • Kurt Hunter Marionettes Minnesota-based puppeteers who perform in concert halls, schools and retirement homes, accompanied by music ranging from classical to lively dance tunes.
  • Lambert Puppet Theatre The only purpose built puppet theatre in Ireland. The theatre operates throughout the year on Saturdays and Sundays, with performances at 3:30pm, and productions change monthly.
  • Larry Smith and his Puppets Photographs and stories behind Cincinnati puppeteer Larry Smith, Hattie the Witch, Teaser Mouse, Rudy the Rooster, and the rest of the gang.
  • Le Theatre de Marionette Theater troupe offering young patrons professionally staged marionette performances. Based in Las Colinas, TX.
  • Len Levitt: Jewish Puppetry Puppeteer and performer who co-created the Children's Video series Aleph-Bet Blastoff! which was funded by the Steven Spielberg Foundation.
  • Little Stage and Puppet Theater Located in Los Angeles area, it shows children's plays, based on folk fairy tales from around the world.
  • Lone Wolf Tribe Kevin Augustine and his band of foam-rubber creations. Tour schedule provided.
  • MaxImagination Max and his friends are professional puppets available to entertain and teach children in various age groups.
  • Michael Ziegfield Official site with a biography, reviews and production schedule of the performing artist/media puppeteer. Also includes The Ziegfeld Company Multi-Media Group.
  • Miss Carol's Magical Puppetime These delightful and interactive puppet shows combine puppetry with music, magic, storytelling, comedy and audience participation; good for all ages.
  • Mountain Marionettes A full time, professional puppet company, specializing in fast-paced marionette variety shows that will charm children and adults alike.
  • Mrs. McPuppet Presents Presents music, skits, puppets, educational themes, in concert, school shows, residencies, and community settings.
  • Nick Barone's Puppets Nick Barone Puppets provides puppet shows and professionally built puppets and puppet videos.
  • Opera in Focus William B. Fosser's puppet production presents fully staged scenes from well known operas in performances. History, repertoire and reservations.
  • Other Hand Productions Offers workshops on the life of a professional puppeteer as well as shows. Show information and workshop descriptions.
  • Otome-Bunraku Japanese traditional doll performance presented by Manami Sakamoto. Her profile, performance schedule, and address.
  • Performance Art and Puppetry from EE EE is a performance art group that uses puppets, projections, live music and costumes to create unique entertainment experiences.
  • PetraPuppets Steven and Jeanie Petruzzella perform for schools, libraries and family audiences.
  • Pierewiet The puppet theater of Belgian puppeteer Marc Beutenn, who creates his own wooden puppets and marionettes.
  • Poppentheater Siert van den Berg Puppeteer from the Netherlands. Performances for children in schools and theaters. Introduction in English.
  • Presto Puppet Theatre British touring puppet theatre presenting colourful children's productions using a variety of puppet styles. Bookers select from a repertoire for smaller theatres and school presentation.
  • Punch and Brodie Puppet Productions Puppet characters are available for business conferences, corporate communications, theme events, company meetings, sales events, trade shows, industrial training videos and other presentations.
  • Puppets to Go Serving New York, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut for children's parties.
  • Puppetworks, Inc. Puppet theatre in New York City: in Brooklyn (all year round) and Manhattan (twice yearly 6-week runs) and various other locations - with emphasis on the wooden marionette.
  • Rainbow Puppet Productions Touring theatre creating programs celebrating family and nature.
  • Ramdas Padhye Information about the Indian ventriloquist, puppeteer and puppet builder; his various collections of puppets and shows performed by him.
  • Rayz Roadshow Edutainment in schools and churches. Teaching morals through comedy, ventriloquism, illusions, sound effects, stories, balloon animals.
  • Red Herring Puppets Over 25 years experiences designing, building, and performing puppets for film, television, theatre, opera, schools, libraries, museums and special events.
  • Rick Lyon Film and television puppeteer for television programs like Sesame Street and Bear in the Big Blue House and films like Men In Black. Rick also performs with his own troupe, The Lyon Puppets.
  • Shoestring Theater Community theater in Portland, Maine. They focus on Puppets, in parades and in Workshops.
  • Sicilian Puppet Theater of the Flli Pasqualino The traditional form of epic popular theater that developed in Sicily in the early 1800's, performed with the famous sicilian puppets, a unique kind of marionettes covered with knightly armor.
  • Small World Puppets Offers mobile puppet theater and workshops. Descriptions of shows including Puppet Palooza.
  • Sol y Tierra Theatre and video with puppets for children with positive messages; useful for Schools and Cultural Centres.
  • Svanen A Danish-Czech professional touring puppet-theater for children and childish grown-ups.
  • Teatro en kofro Introducing a puppet theatre that caters for both children and adults, presented by the famous solo-puppeteer, Thomas Plaszky , one of the leading puppeteers of Slovakia.
  • The Drawbridge Puppet Theater Puppet and marionette performances, gifts and workshops.
  • The Frisch Marionette Company A professional marionette puppet theater company and creators of high quality, one of a kind, professional, handcrafted, working marionettes.
  • The Huber Marionettes Phillip Huber and David Alexander invite you to experience a world of sophisticated puppetry designed for entertaining discerning tastes.
  • The Old Trout Puppet Workshop Based on a ranch in Southern Alberta, this workshop creates original avant-garde puppetry performances for adults and children alike.
  • The Puppeteers' Company UK based company which tours internationally. Programmes are variously suited to cabaret audiences; festivals; t.v. and theatre; schools.
  • The Robert Rogers Puppet Company This professional puppet troupe creates magical plays with original puppets for performances across the US and around the world.
  • The Worldwide Friends of Punch and Judy A group of people who love the show. Includes an overview of the organization, its mission, and membership details.
  • Tiny Ninja Theater Features descriptions of all shows, archives of reviews and press, company information, store, and production studio. Based in New York.
  • Toytheatre The art of staging a performance in a small scale. The characters are in cardboard and on slides, the sceneries are changeable and the drama enfolds as the practionneers lend voices and movement to the stage held in a miniature theatre the size of a tv box
  • Transformed Puppet Transformed puppet, aliencow puppet show, the shat, corpsy and other puppet videos.
  • Wayne Martin Puppets Show and production information, along with a short video [Real Player format].
  • Wonderworld Productions Ric Morton provides family entertainment for fairs, festivals, birthday parties and other events, as well as educational programs for schools and libraries in southern California.


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