Hypnotists are performers that entertain using hypnotized audience members, usually in an amusing or comedic way.
  • Alexander Based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact information, show descriptions and pictures .
  • Alexander, Rich Based in Florida. The site contains info on the show, the hypnotist and booking the show.
  • Allen, Rick Site includes profile, show and service profiles, news and contact information.
  • Amoroso, Laura Website includes photos, show video and events.
  • Andrews, Blake Based in Longview, Texas. Includes show description, biography, myths and contact information.
  • Barnhart, Don Website has show details, video clips, show photos, dates and products.
  • Becker, Andrew Includes schedule, biography, show profile, common questions and contact form.
  • Bee, Kev Information, bookings and video media.
  • Blaine, Michael Based near Plattsburgh, New York. Includes photos, background and contact information.
  • Casazza, George Includes biography, show photos, booking information and upcoming events.
  • Cerbone, John Stage shows, customer programs, and leadership development.
  • Chase, Jonathan Website includes stage shows, customer and educational programs.
  • Cole, Richard Located in Belleville, Ontario. Website includes bio, testimonials and show types.
  • Collins, Buzz Website includes bio, news updates, show schedule, video samples and contact information.
  • Cristiano Information about show, frequently asked questions and contact details included.
  • Dale K Entertainer from New Lenox, Illinois. Includes news, show profiles, client list, and video clips.
  • Dare, Sami Female performer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Provides biography, show description and contact information.
  • Daughters, John Includes biography, photos, contact and booking information.
  • Dean, Bryan Pennsylvania based performer providing information about background, reviews, booking and contact.
  • DeLuca, Tom Includes profile, show and service profiles, news and contact information.
  • DeVito, Joe Boston based performer providing schedule, booking information and show descriptions.
  • Doc Strange Located in the United Kingdom. Contains show profile, reviews, photos and contact information.
  • Dr Z Website has articals, show schedules and services offered
  • Dr. Julian Florida based performer. Includes biography, show description, pictures and video clips.
  • England, Miles From the United Kingdom. Show profile, contact form and background information included.
  • Faith, Bob Website includes bio, show schedule, video samples and contact information.
  • Gerard V Background and booking information, photos and videos from previous shows. Technical information on show requirements.
  • Gianni Performance description, images, movies, and upcoming performances.
  • Grise, Kevin Based in Australia, includes show description, biography and booking information.
  • Harrizon the Homosexual Hypnotist Show content, FAQ, and blog. Based in North West England.
  • Hemberger, Harold Includes biography, photos, contact and booking information.
  • Hill, Dave Performer includes show profiles, seminars, testimonials and contact information.
  • Imbus, Brian Based in IL. Includes shows, promo tools and contact information.
  • Incredible Boris From Ontario, Canada. Includes biography, contact information, schedule and photo gallery.
  • James, Chris Website includes show information and performance types.
  • James, Justin Based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact information, show descriptions, information and pictures .
  • JayDee Includes video blog, show descriptions, and schedule. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • Johnson, CJ Available for corporate and college events nationwide. Includes video files, biography, photos, schedule and show descriptions.
  • Jones, Barry Performer based in California. Biography, show profile and contact information included.
  • Kalmon, Ricky Los Angeles, California based performer. Includes show profiles, video clips, client list, biography and booking information.
  • Kand, Erick Florida based entertainer for public and private events. Includes FAQs, photos, and information request form.
  • Kaytraz, Al Based in Minnesota. Website includes show packages, contact and background information.
  • Kaz, Thom Show details, video clips, show photos, dates and products.
  • Kellogg, James Jr. Website includes bio, gallery, shows and events.
  • Knight, Paul Contains show information, photos, biography and news.
  • Kruger, Thomas Minneapolis based. Contains a demo video, references and contact information.
  • Lady Rainey Based in Wisconsin. Includes biography, questions and answers, past clients and contact information.
  • LaRosa, Dan Contains biography, show profile, reviews and contact.
  • Laurie, Jack Entertainer and instructor providing biography, schedule, past appearances, show descriptions and contact information.
  • Lennon, Hugh and Hypnodog UK based entertainer providing biography, schedule, past appearances and contact information.
  • Mamos, Pete Entertainer based in North East United States. Provides show description, schedule, biography and contact information.
  • Mecci, Asad Contains biography, FAQs, show descriptions and booking information.
  • Mesmer, Robert Performer based in Victoria, BC, Canada. Show description, client list, photo gallery, biography and booking information.
  • Michaels, Steve New Jersey based performer providing show description, reviews and contact information.
  • Michele, Christine Performer located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Show profiles, biography, news, schedule and photo gallery included.
  • Miller, Glenn Includes biography, background information, request form and contact details.
  • Milligan, Chuck Entertainer located in Santee, California. Includes, contact information, biography and show profiles.
  • Mitchell, Troy Entertainment for show or seminar. Includes biography, show description and contact information.
  • Mr + Mrs Hypnotist Toronto based husband and wife act. Provides biography, show description, photos and contact information.
  • Muir, Robert Ceredigion, West Wales performer describes his use of hypnosis. Features video clips of shows.
  • Mystic, Jason Based in Minnesota. Includes biography, show profiles, news and contact information.
  • Night, Adam Located in the United Kingdom. Includes news, information on hypnosis, show profile, contact information and biography.
  • Oddo, Michael Website includes information on performances and show types.
  • Parker-Katz, Cindy Website includes performance dates, forums, testimonials and photo's.
  • Patrick, Jon Website includes show schedules, picture gallery and booking information
  • Pattison, Rodney Based in Thailand, providing show profiles, photos and contact information.
  • Peak, Russ Contains show profiles, background and contact information, client list and reviews.
  • Pettek, Bill Based in Absecon, New Jersey. Contact information, show descriptions and pictures.
  • Powers, Peter Australian entertainer providing schedule, news, show description and contact details.
  • Proto, Paul Based in the United Kingdom. Includes biography, venues, photos and contact information.
  • Ray, Michael Based in Glens Falls, New York. Includes show descriptions, biography, photo gallery, schedule, past appearances, and contact information.
  • Regan, David Located in the UK. Biography, show description and contact information included.
  • Robertson, Blair Includes show options, booking information and references.
  • Ronning, Geoffrey Lynnwood, Washington performer providing show profiles, client list and contact information.
  • Routh, Josh Performer based in St. Louis, Missouri. Biography, show profile and contact information included.
  • Royle, Jonathan Performer from Great Britain. Biography, show profiles, past shows and contact information.
  • Sands, Alan Contains biography, show profiles, references and schedule.
  • Sinclair, Barry Dublin based entertainer. Includes biography and information about shows and clinics.
  • Skylr Entertainer providing show dates and descriptions, and booking information.
  • Slaving, Dawn The website includes photos and testimonials of performances.
  • Smith, David Bryan Website includes show video's and performance information.
  • Smith, Harrison Show profiles, reviews, video clip, and newsletter included.
  • Spellmaster, Steven Based out of Australia, website contains show profiles, merchandise and contact information.
  • Spinnato, Jim New England entertainer provides references, show information, photos, and related links.
  • St James, Shane Includes show description, pictures and booking information.
  • St. Jones, Casey Performer from Las Vegas providing biography, show profile and contact details.
  • Starr, Mark Based in the Midwest, providing show profiles, photos and contact information.
  • Steele, Greg Performer based in Ohio. Includes show descriptions, video files, testimonials and contact information.
  • Stewart, Ian Located in Nova Scotia. Includes background and contact information, past appearances and frequently asked questions.
  • Stone, Kevin From Hollywood, California. Includes show description, upcoming events and contact information.
  • Strasser, Dan Website includes information on fundraisers, video clips, and contact information for booking.
  • Stubbs, Ron Washington state based performer. Includes show descriptions, schedule, booking and contact information.
  • Szeles, James Biography, booking, contact and show information included.
  • Temple, Robert Website includes show description, pictures and booking information.
  • Terrance B Canadian based entertainer with HypnoDog. Show descriptions, schedule, downloads and contact information included.
  • Tranz, Justin Located in New York City. Offers performance and TV show schedules, reviews, resume, and booking information.
  • Troye Based in South Africa. Contains show information, photos and biography.
  • Tyzen Canadian based performer. Contains show profile, biography, F.A.Q.s, references and contact information.
  • Valley, Jerry and Tommy Vee Includes background and contact information and news.
  • Von Sponneck, Kris Website includes booking, contact information and photos from his shows.
  • West, Jeff Performer from Canada, providing biography, show profiles, and booking and contact information.
  • White, Don Based in Edmond, Oklahoma available for college and corporate events. Includes show profile and contact information.
  • Wood, Faith Website includes biography, photos, contact and booking information.
  • Wronker, Steve This site includes videos, photos, testimonials and type of shows.
  • Zing Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico provides stand up and hypnotism shows. Includes biographies and contact information.


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