• Abrahams, Darren British tenor. Biography, repertoire, photographs, video and news about performances and appearances.
  • Alagna, Roberto French-Sicilian tenor. Biography, reviews, photos, discography.
  • Aler, John American lyric tenor. Biography, Hyperion discography.
  • Amerson, Steve California-based tenor sings in concert with symphony orchestras and also for many movies and commercials. CD sales.
  • Aridan, Yossi Israeli tenor. Official site includes biography, photographs, audio samples and reviews. [English/Hebrew]
  • Armiliato, Fabio Italian tenor. Official site includes biography, discography, performance schedule, reviews and audio and video samples.
  • Asciak, Paul Maltese tenor. Official site includes biography, photographs, audio and video samples and performance history.
  • Ballam, Michael American tenor offers biography, performances, photos, resume and recording sales.
  • Barrell, David English tenor and singing teacher. Reviews, repertoire and audio samples.
  • Bastidas, Edgar Venezuelan lyric spinto tenor. Official site includes biography, repertoire, records and photographs. [English/French/Spanish/German/Italian/Russian]
  • Berger, Peter Slovakian tenor. Official site includes biography, photographs, audio and video samples. [English/Slovakian/Italian/German]
  • Boe, Alfie English tenor. Official site includes a forum, video clips, photographs, news and tour dates.
  • Bomgardner, Stephen Buffo and character tenor. Also Associate Professor of Music at Drury University in Springfield, Missouri.
  • Borja, Juan Argentinian tenor. Includes biography, resume, upcoming events, photo gallery and audio samples.
  • Bottone, Bonaventura British tenor of Italian descent. Includes biography, reviews, his schedule and a photograph gallery.
  • Boyd, Jonathan Biography, discography, photographs and sound clips of the American tenor.
  • Breult, Bob American tenor. Official website includes biography, photographs, audio samples and press kit.
  • Brown, Alexander British tenor. Contains curriculum vitae and repertoire.
  • Burrows, Stuart Welsh tenor. Biography, discography, audio samples and interview.
  • Calleja, Joseph Maltese tenor. Official site includes news, calendar, press reviews, photographs and audio and video samples.
  • Casciarri, Giorgio Italian lyric tenor. Official site includes biography, reviews, discography, photographs, repertoire and audio clips. [Italian/English]
  • Castronovo, Charles American lyric tenor. Official site includes biography, schedule, repertoire, discography, audio samples and photographs.
  • Cerrudo, Bo Filipino classical balladeer. Includes a review of his career, news and articles. [requires Flash]
  • Clark, Thomas American dramatic tenor. Official site includes photographs, audio and video samples.
  • Colvin, Michael Canadian lyric tenor. Official site includes biography, reviews, schedule, repertoire, audio samples and photographs.
  • Corelli, Franco Italian tenor. Tribute site includes short biography and photographs.
  • Cortale, Mark Young Amercian tenor. Official site includes biography, repertoire, audio samples and photographs.
  • d'Anza, Silvio German tenor. Official site of singer who combines classical, pop and jazz elements. Includes audio samples, musical arrangements, discography and photographs.
  • Davies, Maldwyn English tenor. Hyperion discography.
  • DuBois, Mark Canadian lyric tenor. Official site includes biography, shop, schedule, photographs and guestbook.
  • Duncan, Adam Wade American full lyric/spinto tenor and singing teacher, based in Kansas City. Official site includes resume, photos and audio samples.
  • Edwardsen, Mathew Young American tenor. Official site includes biography, performance schedule, press quotes, photographs and audio samples.
  • Elliott, Paul English tenor. Short biography.
  • Enqvist, Erik Young Swedish tenor. Official site includes biography, photographs, audio samples and performance diary. [English/Swedish]
  • Eric Margiore, tenor Young American tenor. Official website includes biography, photographs, audio samples and reviews.
  • Evans, Wynne Welsh tenor. Official site includes diary, news, photographs and biography.
  • Fennell, Eric American lyric tenor. Official site includes biography, schedule, press, photographs and video clips.
  • Ferrante, Jason American character tenor. Official site includes biography, schedule, press, photographs and audio samples.
  • Flagg, Darron American bel canto tenor. Official site includes biography, news, influences, audio and video clips.
  • Fracker, Richard American tenor and singing teacher. Biography, reviews, repertoire.
  • Franci, Alex Danish tenor and Pavarotti look-a-like. Profile, repertoire.
  • Gaines, Joseph American lyric tenor, based in New York. Official site includes calendar, photographs and repertoire.
  • Galliford, Brian English tenor, based in the Netherlands. Official site includes biography, photographs and reviews.
  • Gilbertson, Brian Australian tenor, director and voice teacher. Official site includes photographs and audio samples.
  • Glaysher, Gari This spinto tenor "has a large repertoire of arias, duets, Neapolitan and English songs, which he performs regularly on the concert stage."
  • Glaysher, Gari British spinto tenor's official site includes future engagements, video clips and reviews.
  • Gould, Stephen American heldentenor. Profile, repertoire, reviews, and audio clips.
  • Grave, Jon English tenor lists his biography, repertoire, photographs, video and performances.
  • Hackett, Charles American tenor. An appreciation, recording from Marston Records.
  • Hansen, Ole Danish tenor who wants to challenge Carreras, Domingo and Pavarotti to song-duels. Free CD download.
  • Harris, Brian American tenor provides his biography, resume, photos and video.
  • Hayes, Michael American tenor. Official website includes biography, reviews and audio samples.
  • Heath, Jim British lyric tenor. Includes biography, reviews, resume and gallery.
  • Henrich, Pablo Includes biography of the young Bolivian tenor, repertoire, photo gallery, and scheduled appearances.
  • Heppner, Ben Canadian dramatic tenor. Biography, photographs, FAQ, discography, interviews, itinerary, awards, contacts and links.
  • Hill, Martyn English tenor. Biography, RealAudio samples, Hyperion discography.
  • Hobson, David Australian tenor and composer. Official site includes news and discogrpahy.
  • Hopwood, Paul British tenor. Biography, photos and audio files.
  • Hudson, John English tenor. Official website includes biography, photographs, diary and CDs.
  • Hughes , David Began his career in the 1950s in pop music, then became a tenor opera singer in Britain and Europe. Biography, discography, and photos for the late singer.
  • Hull, Bernard Australian tenor, composer and arranger. Official site includes biography, photographs, discography with audio clips and original song lyrics.
  • Ikaia-Purdy, Keith Hawaiian lirico spinto / spinto tenor. Official site includes video and audio clips, performance schedule, press kit, photographs and contact details.
  • Jenkins, Neil Tenor singer of Opera and Oratorio. Biography, discography, press reviews, and audio downloads.
  • Jesús León Young tenor from Mexico. Website includes biography, photographs, video samples and contact details.
  • Kellett, David Biographical and repertoire information, photographs and press for this American lyric tenor.
  • Kelly, Paul Austin Official site for American tenor. Photos, career history, repertoire, upcoming engagements, news updates and audio samples.
  • King, Christopher Leo American tenor. Photographs.
  • Klein, Adam Contains his latest biography, contact information, reviews and production photos.
  • Klocke, Henning German tenor; biography, audio files, repertoire, photos, and schedule. In German, English and French.
  • Krebs, Helmut Berlin tenor and countertenor, composer and music professor. Life biography, partial discography.
  • Kryshak, James N Young American tenor. Graduated from Elmhurst College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Music (Applied Voice) and German, now based in Vienna, Austria. [English/German]
  • Kunde, Gregory Official site of opera tenor and bel canto specialist, conductor. Tour schedule, sound clips, news, interviews, and reviews.
  • Lemmings, Christopher English Tenor. Includes biography, audio, video, photographs and discography.
  • Lewis, Richard British tenor. Official site includes biography and information about the Richard Lewis/Jean Shanks award at Glyndebourne.
  • Licitra, Salvatore Italian Tenor. Official website includes biography, discography, message board and tour dates.
  • Loomes, Ben Australian lyric Tenor, pianist, composer, and actor. Biography, audio samples, contact details and upcoming performances.
  • Malapena, Francesco Official site of Italian tenor. Includes album artwork, audio samples and guestbook. [English/Italian]
  • Mantuano, Dominic American Tenor. Includes biography, history, appearance schedule, photos and awards.
  • Melo, Raul An operatic tenor. Includes a biography, schedule, reviews, photographs and repertoire.
  • Morris, Kenneth Biography, performances, repertoire, pictures, and RealAudio clips for this tenor with the Metropolitan Opera in New York.
  • Murray , Robert Young English tenor. Official site includes reviews, photographs and performance diary.
  • Murray, John Horton International tenor. Official Site includes biography, schedule, critical acclaim, audio and video clips, repertoire, recordings and contact information.
  • Naglia, Sandro Italian tenor with a repertoire and discography ranging from XVIIth to XXth century music. Offers a database of his activity with audio samples.
  • Natoli, Dominic Italian lyric tenor. Features biographical information, performance photos, sound bites, performance schedule, discography, reviews, repertoire and discography.
  • Neill, Stuart Metropolitan opera tenor singer. Includes his recordings and contact information.
  • Norcross-King, Paul Biography of professional English tenor, available for concerts, oratorio, opera, recitals, weddings, funerals, and church services. Contact details.
  • O'Neill, Simon New Zealand tenor. Resume, biography, photographs, MP3 files, and calendar.
  • Oberoi, Krishan Young New England tenor; 1996 honors graduate of New England Conservatory of Music; active with regional opera companies; singer and composer.
  • Paçuku, Bashkim Official site provides a biography, resume, discography and audio clips of the Albanian tenor.
  • Padmore, Mark Official site. Biography, discography, upcoming concerts, his thoughts on aspects of music, review quotes, and a photo gallery.
  • Palance, Nick American tenor who sings both opera and pop music. Official site includes biography, performance schedule, audio and video samples.
  • Parry, William Young tenor from New Zealand. Also a flutist, singing teacher and website designer.
  • Patzak, Julius Viennese operatic tenor, teacher and conductor, 1898-1974. Discography, biography, audio, video, articles, reviews, and quotes.
  • Pirgu, Saimir Official site of a promising young tenor from Albania. Discography, photos, reviews, calendar. [English/German/Italian]
  • Potgieter, Stephan Australian tenor. Classical, contemporary and Christian singer. Official site includes calendar, albums with audio samples, photographs and press kit. [English/Afrikaans]
  • Pregardien, Christoph Site contains biography, discography, agenda, contact information for the German tenor. [English/German/French]
  • Randall, Edward Tenor. Biography, schedule, photo gallery, and audio clips. [English/German]
  • Rivero, Etor Brazilian tenor. Biography, photos and MP3 files.
  • Robinson, Laurence Tenor singer. Includes his biography, discography, photos and downloadable samples from his CD.
  • Rodelas, Pedro Lyric tenor. Biography, resume, and audio and video clips.
  • Sacca, Roberto Personal homepage all about the European leading lyric tenor.
  • Schipa, Tito Italian tenor. An appreciation and recording from Marston Records.
  • Schreier, Peter German tenor and conductor's Wikipedia entry.
  • Sidden, Ian Young American tenor. Website includes biography and singing blog.
  • Storey, Ian International tenor. Biography, repertoire, reviews, photographs, audio, and contact information. [English/German/Italian/French]
  • Tcvetkov, Tcvetan Photo gallery, curriculum vitae, audio and video clips, and contact details for the tenor.
  • Treleaven, John Official site of heldentenor including biography and resume.
  • Tucker, Richard (1913-1975) History of the American tenor from Wikipedia.
  • Vanderwal, David American lyric tenor. Web siteinclludes biography, calendar and audio samples.
  • Ventris, Christopher British tenor. Agent's website includes biography, repertoire, discography, photographs and reviews.
  • Villazón, Rolando Mexican lyric tenor. Official site includes biography, calendar, repertoire and a gallery with personal drawings and photographs.
  • Vinokurenko, Alexandr Creative autobiography of the Russian tenor, with repertoire and soundtracks.
  • Wiest, Gregory Tenor performs programs of modern American and English songs in classical style, listing the songs and their composers, with audio examples.
  • Wilde, Mark Scottish tenor. Biography, repertoire, performance dates, and his original compositions and arrangements.
  • Wolverton, Joseph Biography, repertoire, images, and press clips for the tenor.
  • Wunderlich, Fritz German tenor. Biography, pictures, news, reminiscences, discography.

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