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An alphabetical listing of jazz groups and performers. Individuals are listed Lastname, Firstname. When possible, individuals are listed by primary instrument, and bands are listed by primary jazz style, for example smooth jazz or swing.
  • Advanced Warning Norwegian sextet featuring organ and guitar.
  • Alice in Dixieland An all female band from the Netherlands playing swing and bebop as well as Dixieland jazz, with biographies, schedule, and sound samples.
  • Andrews, Lori Record company page of jazz-harpist Andrews. CD information and sales, upsoming tours, and local appearance schedules.
  • Burnt Sugar New York based free jazz band led by Village Voice writer, Greg Tate and inspired by Miles Davis's Bitches Brew and Lawrence Butch Morris's conduction system. Audio, schedule.
  • Chameleon New Jersey quartet consisting of two guitars, bass and drums offers photos, audio and video.
  • Douce France A French duet featuring accordion player Jacques Deville and singer Christine Rosmini.
  • Hanson, Paul Jazz bassoonist lists performances with Bela Fleck, Wayne Shorter, Modeski Martin and Wood, and Ray Charles, a Moosmann endorser. With performance schedule, reviews, and recordings for sale.
  • Igor's Jazz Cowboys Based out of Tempe, AZ, the band plays cowboy jazz mixed with acoustic western swing. This site has news, music, and biographies.
  • Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey Oklahoma-based trio of piano, bass and drums mixes originals with occasional covers. Lists dates across the US with history, reviews, photos and recordings.
  • Jaga Jazzist Norwegian ten-piece band founded in 1994, cites modern rock influences. CD and concert reviews, music downloads, and tour dates.
  • Jazz Grrls Hundreds of links to women in jazz maintained by Canadian vocalist and poet Jeannette Lambert. Free submissions, email listserv, CD reviews.
  • Jérôme et les Froggy Jazz Swiss quintet led by violinist Jerome Ogier, with humorous pen-and-ink illustration. Site uses enough English to be understood but has several pages entirely in French.
  • Krister Jonsson Trio Swedish trio led by guitarist with upright bass and drums. [Swedish and English]
  • Liberty Street Jazz Band Homepage of San Francisco area band that plays bebop, swing and latin has musician biographies and sound samples.
  • Lou Malandra Trio The leader reads poetry in a rich baritone, accompanied by pianist Doug Roche and bassist Ron Bland. Discography, reviews, and booking information.
  • Luces, Sir Cedrick Steel drum musician from South Florida plays jazz and calypso. Biography, cd order information and a link to steel drum webring on the site.
  • Lynne Arriale Trio Includes press kit, discography, audio samples, articles, biographies and upcoming shows.
  • Mood Jazz European saxophonist Günther Fischer and vibraphonist Tom O'Hare list albums including work with pianist James Williams (1951-2004). Audio downloads, reviews, CD sales, and a brief history of modern jazz.
  • Moutin Reunion Quartet With twin brothers Francois and Louis Moutin on bass and drums, saxophonist Sylvain Beuf and pianist Baptiste Trotignon. Recording release and tour dates, with biographies and discographies. [French and English]
  • No Square Quartet from Switzerland plays the original compositions of bassist Andre Hahne. Performance schedule includes dates across Europe, with CD sales. [English and French]
  • Oli Bott-Bertrand Lauer Jazz Band Music samples, photos, and upcoming concerts of this band of French and German jazz musicians.
  • PBS: Biographies More than 50 profiles of jazz greats compiled in conjunction with the Ken Burns film, "Jazz."
  • Projet Brassens English jazz musicians inspired by the French poet-songwriter Georges Brassens. Contains MP3s, CDs, lyrics and translations, information about Brassens, and concert information. In English and French.
  • Quintology New Orleans quintet's history, discography, MP3 and RealAudio files, music sheets, tour dates, and reviews.
  • Scott Trayer Trio Based in Richmond, VA, the trio features Trayer on bass, Jason Scott on tenor saxophone, and Emre Yurtsever on drums. Biographies, photos and itinerary.
  • Slowdown Band specializing in songs with a Brazilian feel has soundclips and band information.
  • So What? Santa Barbara, California band that plays contemporary jazz with a twist of rhythm and blues and funk. Includes a gig list, sound samples and booking information.
  • Soothsayers This group plays original live and recorded music influenced by world rhythms. Biographies, sound samples and a performance schedule.
  • Sperker Original instrumental music by Aaron Nevezie and Aaron Dugan with jazz and rock influences.
  • Subterranean Jazz Jazz group from Phoenix, Arizona. CD sales.
  • Swim Two Birds Outlaw-Jazz from Bremen Germany. CDs, links, news, MP3. Achim Gaetjen composer/bandleader.
  • Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls Home of Chicago jazz ensemble featuring Jeff Parker, Kevin Kizer, Rob Mazurek, Geof Bradfield and Noel Kupersmith.
  • The Forster-Hammond Trio British trio with guitarist James Forster, organist Ruth Hammond drummer Scott Hammond offers biographies, photos and gig list.
  • Tiny Bell Trio Biographies, cds and concert review of the trio featuring Dave Douglas, Brad Shepik and Jim Black.
  • Tradewind A jazz project in Syracuse, New York. Biographical information, recording tips, and links.
  • Tyris Modern jazz homepage of this band features their first album "Angel".
  • Van Damme, Art Website of jazz accordionist Van Damme and his group, includes biography, cd, video and tape information.

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