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Personal pages where the main focus is music. This category covers general pages that are too broad for any of the other Music categories. If you're not sure if you should submit to Personal Pages or another category please submit it to the other category and if it's decided too broad for that category we will send in to Personal Pages.
  • 21st Century Folks Available in French and English, offers reviews, MP3 files and cultural writings on indie music.
  • Aaron's Blink 182/Britney Spears Fan Site Information on Blink 182 and Britney Spears. Also pictures, lyrics, discographies and links.
  • Adventures In Sound Interviews, articles and reviews covering music that is considered non-mainstream. Includes a recommended listening list.
  • AnalyticalQ Includes sheet music of original music compositions and arrangements for voice, piano, and guitar, and original watercolor paintings.
  • ArtCom Bassist offers downloads of original jazz and fusion music as well as futuristic short 3D movies. Links to original graphics and notable bassists and guitarists.
  • Banks, Dr. Margaret Downie Curator of Musical Instruments and Professor of Museum Science at America's Shrine to Music Museum and Center for Study of the History of Musical Instruments.
  • Battle of the Blondes Fan site for Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and Mandy Moore.
  • Blue Screen Life A celebration of indie and artistic music, including album recommendations, daily song downloads, favorite lyrics, and tips on scales and theory for acoustic guitar.
  • Bobbysongs Sound files of original music in MP3 format with accompanying lyrics.
  • Braddell, Rory Irish music photographer. Features three essays on musicology and music theory.
  • Broden, Reiner Download MP3 files of composed original music. Also available in German.
  • Capozzoli, Michael Jr. Interviews and writing about recording artists as a journalist over the past ten years.
  • Cheeba Design DJ Cheeba, photos, music, poetry. Information about Kraftwerk and Tori Amos.
  • Cover vs. Original Directory of cover songs. Users can vote if the cover version or the original is better and can leave a comment about the song. Also available in German.
  • Dansette Record Players Information on vintage record players. 1950's and 1960's record players, dansettes, transistor radios, and jukeboxes.
  • Daves Drum World Personal information on drumming. Offers audio drum loops, videos and pictures.
  • El Uste Tracks the progress of an experimental recording artist from New Jersey. Last updated in 2003.
  • Fredrik's Music 2002 Personal top 10 album charts, Swedish music recommendations, and female singer-songwriter information.
  • Freedom Zine Newsletter by Jason Williams. Contains interviews with Christian bands and music reviews.
  • Golden Doves Domain A relaxing site filled with music, poems, waterfalls, and rainbows.
  • Grace, Christina Biography and sound files of the pop music singer.
  • Grammas Swingin' Oldies Oldies audio files from the 20's through the 60's.
  • Hafner, Hans Information on music copying, arranging, composition and personal information.
  • Hall, Tom Calendar, biography, guest book and fan club information for singer Tom Hall of the Dallas Texas area.
  • Hammel, Bill Covers the works of Anton Webern and Stefan Wolpe. Serves as the home page and complete catalog of the works of Raoul Pleskow. Additionally offers mathematics of patterns in musical composition, essays on various aspects of music, and links to other musical resources.
  • Hansen, Jan Erik Music from the Heart, by Danish composer Hansen, is a tribute to Martin Luther King and the women who lost a child in a stupid war. Also features concert recordings and a guest gallery.
  • Hardman, Rosie Details of ongoing project to archive Rosie's musical career onto a multimedia CD.
  • Havlena, Dennis Directions on how to build simple and inexpensive musical instruments, and other musical information.
  • Hepner, Darcy New York-based saxophonist web site contains transcriptions, sound bites, lead sheets, and film music samples. Also contains, itinerary, recordings, film music and workshops pages.
  • High-Lights Site devoted to divas: Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan and Janet Jackson. Polls and message boards.
  • Hot Artists Online Personal site dedicated to up and coming pop music acts.
  • Hudson, Frank Information on low cost home recording and purchasing instruments on a budget.
  • I Get Minez Includes graffiti images, R.I.P section, pictures, sounds, MP3s, chat, and a guestbook.
  • Icon-Song A unique program that combines Alexis Arapoff's icons with Russian sacred music. The program performed and directed by Mary Arapoff.
  • Industrial Evolution Favorite gothic and industrial artists: Nine Inch Nails, Sisters of Mercy, Lestat, Switchblade Symphony, and The Damned.
  • jdm_66 Dedicated to country music, classic rock, sci-fi and Pittsburgh sports.
  • Jeff's Big 'Ole Page of Music Personal page featuring album reviews, live reviews, pictures, and various links.
  • Jo and Joe Music Improvisational instrumental and vocal music by Jo and Joe, abstract paintings and greeting cards by Jovani.
  • JSwine Composer and performer JSwine presents music in real audio format.
  • Kee, Tengblad Information on world blues and artists. Details of performance gear and guitars.
  • Kelland, Karen Karen M. Kelland is a Juilliard trained freelance musician and music teacher (bassoon, clarinet, and piano) for beginner to advanced students in New Jersey. She plays with chamber groups and orchestras throughout the tri-state area. She is also an artist and illustrator.
  • Kitten Painting Indie gig and venue reviews, drawings, cartoons and general musings on the indie scene in London.
  • Kole, Ronnie Biography, audio files and general news.
  • Kvam Family Site with weblog kept by Icelandic family on personal music.
  • Lanzani, Giorgio The multimedia research of the Italian composer. Also contains writings and visual art.
  • Lawrence and Kevin Information on their Netherlands music studio, compositions and biographies.
  • Levin, Pete New York musician and composer. Discography, performance schedule, about greyhounds.
  • Lewis, Susanne Album information, art and various topics of interest.
  • Lord Kitchener Tribute A tribute to the late Aldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' Roberts'. Focuses on the calypso master's compositions and development of the steel pan.
  • Malher, Nanette Pop singer-songwriter and storyteller who can be heard on radio stations across the country.
  • Mandi Apple Includes pictures, fan pages for various bands. Two friends from Belgium.
  • Mantilla Music Ray Mantilla - biography, reviews, gallery, sound clips and events.
  • Marksound Journal of veteran sound engineer with tour photos.
  • Maroen Guitarist, composer, and producer at the Purple Sound recording studio.
  • Matt's Music Page Includes video clips, sounds, lyrics, tabs, forum, chat, and images with over 60 different music groups including U2, Sublime, Aerosmith, and Blink 182.
  • McDevitt, Beverly Pianist, composer, arranger and vocalist. Biography, discography and audio samples.
  • McEntire, Leon Guitarist and webmaster covers delta blues music. Also contains band listings and videos.
  • McMorris, Tim Music, videos and lyrics of singer/songwriter Tim McMorris. Also contains contact information and ways to purchase his music.
  • Miksu's World Featuring pictures and mp3 files of Miksu's favorite rap artists.
  • Mindsett History, equipment, recordings and sound files of the former band.
  • Morehead, Phil and Pat Home of composer and oboist Patricia Morehead, and pianist, conductor, vocal coach, and editor Philip Morehead.
  • Murashev Discographies, reviews, lyrics and information on the Beatles and other rock bands.
  • Musical Shadow Original compositions, biography, links, and guestbook. Maintained by Hicksville student.
  • MuzikMan Archive of author's reviews, interviews and articles from various websites.
  • Nailed Against The Wall Nine Inch Nails information, art, poetry, quotes, information on existentialism.
  • Nelsson, Anders Career and personal information about Swedish Hongkong resident, detailing his singing, acting, writing and music industry activities.
  • Nico's Intimate Notebook Groupie stories with backstage pictures, personal interviews and concert dates.
  • Oculus Writings on underground and alternative music and culture. Has a jazz primer for "rock people".
  • P-ART Art journal, gallery, intuitive composing, sculpturing sounds, and audio files.
  • Parameshwar, Hedge Details about him, his music, audio clips, and general information about Hindustani music.
  • Parker, Alex Personal exposé of Alex Parker's music and sound effects, offering many creations as free downloads.
  • Peter's Picture Palace A site dedicated to displaying original photos of 1970's rock groups.
  • Petestack Music Pages Original compositions (mostly music for children's shows and eclectic folk) in Sibelius Scorch and MP3 formats with some thoughts about music in general.
  • Phil's Folk Singing Page Description of how Phil got into folk music, listing of all the songs he sings, and lyrics.
  • PianoFlyboy Dennis Enari's home page for the Wright Stuff Jazz Band and an archive of his digital music, pictures, and biographical material.
  • Poetry, pictures, and Bob Dylan music files from John Morello.
  • Pollution Lake Recording, graphic, and web design studio based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
  • Pooka Stew & The Michael Barry Group History, discography, sound files, and pictures about the Boston-based bands.
  • Posters and Prints Posters of Korn, Nirvana, Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, and Rage Against the Machine (from
  • preparadise Music compositions and notes by Marcus Antonius Wesselmann.
  • Redhead Music Website Provides musicals, written by Sheila Wilson, for schools. Contains audio samples.
  • Reich, Rich Information on the artist, performances, audio clips and how to purchase his CDs.
  • Réal's Original Songs Songs written and performed by Réal Carpentier, family tree, and links.
  • Richards, Andy Specializes in music and record production, as well as keyboard, synthesizer and Fairlight programming, songwriting and film or TV composition.
  • Rock 'n' Roll Army Site dedicated to some of today's greatest bands and a great musical (Rent). Includes concert reviews, band information, lyrics, mailing list, pictures and notes from the bands.
  • Rucker, Anthony Information on black music from the 1960s to today. Home of the Deep Groove Encyclopedia, reviews and articles.
  • Sealander, John Original music in Real Audio and MP3 with full lyrics.
  • ShadesDrumset Page showing my drums and answering questions about drumming. It also has links to several drum companies.
  • Siffer Collection of MIDI files and assorted information on mainstream bands.
  • Singer, Kristi Kristi Singer is a freelance music journalist who has written for publications such as American Country, American Songwriter, Country Weekly, Popstar!, The Village Idiot, Singer Magazine, The Sun News and The Wilmington Star-News.
  • Sla-vee Contains lyrics to rap songs written by the webmaster.
  • So you think you know 70's music ? Lyrical Javascript quiz on music from the 1970s.
  • Steve Hunt Jazz Website for composer and pianist Steve Hun
  • Stevens, Thomas Thomas Stevens "Quotables" column features comments made by distinguished professionals in the performing arts that are of interest to musicians and music lovers alike
  • Strings Edge Homepage Guitars, music, thoughts, opinions and images of the latest happenings are just a few of the things to be found here.
  • Thoughts mostly related to jazz, musical ramblings, tips, and MIDI files.
  • The Best Things in the World A website devoted to music with lyrics, skateboarding and links.
  • The Musician's Life On The Road Colorful stories: the musician's life on the road: the difficult, sometimes bizarre, always amusing experiences of the professional musician. Essays about New Orleans music, musician-related drug addiction and a full journal of a Concert Tour with legendary guitarist Danny Gatton.
  • Torchlight Homepage of DJ AndyP, dedicated to Northern Soul, local Yorkshire bands, especially Farming Incident and Helen, New Zealand.
  • Tradewind A Syracuse, New York, Jazz Project. This site contains information on Tradewind, Nexus, with recording tips and great Christian and music links.
  • Trilsbeek, Paul Personal site with research details and electronic music in mp3 format.
  • Vallines, Luis Pianist and Professor of Piano at Conservatorio Professional Joaquín Turina in Madrid, often performs in London. [Also available in Spanish.]
  • Vandura Rennie Elliott, Jonathan Toubin. Pictures and MP3s of the New York City rock band.
  • Waterfalls News, reviews, and biographies of favorite artists. Focuses on mainstream bands.
  • Watkins, Stuart Portfolio and listening booth for a bassist from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • Weekendz with Bernie Tale of a down and out drummer's travels on tour with his bandmates.
  • Weimer, Mike Website for trumpet player and private music instructor Mike Weimer, a student at Indiana University.
  • Western Songs Original Songs of the 'Wild West' reinterpreted into a modern context.
  • White, Joseph Pollard Conductor, violist, and composer. Currently conducting Seattle Music, a film scoring orchestra.
  • Williams, David Personal site offers original compositions in WAV format.
  • WorldWide Death Row Records Family Information on Death Row Records and its artists and executives.
  • Zwerin, Mike Paris-based Mike Zwerin writes about all kinds of music, except 'serious' music. Somebody has to do it.


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