This is a list of trombonists with web pages, compiled from various sources, including search engines, Rene Laanen's directory of trombonists, the Online Trombone Journal directory, and others.
  • Abraham, Phil Professional trombonist from Belgium. Includes photos, biography, schedule, discography, reviews, awards, MP3 sound samples, and contact information.
  • Albert, Jeff New Orleans trombone player. Upcoming performances, resume, journal, sounds, pictures, and links.
  • Alessi, Joseph Principal trombonist with the New York Philharmonic. Includes news, reviews and recordings.
  • Anderson, Clifton Official site. Includes a biography, gallery and itinerary.
  • Appleton, Ian Personal information, equipment details, and links to other performers.
  • Ashley, David Professional trombonist from Lexington, Kentucky. Includes photographs, videos, biographical details, performance credits, and contact information.
  • Ausman, Herbert Trombonist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic in California. This musician profile includes a photo and brief biography.
  • Avitsur, Haim Israeli trombonist who is now performing and teaching in New York. Biography, World Premieres and New Music for Trombone, upcoming events, and MP3 samples.
  • Baker, Brett Trombone soloist, clinician and principal trombone of the Black Dyke Band
  • Bann, Stan Trombonist, composer, and leader of the Stan Bann Big Band in Minnesota. Includes photos, recordings, MP3 sound samples, gig listings, personnel roster, reviews, and ordering information.
  • Barrett, Walter Freelance trombonist in the New York area. Includes photos, biography, performance credits, schedule, family, and contact information.
  • Begnoche, David Professional trombonist from Connecticut. Includes photograph and brief biography from the Majestic Brass Quintet.
  • Boeren, Bert Dutch trombonist.
  • Branco, Wayne Trombonist and band leader based near Boston in Lowell, Massachusetts. Site features photos, MP3 sound samples, schedules, and information about the Branco|Stamas Big Band, the Straight Ahead jazz ensemble, the Baystate Ensembles entertainment agency.
  • Brand, Gail Official site. Includes biography, discography and links.
  • Brantley, Tom Professional trombonist with the group Rhythm and Brass, based in Richmond, Virginia. Site includes pictures, sound clips, calendar, and an ongoing comments section.
  • Bruchez, David Trombone soloist from Fully, Switzerland. His official homepage includes MP3 sound files, biography, photographs, repertoire, contact information, and features language translations for French, German, and English.
  • Buzzarté, Monique Biography, discography, commissions, pictures, and links.
  • Carelli, Gerard Trombonist and band leader in New York. Includes photographs, calendar, MP3 sound samples, recordings and reviews, and contact information.
  • Casilli, Vicki Trombonist located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is her biography page from the Allegheny Brass Band.
  • Cepeda, William Trombonist, percussionist and composer from Puerto Rico offers photo, biography, discography and CD sales.
  • Chicago Trombonists Who's Who Created by Northwestern University Alumni, this site is a collection of brief biography pages that include several musicians and artists.
  • Clark, Eddie Freelance Bass Trombonist from New Jersey. Includes photographs, resume, and details about private lessons.
  • Conant, Abbie and Osborne, William Biographies, recordings, press reviews, articles, performance schedule, repertoire, and links.
  • Cook, Steven Trombonist and High School teacher from Perry, Iowa. Better known as the Musicman. Music links, details about Perry High School and the South Central Iowa Bandmasters Association, as well as Lionel trains and other fun stuff.
  • Davis, Michael Trombonist, composer and arranger.
  • De Meij, Johan Trombonist and composer from the Netherlands. Includes photographs, biography, discography, list of compositions, as well as ordering and contact information.
  • de Souza, Raul Brazilian trombonist. Biography, discography, CDs, and links.
  • Delgado, Robert Professional trombone player located in Los Angeles, California. Site requires Flash browser plugin. Includes background and biography, photos, links, and sounds.
  • Directory of Women Trombonists Alphabetical listing of professional female trombonists and e-mail links.
  • Drew, John Professor of Trombone at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. This page includes a faculty biography, photograph, and contact information.
  • Eshelman, David Professional trombonist in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Includes biography, recordings, charts, details about the Jazz Garden Big Band, and contact information.
  • Fedchock, John Professional trombonist in New York City. Includes photos, biography, itinerary, discography, links, recordings, and schedule.
  • Franke, Glenn Based in New York City, this trombonist is best known as the danceband leader for Glenn's NYC Metro Band. Performance credits, RealAudio samples, and pictures.
  • French, Brian Contains a brief biography, resumé, repertoire list, links, and contact information.
  • Friedman, Jay Principal trombonist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and trombone professor at the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. Includes photos, biography, equipment list, recordings, MP3 sound samples, articles from The Instrumentalist and ITA Journal, and contact information.
  • Gibson, Thomas Professional trombonist and instructor at Georgia State University. Receive trombone lessons via the Internet. Includes practicing tips and free downloads.
  • Good, Richard D. Trombonist and educator located in Auburn, Alabama. This page includes a photograph and curriculum vitae.
  • Groves, John Professional trombonist from Seattle, Washington. Includes photographs, biography, Sackbut Links, details about the Didgeridoo, and contact information.
  • Hauser, Joshua Assistant Professor of Trombone at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee. This is his biography and photograph from the trombone studio.
  • Herwig, Conrad New York based trombonist, composer and educator. Includes contact info and links.
  • Hopkins, David Located in Cardiff, South Wales this musician is a performer on trombone, euphonium and piano, as well as a composer and arranger. Website includes biography, teaching information, links to photos, and contact details.
  • Hudson, Nick Professional trombonist performing throughout Europe. Artist page from Rath include photograph and biography.
  • Isenhour, Justin Freelance trombonist and instructor in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Website features photographs, biography, contact details, and several sections about taking music lessons at the middle school and high school levels.
  • Jacobs, Mark Eliot Trombonist from Grants Pass, Oregon. Includes photographs, links, mouthpiece comparison chart, as well as details about the serpent and ophicleide.
  • Jensen, John Professional trombonist from Washington, DC. Includes photographs, biography, RealAudio and MP3 sound samples, schedule, reviews, and contact information.
  • Jessome, Robin Trombonist studying at the University of Toronto. Includes a biography, events and news.
  • Jimenez, Generoso Celebrated Cuban trombonist and leader of the Benny More Big Band. This site from Bembe Records includes a review of "The Dirty Trombone" as well as a biography, RealAudio sound samples, and contact information.
  • Johnson, Kai Boston-based trombonist, with biography, concerts, and lessons.
  • Kachnowski, John Michigan trombonist who is experienced in ska, rock, funk, and classical. You can read more about his discography, awards, performance credits, as well as upcoming projects.
  • Kafalas, John Freelance trombonist from Flagstaff, Arizona. Includes a list of performance credits, and details about the design firm.
  • Kaplan, Alan Los Angeles studio musician. CD and booking information.
  • Kay, Brian Bass trombonist from Natick, Massachusetts. Includes photographs, biography, RealAudio and MP3 sound samples, trombone teaching resources, and details about the brass quintet Apollo Brass.
  • Kehle, Robert Trombonist and Professor of Music at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas. Includes photographs, biography, links, and contact information.
  • Laanen, Rene Bass trombonist. Includes personal information, photo gallery, links to trombonist pages, news, recordings, and resources.
  • Landgren, Nils Professional trombonist from Sweden. Includes pictures, biography, interviews, RealVideo and MPEG video samples, RealAudio sound samples, tour schedules, and list of works. Site is written in both English and Dutch.
  • Lane, Nick Arranger and composer. Music samples, biography, and discography.
  • Larsson, Sven Professional trombonist from Sweden. Includes photographs, biography, recordings, MP3 sound samples from, schedule, links, performance credits, and contact information.
  • Levy, Jeremy Los Angeles trombonist, composer/arranger, copyist. Includes score excerpts and MP3 demos of compositions.
  • Lindberg, Christian Professional trombone soloist. Pictures, biography, reviews, and schedule.
  • Malone, Tom "Late Show with David Letterman" trombonist. Biography and discography.
  • Manson, David Ross Trombonist and composer from St. Petersburg, Florida. Includes photographs, compositions, biography, awards, MP3 sound samples, history of the trombone, and other interests.
  • Martin, Glenn Professor of Trombone at Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee. Includes photographs, pages of links, details about summer camps and music resources.
  • Mauldin, Mark Trombone instructor at Howard University in Washington, DC. Includes photographs, Blues for Ben MP3 sound samples, links to manufacturers, jazz trombonists, details about Howard University, and supplemental materials like the bebop scale and articulations.
  • McChesney, Bob Biographical information on trombonist Bob McChesney, as well as information on his method book, recordings, concerts and clinics.
  • McConnell, Mark Principal trombone with the Atlanta Opera Orchestra, the Gwinnett Philharmonic, the Columbus Symphony, and the Macon Symphony. Short biography and links.
  • McFalls, Jim Professional trombonist and educator from Columbia, Pennsylvania. Includes biography, calendar, MP3 sound samples, recordings, links, and contact information.
  • McKenzie, Daryl Professional trombonist, bandleader, and composer from Melbourne, Australia. Includes photographs, performance credits, details about JAMM Productions, and contact information.
  • Miller, James Associate principal trombonist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic in California. This musician profile includes a photo and brief biography.
  • Montgomery, James Trombonist "Big James" with the Chicago Playboys from Chicago, Illinois. Includes biography, history, recordings, MP3 sound samples, schedule, and contact information.
  • Morrison, James Australian multi-instrumentalist. His primary instrument is trumpet but he also plays trombone, tuba, and euphonium. Biography, tour dates, and discography.
  • Nakagawa, Eijiro Trombonist from Tokyo, Japan, born in 1975. Photograph and chronology. [English and Japanese]
  • Parmerlee, Craig Trombone soloist in Indianapolis, Indiana. Includes a brief biography, photograph, and contact information.
  • Platt, Gary Trombonist, producer, and audio engineer in California. Includes photographs and brief biography from
  • Polster, Ian Trombonist and member of the music faculty at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. Includes biography, photographs, RealAudio, WAV and AIF sound samples, and performance credits.
  • Posch, Carl A. Trombonist and Professor of Instrumental Music at Arizona Western College in Yuma, Arizona. Includes CAP Music online store, CAP Design for websites, photographs, composers list, musicians list, groups, forms, calendar, and contact information.
  • Purviance, Douglas Bass trombonist born in Baltimore, Maryland and currently located in South Orange, New Jersey. Includes biography, performance credits, schedule, and contact information.
  • Raph, Alan Bass trombonist and composer in New York. Includes biography, publications, recordings, photographs, and contact information.
  • Reeves, Scott Trombonist from Chicago, Illinois. He currently teaches at The City College of New York, CUNY, and is also on the faculty of the Juilliard School of Music. Includes photographs, biography, RealAudio sound samples, books, recordings, schedule, and performance credits.
  • Regan, Dan Trombonist from the group Reel Big Fish in California. This is a 1996 interview first published in Drop-D Magazine.
  • Reichenbach, Bill Los Angeles freelance bass trombonist. Biography and discography.
  • Reynaerts, Emmanuel Charles Freelance trombonist from Schaerbeek, Brussels in Belgium. Includes photos, curriculum vitae, links, schedule, and details about the European Law Students' Association.
  • Rogers, Barron "Barry" W. A July 1999 article about the Afro-Latin trombonist called "Barry Rogers: Salsero, Searcher, World Musician" from Brooklyn, New York-based
  • Roseman, Josh Professional trombonist and composer from New York City. Includes photos, biography, discography, RealAudio and RealVideo samples, schedule, recordings, and contact information.
  • Sigesmund, Darren Toronto based composer and trombonist.
  • Stark, Cliff Former trombonist in the Frank Sinatra Orchestra.
  • Suter, Steven Michael New Orleans trombonist who has been playing professionally since 1980. Biography, arrangements from Brassakwardz Music Publishing, WAV samples, and albums.
  • Svoboda, Mike Biography, contact information, music excerpt, and links.
  • Tanaka, Toshinori Trombonist and part-time lecturer at the Music Department of Junior College of Shikoku University in Kobe, Japan. Most of this site appears to be written in Japanese, but there are parts with English translations.
  • Taylor, Dave Bass trombonist from Brooklyn, New York. Includes photographs and brief biography from
  • Taylor, David Bass Trombonist and New York City recording artist. Offers a biography and information about the artist.
  • Thomas, Denton Melbourne, Australia trombonist and educator Denton Thomas.
  • Trombonis Australis Project initiated by Gregory van der Struik to develop a substantial contribution to trombone repertoire.
  • Turre, Steve Trombonist and seashellist from San Francisco, California. Best known as the trombonist on Saturday Night Live. Includes biography, itinerary, recordings, photos, discography, RealAudio sound samples, reviews, and contact information.
  • van Lier, Bart Principal trombonist of the Metropole Orchestra, Netherlands. Biography, contact information, and pictures.
  • Vavti, Mario News, schedule, project information, CDs, biography, and contact information about this Austrian-based trombonist.
  • Vazquez, Papo Professional trombonist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Performs with Pirates Troubadours. This site includes photographs, biography, discography, reviews, and interviews from the Latin Jazz Network.
  • VerPlanck, J. "Billy" Trombonist, composer, and arranger from Clifton, New Jersey. Famous for scores and arrangements sung by his wife, Marlene.
  • Washburne, Chris Features a biography, itinerary, projects, discography, ethnomusicology, reviews, and musical examples.
  • Watrous, Bill Official site of the jazz trombonist. Includes a biography, recordings, photos and contact info.
  • Weeks, Douglas G. Trombonist and Administrator of Applied Music at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts.
  • Wehr, Jamie Professional bass trombonist and founder of Wehr's Music House in Winter Park, Florida. Includes photograph and a brief biography.
  • Wendelboe, Jens Trombonist, composer, and Crazy Energy Orchestra bandleader from Oslo, Norway. Includes biography, pictures, MP3 sound samples, performance credits, and contact information.
  • Whitehead, Annie Professional trombonist born in Oldham, Lancashire. Includes biography, pictures, discography, MP3 sound samples, links, and schedule.
  • Whitfield, Ralph W., Jr. Trombonist and composer from Rainbow City, Alabama. Includes stained glass trombone art, details about the Rainbow Brass Music Company, news, links, and contact information.
  • Wilkerson, Stan Trombonist with the Lyric Brass Quintet in Westminster, Maryland. Includes photograph, biography, recordings, and contact information.
  • Williams, Andrew Trombonist and recording engineer in New York City. Includes biography, RealAudio and RealVideo samples, picture gallery, recordings, reviews, and contact information.
  • Williams, Jeffrey Trombonist and professor at the University of Oregon located in Eugene, Oregon. Includes photograph and biography.
  • Wogram, Nils Trombonist and composer from Braunschweig, Germany. Leader of the Nils Wogram Quartet. Includes photograph and biography.
  • Woolf, Adam British trombonist based in Mechelen, Belgium. Site includes biography, discography, teaching early music "Sackbut Solutions," links, photographs, .AU sound files, and contact information.

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