• A Peebels Guitars A. and A. Peebels, Luthiers. Custom Made Guitars.
  • Abyss Guitar Company Handmade custom-built 6 and 7 string guitars.
  • ADR Guitars A. Dominguez Romero Luthier. Handmade guitars with 6, 8 and 10 strings, Guitarrons with 4-6-8 strings. Stockholm Sweden.
  • American Archtop Guitars Custom archtops handcrafted by Luthier Dale Unger.
  • Andrew White Guitars Andrew White, luthier; offers a gallery of his acoustic and classical instruments, testimonials, dealer listing, ordering information and contact details. [West Virginia, US]
  • Arne Jensen Guitars Arne Jensen Luthier. High quality classical and steel string guitars handmade of the finest woods. Denmark.
  • Arnie Gamble Guitars Luthier making a range of acoustic instruments, mainly guitars; includes gallery, FAQ, and contact details. [California, US]
  • Bear Creek Guitars Hawaiian lap-style and flat top acoustic guitars.
  • Boaz Guitars Master Luthier Boaz Elkayam. Concert Classical, Flamenco, Clarita, steel and nylon string, handmade acoustic guitars.
  • Buscarini Guitars Luciano Buscarini Luthier. Maker of classical acoustic and Electric guitars. (Italy)
  • Buscarino Archtop Guitars Master luthier producing quality archtop guitars.
  • Charis Acoustic Flat top acoustic and classical guitars
  • Cimarron Guitars John Walsh Luthier. Acoustic and electric guitars.
  • Comins Guitars Luthier Bill Comins. Archtop Guitars.
  • Cool Acoustics Cool Acoustics is involved in the design and production of polymer acoustic technologies. Polymer acoustic and electric guitars.
  • Cronin Archtops Custom built archtop and jazz guitars by Luthier Kevin Cronin.
  • Cucculelli, Rodolfo Argentinian luthier. Biography, guitar gallery, contact information.
  • Cumpiano String Instruments Custom guitars and Latin American instruments.
  • Curran Guitars Steel string acoustic guitars, handbuilt by Luthier Buck R. Curran. Maine. USA.
  • Damico Guitars Custom guitars and bass builders in France. Handmade instruments, original designs.
  • Daniel Turner Flamenco guitar maker creates custom-made handcrafted instruments from exotic woods. Includes biography, information on models, a custom design facility, audio clips, and news.
  • De Gruchy Guitars Bryan de Gruchy Luthier. Acoustic and resophonic guitars. Australia.
  • Eduardo Alan Moreno Moore. Chilean maker of modern nylon 6 and 8 string guitars, charangos and tiples.
  • Ellis Guitars Andrew Ellis, Luthier. Perth, Western Australia. Fine, hand crafted six and seven string steel acoustic guitars..
  • Ervin Somogyi - Luthier Builds a range of acoustic and classical guitars; includes instrument specifications, a biography, and a collection of his articles on luthiery. [California, US]
  • Everett Acoustic Guitars Steel String and Classical Acoustic guitars handmade by Luthier Kent Everett.
  • Foldable Guitar A new invention of a foldable and collapsible guitar.
  • Foster Guitars Archtop and electric guitars.
  • Freilicher Guitars Louis Freilicher builds custom guitars and banjo necks in Belchertown, Massachusetts. Also repairs and restorations of all stringed instruments.
  • Gagnon Guitars Bill Gagnon Luthier. Handmade Archtop guitars.
  • Ger Gipsy Jazz Guitars Ger Bookstra Luthier. Instruments inspired by Django Reinhardt. Amsterdam, Holland.
  • German Guitars Luthier Greg German. Maker of jazz archtop guitars.
  • Gerrit van Bergeijk Dutch guitarmaker: Custom Selmer style "Hot Club" guitars.
  • Greenfield Guitars Michael Greenfield crafts acoustic, archtop, and classical instruments; includes information about instruments, construction, and ordering details. [Montreal, Canada]
  • Greg Back Guitars Greg Back custom guitar builder and co-creator of the Buzz Feiten Tuning System.
  • Gregory Furan Lutherie Maker of handmade concert classical and acoustic steel string guitars.
  • Grellier, Christophe Guitarmaker specializing in handcrafted steel-string guitars (flat-top, archtop, Weissenborn, and lap-steel). Includes details of instruments, workshop and for contact. [Nantes, France]
  • Guitar Master Works Dr. John A. Decker, Jr. Founder of RainSong Graphite Guitars and luthier of handcrafted classical guitars made from exotic woods.
  • Hancock Guitars Custom archtop instruments by Australian luthier Kim Hancock.
  • Harrison Guitars Doug Harrison, Luthier. Custom built arch top jazz guitars. Based in Toronto, Canada
  • Haxty Guitars Custom archtop guitars designed and built by luthier Greg Haxty.
  • Henneken Archtop jazz guitars and stringed instruments.
  • J. White Guitar Workshops Custom acoustic and electric guitars and mandolins. UK
  • James Fry Guitars Custom handmade acoustic and electric guitars. Taylor warranty center for Western Canada.
  • James R. Baker Archtop Guitars Handmade Archtop Jazz guitars.
  • Jimi Glenister Offers custom built guitars and mandolins, also repair and restoration of all stringed instruments and bows. [Kommetjie, South Africa]
  • John F. Mello Classical and steel string guitars.
  • John Marlow Stringed Instruments West Yorkshire luthier, hand-crafting guitars, mandolins, violins and other stringed instruments; also includes details of his luthiery courses.
  • John Osthoff Guitars Luthier John Osthoff, Becket MA. Custom handbuilt guitars.
  • Kathy Wingert Guitars Kathy Wingert Luthier. Custom built acoustic steel string and classical guitars.
  • Kellaway Classical Guitars Dan Kellaway Luthier. Classical guitars produced with a particular sound in mind. New South Wales Australia.
  • Kevin Chilcott Maker of Royal and Chilcott Custom Guitars. Restorer. Based in the UK.
  • KGB Musical Instruments UK luthier offering custom-made guitars and repair and customising service.
  • Kif Guitars Kif Luthier. Handmade electric and acoustic guitars and other instruments for 30 years. England.
  • Kim Webber Guitars Kim Webber Luthier. Guitars made, repaired and upgraded. Based in Somerset, England.
  • Klein Guitars Acoustic and electric guitars.
  • Knutson Luthiery John Knutson Luthier. handbuilt custom acoustic, electric, and archtop guitars, mandolins, and basses for 25 years
  • Koll Guitars Archtop and electric guitars and basses.
  • Lacey Guitars Mark Lacey Luthier. Custom electric Archtop and Flat top acoustic guitars.
  • Langdon Guitars Acoustic, Archtop and Electric instruments from salvaged and recycled woods.
  • Larkin Custom Guitars Archtop and flat top guitars, mandolins and other musical instruments.
  • Laurie Williams Guitars New Zealand Luthier Laurie Williams. Custom guitars and other instruments handmade using ancient Kauri and other exotic tonewoods.
  • Leach Guitars Harvey Leach Luthier. Archtop, flat top and electric guitars.
  • Lehmann Stringed Instruments Classical and flat top guitars, lutes, and mandolins.
  • Lollar Guitars Archtops, acoustics and solid body electric guitars and pickups.
  • Lucas Guitars A. J. Lucas Luthier. Classical and steel string, acoustic and electric custom instruments, made in the UK.
  • Luthier's Workshop Guitars Fine handmade stringed instruments and lutherie instruction
  • Maingard Guitars Hand-crafted acoustic and classical guitars; includes profile, gallery, artist recommendations, ordering instructions and contact details. [Cape Town, South Africa]
  • Manzer Guitars Luthier Linda Manzer. Archtop, classical and flat top acoustic guitars
  • Mapson Archtop Guitars James L. Mapson Luthier. Southern California builder of fine archtop guitars.
  • Matthew Mustapick Guitars Matthew Mustapick Luthier. Offering handmade steel and nylon string acoustic guitars.
  • McCurdy Guitars Archtop and one-off custom guitars.
  • McGill Guitars Offers a wide range of steel-string, classical, resophonic and acoustic-electric guitarsstage instruments; includes profile, instrument galleries and ordering instructions.
  • McIntyre Guitars Chris McIntyre luthier. Craftsman of fine electric guitars, acoustic guitars and basses. London, England.
  • Megas Guitars Acoustic and electric archtop guitars.
  • Moll Custom Instruments Archtop guitars and bass.
  • Moonstone Guitars Hand-crafted acoustic, electric and bass guitars since 1972 using highly figured exotic tone woods.
  • Mørch Guitars Danish handcrafted basses and guitars. Products, artists, ordering information, and contact information.
  • Nava Hand Made Guitars Acoustic steel-string and classical guitars handbuilt by Gary Nava; includes a gallery and details on commissioning an instrument. [London, UK]
  • Neely Custom Guitars Flat top and electric guitars and basses.
  • Nickerson Guitars Archtop and flat top guitars. Pictures, price list, biography, warranty, and links.
  • Nolan String Works Located in West Yorkshire,UK. Maker of fine stringed instruments, repairs and restorations.
  • Nyberg Instruments Handmade guitars, Irish Bouzoukis, Swedish Bagpipes and citterns. Hornby island, B.C., Canada.
  • Paragon Guitars Robert Bustos and Mark Vantaa, Luthiers. Hand built custom guitars, proudly produced in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Pavel Musical Instruments Pavel de la Fuente Luthier. Custom electric, and acoustic guitars and basses.
  • Perlman Guitars Luthier Alan Perlman. Quality custom made steel string guitars, classical guitars, 11 string and other models.
  • Pete Woodman Guitars Pete Woodman Luthier. Custom acoustic and electric guitars, Resonator instruments and basses. Isle of Man, Great Britain.
  • Peter Barton Guitars Beautiful, sought after classical and acoustic guitars from this fine English luthier
  • Peterson Stringed Instruments Microtonal and custom stringed instruments built and repaired. Gallery of microtonal guitars.
  • Petillo Guitars Flat top acoustic guitars. Carved top, archtop, solid and semi-solid electric guitars.
  • Rick Turner Guitars Steel and nylon string guitars and basses
  • Roger Williams Guitars Roger Williams Luthier. Makes and restores guitars for professional and amateur musicians. England.
  • Romance Guitars Jose Luis Diaz R. Luthier. Exotic guitars made in Paracho, Mexico.
  • Royal Jazz Guitars Roy Eneas Luthier. Fine Handcrafted, Selmer style, Gypsy Jazz Guitars from the South Coast of England. UK
  • S.B. MacDonald Custom Instruments Custom made guitars, repair and vintage restoration. Authorized repair center for Martin, Taylor, and Gibson guitars.
  • Schaefer Guitars Archtop guitars.
  • Schneider Guitars Custom made guitars and Indian instruments.
  • Sedgwick Guitars Stephen Sedgwick Luthier. Custom classical and flat top guitars. Also specializing in Harp Guitars. Britain
  • Sengenbjerg Guitars Handmade acoustic guitars and basses by Luthier Daniel Sengenbjerg. Halmstad, Sweden.
  • Shelley D. Park Guitars Classic Selmer/Maccaferri design guitars. Vancouver Canada.
  • Sheppard Guitars Gerald Sheppard Luthier. Fine custom build flat top guitars.
  • Siegmund Guitars Archtop, resophonic and electric guitars.
  • Stefan Sonntag Archtop jazz guitars
  • Stephen String Instruments Peter Stephen Luthier. Crafting guitars and double bass. New Zealand.
  • Tom Bills Guitars Handcrafted archtop guitars.
  • Trenier Jazz Guitars Bryant Trenier Luthier. Maker of custom, hand crafted jazz guitars Specializing in arch top guitars.
  • Trevor Semple Guitars Luthier. Guitar making, products, articles, lectures and resources relating to guitar-making.
  • Triggs Guitars Electric solidbody, archtop and flat top acoustic guitars.
  • Trinity Guitars Luthier Jim Holler specializes in making classical guitars; also offers sales of acoustic guitars and mandolins. Information about prices, ordering instructions, and contact details. [New York, US]
  • Usher Guitars Frank Usher Luthier. Electric guitars, basses, mandolins and lapsteels, made in the Scottish Borders and in use worldwide.
  • Vatroslav Sabolovic Vatroslav Sabolovic, luthier, creates handmade carved archtop guitars. Original creations on command.
  • Victor Baker Guitars Handmade archtop, semihollow and acoustic guitars. Philadelphia.
  • Vinny Colletti Stringed Instruments Vinny Colletti Luthier. Custom Archtop Guitars, 6 and 7 string and Archtop Basses. Handmade to order.
  • Vintage Acoustic A builder of custom made acoustic and resonator guitars, as well as bluegrass musicians.
  • Vogel Guitars Makes acoustic, classical, electric and bass guitars. [Quito, Ecuador - site requires Flash]
  • William C Kelday Flat top and classical guitars and bouzoukis.
  • Zeryab Guitars Canadian-based luthier offers instrument building, repair and restoration, and instruction services. [Alberta, Canada]
  • Zimnicki Guitars Archtop, flat top and classical guitars.

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