• Aginsky, Jacob Elijah Bay Area jazz pianist offers biography, discography with samples, plus press pack.
  • Alberti, Bob Features samples, reviews, activities, and biography of the New York jazz pianist.
  • Allen, Heath Philadelphia-based pianist, composer, bandleader and playwright. Offers music samples, news of projects and performances, plus reviews.
  • Amadie, Jimmy Features reviews, sound bites, teaching activities, biography, and books and records for sale for pianist Amadie.
  • Anderson, Dave Audio files and appearances.
  • Argenti, Ferdinando Boston-based pianist, vocalist, composer and arranger originally from Pisa, Italy. Biography, discography, audio samples, and performance schedule.
  • Arriale, Lynne Features reviews, sound bites and itinerary for jazz pianist Arriale.
  • Avitabile, Franck Biography, tours, photos, mp3, and scores for this pianist and composer.
  • Barron, Kenny Jerry Jazz Musician Interview, with pianist Barron by Robert J. Smith.
  • Barth, Thomas Biography, downloads, and links.
  • Birnbaum, Mark Ragtime, jazz and blues pianist, staff musician for Joe Franklin television show, with a doctorate from Columbia University. MP3s, articles about ragtime and jazz history, reviews and interviews.
  • Bliwas, Richard Jazz and alternative pianist/composer; page includes biography.
  • Blum, John Biography, discography, and reviews.
  • Bonnier, Bess Detroit-based pianist leading jazz ensembles of up to six pieces. Photo, audio samples, reviews and event listings.
  • Brackeen, Joanne Features reviews, sound bites, recordings, diary, and biography of pianist.
  • Braid, David A distinct, young Canadian jazz pianist.
  • Bugnon, Alex Swiss-born keyboardist and composer has played in New York and Europe. Photos, biography, audio.
  • Burrell, Dave Features reviews, sound bites, recordings, diary, and biography for pianist.
  • Cain, Michael US jazz pianist, composer and educator offers biography with calendar of appearances worldwide, audio downloads and recordings for sale.
  • Carmichael, Judy Styles include stride and swing. Biography, articles, and photos.
  • Carter, Bill Presbyterian preacher and jazz pianist. Find information about the Presbybop Quartet, plus CDs, and photo galleries.
  • Cevikce, Sila Turkish pianist and composer. Music, artwork, information and news.
  • Chanier, Jacques Born in Paris, the pianist works and records in and around Boston with trios and combos. Reviews, discography, music samples, and drawings.
  • Childs, Billy Pianist's biography, itinerary, reviews, sound bites, and recordings.
  • Chin, John Performances, biography, MP3s, and pictures.
  • Claus, Mathias German pianist offers MP3s and YouTube video as well as performances including collaboration with Russian jazz singer in Moscow. [German and English]
  • Clayderman, Richard Artist information, album listings, new releases, real encoded tracks, world tour updates, Delphine information, Olivier Toussaint articles.
  • Cochrane, Michael Features reviews, sound bites, cds, itinerary, projects, and biography for this pianist.
  • Cohan, Ryan Chicago-based jazz pianist and composer. Biography and reviews.
  • Copland, Marc Reviews, upcoming tours, and discography for jazz pianist Copland.
  • Copley, Al Pianist specializing in blues, jazz and boogie-woogie. Find biography, discography, and sound clips.
  • Cray, Dan Jazz pianist based in Chicago. Biography, schedule, reviews, and song samples.
  • Crosara, Francesco Jazz site of Italian pianist includes download of mp3 files from his latest cd, as well as new unreleased material.
  • Dailey, Raleigh Jazz pianist, composer, and scholar located in Lexington, Kentucky. Biography, news on upcoming gigs, plus lyrics and music.
  • DeChellis, Dan Pianist and composer. Biography, gallery, and links.
  • Doky, Niels Lan Danish jazz pianist. Biography, discography, press material and sheet music.
  • Dundas, Chris Biography, discography, and photos.
  • Eales, Geoff Website of UK jazz pianist Eales features his first cd, "Mountains of Fire" as well as a biography, audio clips and reviews.
  • Erev, Ari Israeli-born jazz pianist and composer offers biography, audio samples, discography, event schedule, and photo gallery.
  • Evans, Harry Music from the older brother of the jazz pianist Bill Evans. Audio samples, photo gallery, and biography.
  • Fields, Bob Includes a biography, and information about the pianist and his jazz septet, as well as booking information and tour dates.
  • Finke, Thomas Information about the French-born pianist, including music archive, solo piano recordings, free downloads, and art works.
  • Foster, Tony Myspace page of this Canadian jazz pianist and composer. Find audio samples, photo gallery, and news of upcoming gigs.
  • Franklin, Nikki Professional jazz pianist and singer, offering performance and bespoke compositions. Based in Southern England.
  • Freedman, Dan London born jazz pianist and composer, now living in Honolulu. Find information about songs and shows, plus biography, press, and blog.
  • Fries, Matthew Jazz pianist offers music samples, a schedule of public performances, online press kit, and information about his TCB Records release, "Song for Today."
  • Gallagher, Rick Pianist, composer, and arranger. Recordings, booking information, and performance schedule.
  • Galper, Hal Touring pianist leads his trio on dates across the U.S., with stops for clinics in schools. Downloadable versions of his articles from Down Beat and Jazz Improv, with a guide to self-management.
  • Garber, Ian Henry Pianist and arranger, born in Dublin. Offers a biography, sound clips, and news on upcoming shows.
  • Green, Tim Chicago pianist. Biography, performances, and contact information.
  • Hamm, Dennis Jazz pianist in Los Angeles, CA. Biography, schedule, and audio samples.
  • Hammer, Tardo Home page for jazz pianist and educator; includes recordings, biography, reviews, and contacts.
  • Hanna, Sir Roland Publisher, Rahanna Music Inc, offers biography, discography and catalog of the works of the pianist and composer. Find also music book sales, and links.
  • Hazeltine, David Features reviews, sound bites, itinerary, biography, and CDs for the jazz pianist.
  • Hepler, Dave Jazz piano player based in Indianapolis, Indiana. CD samples, biography, and reviews.
  • Herskowitz, Matt Interpreter of the classics, a brilliant jazz pianist and a composer of vast range and originality.
  • Hewitt, Kent Jazz pianist, composer, arranger, and vocalist. Offers biography, reviews, performances, plus custom lead sheet services.
  • Hill, Andrew Jazz pianist and composer; includes biographical notes, discography, press, images, tour plan.
  • Hilton, Lisa Official website for the composer and pianist. Artist information, photographs, audio clips, album sales, and complete music library.
  • Hirahara, Art Photograph, sound samples and brief biography of Bay Area jazz pianist and composer Hirahara.
  • Holt , Steve Homepage for the Canadian pianist, composer, and producer, specializing in pop and jazz, include a biography and discography.
  • Horne, David Former jazz pianist with the USMA Band's Jazz Knights from 1975 -1995.
  • Hutchins, Carlos South Florida pianist and singer is also CEO of C-Note Entertainment, Inc.
  • Ibrahim, Abdullah Discography, biography, and photos.
  • Jamal, Ahmad Discography, biography, itinerary, photos, schedule and awards for the jazz recording artist.
  • Javors, Keith Jazz pianist, recording artist and educator based at the University of North Florida at Jacksonville. Lead sheets of original tunes [GIF], recording and gigging schedule.
  • Kaeshammer, Michael Boogie woogie and jazz piano player Kaeshammer presents his latest album, "Tell You How I Feel", with latest tour dates and biographical information.
  • Knight, Dan Real Audio/Video, mp3s, complete itinerary and discography for the jazz pianist.
  • Knutson, Mary Louise Jazz pianist and composer based in Minneapolis. Biography, reviews, and photos.
  • Landon, Louis American jazz pianist. Find news, sheet music, concert information, sounds samples and videos, plus biography, reviews, press, and tour dates.
  • Lapin, Alexey Free jazz pianist and composer, located in Saint-Petersburg. Presents a biography, discography, streaming audio and video, plus information about upcoming events.
  • Law, John Homepage of UK jazz pianist Law has biography, discography, news, reviews, gallery and contact information.
  • Lechner, Federico Jazz pianist.
  • Lenny Marcus Trio, The Booking agency page for Virginia-based jazz trio led by pianist compared to McCoy Tyner and Mose Allison.
  • Lenz, Uli Jazz pianist, composer, and arranger from Berlin. Offers a biography, schedule, discography, and jazz videos. In English and German.
  • Leonard, Alex New York City-based jazz pianist and vocalist offers photographs, biography, discography, guestbook, and contact information.
  • Levin, Alex New York based pianist, composer, and educator. Offers biography, photo gallery, press and reviews.
  • Lowrey, Mark Find information on Kansas City based jazz pianist, including tour schedule, biography, and discography.
  • Lyddon, Tim Biography, pictures, and lesson information.
  • MacDonald, Glyn Australian jazz pianist and composer. MP3s, biography and contact details.
  • Marcotulli, Rita Myspace page of this Italian jazz pianist. Find music samples and videos, biography, and a discography.
  • Martignon, Hector Jazz pianist's biography with audio samples.
  • Martin, Joel A. Pianist Martin fuses classical and jazz. Biography, concert calendar, CD-ROM sales and merchandise.
  • Matsui, Keiko Official page of the jazz pianist. Discography, tour dates, biography, pictures, video clips.
  • Mays, Bill Pianist, composer and arranger playing dates in the US, Canada and Europe, as solo performer but also in combos and in crossover classical concerts. Press, schedule.
  • Mcall, Barney Biography, resume, and CDs.
  • McKenzie, Greg Features reviews, sound bites, itinerary, biography, and cds for this pianist.
  • Mehldau, Brad Biography of the pianist with a 2000 concert review from Zurich.
  • Mellow Tones Pianist and composer, William Gati, has his music available for listening and free download.
  • Mencel, Joachim Polish jazz pianist performs lyrical standards and original compositions throughout Europe with bass, drums, clarinet and guest artists. Recordings, bookings, photos, discography, guestbook.
  • Meyers, Kim Jazz pianist performs and weddings and corporate events. Biography and photos.
  • Mikami, Kuni Japanese-born jazz pianist in New York. Has performed with Lionel Hampton and Paul Ellington. Schedule, biography, and discography.
  • Milne, Andy Biography, audio clips, photos, schedules and links.
  • Moran, Jason A look at the jazz pianist, Moran's webpages have several in-depth interviews discussing his take on the current jazz scene and his new projects.
  • Motley, Gary Jazz pianist. Biography, discography, and photos.
  • Murphy, Bob Includes biography, discography, and tour dates for this Canadian pianist.
  • Murphy, Brian Jazz pianist and composer located in Miami Beach. Offers biography, discography, reviews, itinerary, plus audio and video clips.
  • Norris, Walter Arkansas Jazz Heritage Foundation webpage featuring jazz pianist Norris and his new cd, "From Another Star", includes information on his four cds on Concord Jazz and his other projects.
  • Otahal, Herbert Pianist-composer-arranger of music for theatre, TV, Jazz projects. Includes audio, services, shows, journal, and CDs.
  • Pacini, Tony Located in Portland, Oregon. Biography, booking information, and CDs.
  • Pevzner, Yan Jazz pianist, composer, arranger and educator from New York. Biography, gig schedule, CD review.
  • Piket, Roberta Pianist/composer's biography, photo album, audio samples, reviews, upcoming performances, and educational activities. [RealAudio]
  • Pilc, Jean-Michel Jazz pianist and composer. Biography, interview, discography, audio/video samples, and itinerary.
  • Regen, Jon Pianist, composer and vocalist Regen's site features music clips, tour dates, and a photo gallery.
  • Remesnik, Michael Jazz musician specializing in jazz and fusion interpretations of famous jazz standards.
  • Rennert, Uli Austrian pianist, composer and educator. Biography, downloads, equipment, and links.
  • Resnick, Art Includes recordings, famous artists played with, tours, photo gallery, and writings.
  • Rolfe, Nick Tattooed New York soul pianist. Audio, gig schedule, message board.
  • Rosenberg, Nathan New York pianist and vocalist Rosenberg's pages include a biography and sound samples.
  • Royal, Michael Biography, schedule, and sound clips.
  • Ruíz, Otmaro Official site of this contemporary jazz pianist and composer features his biography, discography, photographs and contact information.
  • Rumble, Andy Music and information about musical director, composer and pianist, Andy Rumble.
  • Savage, Matt 10-year-old jazz pianist. Biography, schedule, contact information, reviews, articles, MP3s and CD ordering information.
  • Schindele, Brian Jazz pianist, solo and trio. Biography, pictures, and recordings.
  • Shipp, Matthew Avant-garde jazz pianist offers samples from his recordings including Nu Bop, New Orbit, and Pastoral Composure. Press reviews including the New York Times and Rolling Stone.
  • Sowash, Bradley Sowash is a composer, recording artist, and solo pianist. Includes audio samples and an e-mail list.
  • Ted Rosenthal Contains booking information, itinerary, biography, sound clips, and educational articles.
  • Thompson, Butch Official website of the legandary jazz and ragtime pianist; many features and audio samples.
  • Thompson, David Jazz pianist and composer. Biography, touring schedule, multimedia, and booking information.
  • Thornton, Bob Performs solo, with his own trio and combos, and teaches music at University of Central Florida in Orlando. Gig schedule, audio.
  • Tobey, Paul Profile, reviews, tour dates, and sound files for the Canadian jazz pianist and composer.
  • Trotignon, Baptiste Jazz pianist of Moutin Reunion Quartet. Biography and discography.
  • Tyris Contemporary Jazz pianist; official site for Tyris and his music including concert dates and CDs.
  • Vanderby, Ray Australian pianist and composer. Information about his quartet, plus biography, audio sample, photos, concerts, and booking information.
  • Vinge, John Site of Norwegian pianist Vinge includes biography and audio samples from his latest release "My Heart is Your Machinegun.
  • Walker, Nancy Canadian jazz pianist. Biography, discography, itinerary, reviews and photos.
  • Watson, Jim Pianist/keyboardist and composer based in UK worked with Incognito, James Moody, and on the Oceans 11 soundtrack. Schedule of gigs including dates at Ronnie Scott's along with discography and audio samples.
  • Weinbeck, Benny Pianist playing his original compositions for films and CDs, solo and with his band. Biography, photo, audio.
  • Weiss, Michael Official website of jazz pianist and composer Michael Weiss. Includes bio, itinerary, recordings, gallery, projects, presskit and contact information.
  • Whiteman, Richard Jazz pianist and composer. Upcoming events, biography, and samples.
  • Williams, Jessica Discography and contact information for this jazz pianist.
  • Windle, Tony Smooth jazz keyboardist Windle's home page. Featuring sound samples, biography, reviews, show dates, and smooth jazz links.
  • Woods, Woody Pianist and composer from Los Angeles. Biography, discography, and photos.
  • Yavnai, Alon Israeli jazz pianist offers discography, biography, sound samples and schedule.


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