This category is for bands and artists whose name begins with the letter F.

Other languages: Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

  • F.O.A.D. Punk-rock group from Austin, Texas. Includes pictures, show dates, lyrics and biography.
  • F.O.N. Pop punk band from Chula Vista, California. Biography, pictures, links and lyrics.
  • F.o.N. Southern California punk hip-hop band. Photos, biography, and links.
  • Fabulosos Cadillacs Latin Rock band from Argentina.
  • Fabulous Harmonaires, The Official site of the doo-wop group from Dallas, Texas. Profiles, show dates, sound files, and photos.
  • Fabulous Hubcaps, The Band playing 50' and 60's music. Includes news, schedule, pictures, audio samples and contact details.
  • Fabulous Oldies But Goodies Band, The Show band from Lansing, Michigan.
  • Face-the-Gap Homepage of the melodic acoustic rock-pop band based in England.
  • Faded Four piece rock/metal band from Perth, Scotland. Links, news and pictures.
  • Faded Metal band from Austin, Texas. Audio downloads, biography, links, and concert schedule.
  • Faded Black Metal band from Chatham, Ontario, Canada. Includes band information, audio, video, lyrics, links, and fan art.
  • Fahl, Mary Official site of singer/songwriter Mary Fahl. Includes news, a biography, tour schedule and downloads.
  • Fahres, John Baltimore area acoustic rock singer and songwriter. Includes tour schedule, audio files, lyrics, and news.
  • Fairchild, Amy Singer/songwriter from New York City. Includes a biography, tour dates, photos, links and contact information.
  • Fairlanes, The Rock'n'Roll band from Chicago. Concert schedule, song list and links.
  • Faith By Promise Christian punk band from Pennsylvania. Biographies, concert schedule and pictures.
  • Faith Healers, The British band. Includes pictures, discography, biography, and lyrics.
  • Faith, Rebekah Professional vocalist for hire. Includes a resume, contact information and influences.
  • Faithfield, Rory Alternative organic pop artist. Contains music downloads, lyrics, and pictures.
  • Fake Ideal Official site of Doncaster, England 1999 Battle of the Bands champions.
  • Falcon, Adam New York singer/songwriter. Biography, reviews and cds with audio samples.
  • Fallen from the Nest Alternative rock band. Pictures, biography, discography, MP3s and fan art.
  • Fallen Stars, The California-based rock group. Offers member profiles, audio samples, performance calendar, reviews and news articles.
  • Falling Down Stairs Local ska band from Townson, Maryland.
  • Falling Through English rock band. Concert schedule, photo gallery and downloads.
  • Fancy German dance-pop vocalist and musician. In English and German.
  • Fanenji Experimental triphop artist from Genova, Italy. Includes MP3 downloads.
  • Fang, Liu Montreal, Canada pipa and guzheng player. Biography, discography, reviews, press, and awards.
  • Fantom Star Vietnamese pop music band. RealAudio and MP3.
  • Faraquet Discography, pictures, and interview with the Washington, DC band.
  • Faraways, The A band from Sweden. Inspired by bands like The Velvet Underground, early Pink Floyd, Sisters of Mercy, and Electric Prunes.
  • Farina London-based art rock three-piece band. Discography, reviews and news.
  • Farpoint Contains a biography of the band, current news, event and show information, song lyrics, photographs, and links to download songs.
  • Farrah UK-based pop quartet. News, tour schedule, and online forum.
  • Fascination Original accordion duo. Site offers a biography, overview, MP3 files, press reviews and links.
  • Fashion Flesh Electronic/experimental audio artist.
  • Fast and Far Pop band from Austin, Texas. Sound files, pictures, biography and show dates.
  • Fastest Turbo Fire Engine Minneapolis-based hard rock band. News, concert information and merchandise.
  • FastForward Lafayette, Indiana area based rock band. Concert information, links and biography.
  • Fat Bottom Blues band from Calgary, Alberta. Includes profile, playlist, and link to sound files.
  • Fat Slinky Rock band from Sydney. Biography, audio samples and concert schedule.
  • Fat Tony Official site.
  • Fatal Tourist History, discography, and sound files of the electronic music artist.
  • FatMouth Dutch blues band. Biography, concert information and links.
  • Faully Band from Mankato, Minnesota.
  • Fauntleroy Alternative rock trio from Huntington Beach, California. Biographies, concert schedule, and lyrics.
  • Feckless Beast MP3s, press, member profiles and gigs.
  • Fedorov, Leonid Rock guitarist and composer from Russia: biography, discography, photos, reviews, and concert dates.
  • Feed the Cobweb English alternative band. Includes articles, images, and links.
  • Feel Free German rock band. Media, links and tour dates.
  • Felice The recording artist, music with a unique blend of popular, electronic, dance, rock, her own flavor and style.
  • Felix, Julie Singer, songwriter and peace protester. Site contains gig, recording and appearance news.
  • Fellner, Deirdre Vocalist and musician who interprets the great Jazz, Blues, Soul, and rhythm and blues legends.
  • Felpeyu Asturian Celtic folk band. Biographies, discography, and concert schedule.
  • Felt Tribute to the band from the 1980's. Discography, lyrics and pictures.
  • Feng-Shui A metal band. Photos, news, song sample, band information, show dates, and merchandise.
  • Fenix Rising Official site of the jazz/rhythm and blues group. Includes line up, calendar, guestbook, and links.
  • Fenwicks, The The world's only ska-funk-folk-punk amalgamation.
  • Ferd Mert Official homepage.
  • Ferrer, Ibrahim Description of his discography, tour information, and work with Buena Vista Social Club.
  • Fetal Genius Grunge/metal band from mid-state Illinois. Discography, biography and lyrics.
  • Fetisch Yahoo club for fans of the underground band.
  • Fetish 69 Official site includes discography, history, lyrics, MP3 files, press and tour dates.
  • Fetner, Ron Virginia-based contemporary folk songwriter. Discography, concert schedule and biography.
  • Fever Ray Swedish electronic artist Karin Dreijer Andersson. Site includes news and videos.
  • FHG Minnesota-based alternative rock band. Biographies, concert information and pictures.
  • Fiascos, The Rock band from Columbus, Ohio. Concert schedule, discography and merchandise.
  • Fiascos, The Christian punk band from York, Pennsylvania, US. Includes profile of the group, lyrics, tour dates, and news.
  • Fidler, Jim Folk/Celtic artist from Newfoundland. Biography, reviews and photo gallery.
  • Fieger, Doug Information about the frontman for The Knack. News, photos and links.
  • Fiel Garvie Acclaimed independent music artists Fiel Garvie, from Norwich, England.
  • Field Mob Official site of the rap group from Albany, Georgia. Includes audio clips, news, tour dates, and message board.
  • Fifth Avenue Contemporary rock band from Australia. Calendar, song reviews and biographies.
  • Fifth Year Crush A modern rock band from Gainesville. Biography, photos, song samples, and tour dates.
  • Fifty Grit Official website of the Seattle roots/rock band. Includes show schedule, member information and pictures.
  • Fiftywatthead Indie rock group from Ontario, US. Includes biography, pictures, show dates, discography, and press.
  • Fig, Anton Late Show with David Letterman drummer. Offers news, biography, discography, and a concert schedule.
  • Fighting Cocks, The London UK Gypsy rock band. News, live gigs, discography, photos and music downloads.
  • Fila Brazillia Electronic artist. Discography, downloads, and news items.
  • Film Official website. Reviews, MP3s, audio and video clips, tickets, tour dates and where to buy cds online.
  • Filmpalast Includes history, audio, and band reviews.
  • Filterheadz Official site of the techno band from Belgium. Biography, discography, and remixography.
  • Fine by Me Four-piece group from Concord, California. Includes group profile, photographs, news, and show dates.
  • Fingerett, Sally Chicago-based singer/songwriter and member of the "Four Bitchin' Babes". Tour schedule, discography, and guestbook.
  • Finlay, Morgan Indie rock artist from Toronto, Ontario. Audio downloads, pictures, biography, and a web journal.
  • Finlin, Jeff Singer/songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. Biography, news, tour dates, discography, reviews, lyrics, and pictures.
  • Fire Alley Arizona hard rock and blues band. Biography, audio downloads and lyrics.
  • Fire and Ice Girl group from Marietta, Georgia. Biographies, news and concert schedule.
  • FireBush Lawrence-based rock band with web polls and personal member profiles.
  • Firefly Official site of the band from Cambridge, England, UK. Includes live dates, biography, and mailing list.
  • Firegoat Rock band from the Netherlands. Profile, lyrics, and pictures.
  • Firehouse Interview with the band's guitarist, Bill Leverty.
  • Fireking Rock duo. Includes biography, news, RealAudio samples, CD ordering details, live show information, and pictures.
  • Fireman, The Website devoted to the ambient-dance project made up of Paul McCartney and Youth.
  • First Call Fan site for the contemporary Christian vocal group.
  • First Impression Band Wedding band from Indianapolis. Offers background and booking information.
  • First Night Close harmony cabaret group. Reviews, profile, samples and booking information.
  • First Offence UK-based live tribute band.
  • First Republic Canadian band; melodic emo/hardcore mixed with drum n bass.
  • Fisher, Cyndi Indianapolis singer/songwriter and guitarist. Album information, biography, photographs and newsletter.
  • Fisher, Rebekka Songwriter based out of Minneapolis. Biography, concert schedule, news, and photo gallery.
  • Fisher, Roger Solo music from the former guitarist of the bands Heart and Alias.
  • Fisherman's Walkband German Latin rock band. Tour dates, discography, profile, and sound files.
  • Fishheads Island style party band from Nebraska. Includes schedule, booking information, and a band biography.
  • Fisk, Donna and Michael Cristian Country singer/songwriters from Australia. Includes a biography, lyrics and sound clips.
  • Fisk, Eliot Photographs and information on the classical guitarist and his performances, recordings, guitar festival, and teaching.
  • Fitehouse Official home of the classic rock-influenced band. Site in English, Spanish and German.
  • FitzGerald, Karen Contemporary instrumental pianist/composer. Includes biography, reviews, sound clips, and performance calendar.
  • Five Furious Fish Official site includes biography, gig guide, sound files, and CD information for the UK band.
  • Five Man Electrical Band Official site for on the Canadian rock group from the '70s.
  • Five Minute Freakshow Punk band from Reading, Pennsylvania. Biographies, concert schedule and song lyrics.
  • Five Pointe O Audio clips, pictures.
  • Five Small Ponies Christian rock band from York, UK. Biographies, audio and concert information.
  • Five Stairsteps History and fan comments about the soul group.
  • Five Star The place to be for all die hard fans of "the royal family of pop."
  • Fjellestad, Hans Composer/improviser.
  • Flamin' Dick and the Hot Rods A '50s and '60s rock band playing from 1955 through 1968. Based out of Reading, Pa. area.
  • Flammable Irish rock band. Biography, discography and news.
  • Flannagan, Andy Christian rock artist from Luton, England. Song lyrics, biography and contact information.
  • Flapping, Flapping Pop band from Santa Barbara.
  • Flashcats, The Rhythm and blues band from Philadelphia.
  • Flashlight Brown Toronto-based rock band. News, tour dates, photos, and links.
  • Flatline Hardcore-metal trio from Wisconsin.
  • Flattus Funk band. Contains history, a list of past band members, biographies, discography, audio and video samples, photographs, and reviews.
  • Fleet, Nathan A solo singer/songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario. Artist information, CD information and ordering and photos.
  • Fleetwoods, The Rock and Roll band from the 1950's. Photos, lyrics and downloads.
  • Fleshtones, The Fan site with news, show dates, gallery, and a discussion forum.
  • Fletcher Munson Effect Electronic music artist. Biography, news, and audio downloads.
  • Flexig, Michael Official site of the German rock singer. History, discography and photo gallery.
  • Flight News, biography, sound files, skins, and lyrics.
  • Flin An up-and-coming alternative rock band out of Danbury, CT.
  • Flip Kings, The Rock band from Manchester, Connecticut. News, photos and mailing list.
  • Flip Nipsy Fan Page. Audio Page. Links.
  • Flip-side Mix one quart pop-punk, one cup of ska, emo, and 50's, a dash of hardcore, and you've got this up and coming, NY band's sound.
  • Floater Devoted to the Pacific North West art-metal band Floater.
  • Flobots, The Alternative rock and rap band's site has details on the group, concerts, media and discography.
  • Floor, The Edmonton-based punk/new wave band. Band information, audio and images.
  • Flor de Serena Judeo-Spanish musical ensemble.
  • Floren, Brent Minnesota-based rock/rhythm and blues singer.
  • Flowers For Breakfast Former Belgian alternative band. Features biography, discography, lyrics and sound, pictures and links.
  • Flud Forty Biographies, lyrics, audio and video clips.
  • Flung Home of Flung comics and the band of the same name. Online comix stories, downloadable songs, other amusements.
  • Flutations Flute choir with bass and percussion based in Pennsylvania. Includes news and contact information.
  • Fluxury Progressive rock Dutch band. Biography, audio downloads and lyrics.
  • Fly to the Sky Korean music duo. Includes pictures, group profile, forum, pictures, links, and history.
  • Flying Other Brothers Band, The Gig information, pictures, biography, articles, and reviews.
  • FlyJam Hungarian act, playing psychedelic/space-rock, break, dnb, featuring two guitars, bass, keys and drums. The official site contains tour dates, music downloads, bios, photos and the latest news.
  • Flynn, John Singer/songwriter from Pennsylvania. Concert schedule, biography and image gallery.
  • Fogarty, Philip Soundbytes, up and coming gigs, updates, lyrics and sheep news; all the latest on this solo artist from Clare.
  • Foley, Blaze Profile of the local legend from UnlockAustin.
  • Fonda Indie-pop group from Los Angeles. Site includes news, biography, MP3s, lyrics, videos and FAQs.
  • Fonsi, Luis Pop artist from San Juan, Puerto Rico. News, biography, discography and downloads.
  • Fontana, Richie Biography, lyrics, MP3s, and links.
  • Fony Official site of the UK metal band includes news, history, tour dates, sound files, and pictures.
  • Foored Emo acoustic duo from Iowa. Biographies, lyrics and booking information.
  • For Absent Friends Official site for the Dutch rock band. Includes news, contact information, MP3 audio, and lyrics. [English/Dutch]
  • Forbert, Steve Official site of the singer/songwriter includes biography, discography, tour dates, lyrics, and pictures.
  • Force, The A four piece Rock band from the North East of England. Gig, member, and contact information.
  • Force of Nature Rock band from Eureka, California. News, concert schedule and pictures.
  • Fordham, Julia British singer/songwriter. Includes images, news, interviews, articles, and bibliography.
  • Forest Green Celtic music. Band information, picture gallery, and concert schedule.
  • Forever Teen girl duo. Includes news, profile, discography, audio clips, pictures, lyrics, guestbook, and mailing list.
  • Formula, The A young four piece rock/funk quartet from the Detroit, Michigan area.
  • Fornever Gothic band. Biography, news, audio samples, and discography.
  • Forsaken Malta News, biographies, photographs, lyrics, gigs, news, and MP3s for the doom and progressive metal band.
  • Fort, Anat Discography, biographical and booking information for the international pianist.
  • Forty Stripes Central New York Christian rock band.
  • Foscoe Philharmonics Violin and viola duet based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Biography, repertoire and booking information.
  • Foster, Bruce Biography, links, and information. Official site.
  • Foster, David Canadian musician and producer. News, biography, lyrics and interviews.
  • Foti, Keith Los Angeles based singer-songwriter. News, tour dates, audio downloads, and lyrics.
  • Fotia Greek band in the San Francisco Bay area. Includes band history, discography, audio, pictures, news and schedule.
  • Fountain of Tears A Gothic/progressive/metal band based in Philadelphia.
  • Four Bitchin' Babes Singer-songwriter quartet. Includes biographies, press kit, tour dates, MP3s, and merchandise.
  • Four Months Gone Official site of the four-piece pop/rock group. Includes band profile, news, audio clips, guestbook, and pictures.
  • Four Piece Suit Home page of the critically acclaimed Boston band. Features MP3s, RealAudio, photos, and gig listings.
  • Foursidecircle The official site for the post-progressive-power-pop band from Texas. Includes news and information.
  • Fourth World Jazz band. Biography, discography, and contact information.
  • Fowley, Kim Official site features world wide chart highlights of composing, producing, publishing and performing credits.
  • Fox Fan site for the 1970s British Band Fox.
  • Fox, Allie Scottish singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist. Concert dates, reviews, lyrics and audio samples.
  • Fox, Mimi Female jazz guitarist's official site offers a biography, itinerary, and press reviews.
  • Fox, Neal Pop-rock singer-songwriter. Biography, discography, song samples, studio information, and links.
  • Fox, Tom Rhythm and blues singer from Liverpool, England.
  • Fox, Tom Singer/songwriter from London, England.
  • Foxtrot Zulu Resource page for fans of the jam band, including setlists, tapetree, live recording archive, fan sites, and pictures.
  • Fraggles, The A New Orleans based ska/punk/rock band.
  • Frail Rock band from Carmel, New York. Concert listings, news, and audio downloads.
  • Fraizer's Edge Rock band from Florida. Biographies, photos, and links.
  • Francis, John Guitar and voice music. Site offers news, music samples and dates.
  • Franck and Caesar Electronic pop duet. Includes facts, news, downloadable songs and lyrics.
  • Franco, Martin Latin funk music artist. Includes CD information, music clips, biography, tour dates, and photos.
  • François, Claude French/Egyptian singer. Biography, photos, links and lyrics.
  • Franke, Denice Official page for the Texas folk/country musician. Includes photos, reviews, audio clips, tour dates, and album information.
  • Frankenstein Los Angeles-based punk/death rock/psychobilly band. Show dates, news, song samples, images, biographies, discography and links.
  • Franklin, Dayna Drummer from Louisiana. Biography, audio downloads and contact information.
  • Franklin, Leigh Review of New Zealander Leigh's debut London show at the Soho Theatre, October 2000.
  • Franson, Scott Acoustic rock artist from North Carolina. Biography, samples and CD order form.
  • Freak Kitchen Swedish rock band. Discography, news, contact information and downloads.
  • Freaky DNA Electronic group based simultaneously in Vancouver and Munich. Includes news, profiles, and videos.
  • Fred Yukka UK-based rock band. News, concert listings, and links.
  • Frederick, Robin Los Angeles-based singer. News, biography, and downloadable MP3s.
  • Frederiksen, Fergie Official site of the ex-Toto, Trillion and LeRoux vocalist.
  • Free Beer History, pictures, audio and video clips, discography and news.
  • Free Beer Michigan band's site with gigs, pictures, profiles, song list and stories.
  • Free For All Christian rock band from Hamilton, MI that is committed to spreading God's message through their music.
  • FreeConfusion Punk rock band from Washington and California. History, show dates, sound files, and pictures.
  • Freeday Progressive rock band from Estonia. Lyrics, biographies and pictures.
  • Freedman, Mike Singer/songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. Biography, contact information, discography and reviews.
  • Freedom Alternative rock band from South Jersey. Concert schedule, news and merchandise.
  • Freeflow Profiles and pictures of the Florida rapcore group.
  • Freeform Discography of the band.
  • Freeland, Jon Florida-based musician. News, concerts, music, and photos.
  • Freire, Lea Brazilian flutist/composer. Short profile with RealAudio.
  • French, Harry Musician, vocalist and harmonica player. Performs in the Florida keys and in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
  • Fresh Water Official website of the UK based folk acoustic duo.
  • Freshly Squeezed Orlando's newest pop punk band. See pictures and hear songs.
  • Freudian Press Five piece cover band from Peoria, Illinois. Press, concert schedule, and photos.
  • Freund, Tom Contains tour schedule, biography, discography, news and articles.
  • Freya Ladybird Danish singer. Fan site with photos, biography, and discography.
  • Friedman, Dean Singer/songwriter from New York. Biography, concert schedule, and audio downloads.
  • Friendly Indians Pop band from Orange County, California.
  • Friends of Ken Pop punk band from Stoke-on-Trent, England. Biography, concert information, videos and reviews.
  • Friss, Bobby Southeast rock artist's official site includes photos, press reviews, biography and show dates.
  • FrodoCPU MP3s and clips from the new CD for sale now; lyrics, photos and information about the band.
  • Frogg Cafe New York based band, formerly a Frank Zappa tribute. Includes news, MP3s, releases, pictures and artwork.
  • Froggatt, Raymond UK-based country music singer and songwriter. Biography, photos, merchandise, and tour dates.
  • Froglick Utah-based band playing punk to funk, ska to metal, jazz to psycho-billy, and hip-hop to hardcore.
  • Front Seat Failure Punk band from New York. Includes lyrics, biography, news, MP3s and contact information.
  • Frozen Metal band from Massachusetts.
  • Frozen Tears An Italian heavy-metal band. Includes biography, photos, information about their demo tape, and MP3 song clips.
  • Frozen, The Austrian Gothic rock band. Biography, discography and news.
  • Frozensouls Swedish band with information about their debut CD Burned.
  • Fry that Boot Alternative Punk band based in Montreal. Includes discography, audio clips, photos, show dates, and biographies.
  • Fryd, Peter Rock artist from Helsinki, Finland. News, discography and photo gallery.
  • Fryed Brothers Band, The Schedule, description and pictures of a biker band, who play Country to Rock'n'Roll to Rhythm and Blues.
  • Fuchs, Henning German musician. Biography, discography, pictures, and links.
  • Fuck You A site for the new band that really kicks
  • Fuck You Ups Four-piece punk rock band from Tempe, Arizona. Includes audio, show dates, news, and pictures.
  • Fugular Comority Band from Laurel/Columbia, Maryland playing heavy alternative music. Includes show listings, lyrics, and pictures.
  • Fujita Piano Trio London-based piano trio by three award-winning Japanese sisters. Includes biography, photos, and concert schedule.
  • Fuktifino Profile, lyrics, and demo information for the Galway, Ireland based band.
  • Fula Fast making waves in the venues of Manchester, and are gathering a following further afield. Their CD 'Dark Matter' is now available.
  • Fulbright, Bill Hot Jazz and Blues player for over 38 years; sound file, buiography, live performance schedule and booking information.
  • Full Fledged The official site for the CT hard/punk/classic rock band.
  • Full Throttle Aristotle Music, news, links to other great bands and comedy from the New York City-based band.
  • Fumble British Rock'n'Roll revival band.
  • Funk Conspiracy Wedding and function band from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Live funk, soul and disco music. Includes photos, repetoire and audio samples.
  • Funkabilly Playboys, The Florida-based party band. Includes concert schedule and band photos
  • Funkservice International Swedish music project based on jazz, soul and world music.
  • Funky Munkyz Band from Davie, Florida. Includes tour information, photos, history, weblog, and e-mail list.
  • Fur Betty Shakes Three piece rock band from the Gold Coast in Australia. Biography, news, tour dates, and pictures.
  • Furious George Official site. All the information you could ever want about the punk band.
  • Furniture Music Alternative rock band from New York City. Concert schedule, biography, and image gallery.
  • Fusty Luggs Punk band from Tucson, Arizona. Lyrics, pictures, news and profiles.
  • Fuzeboxx Metal band from Arkansas. News, concert schedule and biographies.
  • Fuzzbox Official website of the Singapore band.
  • Fuzzy Bunny Slippers, The A New Jersey band playing reggae, ska, punk, and rock. Band information, show dates, news, and links.
  • Fuzzy Carrot Nipples Rock band from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Includes biographies, photos, press releases, and sound clips.
  • Georgie Fame Blog Georgie Fame concert dates, news, reviews and information.

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