A review is a critical examination of a film, with remarks. Reviews can focus on a variety of angles. Reviews are different from theoretical criticisms, because reviews are the result of the critic's subjective opinion rather than objective evaluation. This category is for sites dedicated to reviewing modern feature films, including Hollywood blockbusters and independent features. For objective evaluations of films based on their merits in modern film theory, see Movie Theory and Criticism.
  • A Fistful of Reviews Includes reviews of contemporary and classic movies and essays on film themes [requires Flash plugin].
  • Aggressive-Voice: Movie Reviews Full and capsule reviews of films released from 2002 to early 2006, by Scott Spicciati.
  • Apollo Movie Guide Contests, ratings, reviews, and links.
  • BigSpeeg's Movie Reviews Reviews of new and classic films, as well as video rentals. Also includes interviews, polls, forums, and links.
  • Brick Threw Glass Reviews by Matt Willey, with screenshots. Sortable by genre and release date.
  • Celluloid Dreams Reviews of classic films as well as movies in current release worldwide. Also includes several director biographies, quizzes and links.
  • Chicago Sun-Times: Roger Ebert Full and capsule film reviews from the acclaimed critic. Also includes film festival details, interviews, and essays.
  • Cinema Crazed Reviews of mainstream and independent films by Felix Vasquez, indexed alphabetically. Also includes monthly film picks and a forum.
  • Cinema de Merde Reviews of films from various genres, with a focus on horror and gay content.
  • Cinema Scene Collection of movie reviews by David Perry.
  • Cinematic Reflections Film reviews and criticism from Derek Smith.
  • Cinematter Reviews of movies released since 1995. Includes a theatrical and video release dates database.
  • Cinephobia Reviews, essays, commentary and weblog by Stephen Rowley.
  • Cold Fusion Video Reviews Reviews celebrating B-movies and cult films of all kinds.
  • Combustible Celluloid Reviews of new and older movies, including films on DVD, by Jeffrey M. Anderson.
  • Craiger's Cinema Corner Reviews of contemporary and classic films by film critic Craig J. Koban.
  • Cranky Critic Review based strictly on their entertainment value. Cranky rates movies by the cost of a ticket.
  • Crazy for Cinema Reviews of films from various genres. Also includes celebrity profiles.
  • Critical Mass Reviews of current releases by T.C. Candler. Also includes an archive of film ratings and actor profiles.
  • David Macdonald's Movie Reviews Reviews of classic, international and some contemporary films.
  • Deep Focus Reviews and production details, listed alphabetically, by genre, or by letter grade.
  • Deep Focus Review Reviews of new and classic movies by Brian Eggert. Also features previews and scholarly articles.
  • Double Feature Weekly podcast hosted by Eric Ingrum and Michael Koester. Two films are reviewed and discussed in each program.
  • Dr. Muerte's Review Archive Reviews of independent films from an anti-pop-culture perspective.
  • Feed My Ego Reviews by Scott Ventura from 1997 to 2003. Archived alphabetically and by MPAA rating.
  • Film Freak Central Reviews of current theatrical and DVD releases.
  • Film on Air Video reviews by Rik Burnsting.
  • Filmcritic.com Reviews of theatrical and video releases.
  • FilmHead Film reviews by critic Matt Heffernan. Includes a video pick of the week.
  • Films Graded Brian Koller reviews a variety of films, listed alphabetically, by year, or by genre.
  • Films Outside the Loop Reviews of independent films and dark comedies by Jeanne Chappé.
  • Five Dollar Popcorn Reviews and ratings of theater and DVD releases. Includes a rating guide.
  • Gerald Peary Film reviews, interviews, and essays. Also includes the chronicle of a project examining fictional works that include film critics as characters.
  • Goatdog's Movies Reviews and articles on current and classic films, including Oscar coverage.
  • Gorilla Pants Movie Reviews Includes current films, archives and lists of related movies.
  • Haro Online Reviews of mainstream, foreign, and independent movies.
  • Harvey's Movie Reviews Reviews with an academic slant by a film studies teacher from Ireland.
  • Henry Sheehan Film and DVD reviews, essays, and resources.
  • Hollywood and Fine Reviews by Marshall Fine.
  • Houston Press Online: Film Full and capsule reviews of current and past films.
  • Incitatus Review Reviews of contemporary films. Focuses mostly on French and European titles.
  • Kinocite Film and DVD reviews.
  • Man Who Viewed Too Much Mike D'Angelo's reviews of current and past mainstream, independent, and foreign films.
  • Mark Reviews Movies Film reviews and criticism by Mark Dujsik.
  • Matt's Movie Reviews Critiques of new and classic films by Matthew Pejkovic.
  • Movie Gazette Reviews of new cinema and DVD releases with a special focus on the UK.
  • Movie Habit Offers information and reviews on a range of films.
  • Movie Martyr Reviews and criticism by Jeremy Heilman, with a focus on foreign and independent cinema.
  • Movie Reviews by Edwin Jahiel Alphabetical index of reviews, including many foreign films. Also features Cannes festival diaries and a cinephile shopping list.
  • Movie Talk Presents news on upcoming, current and past movie titles. Offers critiques, quotes and a discussion forum.
  • Movie-Gurus.com Reviews of current releases as well as older films.
  • MovieHamlet Capsule and full-length reviews by Stefan Hedmark.
  • Movielocity Current film reviews. Includes previews, trailer information and editorial content.
  • Movielogy Reviews in various genres by Iwan Pranowo. Award show and festival coverage includes Indonesian film festivals.
  • Movieman's Guide to the Movies Reviews of films in theaters, on DVD, and on Blu-ray, by Brian Oliver.
  • Movierapture Reviews by Keith Allen, listed in alphabetical order and by rating.
  • Movies and More Movies Archived reviews of movies in theaters and on video.
  • MovieViews.org Current movie reviews written by published teen columnist Jamey Hughton.
  • Mr. Cranky Movie reviews with a decidedly negative overtone.
  • Mr. Mikey's Video Views Collected reviews by published reviewer Michael Dlugos, who says he writes from the viewpoint of a movie lover rather than a critic.
  • My Two Cents Capsule and full reviews of current and past films, as well as essays, top lists, and related links.
  • Need to Vent Reviews in traditional and haiku format by Robert A. Nowotny.
  • Ninth Symphony Films Reviews for a variety of films starting from the year 2000.
  • Nitrate Online Current and archived film reviews with a focus on independent and art cinema.
  • NPR Columns: Movie Reviews Reviews from the National Public Radio.
  • Ozus' World Movie Reviews Alphabetical archive of both full and capsule reviews from various eras. Includes a film noir section.
  • Polly Staffle Reviews and ratings by Chad Clinton Freeman. Also includes annual online film awards and Cinevegas festival coverage.
  • Popkorn Junkie Reviews of current theatrical releases, DVD and video films. Also includes box office statistics.
  • QNetwork Film and DVD reviews by James Kendrick, indexed alphabetically.
  • Qwipster's Movie Reviews Film reviews by Vince Leo, specializing in current releases as well as classics, from the mainstream to the obscure.
  • Reel Film Reviews Reviews by David Nusair.
  • Reel Views Offers movie reviews and criticism by James Berardinelli.
  • Reeling: The Movie Review Show Produced by Robin and Laura Clifford at the Malden, Massachusetts cable access television station, MATV, since March 16, 1991. Includes review archive, top ten lists, and some festival coverage.
  • Reviews On The Side Reviews of various films, alphabetically indexed.
  • Rob's Movie Vault Reviews of current and past movies by Rob Gonsalves, organized alphabetically.
  • Ross Anthony's Hollywood Report Card Movie reviews and interviews.
  • Scene Unseen Irreverent review podcast by Chris Browne and Jimmy Skodras. One of them sees the film being reviewed, and the other doesn't.
  • Scene-Stealers Plain-text and video reviews by Eric Melin and J.D. Warnock. Also includes thematic top ten lists and film-related giveaways.
  • Scott's Movie Reviews Alphabetized collection of links to the author's reviews in various online locales.
  • Sneersnipe Film Review Reviews by David Perilli, focusing on festival fare and world cinema.
  • Stomp Tokyo Reviews of films from a variety of genres.
  • The Book Lover's Guide to Cinema Ratings and reviews of movies current and past by a graduate student in English literature.
  • The Cinematheque Reviews and lists with a slant toward world cinema and arthouse films.
  • The Film Atheist Film reviews from a non-religious perspective. Also includes a rating explanation and a message board.
  • The Flick Filosopher Reviews of current and classic films, including every best picture Oscar winner.
  • The Independent Critic Reviews of mainstream and independent features and short film commentary by Richard Propes.
  • The Movie Boy Theatrical release and DVD reviews by Dustin Putnam.
  • The Movie Report Reviews of films in theaters and on DVD by Michael Dequina, sorted by title or release date. Also includes interviews, award show and festival coverage, film spotlights, and links.
  • The Movie Scene Film reviews by Andrew Webb, listed alphabetically.
  • The Movies Made Do It Over two thousand reviews browsable by genre; listings include basic film information and posters. Also features top lists created by users and a film-guessing game based on screenshots.
  • The Reel McCoy Movie reviews by Patrick McCoy.
  • The Sobering Conclusion Reviews and ratings by Hungry Hank.
  • The Stop Button Reviews by Andrew Wickliffe. Includes silent movies, avant-garde titles and foreign films.
  • Video Reviews by Joan Ellis Film and video reviews listed alphabetically.
  • Waffle Movies Reviews of independent films as well as big studio pictures that deserve a second chance on video.
  • Week in Rewind Reviews of movies in theaters and on DVD by film critic Christopher Smith. Includes lists of upcoming and recommended movies.
  • Young Actress Reviews Reviews of movies with notable young actress performances, with screenshots.

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