From the silent classic Nosferatu to today's computer generated monsters, the horror genre encompasses a wide range of styles. This category and its subcategories are for websites that deal with horror movie news, reviews, celebrities, monsters and overall examinations.
  • 1428 Crystal Lake: Screen-Used Horror Prop Collection Photographs and descriptions of various horror movie props. Also includes a forum and links.
  • 24 Frames Per Second Highlights include Asian, world and cult horror movie news and reviews as well as forums and contact details.
  • 28 Days Later: An Analysis Film commentary and interviews by Michael Ross.
  • 80s Slashers Provides poster thumbnails for films from the slasher genre, with links to trailers.
  • Atrocities Cinema Horror movie news, reviews, fiction, forums, related links and archives.
  • Best Horror Showcases a weblog, reviews and top one hundred list as well as descriptions of movie monsters and heroes.
  • Black Horror Movies Features a searchable time line of films, data and links concerning African American actors that have appeared in the genre.
  • Bloody-Disgusting Horror movie news, reviews features and message boards.
  • Box of Horror Weblog with news, reviews, and a list of upcoming films with a focus on horror.
  • Brimstone Pit Columns, interviews and viewer reviews about new releases and classic horror movies. Also includes a searchable database.
  • British Horror Films Featuring work by Hammer, Amicus, Tigon and Pete Walker. Includes reviews, photos, posters, sounds and a message board.
  • Carfax Abbey: The Horror Film Database Horror film database, reviews, actor and director biographies and news.
  • Chamber Of Horrors The history of horror movies by decade. Includes sections on the Silent Era, the monsters, directors and top 100 films.
  • Chuck Norris Ate My Baby Humorous weblog with film and genre commentary.
  • Classic-Horror Reviews and articles covering the entire horror genre, past, present and future.
  • Contamination Historical perspective of horror films, fans and culture, with analytical articles and images.
  • Crypt Crawl Directory for horror movies and other horror related material.
  • Dark Angel's Realm of Horror Banned films, video clips and a comprehensive history of horror films.
  • Deadpit Radio Show Showcases interviews with horror related stars and news, all in audio format as well as reviews and forums.
  • Decaying Minds Movie reviews, upcoming release dates, news, articles and message boards for horror fans.
  • Fear of the Dark Weblog with news from the industry as well as DVD and Blu-ray reviews.
  • Fifties Movies A look back at the horror movies of the fifties. Includes descriptions and photographs.
  • Fight Evil Pits horror movie characters against one another in a fight to the finish. Also includes news, reviews and a forum.
  • Flesh Farm Dedicated to macabre, strange and the bizarre horror films. Features trailers, movie descriptions and images.
  • Forever Horror Information and multimedia for various horror films and series. Also includes fan fiction, fan art, polls, links and a message board.
  • Freddy In Space Weblog with film reviews, top lists, actor career profiles, genre discussions, costume and make-up tips, interviews, character analysis, and links.
  • Fright Fan's Horror Page Reviews, film information, polls, trivia, pictures and discussion about horror films.
  • Gorepress Reviews and ratings by several contributors, interviews and in-depth feature articles. Browse alphabetically, by rating, or by cast and crew.
  • Goresome Fan site with a focus on gory movies. Film information and screenshots, character profiles, top lists, and capsule reviews.
  • Hellscourt Horror movie message board which features news, updates and interviews.
  • Horror Channel Offers downloads, monthly competitions, horror ring tones, wallpapers and images.
  • Horror Extreme Feature articles and reviews. Includes categories such as Asian, British, Italian, and independent horror.
  • Horror Film Compendium Includes a genre glossary and reviews from classic to modern films with features such as movie categorization.
  • Horror Film Covers Showcases a variety of horror film cover artwork and posters starting in the year 1917 and extending to include contemporary titles.
  • Horror Film History A decade-by-decade guide to the history of the genre, from its roots in Gothic fiction to today's tendency towards remakes.
  • Horror Films Extensive look at the horror genre from the earliest silent pictures to present day cinema.
  • Horror House Movie reviews and dedication to all time movie classics and directors.
  • Horror Movies Livejournal community message board for horror fans.
  • Horror Movies and Stuff A site dedicated to horror film news, reviews and polls. Features a discussion forum and images.
  • Horror Press and News at First Fright Sneak preview stills of upcoming independent horror films. Includes credits and submission details for filmmakers.
  • Horror Shack Contains reviews, pictures and plot descriptions of classic, current and new wave horror films.
  • Horror Stew Includes a list of top 100 horor films, multimedia, guides to prop making, and links.
  • Horror Stop Website strictly dedicated to the discussion of horror films. Includes news, galleries, related links and polls.
  • Horror-Web Reviews, sneak peeks, release schedules, interviews and related horror film information.
  • Horror news, film and book reviews, interviews, trailers and previews, screenplays, top lists, forum, and links. Includes sections on Asian horror, cult horror, and serials.
  • HorrorTalk Reviews low-budget rarities in addition to high-profile blockbusters. Review listings include screenshots and multimedia for each film. Also features industry news and filming location/set reports.
  • House of Horrors Comprehensive information on horror movies, directors and visual effects wizards.
  • House of Wax Examines classic horror films, like Bride of Frankenstein and Dracula, and also highlights famous horror actors and directors.
  • How to Survive a Horror Movie Humorous tips for those that find themselves in the unlikely situation of a horror film.
  • I Spit On Your Movie Showcases movie news, reviews, features, archives, forums and contact details.
  • Icons of Fright Focuses on interviews with horror stars and coverage of horror fandom conventions and special screenings. Also includes film news and reviews.
  • Infernal Dreams Film reviews, convention photographs, and desktop wallpapers.
  • Jay's Horror Site for fans of horror movies: pictures, fan art, polls, previews, chats, screensavers, desktop themes and games.
  • Killer Film Upcoming movie news, editorials, reviews,filmmaker interviews, and multimedia.
  • Killing Red Showcases horror and science fiction movie news and gossip as well as trailers, a newsletter and contact details.
  • Kitley's Krypt A place for horror movie news, reviews, message boards, trivia and a swap-o-rama.
  • Low Budget Horror Film Society Message boards that feature discussion horror related topics including films, directing, scripting and scoring.
  • Matt's Horror Movie Page Fansite containing reviews, personal top 25 list, awards and a guestbook.
  • Monsters A Go-Go Features news, related links, horror movie information and reviews as well as a searchable monster database.
  • Nefarious Films Industry news, editorials, articles, and film reviews. Includes a database of villains and killers.
  • Obscure Horror Features film reviews arranged alphabetically and by sub-genre, as well as interviews, MP3 archives of the "Inner Sanctum" and "Suspense" radio shows, and weblog.
  • Oh My Gore Cast and crew information on a large variety of horror films as well as forums and downloads. Viewable in English and French.
  • Pretty Scary Website run by women in horror, for women in horror that covers all aspects of the horror industry relevant or interesting to women.
  • Random Sanity Message board community for all horror related material including news, films, filmmaking, music and fiction.
  • Really Scary Incorporates horror film news with reviews, interviews, message boards and a newsletter.
  • Scary Horror Movies Showcases horror film information and descriptions as well as top ten and recent release lists.
  • Scary Old Films Synopses of classic horror films, grouped alphabetically and by studio.
  • Scream World Scripts and cast listings for several horror series including Scream and Halloween.
  • Seventies Horror Films Includes an alphabetized list of 70's era films, a genre study and popular director profiles.
  • Shitty Horror Film reviews organized alphabetically, by decade, sub-genre, location, and studio. Also includes articles, spoilers for a small selection of notable films, and brief scream queen profiles.
  • Slammed & Damned: The Modern Day Horror Review Collection of reviews and interviews with industry people written by Theron Neel.
  • Supernatural Films A look at the ghosts, demons and witches appearing in popular horror films.
  • Top 50 Horror Films Internet Movie Database users vote for the all-time top fifty horror movies. Also lists the ten worst films.
  • Upcoming Horror Movies Lists descriptions of forthcoming horror movie releases as well as reviews and trailers for the films.
  • Video Nasty Database User driven forums that include such discussion threads as genre related website links, reviews and releases.
  • Win Free Horror Shit Weblog compiling horror-related contests from various sources.
  • Witchman's Pre-cert Horror Videos Dedicated to the United Kingdom's "video nasties," this site includes movie descriptions and box covers.

Media publications

  • Scare Me Not Article by writer Timothy Dugdale on the current state of today's horror film genre. (Published 2000-09-12 00:00:00)


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