Amateur films are typically made by people for whom filmmaking is a hobby or learning experience. The films usually have little or no budget and are often made using inexpensive, readily available formats such as 8mm or home video.
  • 11,830,420 An independent movie by Justin Haver, featured at the 2004 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. Synopsis, trailers, and news.
  • Beam Me Up Scotty Musical feature film by Steve Lem. Film information, screenplay, and video clips.
  • Blood of the Samurai An independent action-adventure film written and directed by Aaron Yamasato.
  • Blue Fire Feature film directed by Chia hui Gao. It tells a story about a young Asian American man who comes to New York City to try to forget about a bittersweet love affair by stepping into another forbidden one.
  • Cafe Surrey by Trevor Cameron About a young man who is forced to work graveyard shift in a coffee shop in Whalley.
  • CNYM Official site for the independent film. Plot description, multimedia, and cast and crew information.
  • Dice Low Official website for the horror film. Synopsis, production information, and pictures.
  • Dot-Com Newly rich internet millionaires Janelle Warner and Monica Sample are an inter-racial lesbian couple who must battle for their lives as hate crimes sweep the US.
  • Drunken Voodoo Ninjas Information on the no budget, ghettofied, home brewed, soon to be blockbuster movie.
  • Fatigue A fast-paced, gritty action feature film set in Cardiff. Written and directed by Michael Barnes. Produced by Mark Faiers and Chris Dawson.
  • Flesh Crawl Independent, low-budget zombie genre film directed and produced by Dustin Bennett and Troy Collins.
  • Flesh of my Flesh Guerrilla Productions presents Flesh of My Flesh, a hyperkinetic chronicle of the last six hours of the War of the Undead.
  • Forces Baycroft Entertainment presents a Joel Baycroft film. The world's only 17-year-old director puts a masterpiece together for the first film of his career. A story of action, drama, and corruption.
  • Front Porch Furniture, NC Wild redneck rebels Trailer Park Woman, 'Ol Man, Nona Lisa and Billy Bob love their low stress low brain cell life. Can they take on the New World Order armed only with CB radios, tawdry leaflets and tainted peanut brittle?
  • GWG: Girl With Gun Russem Productions presents GWG: Girl With Gun, a film about a superhero female assassin who must contemplate her double life - one as a secret assassin, and the other as a normal 20-something working woman with friends and boyfriend.
  • Her Knight Russem Productions Presents Her Knight, a film about a 20-something woman who dreams of being rescued by her Byzantine knight since in reality she is in an awful relationship with a cheating boyrfriend.
  • High Calibre Casting and schedule information for the remaking of the independent film.
  • Hindenburg - A Love Story With Sausages A parody based loosely on the motion picture "Titanic". Contains photos, production notes, character profiles, trailer (Quick Time), and related information.
  • Hooked on Prom The official web site of the romantic comedy written, directed and produced by Jun Wakabayashi and Naraelle Barrows.
  • I Died A murder mystery with a real-life feel.
  • Infest Wisely No-budget dystopian science fiction feature released under a Creative Commons license. Streaming and download links, bonus material.
  • Jin Kato Mu An independent movie filmed, produced, directed, and acted entirely by high school students in Jackson, Tennessee.
  • Kyle Action Stadler Amateur action movie, site features synopsis, trailer, and background information.
  • Man Conquers Space Features description of a project to make a fictional documentary on the history of space flight.
  • Mavet Russem Productions Presents Mavet, a film about a seemingly ordinary game of chess in a darkened room between two people. However, in this game, one wrong move can mean life or death.
  • Mission: Pimpossible Written and directed by filmmaker Jun Wakabayashi, winner of Special Producer Award at MediaFest 98. Stars Domenick Dicce and Emmie Lih.
  • Murderous Camouflage Big Quiche Productions and Zygot Films present a low budget film comedy by Tom Kiesche.
  • Of Fortune and Glory The official web page of the film from TEWS Entertainment.
  • One By One Gangster and zombie movie featuring synopsis, cast, and crew information.
  • Operation Chloe Chloe and the Ace Chick Squadron save Godzone from the evil Froggies. Synopsis, review, and credits.
  • Padded Paws of Fury Home film about a kung-fu fighting hamster. Storyline, characters, and pictures.
  • Pooberty Boy Web site dedicated to the movie made by Brian "Testless Toddler" Harrington, Morgan "Pooberty Boy" Herr, and Anonymous "Anonymous".
  • Radio Free Steve Steve Glenn and his video of a post-apocalyptic future and one lone radio pirate on the lam from the FCC.
  • Remember Me A suspense story about a private eye investigating a man's disappearance. Synopsis, characters, cast and crew, photographs, production notes, and links.
  • Scam Artist An independent film noire set in a near future where corporations have the power and resources of governments.
  • Seven Dead Men The tale of a caper gone awry. Subtitles and download links for the movie released under a Creative Commons license.
  • Sheep Man The story of a man obsessed with his fluffy toy sheep.
  • Shikmati Independent film directed By Kevin Snyder based in Orange County California about a group of friends bent on doing dumb things.
  • That Killian '75 Show Miami Killian Senior High Class of 1975 30th Reuion Movie featuring the photography, 8mm movies & audio recordings by Keith Spurlock
  • The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath A feature length animated adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft's 1926 fantasy novel. Targeted release is October 2002.
  • The Duo Crystal Parson's search for the elusive Terrific Two, superheroes protective of their now not-so-secret identity.
  • The Last Documentary Three teens turn up dead while filming a documentary deep in the bible belt of Alabama.
  • The Mob Uses Paypal The Mob Uses Paypal, An Independent Film Project by Double Entendre Films.
  • The MoTh Site about the film includes its story, quotes, soundtrack, filmmaker information and humor.
  • The Taste for Flesh Official site including news, image galleries, information on the cast and crew and a guestbook.
  • The Young Men and the Sea A film by Olivier Marchon about six amateur sailors rounding the Cape Horn in Tahiti. Production weblog, videos, location details, and synopsis.
  • Thus Spake Zarthustra Underground film written and directed by Jon Vomit Worthley with Nick Zedd. Music by Fear Of Dolls Strangewalls and others.
  • Till Death Do You Part Upcoming horror-thriller about a paranoid housewife named Jess who marries the ideal husband but is getting threatening phone calls and is convinced that it's his ex-wife out to kill her.
  • Untitled: The Movie Site of the independently filmed movie Untitled.
  • Valkaama Soundtracks, trailers, photos, download links and subtitles for this drama released under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike.
  • Vendetta: A Christmas Story Holiday satire involving Santa Claus on the run from men with guns. Production notes, cast and crew, news, photographs, videos, and links.
  • Zombie Christ Describes a biblical horror movie and the Portland, OR based filmmakers who made it.
  • Zombies are People Too, Just a Little Deader A group of teens from California are on a mission to revive the zombie genre.

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