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This category at the Open Directory Project is for listing websites of print magazines featuring poetry. Online magazines (e-zines) that have printed literature as the subject may also be included in this category.

E-zines featuring writing that exists only online, whether in the form of a webzine, available by email or by downloading in a format such as PDF, can be found in the Online Writing category.

Other languages: French, Italian, Russian.

  • 2River A site of poetry and art, quarterly publishing The 2River View and occasionally publishing individual writers in the 2River Chapbook Series.
  • 32 Poems Semiannual journal containing 32 poems in each edition. Subscription and submission information. Some poetry from journal online.
  • 4AM California-based poetry review. Submission guidelines, subscriptions, and sample poems.
  • Agnieszka's Dowry - AgD Poetry serial of "A Small Garlic Press." Appears as print chapbooks and webzine.
  • Angelic Dynamo Submitted poems are shortlisted and displayed on the website, where the reading public vote on what gets to be published.
  • Anon International print poetry magazine employing blind review assessment procedures.
  • Arc Poetry Magazine Canadian-based poetry magazine that administers a series of awards, contests, and public readings.
  • Atlanta Review A biannual print magazine for poetry that features an international poetry contest.
  • Barrow Street A nonprofit organization that publishes a poetry journal and hosts a poetry reading series in New York City's West Village.
  • Blue Collar Review Quarterly print journal of poetry and prose from Partison Press. Webpage includes samples.
  • Bywords A poetry magazine centered in Ottawa. Available worldwide by subscription.
  • Chickenpinata An on-line journal that publishes innovative and accessible poetry that is fresh, new, and fun. Especially interested in women's voices.
  • Concrete Wolf On-line sampling of the poetry journal with information on submitting, subscribing, and excerpts of previous issues.
  • Conduit A biannual literary journal that is at once direct, playful, inventive, irreverent, and darkly beautiful.
  • Contemporary Verse 2 Canadian-based quarterly dedicated to the publication and promotion of poetry.
  • Convergence An on-line publication dedicated to poetry, art, and short stories.
  • Crannóg Literary magazine published by Galway Writers' Workshop three times a year featuring quality poetry, fiction, etc.
  • Decanto Magazine UK-based litmag featuring diverse styles of poetry. Subscriptions, submissions and a sample issue.
  • Epicenter A magazine of poetry, short stories, essays and art.
  • eye on mars An eclectic poetry webzine edited by J. D. Nelson.
  • Famous Reporter Biannual Australian literary magazine featuring poems, reviews, and essays.
  • Firewheel Editions Home page of Firewheel Editions, publisher of Sentence: A Journal of Prose Poetics and of fine chapbooks and books of contemporary poetry.
  • Forklift, Ohio Semiannual literary journal publishes works of poetry, prose, and visual art. Includes items from the print edition.
  • Fox Chase Review A yearly publication featuring poets reading at the Mad Poets Society Fox Chase Reading Series and invited guest poets.
  • Fulcrum An international annual of poetry and aesthetics.
  • Haggard and Halloo Independent ezine publishes surreal poetry by underground writers. Also has movie reviews and some visual art.
  • Hanging Loose Poetry magazine since 1966. A regular section is dedicated to high school writers.
  • Hootenanny A web supplement to the hard copy magazine published twice yearly in New York City. It has some poetry not found in the hard copy.
  • Inclement An international poetry magazine based in the UK.
  • Island A Tasmanian-based quarterly featuring short stories, poetry, extracts from forthcoming novels, and articles and essays on topics of social, environmental and cultural significance.
  • Jubilat An international print zine from the University of Massachusetts. Examples and subscription information on the site.
  • Lilliput Review Small press print magazine specializing in short poetry ten lines or less. Includes sample pages and subscription information.
  • Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe Blog The poetry blog is a place for poets to participate, post poetry, write about poetry, sign up for open mics organized by Listen & Be Heard.
  • Listenlight Poetry Journal Poetry journal with design interests.
  • My Favorite Bullet Quarterly print zine for contemporary poetry. Site contains archives of all issues, including featured poet pages, essays, submission guidelines and links.
  • Oak Bend Review An innovative on-line and print literary magazine that seeks to merge the academic and underground communities.
  • Panic! Brixton Poetry A print magazine and webzine of poetry and art dedicated to "the myriad voices of Brixton, South London and beyond".
  • Pen Pusher A London-based literary magazine, published three times a year, that features original short fiction, poetry, reviews, columns, literary facts and curiosities.
  • Pleiades On-line version of the literary magazine noted for publishing formal poetry.
  • Poesy Publishes inspirational poetry, reviews, interviews and articles about Santa Cruz, Boston and other areas of the United States.
  • Poetic Hours Online companion to the print zine published twice yearly.
  • Poetry Canada Promotes culture and diversity through poetry, photography and art. Available world-wide and open to submissions.
  • Poetry Cemetery An on-line poetry magazine designed to showcase poetry every other month.
  • Poetry Daily An anthology of contemporary poetry offering new poems from books, magazines and journals currently in print, as well as an archive and daily news.
  • Poetry Depth Quarterly Small print quarterly out of North Highlands, CA, includes samples of poetry and the feature artist from the current issue, as well as details on how to subscribe and submit.
  • Poetry Flash This Poetry Review and Literary Calendar is a bi-monthly print zine with an online companion.
  • Poetry Greece Includes extracts from past print issues. No longer accepts submission.
  • Poetry International Website for the print annual includes publication history, subscription and submission information.
  • Poetry Kanto An introduction to contemporary English poetry for Japanese readers and contemporary Japanese poetry in English translation for readers worldwide.
  • Poetry Magazine Website of the print magazine includes a weekly featured poet, information on current issue, subscriptions, and programs of the Modern Poetry Association.
  • Poetry Wales Quarterly magazine of poetry and criticism from Wales and the world under editor Robert Minhinnick. Contact, submission and subscription information on site.
  • Poetrybay Website for Poetrybay, a poetry magazine dedicated to contemporary poetry, and Long Island Quarterly, a Long Island-based poetry magazine. On-line versions available for both magazines.
  • PomPom A journal of poetic polylogue that directly engages or responds to work published in previous issues, with the aim of making the magazine's contents the "property of many."
  • Potato Hill Poetry Magazine Subscription information for the print magazine devoted to poetry education.
  • Pregnant Moon Poetry Review A US-based poetry review that publishes imagery-driven poetry in accordance to full moon cycles.
  • Rattle A diverse, ad-free print publication of poetry and opinions from all walks of life. Previous issues are available online.
  • Seneca Review Selected excerpts and subscription information in addition to other materials related to the journal
  • Shearsman The on-line version of the Shearsman print magazine, owned by the Shearsman Books press, both devoted to contemporary poetry.
  • Slope Online journal of original poetry. Current and past issues. Part of Slope Publishing Inc., a non-profit organization registered in the State of New Hampshire.
  • Softblow Poetry Journal An on-line poetry journal that features poets from all over the world.
  • Spinning Jenny Annual poetry zine out of New York, with subscription and submission information on the website.
  • Spoon River Poetry Review Biannual poetry review, accepting submissions from 15 September to 15 April.
  • The Comstock Review Published in print biannually with 100 pages of all styles of original poetry. Submission and subscription information, the Comstock Writers' Group, contest and a handbook for poets.
  • The Curious Record Australian based e-zine and print magazine featuring poetry, as well as fiction and visual arts.
  • The Drunken Boat The Drunken Boat is an on-line international poetry journal featuring poetry in translation and interviews with poets.
  • The Fiddlehead Canada's longest living literary journal, The Fiddlehead is published four times a year at the University of New Brunswick.
  • The New York Quarterly A magazine devoted to the pure craft and technique of poetry writing.
  • The Pittsburgh Quarterly Online version of the small press literary magazine that grew out of the community writing workshop movement. Available on the web and as a pdf file.
  • The Rogue Scholars Collective Poems and an email newsletter.
  • The Wolf UK-based quarterly print poetry magazine including poems and reviews.
  • Tiger's Eye: A Journal of Poetry Includes submission, contest, subscription information, and sample poetry.
  • Tipton Poetry Journal Indiana-based print poetry journal, which evolved from the Tipton Poetry Reading. The journal is now open to submission.
  • Trellis Magazine On-line poetry magazine for new and young writers dedicated to poetic form. Accepting submissions of poetry, art, and essays about the art of poetry.
  • U.S. 1 Worksheets A poetry and fiction magazine published by a Poets' Cooperative in Princeton, New Jersey.
  • Vallum: contemporary poetry A biannual journal featuring poetry by emerging and established writers from Canada, the U.S. and abroad.
  • Valparaiso Poetry Review An electronic journal of contemporary poetry and poetics. Includes submission guidelines, recommended book list, author archives and online issues.
  • Waterways A print zine published 11 times a year, with a different theme for each issue.
  • White Leaf Press Independent poetry publisher with White Leaf Review, a poetry e-zine publishing three times yearly.
  • WordWrights Bi-monthly print zine, selections and subscription information available on the site.


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