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This category at the Open Directory Project is for listing websites of print literary magazines, or online literary magazines with a print edition. Online magazines (e-zines) that have printed literature as the subject may also be included in this category. E-zines with writing that exists only online, whether in the form of a webzine, available by email or by downloading in a format such as PDF, can be found in the Online Writing category.
  • Absinthe Literary journal publishing contemporary European writing in English translation. Online issues, subscriptions, submissions, and contacts.
  • Alaska Quarterly Review Literary journal devoted to contemporary literary art, publishing fiction, short plays, poetry, and literary non-fiction in traditional and experimental styles. Reviews, information on the current issue, author index, and writers' guidelines.
  • Ascent Aspirations Online and print quarterly review of short fiction and poetry. Current issue, archives, submissions and contests.
  • Atlantic Online A regularly updated companion web site to the magazine Atlantic Monthly. Includes fiction, featured articles and reviews.
  • Backwards City Review Greensboro, North Carolina journal publishing fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, comic-lit and graphic narrative, and art. Submissions, subscriptions, contests, and a weblog.
  • Ballyhoo Stories A print literary journal with companion Web site featuring fiction and creative nonfiction.
  • Barrelhouse Featuring fiction and poetry from new and established writers. On the site: new fiction, submissions guidelines, and the literary dodgeball challenge.
  • Bellevue Literary Review Journal of humanity and human experience. News, how to submit a manuscript, and an events calendar.
  • Bellowing Ark Bi-monthly tabloid featuring poetry, short fiction, serialized epics and novels. Submissions, subscriptions, and online issues.
  • Bikwil A bi-monthly magazine available by paid subscription or for download on the net.
  • Blood Ink Quarterly student literary magazine at the University of Alberta. Submissions, issues, and call for volunteers.
  • Boston Review The online version of the print magazine which has been, since 1975, an award-winning forum for political, cultural and literary ideas.
  • Brick Information on the current issue, list of contributors, and submission guidelines.
  • Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens Massachusetts-based zine for absurd and surreal fiction and poetry. Orders, guidelines, and links.
  • Cabinet Magazine Showcasing conceptual art, literature and essays. Issue samples, news, purchasing and submission information, and themes.
  • Caveat Lector Online version of the magazine dedicated to fiction, poetry, philosophy, and the arts.
  • Central Sierra Seasons Offers a free copy and subscription information for the Sierra Foothills magazine that showcases the talents of the area's artists, photographers and writers.
  • Chain Journal of experimental and cross-genre writing. Subscriptions, submissions and links.
  • Chelsea Publishing literature with an emphasis on translations, art, and cross-cultural exchange since 1958. Current issue, submission and subscription details, and the Chelsea Award for Poetry.
  • Clamor Magazine A magazine of politics and culture.
  • Conjunctions A publisher of new fiction, poetry, art and interviews.
  • Conjunctions Publisher of new fiction, poetry, art, and interviews. Samples from past issues, author index, and submission guidelines.
  • Dislocate Print and online journal published by graduate students at the University of Minnesota. Current issue, archives, and submission information.
  • ESC! Magazine Hybrid print and electronic literary magazine for aspiring writers and artists.
  • Evergreen Review Offers classic Beat stories and articles as well as the latest cutting edge literature and art.
  • Five Points Submission guidelines, gallery of past artwork, and sample work from the current issue.
  • Flyway Literary Journal Iowa State University's professional literary journal. Samples, contests, submissions and subscriptions.
  • Four Hundred Words Small journal of micro-narrative fiction. Submission guidelines, excerpts from current issue, and a list of shops that carry the publication.
  • Fugue Online edition of the print journal published by the University of Idaho.
  • Grain Magazine "The freshest poetry and fiction anywhere." Published in Canada, but has an international list of authors.
  • Granta Quarterly magazine of new writing, with details of the latest issue, extracts from back issues, submission and subscription information and special features.
  • Harper's The website of the popular magazine includes the Harper's Index; visitor-submitted statistics.
  • Harpur Palate Binghamton University's literary journal, publishing fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Submissions, subscriptions, contests, and samples.
  • Hayden's Ferry Review Arizona State University's award-winning national literary magazine, with fiction, poetry, essays, interviews and art.
  • Heat Magazine Australian literary magazine featuring writing by emerging and established international writers.
  • Hobart Sporadically published journal of fiction, art and reviews. Submission and subscription information and online excerpts.
  • Hunger Magazine Award winning international journal with a bent for forms of language and image experiments with an edge.
  • Journal of Experimental Fiction Online version of the print publication.
  • Kenyon Review Publishes emerging writers, especially from diverse communities.
  • Literal Latte The online version of the New York-based magazine of prose, poetry and art, featuring established and new writers.
  • Literary Liaisons Australian e-zine offering author interviews and profiles, book reviews, and news and commentary.
  • New England Review Featuring sample works of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction from the respected print quarterly, plus submission guidelines and ordering information.
  • New Millennium Writings A twice-annual journal filled with vibrant imagery and word-craft.
  • Newark Review A journal for New Jersey authors and artists, with poetry, prose, and images.
  • Night Train A biannual print magazine of literary fiction.
  • North Hills Spectrum Official website of the North Hills annual literary and arts publication. Review older issues or, if you are a fellow North Hills student, submit your own work to print. Issues sold at May Arts Alive.
  • Numb Magazine Subscriptions and online excerpts from the arts and literature quarterly.
  • One Story Publishing one short story every three weeks. Submission guidelines, how to subscribe, excerpts of past stories, and information on their readings.
  • Open City Magazine Dedicated to publishing today's best new fiction, poetry, and essays by writers whose bold voices may be too daring and cutting-edge for mainstream publishing.
  • Open Minds Quarterly Featuring the writing of survivors of mental illness. Subscriptions, submissions, and contests.
  • Outercast Each issue featuring ten stories from writers all over the world. Submissions, ordering, and authors list.
  • Oyster Boy Review Current issue, submission guidelines, subscriptions, and links.
  • Painted Bride Quarterly Online and print annual of poetry, fiction, essays and art.
  • Philadelphia Stories Literature, poetry, essays, and true stories of the Delaware Valley. Published quarterly.
  • Pilgrimage Personal practical writings reflecting on the human journey, including poetry, philosophy, essays, articles, reflections on the human journey.
  • Pilgrimage Magazine Twice-yearly publication of literature and art from the American Southwest and beyond. With submission and subscription information and online samples.
  • Post Road Magazine Biannual literary magazine featuring new fiction, poetry, nonfiction, art and theatre pieces.
  • Potomac Review A quarterly magazine for contributions of poets, writers, artists.
  • Prism International Established in 1959, publishes new and established writers from around the world.
  • Problem Child Penn State's alternative literary magazine. Publishes poetry, short stories, photos, drawing, and anything else reproducable.
  • Provincetown Arts Annual journal focusing broadly on artists, performers, and writers who inhabit or visit Cape Cod. Submission and subscription information available.
  • Qwerty Named after the first six letters on a keyboard. Selections from the print journal.
  • Raving Dove Online humanitarian journal; with membership and submission details.
  • River Styx Magazine A small print journal of poetry, essays and art.
  • Rosebud Magazine Quarterly magazine of poetry and short stories.
  • Salt Fork Review The website for a small literary tabloid publishing original fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, has submission and ordering information.
  • Scrawl A magazine and companion webzine dedicated to writers and readers of literature, includes interviews and features highlighting the importance of the written word.
  • Sensations Magazine NJ-based literary review of poetry, fiction, and thematic research. Submissions, subscriptions, and event information.
  • Shenandoah Literary magazine of the Washington and Lee University, publishing poems, stories, essays and reviews. Selected works, submission guidelines, frequently asked questions, and a list of annual prizes.
  • Silent Voices Annual literary journal and nationwide anthology of collected short stories. Ordering and submission information, contests, and links.
  • Sleepingfish Print digest of experimental short fiction, art, and visual poetry. Samples, reviews, submissions, and sales.
  • Snow Monkey An eclectic print magazine published three times a year. Fiction and poetry from hardcopy issues, plus ordering and submission information.
  • Space: New Writing Literary annual published by Whitmore Press. Issue archives, submissions, orders, and links.
  • Spoon River Poetry Review A publication of established and emerging poets.
  • spork Journal of innovative writing.
  • StringTown Annual magazine of poetry and fiction available in independent bookstores throughout the Northwest. Subscriptions, submissions, and online samples.
  • Swink Magazine Excerpts of fiction, essays and poetry from the magazine, as well as writers' guidelines and contact information.
  • Taddle Creek Canadian literary magazine publishing fiction and poetry by writers from across Toronto.
  • The American Poetry Review Bimonthly issues of original poetry, literary criticism, interviews, essays and social commentary.
  • The Baltimore Review National journal of poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. Information on their competitions, news, excerpts, and writers' guidelines.
  • The Believer Magazine Advertising free magazine features essays, book reviews, interviews ,charts, uncopyrighted ideas free for the taking, as well as more timely features that profile the latest in power tools, mammals, motels, lights, and children.
  • The Beloit Poetry Journal Samplings of poetry and reviews, subscription and submission information, news, and on-line discussion of the quarterly publications works.
  • The Chattahoochee Review Current issue, list of upcoming events, how to subscribe, and links.
  • The Columbia Review Annual literary journal of Columbia University. Includes some back issues in PDF format.
  • The Deepening Short stories from all fiction genres. Subscriptions, submissions, online issues, and a weblog.
  • The Goose Magazine Absurdist Harvard literary zine, in print and online, publishing fiction and art. Past issues available in PDF format.
  • The Hinterland Online An online digest of the freely distributed toronto-based lit/art magazine.
  • The Literary Saloon Opinionated commentary weblog on literary matters, from the Complete Review.
  • The New Yorker Online version of the weekly magazine, with current articles, cartoons, blogs, audio, video, slide shows, an archive of articles and abstracts back to 1925.
  • The Oxford American Writing and art from or about the South. Published bimonthly.
  • The Paris Review The online edition of the notorious and respected literary magazine.
  • The Poet's Haven Publishes poetry, artwork, stories, reviews, and essays. Also hosts message forums and a chat room.
  • The SiNK Submission guidelines, subscription information, contact names, and excerpts.
  • The Sun The website contains excerpts from each monthly issue of the magazine, as well as subscription information and newsstand locations.
  • The Threepenny Review The web site for the prestigious quarterly literary magazine features selections from past and current issues, a gallery of cover art, a message from the magazine's editor, subscription and advertising instructions.
  • The White Crow Poetry and short fiction selections from the print publication.
  • Tickled by Thunder Publishes fictional magazine and chapbooks. Includes details of products, services, and writing contests.
  • Tin House A quarterly which publishes fiction, poetry and essays by new and established writers: includes samples and subscription information.
  • Transmission Manchester, UK magazine publishing short stories, articles, and artwork. Sample writing, submissions, and sales.
  • Tulane Review Information about the biannual publication of the Tulane Literary Society.
  • Universal Citizen A quarterly non-fiction journal with a real-world, hands-on approach.
  • VerbSap Online magazine anthologized in print, featuring concise prose and nonfiction writing. Stories, contest and submission information, and anthology orders.
  • Wordwrights Nationally distributed magazine of poetry and prose.
  • Yellow Silk: Journal of Erotic Arts International journal of fine arts, photography, fiction, poetry, and essays. Archives only.
  • Zoetrope Short-fiction magazine founded by Francis Coppola. Features online submissions and reviews of short stories and novellas.
  • Zyzzyva Website of the internationally noted literary magazine.


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