This category includes contemporary playwrights. The site should have information about the playwright. If your site is primarily about selling your work, rather than about you as a playwright, please consider whether another category might be appropriate.
  • Adair, Aaron Home page for Chicago writer Aaron Adair, featuring old and new projects for the stage.
  • Agans, David J. Playwright and lyricist: Theatrical works for professional, community and school companies. Biography and summaries of shows.
  • Anderson, Kathy Playwright and short story writer, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Biography, publications, and ticket information.
  • Assante, Isabelle Credits, list of plays, Horatio, Article 5, plays request, French/English, contact information.
  • Barry, Raymond J. His work in theatre and movies, as well as his paintings, sculptures and drawings.
  • Bartels, Brian New York based playwright, novelist, poet, actor, and freelance journalist.
  • Beeker, Jefferson Writer of socio-political and also gay themed work.
  • Berkoff, Steven The plays and books, contact information, and latest news.
  • Berkoff, Steven The plays and films of Steven Berkoff, with reviews, photos. Also resources for students including a number of theses available on-line.
  • Bettencourt, Michael This sites offers full scripts of the short plays and one-acts and partial scripts of the full lengths.
  • Betts, Torben English dramatist.
  • Bird, John C. Summary and brief descriptions of published and broadcast work, ranging from plays and television comedy material to poetry and short fiction.
  • Biss, Andrew Award-winning, U.S.-based British playwright. Includes script samples, biographical and contact information, and news on current productions.
  • Boytchev, Hristo The official web site of the famous Bulgarian playwright.
  • Bragen, Andy New York based award-winning playwright and translator. Biography, synopses and play excerpts.
  • Brealey, Darren Emerging Australian playwight of theatre, literature, film and television provides access to his scripts, downloads of excepts of performed plays, and his latest book, Performing The Goat.
  • Brevoort, Deborah Award winning playwright. An alumna of New Dramatists, she is the author of The Women of Lockerbie, King Island Christmas, and others.
  • Brikauski. Umlaut - One Page Plays The dramatic writings of Umlaut Brikauski, mainly in play form.
  • Buchanan, Dave Plays and pantomimes of Dave Buchanan.
  • Budia, Mariam Spanish, playwright, professor, actress, manager. (English, Japanese and Spanish)
  • Coleman, Fritz Information on the plays of Los Angeles weatherman, Fritz Coleman.
  • Cuthbert, Len His available plays.
  • Davidsmeyer, Jo Includes bibliography, excerpts from scripts, and upcoming theater appearances.
  • Dempsey, Sandra Homepage of the award-winning playwright.
  • Donaghy, Tom Biographical information, current projects, past and upcoming theater and film productions of Tom Donaghy.
  • Duffield, Neil Professional playwright. Theatre scripts. Christmas shows. Children's and young people's theatre. Community plays.
  • Ferguson, Eric - A Strand of the Celtic Fringe A collection of Eric Ferguson's plays, editorials, historical research, web design resume, and information for historic reenactors.
  • Ferrante, Bob Jude Synopses and cast lists, resume, biography and current news related to playwright and instigator Bob Jude Ferrante.
  • Foster, Norm Canada's most produced playwright.
  • Fowkes, William News and information about the literary work of William Fowkes, playwright and author, including updates about play performances and publications, excerpts from his work, and some photos.
  • Fratti, Mario Here you'll find a brief biography, a list of Mario's plays and how to order them, recent reviews, and this season's performances.
  • French, David Author of Leaving Home, Of the Fields Lately, Jitters, and other plays.
  • Fugard, Athol - Statements The plays of Athol Fugard with reviews and photos.
  • Galley, Bob Australian playwright whose work is suitable for amateur production. Theatre Restaurant scripts a specialty.
  • Gamilton, Greg Contains author's biography, fragments of plays and contact information.
  • Gavran, Miro Contemporary Croatian author of plays, novels, children's books.
  • Goulding, Philip Details of original plays, including emigrant play Heading West, plus his adaptations of Hardy's Mayor of Casterbridge and Gogol's Government Inspector.
  • Graham, Robin Performance poet, playwright and laughter club facilitator based in Manchester.
  • Greg Foote, Playwright and Actor Information about Oregon playwright and actor, Greg Foote, and descriptions of his plays.
  • Guralnick, June Site of dramatist June Guralnick.
  • Hanagan, Jay Features listing of plays, production history, prizes and awards.
  • Hansell, Susan The author's biography, history, reviews, links, production resume, publication lists, and excerpts from new works.
  • Hopgood, Alan - Bay Street Productions Australian playwright, actor and guest speaker. Includes Alan's play, book and video about prostate cancer and men's health issues.
  • James, Joshua Author of the plays The Men's Room and Tallboy Walkin'.
  • Jannuzzi, Luigi His biographical information, awards, and links to one act, full length and upcoming plays.
  • Jones, Sarah A playwright, poet, actor and activist based in New York City. Includes a performance calendar, links to press clippings and merchandise.
  • Kahn, Barbara Biography, list of awards, production photos and catalogue of plays from the career of a New York theatre veteran.
  • Kane, Sarah Details of her plays such as Blasted, Phaedra's Love, Cleansed, Crave and 4.48 Psychosis. Reviews, photos, voting and other links.
  • Lahaie, Scot About his current work as a playwright and stage director.
  • Martin, Maurice Plays include "Three Questions," "A Hillside in Hell," and "The Sound of One Hand Typing."
  • Mattern, Jennifer Contact information, biography, and listing of productions and published work by playwright Jennifer Mattern.
  • May, Cybele A profile of the playwright, her work, contact information and current performances.
  • Morogiello, John Biography, description of plays, contact information.
  • Motel, Doug Storyteller, writer, and performer. Contains performances, filmography and clips. Based in New York.
  • Mueller, Karen Homepage of playwright/novelist Karen Mueller Bryson.
  • Mullin, Paul New York playwright; the recipient of the Los Angeles Drama Critic's Circle Ted Schmitt Award for World Premiere of an Outstanding New Play, other awards.
  • Nacol, Shawn Award-winning playwright. Script information, professional information, advice, and theater/writing links.
  • Noll, Robert Thomas Robert Noll has won over 34 national and international awards. He has written children's plays, full length, short, musical, and African American. He has also written for film and television.
  • O'Morrison, Kevin Lists plays, reviews, publishers, precis of unpublished work, agents for production of plays, and monologs for drama students.
  • Osment, Philip Information on British writer and director Philip Osment including biography, publications, agent and contact details.
  • Owen, Chris UK based playwright, director and youth theatre (14-25) specialist. Includes support for his published plays: "The Last Resort" and "A Mother's Voice"
  • Owens, Derrell G. Homepage of award-winning playwright Derrell G. Owens.
  • Paul, Jeremy English writer of screenplays, plays, film and books. Includes a blog, biography, and portfolio of plays and screenplays.
  • Perkins, Alan David Official website of playwright, comedy writer and musician Alan David Perkins.
  • Pete Haynes Former Lurkers Punk rock drummer Pete Haynes, aka Manic Esso, is now an established novelist and playwright. His first published novel is 'Gods Lonely Men' telling the story of the Lurkers.
  • Phillips, Laurence Playwright and award winning author. Details of current and past works.
  • Pinter, Harold The official Harold Pinter website.
  • Plaice, Stephen Record of the work of Stephen Plaice, UK-based writer in the areas of opera, musical theatre, TV and film; with details of forthcoming productions and some online samples of his work.
  • Polatin, Daria Playwright, tv writer and screenwriter, who also composes music and writes fiction. Information about her productions and awards.
  • Preece, David John Playwright and screenwriter, artist and film-maker.
  • Rand, Jonathan The official website dedicated to the works of award-winning playwright Jonathan Rand.
  • Rendon, Marcie Enrolled member of the White Earth Anishinabe Nation, she is a mother, grandmother, writer, playwright and sometimes performance artist.
  • Rittenhouse, Michele Raper Author of Angel on my Shoulder and Heartland.
  • Robbins, Norman Prolific and successful pantomime writer and playwright, who has entertained audiences world-wide with his comedies and thrillers for almost fifty years.
  • Robinson, Betsy Writer and playwright offering resources for character actors for auditions and classwork. Includes monologues and a blog.
  • Sanders, Francesca Award-winning author of "Lilac Samba," "Revered," "Sacred Rain."
  • Seaton, Sandra Playwright and faculty member at Central Michigan University. Author of "From The Diary of Sally Hemings," recreating the thoughts and feelings of Sally Hemings throughout her long relationship with Thomas Jefferson.
  • Sejavka, Sam Description of plays, and details of productions.
  • Shamas, Laura Information on the playwright and her plays.
  • Shepard, Molly Louise Off-Off-Broadway Playwright and Screen Writer.
  • Shockley, Ed Multiple award winning playwright. Biography, published works and produced plays.
  • Smith, Tom Script samples, summaries and production photos of the plays of Tom Smith.
  • Spurway, John Sample scenes from several plays and contact information.
  • Starr, Michael Biography, works, image gallery.
  • Suda, Balazs R. Hungarian playwright. English version selectable.
  • Talesnik, Ricardo Information about his plays, movies, solo performances and awards as well as present projects.
  • Taylor, Tom Tom Taylor is an award-winning playwright whose work has been performed on four continents. A writer, director, singer and songwriter he has won accolades for drama, comedy and musicals.
  • Thomas, Joyce Carol Homepage of the playwright and author of books for children and adults.
  • Toohey, Rosemary Frisino Baltimore-based playwright, with her biography, selected reviews and synopses of some of her plays; lists her awards and productions of her plays.
  • Toscano, Ace Two complete plays plus links to his short stories and other writings.
  • Trivizas, Eugene Greek children's author Eugene Trivizas has written over 100 books and multiple plays.
  • Turner, Brian E. Homepage of experimental playwright and novelist Brian E. Turner.
  • Ulrich, Dave A contemporary playwright living in Los Angeles. Many of his plays (short, one-act, and full length) as well as other examples of his written and produced work.
  • Varela, David Writes for a variety of media, including theatre, radio, film and the Internet.
  • Vleugels, Hilda Contemporary comedies in English, French and Dutch, written by Hilda Vleugels, Belgian playwright, with synopses plus description of set and characters.
  • Wagner, Scott Patrick Bold, irreverent and diverse work. Links to several of his plays.
  • Weinstein, Joshua Aaron 21st century American playwright and filmmaker.
  • Woodman, Lance Pearson Playwright in Residence at Worcester Swan Theatre, UK. Writer of 'Red Skies Over the Severn'.


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