Web sites by, or about, authors and writers of non-fiction.
  • Anderson, Luleen Clinical psychologist and author of "Fill Me Up to Empty", "Sunday Came Early This Week", and "Under the Covers". Profile and reviews.
  • Bass, Jack Jack Bass is author or co-author of seven nonfiction books about the American South -- biography and bibliography.
  • Bass, Thomas A. Author of "The Predictors" and "Vietnamerica: The War Comes Home". Profile and publications.
  • Bawer, Bruce Author of books on religion, Christianity, gay issues, literature, literary criticism, poetry - all from a liberal perspective.
  • Binns, Richard Writer of travel guides to France and England, notably the 'French Leave' series. Profile of the author and bibliography.
  • Bosco, Antoinette Author of "Choosing Mercy," the story of her spiritual journey following the murder of her son and his wife. Profile, news, calendar, and information on her books.
  • Boyd, Neil Author of "The Beast Within" and law professor at Simon Fraser University in Canada. Profile, publications, and news.
  • Brauer, Carl Freelance historian and biographer based in Massachusetts. Provides profile, description of his approach, excerpts from past writings, and client list.
  • Chase, Victor D. Author's site includes biographical information, a photo, and summaries of his works about technology for a lay audience.
  • Clayton, John Author of "Small Town Bound." Descriptions of and excerpts from his books and articles, as well as schedules of appearances and classes.
  • Crystal, David Danny Yee's reviews of Crystal's books on linguistics including on English, endangered languages, and language play.
  • Drysdale, Helena Travel writer. Site has book summaries, a biography and reviews.
  • Earley, Pete Site provides news, biography, sound clips, and books. Earley's work includes Hot House, Circumstantial Evidence, and Super Casino.
  • Ellis, Royston British-born novelist, biographer, travel writer, and beat poet, now a resident of Sri Lanka. Profile and publications.
  • Entine, Jon Producer, reporter, and author who specializes in sports and race, business ethics, socially responsible investing, and green brand marketing.
  • Ferber, Elizabeth Information about her body of work: books, articles, essays, web, editing and corporate.
  • Forward, Susan Author of "Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them", therapist, and media personality. Book summaries and audio files.
  • Foster, Cheri Cheri Foster wrote The Dance to help other women and their families understand the emotional impact that is involved in an abusive relationship. I hope that by reading my story, other women in similar situations will realize that they are not alone.
  • Gallmann, Kuki Information about the author, foundation, book, and movie -- I Dreamed of Africa.
  • Garner, Lesley Information and news about the author, journalist and artist.
  • Geldards, Richard Official site: introduction to his books on Ralph Waldo Emerson and Ancient greek history, interview, links.
  • Gelfer, Joseph Specializes in humour, spirituality and travel writing. Samples of his books and articles.
  • Goodman, Richard Essays and articles by the author of 'The Soul of Creative Writing' and 'French Dirt: The Story of a Garden in the South of France'.
  • Hifler, Joyce Sequichie The official web site of Joyce Sequichie Hifler, syndicated columnist and author of eight inspirational books.
  • Hopping, Michael Selection of commentaries, feature stories, political commentary and fiction. Profile and samples of this author based at Asheville, North Carolina.
  • Humes, Edward Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and PEN Center USA award, is the author of five books on crime and the criminal justice system, and the new medical thriller, Baby E.R.
  • Hunter, Linda Mason Biography and list of works from the author of "The Healthy Home" and "Southwest Style".
  • Kessler, Ronald Reviews and profile of the investigative journalist and author of "The Secrets of the FBI" and "In the President's Secret Service.".
  • Lauck, Jennifer A searing, soaring memoir of one girls complicated and almost unbelievable childhood.
  • Lisle, Laurie Biographer (Georgia O'Keeffe, Louise Nevelson) and nonfiction writer. Works and events.
  • Maass, Peter Author of "Love Thy Neighbor: A Story of War," a memoir of the conflict in Bosnia. Includes an archive of magazine stories.
  • MacLean, Rory Travel writer, author of 'Stalin's Nose' and 'Next Exit Magic Kingdom'. Books, newsletter, profile, and pictures.
  • Markham, Beryl Guide to online information about the aviatrix and bestselling author of West with the Night.
  • Masson, Jeffrey Author of several books about animals and psychology.
  • Miller, Debbie S Writer of natural history books for adults and children, four of which have won national awards. Details of books, reviews and 'fun facts for kids.'
  • Newman, Ann Contains biographical information about the author of Images of America: Conway -- a historical tour of Conway, Arkansas.
  • Putnam, Caurie Miner Mother and freelance writer living in Western NY. Biography, contact form, and list of published works that includes "Chicken Soup for the Soul: To Mom, With Love", "The Breastfeeding Diaries" plus various magazine articles.
  • Rose, Shelia D. Author's website on her book, "To Emma, For the Love of Teaching", a journal for educators containing vignettes of teaching.
  • Ryan, Bernard Jr Summaries of some of his published books, including biographies and parenting, plus examples of essays.
  • Sacks, Peter Journalist, essayist, and author of "Standardized Minds: The High Price of America's Testing Culture and What We Can Do to Change It." Profile and publications.
  • Sagert, Kelly Boyer Information about Kelly Boyer Sagert’s books and upcoming speaking events, articles about freelance writing, boomerangs, baseball, pop culture.
  • Sheehy, Gail Official site of Gail Sheehy, cultural observer and author of 15 books.
  • Smith, Patrick The author of an aviation column addresses frequent concerns of airline passengers, gives information on his book "Ask the Pilot" and offers a telephone consultation service on fear of flying.
  • Smith, Wesley J. Attorney and author of books on issues such as cloning, stem cells, assisted suicide, euthanasia, and bioethics. Includes links to published essays.
  • Spading, David Writings include books about the men who 'hunted' for dinosaurs in the turn of the century, and West Coast whales. Professional associate at the University of Saskatchewan. Profile and book information.
  • Spence, Gerry Lawyer and author of "How to Argue and Win Every Time" and "With Justice for None". Profile, publications and articles.
  • St. Jorre, John de Profile and published works of the British author, journalist, and screenwriter.
  • Stockford, Marjorie Official site of the author and feminist activist introducing her books and activist efforts.
  • Stonehouse, Frederick Information about books, lectures, current projects, and favored links about the Great Lakes maritime historian, writer, lecturer and teacher.
  • Swift, Tom journalist and a freelance writer; with a blog, excerpts and appearance schedule.
  • Tindall, Blair Official site; with a biography, newspaper columns, reviews and events listings.
  • Wallace, Danny British journalist, author, script-writer, and producer. Includes book information, profile, and guestbook.
  • Weiss, Konrad German publicist, author and director.
  • Williams, David B. Nature writing oriented toward urban landscapes, the Pacific Northwest, desert southwest.


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