Portfolios of illustrators whose primary design style would be suited to and sought for use in the children's market.

Other languages: Español, French, German.

  • Allen, Kit Stylized and cartoon-like children's illustrations.
  • Alley, R.W. Drawings, comments, reviews of current titles, and a brief biography of the illustrator. Includes pictures of works in progress and information about school visits.
  • Alter, Anna Children's book illustrator and author. Picture books samples and information about school visits.
  • Anderson, Derek Official site showcases the author/illustrator's published works and offers a glimpse into his studio.
  • Artigas, Alexandra Freelance artist specializing in children and digital illustration, advertising storyboards, and character design.
  • Ashley, Carol Los Angeles-based illustrator specializing in children's books, stop-motion animation, and clothing. Formerly SmallHouse Press.
  • Atteberry, Kevan Children's illustration, animation, and character design. Also includes design for digital and print delivery, greeting cards, and logos.
  • Bailey, Sheila Online portfolio featuring artwork from children's books.
  • Barbier, Suzette Traditional illustrations for children's books and editorials.
  • Barnet, Nancy Colored pencil illustration for children's books.
  • Batti, Kimberly Children's book illustration, painting/drawing, and archived work.
  • Bostick, Blair Portfolio of bright and colorful watercolor book illustrations.
  • Brandon, Theresa Professional children's book and magazine illustration in oils, watercolor, pastel and pencil.
  • Breeze, Lynn Books, news, and an introduction to the author/illustrator's creative process. Also includes author visit and contact information.
  • Brown, Suzy Featuring both new and published illustrations designed for the children's market.
  • Burgos, Javier Gonzalez Argentinian illustrator of children´s books.
  • Burns, Theresa Illustrator of children's books, murals, and portraits. Features list of books and photo gallery.
  • Bush, Rebecca Whimsical and character-driven illustrations and paintings.
  • Bynum, Janie Illustration and book samples, school/library visit information, and art for licensing.
  • Camara, Sergi Children's books illustrator, writer and animated cartoons filmmaker.
  • Cantell, Clay Digital illustration and design for children's publishing, education, entertainment, and retail markets.
  • Casale, Paul Portfolio of photo-realistic children's book cover illustrations.
  • Casilla, Robert Portfolio of painted children's book illustrations, and contact information.
  • Chang, Tara Larsen Portfolio site featuring children's, black-and-white, decorative, and fantasy illustration.
  • Chesworth, Michael Humorous illustrations for children's books and magazines.
  • Choi, Yangsook Portfolio of book art, drawings, and paintings. Includes artist biography, schedule of appearances, and contact information.
  • Ciotkowski, Mary Traditional and 3D computer illustration. Site also includes poetry and stories.
  • Clay, Wil Artist, storyteller, and illustrator of children's books. Includes biography, interview, and information about school and library visits.
  • Coffelt, Nancy Oil pastels on black paper. Includes artist's biography, portfolio, school visit information, and gallery listings.
  • Conger, Holli Digital and dimensional illustration for the children's market.
  • Constantin, Pascale Illustration for children's books, editorial, and animation. Content is available in English and French.
  • Couling, Cindy Portfolio of whimsical children's book and editorial illustration.
  • Craft, Kinuko Y. Online portfolio featuring illustrations for children's books and fairy tales.
  • Crawford, K. Michael Illustration for children's books and products. Includes artist biography, portfolio, contact, and purchase information.
  • Decker, C.B. Colorful illustrations for children.
  • Doner, Kim Information about the author/illustrators books and school visit programs.
  • Dooling, Michael Biography, list of books, photos, and school visit information.
  • Dyrud, Chris Wold Illustrator of children's books, magazines, and educational material.
  • Elliott, Rebecca Portfolio of digital illustrations by the children's illustrator.
  • Elsammak, Ariane Humorous line art, colored in Photoshop. Illustration for children's books. [Slideshow]
  • Emery, Jennifer Watercolor illustrations for children's books.
  • Eustis, Mike Children's illustrator. Portfolio and contact information.
  • Evans, Lisa Original illustrations for children's books, editorial, and advertising.
  • Farrell, Donna Online portfolio featuring digital and colored pencil art.
  • Fasolino, Peter Illustration for children's trade and educational books, board games, puzzles, and packaging.
  • Filgate, Leonard "Rip Squeak and His Friends" is a book based on a series of paintings by artist and illustrator Leonard Filgate, written by Susan Yost-Filgate.
  • Fisher, Jeffrey Brian Whimsical children's illustrations, website and logo design. Located in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Flavin, Teresa Portfolio featuring multicultural illustrations for children's books, greetings cards, magazines, advertising, and design. Based in Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Fulcher, Roz Freelance children's book illustrator. Artwork is created with felt, fabric and embellishments.
  • Födi, Lee Edward A gallery of artwork and sample stories by the Canadian author and illustrator.
  • Geraghty, Paul Children's picture book illustrator and author. Includes a photo gallery, a list of his works and awards, and a schedule of author visits.
  • Giladi-Pollard, Carmit Israeli artist specializing in illustrations for children's books.
  • Girouard, Patrick Illustrator's official website featuring portfolio samples, brief biography, and blog.
  • Gisbert, Montse European illustrator and creator of children's books.
  • Golembe, Carla Paintings, illustrations, and information about the children's book author/illustrator.
  • Gregory, Chris Digital illustration by Virginia based artist.
  • Hagerty, Sue Illustration in 3D, black and white, gouache, pastels, and acrylic for children's books, magazines, and greetings cards.
  • Haggerty, Tim Playful illustration focusing on children and animals.
  • Hall, Mary Digital, black-and-white, ink, and watercolor illustration for children's publishing.
  • Hardy, Candace Graphite, colored pencil, and computer generated children's book illustrations.
  • Harris, Jenny B. Illustration for children’s books, magazines, packaging, and classroom materials.
  • Harris, Phyllis Children's illustration for books and magazines.
  • Huacuja, Veronica Biography, sample artwork, and book excerpts from the children's author and illustrator. Content is also available in Spanish.
  • Huntington, Amy Illustrator and author of whimsical, country-themed picture books for children. Based in Vermont.
  • Hurst, Elise Artist, illustrator, and author of children's books.
  • in den Bosch, Nicole Full color and black-and-white illustration for children's books and products.
  • Jacobsen, Laura Pastel pencil illustrations for children's books and magazines.
  • Jin, Susie Lee Online portfolio featuring children's and paper cut illustration, paintings, pencil drawings, line art, and graphic art.
  • Johansen Newman, Barbara Portfolio of children's book and editorial art. Includes contact information and client list.
  • Johansson, Ninni Watercolor illustrations for children's books.
  • Johnson, Layne Portfolio of realistic painted illustration. Also includes information on school visits. [Java]
  • Judge, Lita Children's book illustrator and author. Current projects, illustration samples, and book dummies.
  • Kadrane Drawings, sketches, water color illustrations, and acrylic paintings for children's novels. Content is available in English and French.
  • Keiser, Paige Children's illustration for picture books and magazines.
  • Khvoryk, Andrei Illustration portfolio includes watercolor and gouache illustrations in four different themes.
  • Kidshannon Traditional and digital illustration for the children's market. Features representative work arranged by artist, category, style, and subject.
  • Kohls, Brit Children's illustration featuring coloring book, line art, and full-color samples.
  • Kollars, Helmut Illustrator specializing in cartoons, comics, picture books, and educational books. Based in Ireland.
  • Kopelke, Lisa Children's book illustrator and author.
  • Krudop, Walter Lyon Samples of the artist's digital illustrations for children's books. Also includes animation art.
  • Lacey, Joe Illustrator of art for children's toys, packaging, books and advertising. Portfolio, art samples, biography, and contact information.
  • Lamut, Sonja Children's illustrations in classic style.
  • Lanza, Barbara Traditional children's and fairy-themed book illustrations.
  • Leathers, Chris Children's book illustration and backgrounds for software.
  • Lee, Brian Illustration for children's books, packaging, exhibitions, and museums.
  • Lemaire, Bonnie Portfolio of children's illustration, handpainted furniture, giftware, invitations, and greeting cards.
  • Lewis, E.B. Specializing in children's book illustration.
  • Lin, Leo Illustrator of children's books, picture books, and educational materials.
  • Lippincott, Gary A. Children's book and fantasy artist and illustrator.
  • Long, Loren Illustrator of children's books. Gallery, exhibit information, and artist contact.
  • Long, Sylvia Children's book illustrator's artwork, book reviews, and contact information.
  • Lunden, Einar Professional cartoonist and illustrator of children's books.
  • Luthardt, Kevin Children's illustrator and muralist. Includes biography and information about upcoming events and projects, books, visits, and original art.
  • MacDonald, Judy Humorous cartoon style watercolor and line-art illustrations for children's books.
  • Manning, Maurie J. Children's illustrator and author. Portfolio, book reviews, answers to frequently asked questions, and advice for aspiring illustrators.
  • Marble, Abigail Watercolor and acrylic illustration for the children's market. Portfolio samples, sketchbook, artist biography, and contact information.
  • Margolis, Al Samples of charts and illustrations suitable for children's books.
  • Mathers, Ursula Portfolio of published books, new ideas, illustrations, and paintings.
  • McCurdy, Michael Illustrator, author, and publisher.
  • McGee, Laura Gouache on canvas illustrations.
  • McLeod, Kris Aro Portfolio and biography of the children's illustrator.
  • Miller, Nancy Traditional and digital illustrator specializing children's book, editorial, and advertising illustration.
  • Milner, Ann Digital and pencil illustrations featuring cats, mice, fairies, flowers, and children.
  • Moore, Cyd Whimsical children's book illustrator.
  • Morrison, Cathy Samples of children's book illustration. Includes portfolio and contact information.
  • Moser, Monica Children's illustrations and stories by Peruvian artist. Content is available in English and Spanish.
  • Munger, Nancy Traditional and digital illustrations with an emphasis on materials for children.
  • Nathan, Cheryl Selection of painted and colored pencil children's book illustrations.
  • Nez, John Illustration for children's publishing in traditional and digital mediums.
  • Noll, Cheryl Kirk Multicultural and historic illustration for children.
  • O'Malley, Kathy Features traditional and whimsical children's book illustration, home portraits, custom murals, and hand-painted furniture.
  • Oberdieck, Bernhard Portfolio of children's book and advertising illustrations. Content is available in English and Dutch.
  • Overman, Emma Children's illustrator and muralist.
  • Palacios, John Portfolio of acrylic, watercolor, black-and-white, and color illustrations for children's books, posters, and educational materials. Includes image index by topic.
  • Patience, John Watercolor, pen and ink illustrations of fairy-tale animals and other characters for print.
  • Peng, Cathy Playful illustrations for books, greeting cards, and magazines. Includes artist biography, sketchbook, and contact information.
  • Penney, Ian Exhibiting published watercolor illustrations for children's books.
  • Perruzzi, Diane Sacramento artist specializing in children's book illustration and murals.
  • Pollema-Cahill, Phyllis A portfolio of illustrations for children's publishing.
  • Quay, Emma Children's book illustrator and author. Site include artist biography, book information, portfolio samples, and activities.
  • Radunsky, Vladimir Home page and samples of books by the children's illustrator.
  • Ramá, Sue Contemporary watercolor illustration for children's books, greeting cards, inspirational and editorial use, and giclee prints.
  • Ray, Jane British illustrator specializing in children's books. Other formats include greetings cards, posters, and book jackets.
  • Reisberg, Mira Children's book illustrator and author, painter, muralist, and digital media artist.
  • Relyea-Parr, Alison Children's book illustration specialist, working in traditional media.
  • Ricci, Regolo Canadian artist specializing in children's books painted in oil and watercolor.
  • Rizzotto, Lynn Titleman Children's book illustrator. Includes information about the artist's creativity workshops for children. Based in Hingham, MA.
  • Rosenbaum, Jonathan Portfolio of illustrations and design concepts for children's books.
  • Rovira, Francesc Images, bibliography, and background information about the children's illustrator. Content is available in English, Spanish, and French.
  • Roy, Linda Online portfolio of the children's illustrator, animator, and educator.
  • Ruble, Stephanie Picture book illustrator and author. Artist portfolio, gift items, e-cards, and information about children's books.
  • Sanae, Ishida Seattle-based children's illustrator.
  • Savage, Stephen Brooklyn-based illustrator of Polar Bear Night.
  • Schiffman, Jessica Illustrations for children in watercolor, fluid acrylic, and ink. Also pen and ink renderings, and cartoons.
  • Schimler, Amy Whimsical illustrations and surface designs.
  • Schmidt, Karen Lee Portfolio of children's book illustrations, done in traditional media.
  • Scotland, Sharon Children's illustration in pen and ink.
  • Scudder, Brooke Traditional and digital illustration for children's publishing.
  • Serra, Sebastia Press, multimedia, and children's book illustrations.
  • Shannon, Kate Illustration portfolio for children's books.
  • Shed, Greg Children's book illustration. Portfolio also includes fine art with an emphasis on Americana and Native American portraiture.
  • Sierra, Holly Examples of work from an artist who specialises in writing and illustrating children's books. Interested in the culture and folklore of Asia, Native America, and Ireland.
  • Squirrell Designs Portfolio of paintings and illustrations.
  • Stallop, C.A. Children's illustrator and writer. Online portfolio available; sample dummies by request for qualifying editors.
  • Stephenson, Lindsay Toronto-based illustrator of the Penny People characters.
  • Steptoe, Javaka Official site of the award-winning children's book illustrator.
  • Stich, Carolyn R. Illustrator of children's books and collectible greeting cards.
  • Stone, Lyn Portfolio featuring children's book illustration in oils and ink, acrylic, digital, and black/white mediums.
  • Sweet, Melissa Portfolio of the artist's illustrations for book covers, toys, and maps. Also includes fun and games for kids.
  • Talib, Binny Australian illustrator. Portfolio of editorial, surface designs, and children's books.
  • Thompson, Nora Fun illustrations for children's books, magazines, cards, toys and games.
  • Thornburgh, Rebecca McKillip Children's book illustrations, published works, portfolios of finished art and sketches, and information about the artist and how she works.
  • Titus, Dave Illustration and animation for the web and print by the creator of Mozilla, Netscape's official mascot. Website design and editorial art. Portfolio and profile.
  • Tyrrell, Frances Samples of the Canadian artist's watercolor paintings and book illustrations.
  • Wall, Katie Gallery, information resource, and online portfolio for children's illustrator.
  • Weller, Duncan Large format murals, portraits, and children's book illustration in oils, acrylics, and watercolors.
  • Wieder, Joy Nelkin Children's book illustrator and author. Portfolio, published books, artist biography, and information about school visits.
  • Williams, Philip H. Children's picture book illustration, portraits, and posters in a variety of styles.
  • Wingerter, Linda S. Portfolio of acrylic illustrations from children's books and magazines. Includes information about the artist, news, projects, and prints available for purchase.
  • Wright, Cliff UK-based children's illustrator best known for his work on two Harry Potter book covers. Portfolio samples, contact, and information about the artist's "Nature of Seeing" workshops.
  • Wronker, Eytan Pen and ink, watercolor, and pencil illustrations for the fantasy genre.
  • Zakharov, Alexander Miniature acrylic paintings and limited edition prints featuring children's toy characters.
  • Zaretser, Aleksandr Children's illustrations and cartoons, done in traditional and digital media.
  • Zeman, Ann Brandenburg Portfolio of watercolor and gouache illustrations.
  • Ziersch, Nahum Freelance illustrator specializing in children's artwork, character development, and short animation projects.


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