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  • 2Modern Featuring modern furniture, innovative architecture, cool accessories, design events, modern lighting, hip fashion trends.
  • A Thing of Beauty Sharing finds in art, design, crafts, accessories, toys.
  • All the Best Articles and interviews in fashion, interior design and food and wine.
  • Architectradure Sharing inspirations in product design, architecture, contemporary art and technology.
  • Black White Bliss Collective of all things black, white and a few shades in between.
  • Cool Hunting Finding things in the intersection of design, culture and technology that excite the imagination and inspire creativity.
  • Design Boston Showcases Boston's architecture, interior, product, and green design from around the city and beyond.
  • Design Notes Sharing life filtered through events, interaction and information design.
  • Design Observer Features news and critical essays on design, urbanism, social innovation and popular culture.
  • Design Scout A daily guide on what is happening in the Design business in Scandinavia.
  • Design Sponge Reviews, articles, and rants and raves on all things design related.
  • Design You Trust Daily design blog and community sharing design trends, news and events, portfolios, fashion design and creative advertisements.
  • Designer's Library Sharing design finds and trends.
  • Designers' Block Extracts and ideas from a designer's life.
  • Designspotter A platform for sharing design objects and creative experiments. It provides readers with an overview on modern contemporary design.
  • Dog Opus Presenting graphic design news and history, with additional coverage on technology, science, arts, music, and current design events.
  • Elit Alice Sharing new products, ideas, interior design, art and graphic design.
  • ImedaGoze Review of lifestyle items, fashion, interior design, home accessories, furnishings, children's wear, art/design related events, textile, floral and graphic design.
  • It's Nice That Ideas, originality, imagination and creativity in any context.
  • Josh Spear Reviewing design, art, fashion, music, and trends.
  • Land+Living Reviewing modern lifestyle and design.
  • LedLightRay Reviewing LED lighting in contemporary art and design.
  • Lena Corwin Posting observations and inspirations related to design, patterns, fabric, fashion, crafts.
  • Love It a Lot Sharing their enthusiasm for design.
  • Love Made Visible Sharing thoughts and visuals on fashion design and interior design.
  • Misosouper Reviewing fashion, design, and gadgets, five days a week.
  • MissMalaprop Spotlights independent designers and artists, eco-friendly and sustainable products, and people working to make the world a better place.
  • MoCo Loco Featuring modern contemporary design news and views.
  • Neo Nomad Featuring research and problem solving to design environments, products and services that work for people and drive business results.
  • Nordic Design Blog Posting about creative design and life in Nordic countries.
  • NOTCOT Visual filtration of ideas, aesthetics, and amusement.
  • Oh Joy! Freelance home accessories, textile, and graphic designer shares her random findings of design, style, and other cool things.
  • Oh My So Cute Features indie goods from apparel, accessories, jewelries, babywear, popart, books, stationery, crafts, plush, toys, papergoods and household items.
  • Old Glutton Showcasing fresh finds at the intersection of food and graphic design.
  • PagePlane Sharing of print design, web design, color, illustration, typography, photography, and marketing.
  • Pasta and Vinegar Sharing design material on social computing, the future of gaming, tangible interactions, ubiquitous computing and urban computing.
  • Poppytalk Discussing trends in design by sharing handmade work and graphic design visuals.
  • Print & Pattern Thoughts and finds of a designer and trend forecaster with a passion for pattern in all its forms.
  • Rag and Bone Sharing book art, bookbinding, paper making, box making, design, print and patterns, textiles, origami and art events.
  • Raven's Nest Exploring landscape architecture, garden and interior design, architecture, green and sustainable design.
  • Rebang Featuring critical discussions on product design, virtual design, transreality technologies, mixed reality convergence.
  • Reuben Miller Selections of design, art, illustration, style, accessories, cool finds, package design and architecture.
  • Reverseorbit Sharing interesting design inspiration, music and film. Focusing on unusual stories.
  • Roadside Scholar Offering showcases of evocative art, handmade crafts as well as products, along with the stories of their designers.
  • Rolling Rains A running dialogue on travel, disability and universal design.
  • Round design Offering a relaxed informal conversation about design and architecture from theoretical to more practical examples in design and technology.
  • Scoutie Girl An indie designer digging up fabulous finds by indie designers, artists, and crafters.
  • Serial Consign Offering interviews of designers and innovative projects in the field of design research.
  • Something In The Way Sharing design inspirations in graphic design, art, photography and technology.
  • Sub-Studio Features a compilation of products, furniture, jewelry, architecture and artists.
  • Swissmiss Thoughts and finds from a Swiss designer gone NYC.
  • The Cool Hunter Styles and trends covering genres such as fashion, music, urban living, designer and cultural trends.
  • The Terminally Juvenile Offering a delicate selection of inspiring, clever, beautiful and interesting toys.
  • The Zaum of Mr Brown Highlighting artistic finds ranging from cover art, packaging design and photography.
  • Things of Random Coolness A daily updated journal of design, trends, style and randomness.
  • Tree Hugger Partial to a modern aesthetic, it shares sustainable design, green news and solutions.
  • Trend Insights Spotting objects that stimulate creativity and inspiration, this blog presents trends in design, architecture and innovation.
  • Trendmatter Writing and observations on design and its inspiring variety. Discussions and musings on art, design and culture.


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