Frequently updated entries that focus on crafts. Weblog entries must be dated, and they should updated frequently in order to be listed here.
  • 2lb elephant Crafting in Australia.
  • A Little Imagination and a Pile of Junk Sharing mixed media artwork and other projects.
  • Abbytryagain Projects from a young wife in Portland.
  • Allsorts Tales of a garden variety artsy-craftsy children's book illustrator.
  • Angry Chicken Sharing fabulous crafty adventures.
  • Ann Wood Tales of a woman who makes things, paints, and draws for her life and livelihood.
  • Anna Maria Horner Offering a view into her studio.
  • Applehead Hoarding treasure bits and crafting art.
  • Artsy-Crafty Babe Tales of a mom who likes to make things.
  • Be*mused Quilt. Knit. Stitch. Muse.
  • Bella Dia Sharing her sewing, knitting, and baking.
  • Buzzville Sharing her craft experiences.
  • Cheeky Beaks Sewing, thrifting, and stitching.
  • Craft Test Dummies Posting for high impact crafters, polymer clay junkies, scrapbookers, quilters, and self-taught creatives.
  • Craft tutorials Blog for sharing craft ideas and tutorials.
  • Craftapalooza Australian shares all things crafty.
  • Craftzine Sharing daily sources of inspirations dedicated to the Renaissance in the world of crafts. Presenting step by step projects for paper crafts, custom designs, knitting and sewing.
  • Curious Bird Sharing her artistic endeavors.
  • Dacia Ray Seattle based editor blogs about crafts and life.
  • Echoes of a Dream English woman discusses her craft projects.
  • Fibermania Art quilting, artful knitting, food, dieting, and the adventures and sometimes struggles in artmaking.
  • Hello My Name is Heather Fabric designer shares a variety of projects.
  • Herzensart Label for handmade original art toys for the child in all of us. Friederike and Sandra share their creative working process and what inspires them.
  • High Up in the Trees Sharing murals and projects.
  • Hop Skip Jump Making softies and baking.
  • House on Hill Road Crafty mom living in a house on hill road with her husband and her daughters in a city that is stuck somewhere on the border between the midwest and the south.
  • House Wren Studio Notes on life and craft inside the birdhouse.
  • Il Bloggo Creativity in the everyday life of Hanna.
  • Inside A Black Apple Thoughts of a full time artist / craftista.
  • Inspiration Engine Creative thoughts and paintings.
  • Inspireco Adventures of a gift fairy.
  • Juju Loves Polka Dots Crafty life of a woman with a whim of iron.
  • Julieree Watch her make things.
  • Karkovski Crafting in Denmark.
  • Kirin Notebook Tales of an interactive and graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia, who's dabbling in pattern and jewellery design and printmaking.
  • KissKus Uneventful adventures of a Dutch crafty mum.
  • Lillie Dillies A personal blog on exploring the world of sewing and crafts.
  • Liquid Paper Sharing her crafts.
  • Liquid Sky Arts Senseless acts of beauty.
  • Little Birds Sharing sewing projects and stories about her life.
  • Little Pear's Workshop Cheryl provides photos of crafts she's done, as well as links to sources to make your own.
  • Loobylu's Room to Move The slightly less secret life of Loobylu.
  • Love You Deer Features artist interviews, handmade clothing, and paintings.
  • Love, Joleen Sharing her crafty endeavors.
  • Make Me Weblog of a somewhat prolific artisan/craftster.
  • Mama Urchin Sharing papercrafts and fiber arts.
  • Mariska Design Sharing jewelry and sewing crafts.
  • Mayfly Murals and sewing projects by Alicia.
  • Mmm...Coffee... Tales of a coffee drinker, bookbinder, quilter, and creature maker.
  • Molly Chicken Away with the fairies.
  • Mommo A little bit of this and that.
  • MommyCoddle Mother shares her various projects.
  • Moopy & Me Crafting adventures of a woman and her daughter.
  • My Art Work Features photos of competed projects, including quilting and earthen ware.
  • My Little Mochi Mother shares her happenings and crafts.
  • Nikki Shell Sewing and other artistic hobbies.
  • One Good Bumblebee Writing about her crafty projects and finds.
  • PaMdora's Box Artist who makes humorous art quilts and lives with her sculptor husband.
  • Paper Forest Art, news, and ideas about paper folding.
  • Paper Relics Musing about life and sharing her photography and collages.
  • Perch Home Projects, home, and small things.
  • Pink Chalk Studio Motherhood and craft projects.
  • Pinku Crafty woman in Japan share pictures and stories.
  • Plump Pudding English woman writes about her projects.
  • Popytalk Mining for the beautiful, the decayed and the handmade. The blog promotes emerging design talents and crafting methods.
  • Posy Pictures and descriptions of her life and many projects.
  • Pyglet Whispers Kids, crafts, and the usual chaos.
  • Red Felt Flower Brown paper packages tied up with string and a few more of her favourite things.
  • Reliquary Arts Two like-minded gals exploring the darker side of traditional arts and crafts.
  • Rhya Life of a writer and artist who makes bizarre plush creatures.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors The other side of the drafting table.
  • Scribble Nation Non-stop adventures of Mary Helen, the crafty bandit.
  • Sewing Stars Sharing illustrations, softies, and a great deal of other craft projects.
  • Shim and Sons Designing her own stationery and other items.
  • Simple Sparrow Pictures and crafts and life.
  • Six and a Half Stitches Writing about craft endeavors.
  • Soozs Tales of a crafter in Melbourne.
  • SouleMama Creative mother's stories and pictures.
  • Super Eggplant Adventures in knitting, sewing, baking, and life.
  • The Cart Before The Horse Jo James, artist from the Oregon Coast, displays her handmade folk art dolls and ornaments that she sells on Ebay.
  • The Small Object Crafty experiences and pictures.
  • TheSewingDivas Group shares sewing projects and ideas.
  • Thimble Discussing arts and crafts.
  • This Recycled Life Inspiration and simple crafts made from recycled materials.
  • Tiny Happy Crafty mother in New Zealand writes about her experiences.
  • Tree Fall Design Sharing pretty images and tales of crafting.
  • Turkey Feathers Homecrafts and everyday adventures.
  • Two Little Banshees Kate from Australia shares her sewing, knitting, and quilting.
  • Two Straight Lines Courtney tries to create something every day.
  • Two Trees Finding beauty in the world around her.
  • While She Naps Soft toy artist shares pictures.
  • Whipup Collaborative weblog sharing news and information on many kinds of crafts.
  • Windowsill Knitting and finding beautiful things.
  • Woof Nanny Crafting, sewing, and contemplation.
  • Yarnstorm Tales of a knitter, quilter, and maker of things.
  • Yvestown Plays nicely with fabrics.
  • Zakka Life Dedicated to original, DIY craft projects.


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