• A Softer World. Weekly webcomic and a collection of subversive resumes.
  • Salamander Bits Unique daily cartoon that mixes a new face with a different quote each day. Many of these ideas and portraits are developed during artist T. wEieR's frequent trips on public transportation.
  • Sam and Fuzzy Serial about a cab driver and his bear-like friend by Sam Logan. Offers a reader's guide, forum, and frequently asked questions.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal A collection of bizarre humor.
  • Sauce Features an archive 2000-2003. By Eric Toffey.
  • Savage Chickens Cartoons on sticky notes. By Doug Savage.
  • Savingjacksbrain.com Home of the college and political humor-themed comic strip. By Zach Martz.
  • Savvie and Lacey A gentle, humorous treatment of an "adult" topic: BDSM.
  • Scarygirl About a dastardly plan to steal the world's underpants. Offers screensavers, the series, icons, t-shirts, and a movie.
  • Schlock Mercenary Travel the galaxy. Meet new and fascinating life-forms.
  • School Spirit The comic misadventures of Casper, Cody and Co. Join them as they fumble through grade five.
  • Scooter and Ferret Former pets and incompatible roommates star in a new strip every four days. Includes games, a forum, downloads and cartoon shorts.
  • Scott's Mind Cartoons like a car crash. You know it's going to be twisted, but you stop and look, anyway. Plus evil clown generator and celrebrity defacer.
  • Screamsavers Original cartoons featuring corporate comedy, bumper stickers, trivia, job interviews, and newspaper comedy.
  • Scribble Cartoon Straight from the warped imagination of underground cartoonist, Josh Hara.
  • Scrubs Detailing the life and times of two best friends. Includes an archive and character profiles.
  • Senshi Ryu A collection of sprite comics that spans from the original Megaman to Megaman X.
  • Sentient Thirty-Nine Weirdworks Illustrated selections from the Journals of Lado Perapek, who crossed two thirds of the known galaxy in sixty years.
  • Severe Boredom Based on an extra-curricular project of two High School friends.
  • Severed Toe A weird comic that has body parts as characters. By Phillip Oliver-Paull.
  • Shallow Grave Comics A collection of comic strips created by Sean Polyn, graduate student of Princeton University.
  • Sheldon Cartoon following the adventures of a ten-year old genius, his talking duck, and their billion-dollar web company. Created by Dave Kellett.
  • Sherman's Lagoon Sherman's Lagoon is a syndicated daily comic strip by Jim Toomy about a dimwitted great white shark named Sherman and his sea turtle sidekick named Fillmore. Updated daily, plus archives, computer stuff to download and books to buy.
  • Shit Happens The misadventures of two losers. Art, About, and Archives.
  • Shoe Official site with daily comics, games, a fan forum, a history of the strip, and character biographies.
  • Shortpacked A webcomic about toys by David Willis.
  • Sidewalk Bubblegum Political and social commentary from the pen of Clay Butler. Syndicated comic strip covers issues such as war, gender, capitalism, race and environment.
  • Silent Comics Humorous comics without any words. Created by Motoi Motoni from Japan.
  • SinFest Strip dealing with contemporary issues and religion. Created by Tatsuya Ishida.
  • Situation Nowhere The harrowing tale of a boy with no last name, lost in a suburban hell with only his attractive yet sexually non-threatening side kick to help him, in a loosely-reality-based comic strip, by Joe.
  • Skinny Panda Comic strip about a Panda by Phil Cho.
  • Skit 150 Featuring Mike and Joe about two guys surviving school and other comics.
  • Slow Wave Jesse Reklaw draws a collective dream-diary comic strip, authored by readers from around the world.
  • Slowpoke Weekly political cartoon by Jen Sorensen, appearing in alternative newspapers around the country.
  • Small Market Sports Weekly sports themed comic strip. Features downloads, an archive and a forum.
  • Small World Starring "Tad", a philosopher, consumer and victim of modern life. New strips every Friday. Free e-mail subscriptions.
  • smallgreY Finally, the comic strip to fill your void! With a smallgreY alien, a sexy Venutian, a tormented Martian, 3 cats, the Lorang and a 'primitive' man!
  • Smapdi An online comic about a bunch of friends trying their best not to kill each other.
  • Snakecartoons.com The Official site of "Snake Tales" and "Lennie the Loser" comic strips, by Australian cartoonist, Sols.
  • Snapshots Free daily panel cartoon by Jason Love. With an archive and some extra goodies.
  • Sneaky and Creepy A cartoon about two roaches. Also offers a short introduction to an animation project, ecards and character sketches.
  • Snorty and Co. The cartoon adventures of an English mini-car.
  • Snowball In Hell An innocent six-year-old girl and the Demon of Undercooked Pasta embark on a quest through the nether realms. By Kyle Burles and Mike Rieger.
  • Soap On A Rope Daily comic strip by Bob Roberds with a complete archive.
  • Soda Venture A computer graphic comic by Jacob Gray - includes an archive and character profiles
  • Somedaze Cartoons of eccentric thought and weird scribblings updated daily. Somedaze has appeared in newspaper and magazines all over the place. Read it for a daily laugh in contemporary humor.
  • Sonic Comic Sprite webcomics based on the popular Sega video games.
  • Soup A fantasy webcomic about gods, heroes, monsters, and soup.
  • SpamFish A loony and toony cartoon that likes to use slapstick comedy and witty phrases. Starring SpamFish, an orange cat.
  • Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki Follow the adventures of a magical girl as she fights the evil forces. Features an archive and a forum.
  • Spaztic Plastic A 3D rendered web comic about plastic, fighting evil, and heroes. Features an archive, cast of characters and a forum.
  • Spencer Green Full run of this college cartoon by Peter Zale.
  • Spinline Featuring the strips "hyper-modern" and "Dog World".
  • Spoil Sports Sports cartoons by Dominic Nunziato. A sports column in every cartoon.
  • Spungifeel Comics and Somedaze Cartoons The eccentric daily cartoons Somedaze and Salamander Bits.
  • Squinkers Comic strip about life at a country bed and breakfast.
  • Staccato A post-graduate hippo, three college roommates, a clinically depressed basketball on Prozac who plays GameCube, and a 90MHz server bent on enslaving humanity. By Shawn Handyside.
  • Star Jam Original comic strip about a bumbling star ship captain and his crew.
  • Starslip Crisis A webcomic by Kristofer Straub.
  • Station V3 About life on a seldom-used rest stop and refueling station in a distant solar system.
  • Stephen Kramer Offers galleries of cartoons and information about the cartoonist.
  • Steverino Steverino and his friends go about their daily lives. Includes archive, artist information and character profiles.
  • Stick Dude Adventures and opinions of a stick figure and his friends.
  • Stick Figure Art Daily art since 1998. Organized by month and themes.
  • Stickman The adventures of a talking stick figure.
  • Stickman Limited Comics featuring Stickman Limited and Alabama Bones. Good humor. Bad art.
  • Stink Child Offensive comics drawn in a minimalist amateur style. Plenty of adult language, and juvenile histrionics intended to offend.
  • Stivers, Mark The cartoonist features an archive and is a piano tuner too. Features original songs and a weblog.
  • Storm Corps Features the cast, a gallery, an about page and contact information.
  • Story Minute Minute stories by Carol Lay, on Salon.com.
  • Strange Candy Manga-style funny strip. By Okashina Okashi.
  • Strip For Me Douglas Noble and his comic strips, including Strip For Me, borders, and the devil in eden.
  • Stripped Again A humorous comic strip about the lives of some college students and friends, struggling to survive, including with the opposite sex. By Morten B. Helland.
  • Stripped Books A non-fiction strip about books and comic events. Also features Multiplex and other cartoons. By Gordon McAlpin.
  • Suburban Jungle The life, loves, and career of aspiring supermodel and ferocious predator, Tiffany Tiger. By John "the Gneech" Robey.
  • Suburban Squalor Chronicles the hilarious adventures of a teenage depressive.
  • Sucktales Meet the superhero Silver Snaker, the aggressive skating professional Dark Rider or the little French boy Petit Jacques. Our Online-Comic is updated every Sunday. Special Feature: have a look at some scanned images from our schoolbooks.
  • Sun Fun Cartoons An archive from a British newspaper called The Sun, containing Hagar the Horrible, George and Lynne, Sun Fun and political cartoons.
  • Super Phil Comic strip about the adventures of a super hero school boy and his friends.
  • Superosity Daily Comic Strip in color by Chris Crosby.
  • Superspud Original humorous comic strip featuring a flying superhero from the dark side of the moon. Includes archives since 1996.
  • Surliness.com About I.T workers in college. Features a gallery and a forum.
  • SWAMI A new flavor of humor from India. By Ashok Dongre.
  • Syntax Comics Humorous strip by artist/author Owanno Megumi.
  • Syntax Errors Comic Strips A 3D comic strip about technology and pop culture as seen through the eyes of observant and sarcastic kids.
  • The Scott Tirades A teenager's gripes about the unfairness of life. Includes past comics and information about the artist.
  • The Shazniks Features comic strips, and information about the characters.
  • The Shikwekwes A Kenyan cartoon that peeks into the lives of a wacky Kenyan family as they come to grips with the 21st century.
  • The Spade-Men A group of friends become unlikely superheroes when they are stuck by lightning while playing video games.
  • The Strip Club Parodies of popular comic strips.

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