This category is for sites of Japanese embassies and consulates throughout the world.

Websites submitted here must be Japan related and in English. Sites in Japanese should be submitted to the appropriate World/Japanese subcategory.


Other languages: French, Spanish.

  • Australia - Brisbane Consulate General of Japan in Brisbane, includes guides on visas, educational resources, business in Japan, programmes and scholarships, Australia-Japan relations, customs and quarantine information, events and news.
  • Australia - Melbourne Includes consulate information and services, visas, education support, news and newsletter, and related links.
  • Australia - Perth Consulate-General of Japan in Western Australia. Includes office, visa, and Japan information, culture and education, newsletter, and related links.
  • Australia - Sydney Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney. Includes news, community center, education programs, and useful links.
  • Austria, Macedonia and Slovenia Located in Vienna and accredited to Austria, Macedonia and Slovenia. Includes information on visas, culture center, and guide to Japan, studying in Japan, plus relations with the countries of accreditation. In English and German.
  • Bangladesh - Dhaka With visa information, Japanese-Bangladeshi relations and economic assistance, speeches, scholarships, and holiday notices.
  • Belgium - Brussels Embassy of Japan in Belgium. Provides scholarship information, events calendar, visa information, international relations, and links.
  • Brunei Darussalam - Bandar Seri Begawan Embassy of Japan in Brunei Darussalam, with summaries of meetings, guide to Japan, and links.
  • Cambodia - Phnom Penh Gives a guide to the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia, news, events, study and scholarship information.
  • Canada - Calgary, Alberta Consulate General of Japan at Calgary, with consular jurisdiction in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, The Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. With news, information about the consulate, public relations, cultural affairs, visas, and travel.
  • Canada - Montreal Consulate General of Japan at Montreal, with introduction, services, exchange program and cultural information, and bilateral relations.
  • Canada - Ottawa With guide to Japan and Japan-Canada relations, information on scholarships, exchange programs, visas, travel, economy, politics, diplomacy and life in Japan.
  • Canada - Toronto Gives overview and functions of consulate-general, visa guide, exchange programs, events, and links.
  • Canada - Vancouver Includes a history of the Consulate General of Japan at Vancouver since 1877, speeches by the consul general, and information for teachers, students and librarians.
  • Denmark - Copenhagen Features guide to visas, culture, events, scholarships, and links.
  • Egypt - Cairo Embassy of Japan in the Arab Republic of Egypt, with news, press releases, Japan-Egpyt relations information, events, and culture center.
  • European Communities Japanese Mission to the European Union, with sections on Japan-EU relations, on the EU-Japan Club, and on topical issues such as Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea and the WTO.
  • Finland - Helsinki Bilateral relations, events, scholarships, consular information and Japanese language links.
  • Greece - Athens With general information about the Embassy of Japan in Greece, Japan-Greece relations, Japan's contribution to the Balkans, and educational opportunities.
  • Guam - Hagatna With contact information for the Consulate-General of Japan at Hagatna, Guam, and more information in Japanese.
  • Hong Kong Gives information on the Consul-General of Japan, news, events, study in Japan, visas and links.
  • India - New Delhi Press releases, political trade and diplomatic relations, consular details. In Japanese and English.
  • Ireland - Dublin Contains information on bilateral relations, cultural and educational exchange programs, and contact details.
  • Israel Provides visa information for travellers planning a trip to Japan.
  • Kenya - Nairobi Features news, tourism information, events, visas, and bilateral relations.
  • Lebanon - Beirut With guide to bilateral relations, trade with Japan, grants, tourism and visa requirements, and a profile of Japan.
  • Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur With overview, news, consular and visa, information, and study in Japan links.
  • Melaysia - Penang Consulate General of Japan in Penang, serving northern states; Penang, Perak, Kedah, Perlis, Terengganu and Kelantan. Provides maps, holidays observed, visa and cultural information.
  • Nepal - Kathmandu Provides, overview, bilateral relations, resources, events, study in Japan guide, and links.
  • Netherlands - The Hague With office hours and visa guide, news and events, scholarships and education information, bilateral relations, and culture center.
  • New Zealand - Auckland Consulate-General of Japan in Auckland, with consulate guide, education, news, resources, scholarships, education, and links.
  • New Zealand and Samoa Embassy of Japan in Wellington, accredited to New Zealand and Samoa, featuring a history of Japan-New Zealand exchanges, and monthly economic reports on the Japanese economy.
  • Norway - Oslo Embassy of Japan in Norway, with events and news, visa/consular and information section, message board, and news.
  • Oman - Muscat Embassy of Japan to the Sultanate of Oman, with information about the embassy, visa guide, historical relations, recent achievements, economy and trade, exchanges and study, and other activities.
  • Pakistan - Islamabad Has an overview of Japanese-Pakistani political relations, news releases, and contact details for the embassy, for the Consulate-General in Karachi and for the Honorary Consuls General in Lahore and Quetta.
  • Philippines - Manila Embassy of Japan in the Philippines, with information on bilateral relations, development assistance, news, consular services, and publications.
  • Portugal - Lisbon Has a history of relations between Japan and Portugal, and a message of welcome from the ambassador.
  • Saudi Arabia - Riyadh Provides information about the Embassy of Japan in Saudi Arabia, press releases, visa services, and a CV of the ambassador. In English, Japanese and Arabic.
  • Serbia Embassy of Japan in Serbia. Provides embassy and Japan information, events, news, and bilateral relations.
  • Singapore Embassy of Japan in Singapore. Includes announcement of the Agreement between Japan and Singapore for a new age Economic Partnership (JSEPA).
  • South Africa - Pretoria Embassy of Japan in Pretoria, accredited to South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland. Gives information on the embassy and on the Office of Consul of Japan in Cape Town, on bilateral relations, news, scholarship programs, and events.
  • Sri Lanka - Colombo Provides general information about the Embassy of Japan in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, about Japan's assistance to Sri Lanka, visa information, scholarships, cultural relations, events, and links.
  • Switzerland - Geneva Delegation of Japan to the Conference on Disarmament, located in Geneva. Includes official comments, and policy statements on matters such as Japan's nuclear policy.
  • Thailand - Bangkok Includes embassy information, visas, international relations, and related links.
  • United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi Embassy of Japan in the United Arab Emirates, giving news, information on Japan, plus cultural and exchange programs.
  • United Kingdom - Edinburgh Consulate General of Japan in Edinburgh, with consular jurisdiction in Scotland and the North East of England. Has information on the history of Japan-Scotland links, on the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program, and a message from the Consul General.
  • United Kingdom - London About Anglo-Japanese relations, travel and visa information, free film shows at the Embassy of Japan in London, on and doing business with Japan.
  • United Nations - New York The Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations, featuring statements and press releases, ambassador profiles, staff directory, information about events and links to information on Japanese foreign policy and Japan in general.
  • United States - Anchorage, Alaska Consulate-General of Japan in Anchorage, offering a variety of scholarships and programs for Alaskans to go to Japan and study Japanese language and culture.
  • United States - Atlanta, Georgia Consulate General of Japan in Atlanta, with jurisdiction in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Includes a letter written by former President Jimmy Carter.
  • United States - Boston Provides cultural resources, visa information, events calendar, and business information, with a list of Japan specialists in New England.
  • United States - Chicago Consulate General of Japan at Chicago, which has jurisdiction in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Describes the Japan Information Center, consular services and Japanese direct investment in the Midwest.
  • United States - Denver Consulate-General of Japan at Denver, listing regional Japan-related organizations and events. In English and Japanese.
  • United States - Detroit, Michigan Consulate General of Japan in Detroit serving residents of Michigan and Ohio. Includes office hours and holidays, location and directions, and a description of the role of the consulate.
  • United States - Honolulu, Hawaii Consulate General of Japan in Honolulu, with consular jurisdiction in the State of Hawaii, and American Samoa. Includes job descriptions for all the staff.
  • United States - Houston, Texas Consulate-General of Japan at Houston, including news articles, and information on travel and trade. In English and Japanese.
  • United States - Los Angeles, California Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles, serving Arizona and the Southern Californian counties of Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Imperial, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo. With consular information, including facts about customs and quarantine. In English and Japanese.
  • United States - Miami, Florida Consulate-General of Japan in Miami, serving all of Florida and featuring a 'fast facts' section on the Japan-Florida relationship.
  • United States - Nashville, Tennessee Consulate General of Japan serving Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. Includes a message from the Consul General describing his first trip to New Orleans three decades ago.
  • United States - New York Consulate page with news, information on visas, tourism, events, Japanese policies, and consulate guide.
  • United States - Portland, Oregon Consulate-General of Japan in Portland, with consular jurisdiction in Oregon and Southern Idaho. Has information on vacancies in the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program.
  • United States - San Francisco The Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco, giving consulate information, events, visas, FAQ, education information, and related organizations.
  • United States - Seattle, Washington Education opportunities, news about the Consulate General and its services, U.S.-Japan relations, FAQ, information on the country, and events calendar. In English and Japanese.
  • United States - Washington DC Has information about Japan, about the Embassy of Japan, and about Japan-related events in Washington D.C.
  • Vietnam - Hanoi Embassy of Japan in Vietnam, with guide to embassy and consulate affairs, events, and news.
  • Zambia and Malawi Located in Lusaka and accredited to Zambia and Malawi. Includes general information about the embassy, and about Japan's aid to the countries of accreditation. In English and Japanese.

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