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  • 4 Wheelers Japan Used Japanese cars exporter to Oceania and the UK; based in Ashiya, Hyogo.
  • Accel International Exporter of used Japanese motorcycles, used farm tractors, used electrical appliances, and machinery/plant parts.
  • Advance Trade Co., Ltd. Yokohama based exporter of used Japanese vehicles.
  • Aid Co., Ltd. Sells used Japanese vehicles. With introduction, photos, and stock list. Based in Kanagawa.
  • Aid Co., Ltd. Japan Modifies vehicles to make them into mini-buses and exports them to other nations. Based in Chigasaki, Kanagawa.
  • Angel Motors Exporter of Japanese cars from Japan. Based in Urayasu City, Chiba.
  • Aucnet Inc. Auctioneering company for cars, motorcycles, flowers, and watches. Gives company outline, organization, FAQ, and news.
  • Auto House Japan Exporter of Japanese used vehicles and buyer's agent for Japanese car auctions. Based in Yamaguchi.
  • Autocraft Japan Ltd. Tokyo based exporter of used and new Japanese vehicles.
  • Autorec Enterprise, Ltd Exports used Japanese vehicles at wholesaler prices to around the world. Based in Nagoya.
  • Autoterminal Kyoto based exporter of Japanese vehicles, parts and accessories.
  • Autowin Japan, Ltd. A Japanese used car exporter based in Miyagi Prefecture.
  • Avon Group Ltd. A Japanese used car exporter in Nagoya. Includes current stock, ordering information, and payment terms.
  • B.J. International Exporter of used and reconditioned vehicles from Sagamihara City, Kanagawa. With stock list and FAQ.
  • B-Spex Trading Car exporting company based in Nishinomimiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.With purchasing procedures, FAQ, and terms of trade.
  • Batfa Japan Inc. Tokyo based exporter of new and used vehicles, generators, heavy machinery, recycled plastic resin and steel.
  • BB Link Corp. Exporter of Japanese used cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, machines and parts, in Funabashi City, Chiba.
  • Best Trade Japan Tokyo based exporter of used cars and parts. With stock list, FAQ, and purchasing information.
  • Brave Auto Ltd. Based in Nagoya. Exports used cars, diggers, tractors, motorcycles, spare parts and accessories.
  • Buddy Corporation Japanese car and parts exporter, selling to Africa, Australia, Pacific islands, and Europe. With makes and models sold.
  • Camel Japan Japanese used car exporter based in Yokohama, with purchase procedures and current stock.
  • Car Junction Genuine stock holder and exporter of American, European and Japanese used vehicles to Africa.
  • Century Yamakyu Corp. Osaka based exporter of used equipment, auto parts, motorbikes, tractors, construction and medical equipment.
  • Daido Corporation Osaka based exporter for used cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, heavy equipment, and auto parts.
  • Daimaru Trading Co., Ltd. Exports Japanese used construction machinery. Based in Sendai.
  • Daiwa International Corporation Tokyo based exporter of Japanese cars.
  • Diyata Japan Co., Ltd. Used vehicle and parts exporter in Osaka.
  • Eisho World Co., Ltd Exports used tractors, hand tillers, diesel engines and equipment to Europe, Oceania, Asia, and America. Based in Aichi Prefecture.
  • Five K International Ltd. A specialized Japanese trading company that exports used goods and new copier parts to various parts of the world. Based in Fukuoka City.
  • Fukuda Shoten Exports vehicles and auto parts as well as used machinery. Based in Toda, Saitama.
  • Global Auto Seek Ltd. Offers used trucks and commercial vehicles, with online stock list.
  • Graham Berry Co. Ltd. Chiba based dealer purchases and exports used cars.
  • Grahamberry2 Co., Ltd. Used japanese car trader based in Chiba. Members of major auto auctions and licensed used car dealer.
  • Green Crest Seller of used Japanese cars, based in Hachioji City, Tokyo.
  • Gulliver International Co. Specializing in automobile purchases and used car sales, with outlets across the country.
  • Hanamaru Co., Ltd. Holds internet auctions of damaged and used cars.
  • Hashimoto Trading Exports Japanese used cars, buses, trucks, and sports vehicles. Based in Tochigi City.
  • Hrsonic Co., Ltd. A Toride City, Ibariki based used car dealer. With stock list and order form.
  • Hybrid Enterprise Japanese used cars and commercial vehicle exporter and dealer in Miyazaki.
  • IBC Japan Active in the purchasing, sales, export, and distribution of used vehicles and car parts. Based in Kyoto.
  • Intrac Exports used tractors, used heavy machinery, cars, and spare parts. Based in Shonai Town, Oita.
  • J's Garage Arranges individual export of new Japanese sportscars from Japan to other countries around the world.
  • J.P. International Exporter of used Japanese vehicles, from passenger and sports cars to commercial or cargo vehicles.
  • Japan Auto Direct A Tokyo based company that specializes in the buying and export of used cars from the Japanese wholesale auto auctions.
  • Japan Auto Impex A Japanese automobile exporter based in Sendai.
  • Japan Partner Ltd. Online purchasing of right and left hand used and damaged cars. Company exports used autos, scooters, motorcycles and used spare parts.
  • Japan Rokuawa Trading Co., Ltd. Chiba based exporter of used Japanese cars, vans, wagons, trucks, and buses.
  • Japanese Car Club Ltd Exports of Japanese cars and automobile accessories, used and new vehicles, sedan, coupes, wagons, and trucks. With stock photos, payment terms, and shipping schedule. Based in Nagoya.
  • Japanese Used Cars Exports to private buyers and dealers worldwide, direct from auctions in Japan. Based in Machida City, Tokyo.
  • Japanicar Wholesaler and exporter of used Japanese cars to the UK, Australia, and Russia.
  • Jhot Exports A direct exporter of used Japanese car parts and engines. Based in Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
  • Joint Int'l Auto Saitama base exporter of used cars, trucks and vans.
  • Jupiter International Corporation Exports used construction equipment, forklifts, tractors, and motorcycles, as well as imports general merchandice and rents single apartments in Kobe.
  • K.D.A. Motor Traders Ltd A Miyazaki City based exporter of Japanese vehicles, heavy machinery, and spare parts.
  • K.S.Enterprise Ltd. Exports used tractors, various used agricultural machines, tillers, and diesel engines from Suminoe-ku, Osaka.
  • Kana Trading Co., Ltd. Exporter of new and used Japanese vehicles and spare parts. Based in Osaka.
  • Kanz Corporation Yokohama based exporter of used Japanese vehicles with online inquiry form.
  • Ken Corporation A Kitakyushu based exporter of used trucks, buses, engines, tractors and parts.
  • Kobe Motor Company Exporter of Japanese vehicles from Kanagawa Prefecture. With stock list and freight information.
  • Lucky Line Co., Ltd. Kanagawa based exporter of used Japanese vehicles. With company profile and current stock list.
  • Maruem Shoji Co., Ltd. A Tokyo based used car exporter with online stock list.
  • Mehran Trading Co., Ltd. A Nagoya based exporter of used Japanese cars, buses and trucks. With photos, stock list, and sales terms.
  • Micklay Motors Provides used car sales, exports, paperwork registration, name changes, insurance, repairs, and vehicle inspection (shaken) renewal.
  • Monky's Inc. Located in Ibaraki City, Osaka. Conducts imports and exports of vehicles as well as repair.
  • NGK Fine Molds, Inc. Mold providers in Japan. They can provide plastic injection molds and tire molds.
  • Nile United.Co.Ltd Aichi based exporter of used vehicles from Japan to Europe.
  • Nishimura Jidosha Ltd. Exporter based in Hachioji City, Tokyo. Provides current stock list.
  • Nitto Trading Japan Exporters of used Japanese machinery, tractors, engines, buses, heavy machinery, and forklifts. Based in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka.
  • Nittoc Based in Horiniuchi Town, Niigata. Exports used construction equipment, machinery and vehicles from Japan.
  • Office 01 Nagano based used car exporter, with details about the company, shipping, and online showroom.
  • Oida Motors Japan Exporters of Japanese new and used cars, trucks, vans, heavy equipment, and demolition.
  • Ono Shoten Exports used Japanese cars (right hand drive) and parts. Located in Fukuoka.
  • Opteem Corporation Exporter of cars, motorcycles, scooters, and parts from Kashiwa City, Chiba.
  • Oriental Trading Firm Saitama based Japanese used car exporter with profile, terms of trade, and current stock list.
  • Overdrive Japan Tokyo based exporter of cars and parts.
  • Pacific Coast Auto Imports Yokohama based exporter of used vehicles purchased at auctions and exporting them worldwide.
  • Papera Traders Co., Ltd. Exporter of used Japanese vehicles with ten years experience. Includes current stock list.
  • Phoenix Japan Co. Ltd. Nagoya based dealer of used cars and recreational vehicles.
  • PicknBuy24 Designed for car dealerships to help participate in car auctions and contact automobile related companies in Japan.
  • Proficient Export Services Includes stock list, FAQ, sales terms, and banking details. based in Nagoya.
  • Progress International Co., Ltd. Exporters of Japanese used trucks and cars. Based in Tokyo.
  • Providecars Exporter of used vehicles; with online auctions, price history and bilingual service. With FAQ, stock, and banking information.
  • Pure Japan Service Aichi based used car exporter with on-line stock list and ordering instructions.
  • RDS Corporation Ltd. A Nagoya based exporter of Japanese vehicles worldwide.
  • Ridhaa Trading Japanese car sales and worldwide export services. Order from quality stock or from auctions.
  • Rizubi Trading Company Used Japanese cars and trucks, available for export. Offices in Japan and U.A.E.
  • Rizubi Trading Used Cars Dealer in used and new vehicles located in Tokyo and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Royal Industries, Ltd. Exports motorcycle and car parts and accessories, used motorcycles, engines and used electrical appliances. Based in Osaka.
  • Royal Trading Japan Nagoya based dealer of used vehicles and spare parts.
  • Rushcorp Provides low priced ships, cars, commercial vehicles, fishing equipment and machinery.
  • San-A & Co., Ltd. Based in Minato-Ku, Osaka. Exports cars, motorcycles, trucks, forklifts, construction machines, farm equipment, helicopters, related parts, and pianos.
  • Sayuri International Chiba based exporter of Japanese used cars.
  • Sei Trading Corporation Yokohama based used vehicle exporter.
  • Shibahira Trading Co., Ltd. Based in Chuo-ku, Kobe. Sells used cars, buses, tractors, trucks, motorcycles and scooters, engines, parts, electrical goods, forklifts, construction equipment, and fishing gear.
  • Showa Trade Co., Limited Exporter of used Japanese cars. With stock list, FAQ, and payment information.
  • Showa Tsusho A licensed motor vehicle dealers in Japan dealing with new and used cars, trucks, and vans. With stock and freight charge information.
  • Spectrum Exports motorcycles, vehicles, and heavy equipment worldwide.
  • Sterling Japan Company, Ltd. Exporter of used vehicles from Funabashi City, Chiba.
  • Sun Select Japan Co., Ltd., Exporter of used farm tractors and used construction machines. Based in Chuo-ku, Kobe City.
  • Sun Trade Corporation Exporter of Japanese cars and vans from Matsuyama, Ehime.
  • Sundon Japan Ltd. Buys and sells used motorcycles, cars and parts. Includes shipping information.
  • Tokyo Auto Trading Used cars for sale and export from Japan.
  • Tokyo Trading Co., Ltd. Exporter of used cars, vans, wagons, pick-ups and trucks. Based in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, with showroom.
  • Tomisho Co., Ltd. A Nagoya based export company specialising in Japanese cars. With stock and freight list, and how to buy a vehicle.
  • Top Co. Ltd. Japan Japanese used car and motorcycle exporter company.
  • Toyota Motor Corporation Official site offering news of upcoming auto shows, motorsports, investor relations, and company profile.
  • Unix-Japan A Nagoya based exporter of used cars with company overview, stock list, prices, and parts.
  • Volvo Military Sales Japan Seller of Volvos in Okinawa and Kanagawa, with special assistance for US military.
  • Welcome to Adelco, Ltd. Exporter of used Japanese vehicles. Based in Kawasaki City.
  • Yam Ltd. Chiba-based exporter of new and used cars from Japan to anywhere in the world.
  • Yoshida Auto Used vehicle exporter based in Sumoto City, Hyogo Prefecture.
  • Zain International Japanese used cars and used embroidery machines exporter in Adachi-ku, Tokyo.
  • Zulfiqar Motors Exporters of all makes of Japanese vehicles. [Saitama]

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