Submit weblogs created by librarians which deal mostly with library and information science content. Personal weblogs created by librarians should be submitted at the best category under Computers: Internet: On the Web: Weblogs: Personal.
  • 'Brary Blog Book news from Stephanie Davidson, law librarian.
  • AbsTracked Links weblog covering the topics of law, libraries, reference and fun.
  • Adventures of an InfoMage in Training Library news from the Pacific Northwest and tidbits about Darci Chapman's adventures in grad school.
  • Adventures of an InfoMage in Training Library news from the Pacific Northwest and tidbits about Darci Chapman's adventures in grad school.
  • Andersja's Blog Knowledge management and information architecture topics covered by Anders Jacobsen.
  • Annoyed Librarian An annoyed librarian rants about the state of librarianship.
  • Archivalia (English) Weblog dedicated to archiving. Also available in Dutch and German.
  • ASC Online News for information science education and mentoring for library school graduates.
  • Bentley's Journal Comments and links from Betsy Vera.
  • Better Living through Software Joshua Allen's weblog, covering issues such as the semantic web and Internet programming.
  • Biblioblog Chronicle of a freshly-minted MLS learning the ropes at a tiny West Texas college library.
  • Bibliotheke Watching libraries evolve: comments on technology, copyright, privacy and information science.
  • Blog of a Bookslut Bookslut's editor-in-chief, Jessa Crispin, provides links and commentary for those who love to read.
  • BlogBib Susan Herzog, university librarian, provides a scholarly introduction to weblogs and assembles an annotated bibliography of articles, essays, books, presentations and studies about them.
  • A continually updated look at what libraries are doing with blogs.
  • Bloug News from Lou Rosenfeld, pioneer of information architecture.
  • BookBitchBlog Breaking book news from the BookBitch.
  • BookLab II News and links focused on books, bookbinding, and the future of reading technology.
  • Canuck Librarian Links and moments from the life of Jennifer, a young information specialist.
  • Catalogablog Library cataloging issues and related topics.
  • Catalogue Blog A miscellany of links, library news and observations, such as interesting names, unusual titles and quotations. Accompanied by some original articles on books and reading.
  • Caveat Lector - Reader Beware Librarian has lots to say.
  • Cedar Librarian Saving the world daily through information.
  • Christina's Library Rant Christina Pikas, a sci/tech librarian, discusses topics of interest to the library world.
  • Conan the Librarian's Journal Stories of unintelligent people in the public library.
  • Confessions of a Mad Librarian Weblog addressing LIS issues by a soon-to-graduate LIS student.
  • Confessions of a Science Librarian York University's John Dupuis provides links and information of interest to academic science librarians.
  • Country Librarian News and notes about libraries in rural areas.
  • Digital Dog RAHarris' journal of library school, digital libraries, and related issues.
  • Eclectic Librarian Links, commentary, and other musings by a serials cataloger.
  • EngLib News, technology, services and resources of interest to engineering librarians, from Catherine Lavallée-Welch at the University of Louisville.
  • A cross of libraries, culture, law, politics and the internet.
  • Morgan Wilson, academic law librarian, covers information overload, disintermediation, preserving analog information rights and search techniques.
  • faster than light Journal of a subversive librarian in training.
  • Foxy Librarians A foxy public librarian blogs about life in a large urban city by the bay.
  • Free Range Librarian Karen Schneider's meditations about librarianship and any other issue that interests her.
  • Freedom of Information Act Blog News, views and updates on the UK Freedom of Information Act and FOI overseas from Steve Wood, Lecturer in Information Management at Liverpool John Moores University.
  • Future of the Book News Book format news from Gary Frost.
  • Heretical Librarian Moderate conservative writes about politics, librarianship, and other topics of interest.
  • Info Ediface Explores the world of information architecture, library science and technology.
  • Infomancy A weblog about information, libraries, and technology by a school library system director from New York State.
  • Infomusings Topics of LIS interest from Kristina Spurgin.
  • Information Literacy Librarian An exploration of Information Literacy Instruction theory and practices.
  • infosophy: socio-technological rendering of information Mentor Cana offers analysis of the relationship between information technology and human social structures.
  • J's Scratchpad Thoughts on journalism, librarianship and blogging from a news librarian at a prestigious American university.
  • Kegliography Central Ohio Reference Librarian Jay Kegley shares his web findings.
  • Kids Lit Books and more for kids and teens from Wisconsin's Tasha Saecker.
  • Krafty Librarian Insights and essays from a medical librarian for a hospital in the USA.
  • Law Librarian Blog Information and news for the law librarian.
  • Leah's Law Library Weblog Legal news and commentary by Leah Sandwell-Weiss, reference librarian at the University of Arizona Law Library.
  • Legal References. A weblog covering law, librarianship, research, and technology.
  • Libertarian Librarian Melissa Zogby's political and research observations.
  • Librarian on the Edge Thoughts about library science, information science and the web revolution by an academic systems librarian.
  • Links to pertinent alternative web sites of interest, presented by Jessamyn West.
  • Librarianguish Personal weblog which covers library issues and life at home.
  • LibrarianInBlack News stories for technology-minded librarians.
  • Librarians Corner A forum for media specialists and librarians in the school and public libraries featuring discussion, stories and information.
  • Library Monk Thoughts of Dan Greene on Library and Information Science, Information Technology, web design, life, religion and perhaps monks.
  • Library School Blues Journal of Sarah Mae, UCLA library school student.
  • Library Stuff Daily library "stuff", by Steven M. Cohen.
  • Library Stuff Daily library "stuff" dedicated to resources for keeping current and professional development, by Steven M. Cohen.
  • Library Technology Musings Lori provides hopes, dreams, wild ideas and practical solutions for libraries.
  • Library Web Chic Resource for librarians who are interested in the application of web design and technologies in libraries.
  • Library Writer's Blog Source to help librarians identify publishing and presentation opportunities in library and information science, as well as other related fields.
  • LibraryLaw Blog Mary Minow writes about issues concerning libraries and the law - with latitude to discuss any other interesting issues.
  • Libraryman Seattle's Michael Porter, librarian superhero, narrates the world "where libraries and Pez collide."
  • LibTalk Blog "Inspiration for library communicators." Thoughts on public relations, communications, and marketing.
  • Life of Books This is dedicated to discussing the future of libraries in the "digital age" and discussing printed books as a viable information technology. It is managed by Professor Richard Leiter of the University of Nebraska
  • Linux Librarian Weblog of a systems librarian at a small public library in a large town in Massachusetts.
  • Lost in the stacks The adventures and misadventures of Jess Webb.
  • Marjorie's Catalog Chronicling the reference situations presented during an internship at NPR.
  • MedLib Medical library links.
  • Neat New Stuff on the Net Weekly reviews of new sites by Marylaine Block, a former librarian and self-described "Librarian Without Walls". Usually includes new issues-related resources.
  • NewPages Weblog Alternative guide to new books, magazines, and music.
  • NHS eLibraries Ben Toth, Head of Knowledge Management at the National Health Service Information Authority, discusses digital libraries in the NHS.
  • Notes from the Mystery Department Thoughts on being a new librarian by Erica Olsen at Cornell University.
  • One New Thing Weblog of Lynette Reville, a new librarian in Australia, who is on a library-like quest to find One New Thing to learn every day.
  • Open Access News News from the free online scholarship movement.
  • Open Stacks Greg Schwartz promotes information access and literacy for all.
  • Peter Scott's Library Blog Weblog of a compiler of the first hypertext index of Internet resources-Hytelnet and librarian stuff.
  • Phil Bradley's Blog Links and news for librarians and people interested in search engines, searching the net, design issues and general whitterings and rants.
  • Rambling Librarian - Incidental Thoughts Weblog of librarian Ivan Chew who works in Singapore.
  • Real Public Librarian Public librarian from a small coastal community in Australia shares thoughts and ideas about public libraries.
  • Ref Grunt Highlights and lowlights of days working at the Reference Desk, split into morning and afternoon sections. Archives available.
  • ResearchBuzz News and information about search engines, databases, and various info-piles, provided by Tara Calishain.
  • Schooliblit News links and musings about school library media centers, information literacy, reading, and technology in education.
  • Serials Scene Issues and technology related to the acquisition and cataloging of print and digital serial publications.
  • SMOTU: Secret Masters of the Universe A weblog containing the musings of a serials cataloguer on technology and management as well as serials cataloguing, metadata, and the future of the profession.
  • The author's experiences in library school, and the public and university libraries where she works.
  • Stephen Gallant Review A select survey of readings for librarians and information specialists.
  • Tales from the "Liberry" A small town West Virginia library employee's quest to remain sane while dealing with patrons who could often double as extras in a David Lynch film, not to mention dealing with life in general.
  • Tame The Web Michael Stephens presents news on current technology uses in libraries.
  • TangognaT Ambivalent librarian writes mostly about her work.
  • Teaching Librarian Maintained by an information services librarian in an academic library who shares thoughts on how to make the most of educational opportunities with students.
  • TeleRead Blog News and commentary from a digital libraries advocacy site.
  • The Aardvark Speaks Commentary from Horst Prillinger, librarian at the Vienna University Library.
  • The Days & Nights of the Lipstick Librarian! Diary of a librarian fashionista.
  • The Digital Librarian Commentary about digital services to bring people to digital libraries.
  • The Distant Librarian Comments on the world of distance librarianship.
  • The In Season Christian Librarian Providing information about resources and news by and for Christian Librarians, primarily those in Christian academic institutions.
  • The Invisible Web Weblog Yazdan Mansourian discusses everything about the Invisible Web and Information Invisibility on the Web.
  • The Kept-Up Academic Librarian Steven Bell helps academic librarians "keep up" with news and developments in higher education.
  • The Laughing Librarian Links, news and humor from Brian Smith.
  • The Library Ass A weblog dedicated to the library assistant, the librarian's overworked apprentice.
  • The Library Girl Offers a collection of resources and information for readers of all ages, featuring in-depth book reviews, commentaries, book discussion, book recommendations, book lists and literary criticism.
  • The Medium is the Message Library, technology, and information thoughts and trends (with respect to Marshall McLuhan). A weblog by Eric Schnell.
  • The Medium is the Message Library, technology, and information thoughts and trends (with respect to Marshall McLuhan). A weblog by Eric Schnell
  • The Misadventures of Super_Librarian The weblog of Wendy, a mild-mannered, Midwestern public librarian and fervent book junkie.
  • The Playful Antiquarian Explores children's literature, printing and paper history, rare books, and related topics.
  • The ResourceShelf Frequent news, search tips, and new resources for information professionals. By Gary Price.
  • The SciTech Library Question (STLQ) Randy Reichardt at the University of Alberta posts items of interest to engineering and scitech librarians.
  • The Shifted Librarian Library weblog intent on "making librarians more portable" from Jenny Levine
  • The Ten Thousand Year Blog Weblog of archivist David Mattison.
  • The Well Dressed Librarian Celebrity librarian-at-large offers advice and commentary on etiquette, fashion, and the proper behavior of librarians and their customers.
  • The Young Librarian Chronicles of a recent MLIS graduate seeking employment.
  • Threnody for the Public Domain Tracking the current state of copyright and related issues.
  • Tinfoil + Raccoon Rochelle the librarian writes a bit about herself and other topics of interest to her.
  • Tiny Little Librarian Musings and stories from an inner-city children's librarian.
  • Tom Roper's Weblog A weblog on librarianship, among other things, by a UK medical/veterinary librarian.
  • Tomeboy the Right Minded Liberrian Looks at librarians and libraries from a conservative viewpoint.
  • Travelin' Librarian Journal of Colorado librarian, trainer and writer Michael Sauers.
  • User Education Resources for Librarians Topics and issues: user education, distance education support, e-learning support, librarianship, and information access. This weblog is maintained by Teresa Hartman, MLS.
  • Vancouver Law Librarian Blog Points of interest to the West Coast law librarian. Highlighted sources on KM, web development, and law library management.
  • Webfeeds, Blogs & More Teri Vogel provides news and commentary about tools for library and information professionals.
  • Young Librarian Chronicles of a recent MLIS graduate seeking employment.

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