• Beirne B. Carter Center for Immunology Research Aims to develop and sustain a program of research and training in immunology. Offers news, maps, jobs, library information, faculty listings, facility information, events and contact details.
  • Biomolecular Research Facility Provides a range of services for analyzing and synthesizing DNA, peptides and proteins. Program areas include DNA chemistry, protein sciences, peptide synthesis, biomolecular interactions. General Information is available as well as protocol details, events, jobs and contact information.
  • Cancer Center Provide research and facilities for professionals, doctors, patients and families, research and training, news, events and contact information.
  • Cardiovascular Research Center Engaged in programs designed to conduct gene transfer and gene therapy in the cardiovascular system, this is one of a large number of research and treatment areas. Information on programmes, staff, research, education, facilities and contact details is available.
  • Center for Biomedical Ethics Provides information on faculty, associates, publications, education, a newsletter, outreach programs, news, history, and contact details as well as upcoming and current events.
  • Center for Cell Signaling Studies molecular mechanisms of nuclear transport, signal transduction, and gene expression. Contains facilities, and faculty information opportunities and contact details.
  • Center for Children, Families, and the Law Connects research with the policy and legal issues related to children and families through research support, interdisciplinary discussion, service, and public conferences and lectures. Information on faculty, photo album, conferences, fellowships and contact details.
  • Center for Oceans Law and Policy Provides information on lectures, forums, conferences, publications, projects, staff, a clanedar, library and contact details.
  • Center for Research in Reproduction Primary research focuses on the understanding and treatment of disorders of reproduction with emphasis on the underlying mechanisms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). In addition, a training program for MD and PhD scientists. Research interests range from transcription and feedback regulation and ovarian and testicular pathophysiology, through clinical research into the roles of hyperandrogenemia and hyperinsulinemia in anovulation and infertility. Information on programs staff, funding and facilities is available.
  • Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems Develops theory, methodology and technology to assist in the management of risk for a variety of engineering systems. Areas of expertise include large scale and complex hierarchical systems, critical infrastructure protection, information assurance and C41SR, infrastructure interdependencies, safety-critical systems, transportation systems, computer-based systems, including hardware and software performance reliability, reliability modeling of multiple failure modes in complex systems, environmental impacts, and water resources and technology management. Includes information on programs, resources and facilities.
  • Center for Russian and East European Studies Serves as a resource for research and scholarship in the field of Russian and East European Studies. Supports teaching, research, curriculum development, community outreach programs and university-wide activities in co-operation with other educational institutions in Virginia and the Southeast. Includes resources, programs, financial aid information and contact details.
  • Digestive Health Center Contains information on patient care, education, research, technology, physician directory, news, events, directions, library, job and contact details.
  • Digital Media Center A collaborative effort the library, offers equipment and support for the digitization and editing of images, sound and video. DML staff assist students with digital projects and help faculty prepare electronic course materials. Offers project planning, tutorials and short courses, digital image, video, and audio capture and editing, analog editing, animation and 3-D imaging, media database building, web site building service information, events and contact details.
  • Electronic Text Center Builds and maintains an internet-accessible collection of SGML and XML texts and images; user communities adept at the creation and use of these materials. Combines an on-line archive of thousands of SGML and XML-encoded electronic texts and images with a library service that offers hardware and software suitable for the creation and analysis of text. Offers services, publications, projects, staff information and contact details.
  • General Clinical Research Center A multi-disciplinary research facility providing investigators with the specialized resources necessary to conduct advanced clinical research. The facility includes ten inpatient beds, skilled research nurses, a core assay laboratory, a metabolic kitchen, outpatient facilities, computing and statistical consultants and facilities, and sleep and exercise physiology laboratories. More than 250 research protocols have been, and are being, pursued on the GCRC. Includes information on programs, staff, research, training and contact details.
  • George Washington Papers The collected writings of George Washington. Includes maps and images, documetns, articles, a searcheable database, indices and translation facility.
  • Geospatial and Statistical Data Center Contains most of the spatial and social science data available through the University Library system. Much of the information is digital, but also houses the physical map collection, paper copies of many codebooks, software manuals, and reference books pertaining to spatial and statistical analysis. Offers services, collections training, directions and contact details.
  • Health Care Worker Safety Center Dedicated to the prevention of occupational transmission of bloodborne pathogens. Collects data from approximately 70 hospitals using EPINet and provides exclusive research reports from the EPINet database, and also tracks legislation, policy, and new products related to exposure prevention and needle safety. Offers information on events, news, jobs, research and contact details.
  • Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities Goal is to explore and expand the potential of information technology as a tool for humanities research. Provides consulting, technical support, applications programming, and networked publishing facilities as well as cultivating partnerships and participating in humanities computing initiatives with libraries, publishers, information technology companies, scholarly organizations, and others interested in the intersection of computers and cultural heritage. Offers information on people, staff, projects, funding and contact details.
  • Institute of Law, Psychiatry, and Public Policy Contains a mission statement, upcoming events, symposia, MacArthur Network, policy reports, and the Forensic Psychiatry Clinic.
  • Miller Center of Public Affairs Gathers new knowledge about the American presidency and government, shares that knowledge with scholars, officials and the public, and contributes to the contemporary debate about public policy. Includes information on resource, projects, staff, employment publications and contact details.
  • Mountain Lake Biological Station A field research and teaching facility. Contains program information, seminars, facilities, employment, directions and contact details.
  • Multimedia Networks Group Information on this unit which does analysis, design, and development for next-generation networks. Research interests include novel network services and architectures.
  • New Media Center Spans a number of areas of communication and information technology including University-Community dialog. Provides information on downloads, news, accounts, off-grounds access, web mail, training, services, labs and classrooms, computing policies, security, job openings and contact details.
  • Papers of James Madison Established in 1956 to publish annotated volumes of the correspondence and writings of James Madison providing accurate texts of Madison's incoming and outgoing correspondence, informative notes on textual and subject matters, and indexes. The project has collected over 25,000 copies of documents related to Madison's life, including letters, essays, notes, diaries, account books, ledgers, wills, legal papers, and inventories. Provides information about the papers of James Madison, a short biography, sample documents, volumes published, a selected bibliography, reviews, staff, news and contact details.
  • Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology A scientific society committed to understanding interactions between behavior and neuroendocrine function. Promotes exchanges between investigators approaching this problem from diverse perspectives and fields of study. Includes information on membership. fellowships, meetings, bylaws, and contact details.
  • Special Collections Digital Center Converts rare materials to digital formats that can be used to support research and instructional needs and to use these digital surrogates as a means to highlight and promote the library's rare materials in such a way that more users can gain access and discover them. Information on services, fees, location, collections, and contact deteails.
  • The Blandy Experimental Farm and State Arboretum A 700-acre research facility situated in the northern Shenandoah Valley displaying more than 8,000 trees and woody shrubs. The collections include more than half the world’s pine species, a grove of more than 300 ginkgo trees, and an herb garden. Links to research and educational programs, employment and related information.
  • The Center for Electrochemical Science and Engineering Page Built on the foundation of the Applied Electrochemistry Laboratories, it is a multi-disciplinary research effort which includes activities in the Departments of Materials Science and Engineering, and Chemical Engineering, as well as interactions with Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics. Contains information on staff, faculty, opportunities, employment and contact information.
  • The Center for Survey Research A full-service academic survey research facility specializing in studies for local government and state agencies offering customized project design, professional interviewing, data collection, data analysis and report preparation. Information on services, staff, projects, publications, employment, code of ethics, directions, facilities and contact details.
  • The Center for the Liberal Arts Assists school in defining what Americans need to know, to improve the teaching of the academic disciplines taught throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, and to provide a national model to help re-establish the central premise on which schooling must be based--knowledge of language and literature, mathematics and science, history and art. Includes resources in a number of fields, information on programs, staff, directions and contact details.
  • The Institute for Environmental Negotiation Develops projects such as the Virginia Natural Resources Leadership Institute, the Community-Based Collaboratives Research Consortium, the Superfund Site Renewal Program, the Southern Tobacco Communities Project, and other projects and programs in the practice of conflict resolution and consensus building, in the service of communities that are sustained ecologically, socially, and economically. Offers program information, research, personnel and contact details.
  • University of Virginia Heart Center A multidisciplinary team using integrated programs in preventive cardiology, patient care, research, medical education, and clinical trials. Information on heart disease, services, staff, fact sheets and contact details.
  • University of Virginia Tissue Adhesive Center An academic research center dedicated to the development of innovations in the field of surgery with expertise in protocol development, implementation, execution, and publication. Encompasses many surgical specialties and related fields, including head and neck surgery, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, and plastic surgery. Includes information on research, staff, news, archives and contact details.
  • Virginia Center for Digital History An independent center within the College of Arts and Sciences charged with creating new forms of historical scholarship and with performing public service and outreach. Digital collections constitute widely accessible, scholarly versions of primary histrocial sources that otherwise would remain inaccessible and largely unknown to the public. Includes information on courses, staff, projects and contact details.
  • Virginia Coast Reserve Long-term Ecological Research Project Provide access to information to ecological researchers. Research activities of the focus on the transitions and steady-state systems that comprise the barrier-island/lagoon/mainland landscape of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Provides information on weather, staffing, research, funding, tutorials and contact details.
  • Virginia Foundation for the Humanities Promotes lifelong learning, literacy, and civil public debate, funds and produces exhibits, conferences and teachers' institutes; book discussion series; film, video and radio programs; and other public programs that draw upon the humanities. Information includes radio programs, research, events, heritage, news, funding and contact details.
  • Virginia Institute of Government Established in 1994 by the Virginia General Assembly to increase the training, technical services and information resources available to the Commonwealth's local governments, part of the Cooper Center for Public Service. Offers information on services, publications, jobs and contact details.
  • Virginia Transportation Research Council State-sponsored centers for the study and development of advanced transportation-related engineering technology and improved management and operational practices. The Research Council accomplishes its mission by conducting a broad-based program of applied and basic research, providing technical consulting, supporting technology transfer activities, and sponsoring technical education and training programs
  • W.M. Keck Center for Cellular Imaging Provides a state-of-the-art optical imaging facility for both teaching and research use and the continued development of new methods that integrate biology, optics and electronic engineering. Offers information on facilities, research, publications opportunities and contact details.
  • Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service A research and training organization focused on the Commonwealth of Virginia providing objective information, data, research, technical assistance, and practical training to state and local officials, community leaders, and members of the general public. Includes services, publications, locations, staffing, jobs, and contact details.

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