• Research, Office of Vice President for Responsible for the $507 million-per-year in University research programs, which span many disciplines and are integrated into the academic environment at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory Provides a wide range of testing programs for soils, plants, biosolids and other agricultural materials. The fee-based programs are available to all University faculty and staff as well as the general public.
  • American Center for the Study of Distance Education Provides information about The American Journal of Distance Education, The Distance Education Online Symposium (DEOS), The Research Monograph Series, and other publications and information about America's oldest (1987) and principal center of research and scholarship about distance education.
  • Animal Diagnostic Laboratory A nationally recognized veterinary diagnostic laboratory committed to the health of animals, that serves as a central reference facility for the approximately 1,200 veterinarians and animal owners that currently use the service.
  • Applied Research Laboratory As a university center of excellence in naval science and technologies, with preeminence in undersea missions and related areas, the Applied Research Laboratory provides solutions to problems in national security, economic competitiveness, and quality of life.
  • Astrobiology Research Center A member of the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI), whose primary mission is to conduct multidisciplinary research and education in Astrobiology.
  • Biomechanics Laboratory Applies biomechanical principles to motor control problems, and understands how muscle properties dictate the coordination of movement.
  • Center for Food Manufacturing A partnership between the University and corporate members to meet the challenges of productivity, competitiveness, and safety in food processing and manufacturing.
  • Center For Healthy Aging Strives to advance the study of aging sciences; stimulate communication among scholars of different disciplines and among others; promote development of courses in adult development and aging; and foster applied research that improves the quality of life and welfare.
  • Child Development Laboratory As an extension of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, serves as a site for undergradutate training and education through observational projects and classroom participation; and for faculty and student research on child development, early childhood education, and parenting.
  • Children, Youth, and Families Consortium Researches developmental processes, factors that promote and compromise child and family well-being, and the design and evaluation of applied intervention strategies. Also includes innovative teaching and service-outreach methods, and efforts to influence and evaluate the impact of social policies.
  • Communications and Space Sciences Laboratory An interdisciplinary and intercollege component of the Penn State Department of Electrical Engineering focused on studying electromagnetic phenomena either directly or as tools for probing the atmosphere and ionosphere.
  • Computer Vision Laboratory Research spans a broad range of topics, such as autonomous navigation, automated visual inspection, document image analysis, human-computer interface systems, medical imaging and visualization, object recognition, telerobotics, and visual information management.
  • e-Education Institute A community of College of Earth and Mineral Sciences faculty members, staff, and students, working together to improve the quality and accessibility of EMS education through the imaginative use of networked computing.
  • Earth System Science Center Brings together the Departments of Geosciences, Meteorology, Geography, and Energy, Environmental, and Mineral Economics to search for links between the Earth's physical processes and past and future global change.
  • Energy Institute A leading research and development organization in the broad area of energy science and engineering, that also serves the University's commitment in this field to the Commonwealth and to the nation.
  • Environment Institute Formed in 1998 to promote interaction among faculty and students with the diverse expertise needed to address the environmental issues currently facing the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.
  • Environmental Consortium Created to increase the visibility of the University's environmental research, education, and outreach and to address current needs and provide new opportunities for faculty and students in interdisciplinary environmental research.
  • Fruit Research and Extension Center In addition to providing site-specific conditions for research, the facility increases opportunities for growers, consultants, consumers, and students to observe experiments and to consult with scientists.
  • Gastroenteric Disease Center Located at the University Park campus, functions as a reference center by accepting diagnostic cultures for characterization from outside sources.
  • General Clinical Research Center Provides personnel support and facilities for investigator initiated peer-reviewed research with human subjects. Objected to facilitate the transfer of basic medical knowledge to the clinical arena, to elucidate pathogenic mechanisms of disease, and to develop strategies for health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Geodynamics Research Group As a part of the Department of Geosciences, takes an interdisciplinary approach to attacking some of the research problems in tectonics, seismology, lithospheric deformation and dynamics, and plate tectonics.
  • Gould Center for Geography Education and Outreach A innovative center of excellence designed to expand student access to University geography via distance education, promote active learning in geography courses, and foster outreach efforts to all of our constituents.
  • Hamer Center for Community Design Assistance Provides communities with education and technical assistance as they seek design solutions related to land use and transportation, community and economic development, the environment and quality of life.
  • Improvement of Teaching and Learning, Center for the Current hot topics include early childhood training, study and prevention of school violence, principles and standards for school mathematics, and curriculum integration linkages.
  • Industrial Research Office Assists companies in identifying and accessing Penn State faculty expertise and research centers, and works to foster University-industry research partnerships. Personal attention is given to company representatives to assess their technical needs.
  • Information and Communications Technology Research, Center for Envisions to team with industrial partners to generate solutions to current and future technical challenges in the transmission, storage, transformation, switching and networking of digital information.
  • Innovation Park Facilitates University collaborations with business and government, helps entrepreneurs bring ideas to the market place, and allows easy access to faculty researchers, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, and undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Innovative Sintered Products, Center for Extends a national investment in applied materials research at Penn State through an engineering focus on product and process development for new materials and applications of sintering.
  • Land Analysis Laboratory Specializes in the use of geographic information systems (GIS) and related advanced information system technologies for environmental assessment and land management.
  • Life Sciences Consortium The Consortium is dedicated to enhancing the University's ability to prepare students for tomorrow, strengthening research in the life sciences, encouraging research alliances across disciplinary boundaries and developing new approaches to the application of basic science in business.
  • Materials Research Institute Established to coordinate activities and provide leadership for interdisciplinary materials research throughout the University and to acts as a resource about materials and a gateway to the materials faculty and facilities.
  • Materials Research Science and Engineering Center Assembles a team of researchers to capitalize recent advances in the synthesis of novel ordered porous hosts to understand the role of confinement on the behavior of selected materials.
  • Media Effects Research Laboratory Dedicated to conducting empirical research on the psychological effects of media content, form, and technology.
  • Medieval Studies, Center for Promotes research and study in the European Middle Ages across different departments and colleges through conferences, symposia, colloquia, and publications.
  • Molecular Toxicology and Carcinogenesis, Center for Created as expansion of the existing molecular toxicology program in the Life Sciences Consortium to include a number of related ongoing research programs across various colleges at Penn State.
  • Mushroom Spawn Laboratory Nationally and internationally recognized for its basic and mission-directed research in air pollution, environmental stress, expert systems, Fusarium systematics, mushroom science, and root biology.
  • Nanofabrication Facility A professionally-staffed Class-10 cleanroom facility providing hands-on training and use to both students and non-students, offering expertise in top-down and bottom-up nanofabrication, and providing a full range of processing capabilities for substrates.
  • Noll Physiological Research Center Primary missions are research, teaching, service and graduate education in the physiological sciences. Ongoing research involves thermoregulation, reproductive physiology, glucose and insulin interactions, cytokine physiology, protein accretion, and regulation of muscle contraction.
  • Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development One of four regional rural development centers in the nation contributing to the well-being of small towns and rural communities, focusing specifically on rural problems of the Northeast region.
  • Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit A research unit created to conduct interdisciplinary applied and basic research in fish and wildlife management and contribute to graduate education.
  • Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium Seeks to increase the development and utilization of space resources; encourage training, research, and public service in space-related areas; recruit and train professionals for space-related careers; promote a strong science, math, and technology educational base; and promote opportunities for underrepresented groups.
  • Population Research Institute Encourages, organizes, and supports innovative research and training in the population sciences, by providing research and data collection, graduate and postdoctoral training, core services, and publications and events.
  • Prevention Research Center Aims to promote the well-being of children and youth and to reduce the prevalence of high-risk behaviors and poor outcomes in children, families and communities.
  • Rotorcraft Center of Excellence Founded in January 1996 to develop programs focused on advancement of rotorcraft research and education. Includes approximately 30 graduate students and 12 faculty members.
  • Social Science Research Institute Missioned to promote research encompassing the wide range of skills and perspectives that are needed to solve complex social problems.
  • Study of Higher Education, Center for the Provides studies, analyses, and reports relevant to decision-making in higher education, and aids in the formulation of higher education policy. Consistently regarded as one highly rated center for the study of postsecondary education.
  • Sustainability, Center for Seeks to act as a catalyst for encouraging the interests and enthusiasm of a wide spectrum of students, faculty, administrators, staff, and residents from the surrounding communities with the vision of more ecologically sustainable ways of living.
  • Sustainable Forestry Partnership The Partnership identifies forestry issues and trends, designs and conducts research, develops education and training materials and events, and provides assistance to sustainable forestry stakeholders.

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