A category for the nation's largest university press and the journals it publishes.
  • University of Chicago Press The largest American university press, and one of the oldest. Academic and general books. Catalogs, secure online ordering, excerpts from new books. Sign up for email notification of new books in a field. Chicago Manual of Style FAQ. Publishes more than 50 scholarly journals and hardcover serials:
  • American Journal of Education Explores the diversity of educational scholarship and seeks to encourage a vigorous dialogue between educational scholars and practitioners. Table of contents, subscription and contributor information.
  • American Journal of Sociology Established in 1895 as the first U.S. scholarly journal in its field, AJS is a voice for analysis and research in the social sciences, presenting work on the theory, methods, practice, and history of sociology. Electronic edition.
  • Chicago Distribution Center Warehouse and distribution facility for the University of Chicago Press and other scholarly publishers.
  • Classical Philology Since 1906 Classical Philology has examined the life, languages, and thought of classical antiquity.
  • Clinical Infectious Diseases This journal publishes clinical articles, including those in microbiology; a regular AIDS/TB Commentary; sections covering medical and legal issues and managed care symposia; time-saving review articles, which survey the growing body of research literature in a specific area or on a group of related topics; and thematic studies on central topics in infectious disease research. Electronic edition.
  • Comparative Education Review Investigates education throughout the world and the social, economic, and political forces that shape it.
  • Critical Inquiry Founded in 1974, Critical Inquiry is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to publishing the best critical thought in the arts and humanities.
  • Current Anthropology Current Anthropology presents research on human cultures and on the human and other primate species. Electronic edition.
  • Economic Development and Cultural Change Examines the economic and social forces that affect development and the impact of development on culture.
  • Ethics An international journal of moral, political, and legal philosophy.
  • History of Religions Devoted to the study of religious phenomena from prehistory to modern times, both within particular traditions and across cultural boundaries.
  • International Journal of American Linguistics A world forum for the study of all the languages native to North, Central, and South America. Inaugurated by Franz Boas in 1917, IJAL concentrates on the investigation of linguistic data and on the presentation of grammatical fragments and other documents relevant to Amerindian languages.
  • International Journal of Plant Sciences Research that seeks the answers to questions in all areas of the plant sciences. Topics covered include plant-microbe interactions, development, structure and systematics, molecular biology, genetics and evolution, ecology, paleobotany, and physiology and ecophysiology. Founded in 1875 by John M. Coulter. Electronic edition.
  • Isis Isis features scholarly articles, research notes and commentary on the history of science, medicine, and technology and their cultural influences. Review essays and book reviews on new publications in the field are also included. An official publication of the History of Science Society.
  • Journal of British Studies Covers the study of British history and civilization, publishes research articles and thematic review essays by international authors in history, literature, and allied disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Journal of Business Publishes research, analysis, and inquiry into issues of importance to the business community-from theoretical insights to data analysis and practical management strategies.
  • Journal of Consumer Research Publishes scholarly research aimed at describing and explaining consumer behavior. Electronic edition.
  • Journal of Labor Economics Presents international research that examines issues affecting the economy as well as social and private behavior.
  • Journal of Near Eastern Studies Devoted exclusively to an examination of the ancient and medieval civilizations of the Near East. Appearing in its pages are contributions from scholars of international reputation on archaeology, art, history, literature, linguistics, religion, law, and science. Old Testament and Islamic studies are also featured.
  • Journal of Political Economy Publishing analytical, interpretive, and empirical studies, the Journal presents work in traditional areas--monetary theory, fiscal policy, labor economics, planning and development, micro-and macroeconomic theory, international trade and finance, industrial organization--as well as in such interdisciplinary fields as the history of economic thought and social economics. Electronic edition.
  • Journals Division The Journals Division of the University of Chicago Press distributes more than 50 journals and hardcover serials, presenting original research from international scholars in the social sciences, humanities, education, biological and medical sciences, and physical sciences.
  • Modern Philology Investigates literary and cultural history, bibliography, and lexicography, as its contributors probe the intricate interrelation between texts and contexts. Articles presenting innovative critical approaches to American, English, and European literature are accompanied by review articles, notes, and documents focused on archival research, and an expanded book review section.
  • Osiris Founded in 1936 by George Sarton as a companion to the journal Isis, this annual thematic publication deals with important emerging research in the history of science and its cultural influences.
  • Philosophy of Science Dedicated to the furthering of studies and free discussion from diverse standpoints in the philosophy of science. The journal contains essays, discussion articles, and book reviews.
  • Physiological and Biochemical Zoology Physiological and Biochemical Zoology has presented current research in environmental, adaptational, and comparative physiology and biochemistry since 1928. Original research results represent a variety of areas, including thermoregulation, respiration, circulation, osmotic and ionic regulation, environmental acclimation, evolutionary physiology, and metabolic physiology and biochemistry. Electronic edition.
  • Public Opinion Quarterly For practitioners and academicians studying the development and role of communication research, current public opinion, as well as the theories and methods underlying opinion research. Electronic edition.
  • Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific This journal provides an outlet for astronomical results of a scientific nature and serves to keep readers in touch with current astronomical research. It contains refereed research and instrumentation papers, invited reviews, and dissertation summaries. Electronic edition.
  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society Signs publishes articles engaging gender, race, culture, class, sexuality, and / or nation. The focus of essays ranges from cross-disciplinary theorizing and methodologies to specific disciplinary issues, framed to enter conversations of interest across disciplines.
  • Social Service Review Examines social welfare policy and practice and evaluaties its effects. In addition to essays, the Review provides book reviews to keep readers informed of current critical research.
  • The American Journal of Human Genetics Since its inception in 1948, AJHG has provided a record of research and review relating to heredity in man and to the application of genetic principles in medicine, psychology, anthropology, and social services, as well as in related areas of molecular and cell biology. Electronic edition.
  • The American Naturalist The American Naturalist is a peer-reviewed publications examining ecology, evolution, and population and integrative biology research.Founded in 1867. Electronic edition.
  • The Chicago Digital Distribution Center A digital print facility serving the University of Chicago Press and other scholarly publishers printing runs of low-demand titles.
  • The Elementary School Journal Founded in 1900, The Elementary School Journal is designed to serve both the researcher and the practitioner in elementary and middle school education. While exploring central problems in education theory, the Journal also explores the complex problems of the classroom.
  • The Journal of Geology Devoted to research and theory in geophysics, geochemistry, sedimentology, geomorphology, petrology, plate tectonics, volcanology, structural geology, mineralogy, and planetary sciences. Electronic edition.
  • The Journal of Infectious Diseases Original research on the pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious diseases; on the microbes that cause them; and on disorders of host immune mechanisms. Electronic edition.
  • The Journal of Law & Economics Publishes research on a broad range of topics including the economic analysis of regulation and the behavior of regulated firms, the political economy of legislation and legislative processes, law and finance, corporate finance and governance, and industrial organization.
  • The Journal of Modern History Explores European intellectual, political, and cultural history. The Journal's geographical and temporal scope-the history of Europe since the Renaissance-makes it unique: the JMH explores not only events and movements in specific countries, but also broader questions that span particular times and places. Electronic edition.
  • The Journal of Religion Formerly known as The American Journal of Theology, this journal promotes critical and systematic inquiry into the meaning and import of religion. The Journal embraces all areas of theology (biblical, historical, ethical, constructive) as well as other types of religious studies (literary, social, psychological, philosophical).
  • The Library Quarterly Publishes research in all areas of librarianship--historical, sociological, statistical, bibliographical, managerial and educational.
  • The Quarterly Review of Biology Historical, philosophical, and technical treatments of important biological topics. Also provides educators, students, and biological researchers with authoritative articles, theoretical papers, book reviews, and timely assessments of the life sciences.
  • Winterthur Portfolio Publishes articles on the arts in America and the historical context within which they developed. WP's articles highlight research from America's early colonial period through the twentieth century and present a diversity of innovative perspectives on American material culture with findings from various disciplines such as literature, decorative arts, ethnology, American studies, folk studies, art history, cultural history, archaeology, cultural geography, architecture, anthropology, and social, intellectual, and technological histories.

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