Lists laboratories and individuals involved in research. Includes faculty members research programs.
  • Aerospace Physiology Laboratory Conducts research related to human physiological responses and adaptations to Terrestrial and Space environments. Located within the School of Kinesiology and headed by Dr Andrew Blaber.
  • Albright, Lawrence J. Professor of fish and shellfish diseases in the department of Biological Sciences. Current research program and selected publications.
  • Allen, Diana Assistant professor in the School of Earth Science. Research projects, publications, courses and curriculum vitae.
  • Allen, Douglas Professor in the Department of Economics. Includes research interests, publications, abstracts and course outlines.
  • Anderson, Gail Associate professor in forensic science and entomology. Laboratory, research interests, publications, projects and courses.
  • Andolfatto, David Associate professor of Economics. Publications, working papters, research materials and course materials.
  • Arifovic, Jasmina Professor of Economics. Research interests, publications, abstracts, courses and related links.
  • Assessment of Technology In Context Design Laboratory (ATIC Design Lab) Located in the School of Communication. Research facility specializing in research related to the human dimensions of technological change. Objectives, projects, facilities and equipment and people.
  • Atkins, M. Stella Professor and director of Computing Science. Research interests, courses, publications and abstracts, graduate students and researchers. Includes academic honesty page.
  • Beckenbach, Andrew T. Associate professor of population genetics and molecular evolution. Current research project, publications and Institute for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.
  • Breden, Felix Associate professor in the department of Biological Sciences. Main focus is on the population genetics and behavoural ecology. Current research program, publications, model for minisatellite birth and photos.
  • Burley, David V. Research interest and teaching specialty areas include archaeology and ethnohistory, chiefly societies, historical archaeology, archaeological resource management, Oceanian, and northwest North America. Research programs, publications and field school.
  • Burr, A.H. Jay Associate professor of sensory physiology in the department of Biological Sciences. Current research program and publications.
  • Carlson, Roy L. Professor Emeritus in the department of Archaeology. Research interests include Northwest Coast, the Southwest, and PaleoIndian cultures. Includes publication and research programs.
  • CoLab Provides a mathematical computational environment with emphasis on scientific visualization, advanced publishing and distributed learning applications in mathematics. Research teams, technologies, news and events.
  • Communication Networks Laboratory Current activities encompass wide area and wireless data networks, with emphasis on traffic collection, modeling and characterization, and on performance analysis of packet and ATM networks. Researchers, facilities and projects.
  • Compound Semiconductor Device Laboratory (CSDL) Located within the Physics and Engineering Science Departments. Seeks to define, implement and assess leading edge high-speed compound semiconductor devices, materials, and processes for the telecommunications industry. Facilities, projects, people, collaborations, publications, feedback and related courses.
  • Computational Logic Laboratory Interests include logics for knowledge representation and for representing and reasoning about dynamic systems, belief revision, theorem proving, constraint satisfaction, database theory, and complexity of related computational tasks. People, events, projects and software.
  • Computational Vision Laboratory Part of the School of Computing Science, with particular emphasis on colour. Includes researchers, projects, facilities, collaborations, publications, data and feedback.
  • Cooke, Fred Professor and senior chair of the Department of Biological Sciences and CWS/NSERC Wildlife Ecology Chair. Biography, research interests, associated students and publications.
  • Crespi, Bernard J. Professor of Evolutionary Biology in the department of Biological Sciences. Current research program, biography, members of the Crespi Laboratory, information for prospective students, teaching materials and publications.
  • D'Andrea, A. Catherine Professor in the department of Archaeology. Research interests include palaeoethnobotany, bioarchaeology, subsistence reconstruction, ethnoarchaeology, and early agrarian societies of northern Africa and the Far East. Courses, research programs and publications.
  • Database and Data Mining Laboratory Founded and led for many years by Prof. Jiawei Han. Focuses on a database systems perspective. Includes objectives, people, projects, software, library and events.
  • David Baillie Genetics Research laboratory Caenorhabditis elegans genetic research. Genetic maps, personnel, notes, bioinformatics, analysis suite for DNA and amino acid sequence, forum, publications and other worm sites of interest.
  • Dill, Lawrence (Larry) M. Professor in the department of Biological Sciences. Research interests and program, publications and laboratory members.
  • Dr. Fanboner's Alternative Site Research interest, publications, Pacific Pearl Culture Limited, abalone pearl culture, biography and Biology 306. Includes photos.
  • Driver, Jonathan C. Academic and Provost Vice President for the university. Research programs in the department of Archaeology, publications and Charlie Lake Cave project.
  • Druel, Louis D. Professor of kelp evolution, genetics and agronomy. Current research and publications.
  • Elle, Elizabeth Assistant professor in the department of Biological Sciences. Research interests, course page and plant evolutionary ecology laboratory page.
  • Enhanced Virtual Hand Laboratory (EVHL ) The study and analysis of goal-directed human hand movement. Research projects, news and events, related academic programs, industrial partners, people, publications and affiliated laboratories.
  • Esler, Dan University research associate at the Centre for Wildlife, Simon Fraser University. Biography, research interests, ongoing projects, publications and graduate students.
  • Experimental Robotics Laboratory (ERL) Located in the Engineering Science department. Includes themes, objectives, publications and contact person.
  • Fankboner, Peter V. Associate professor of invertebrate biology in the department of Biological Sciences. Course websites, current research program, selected publications, exhibitions and photos.
  • Fladmark, Knut R. Research and teaching interests include Northwestern North American Quaternary environments, North American ethnographic cultures, PaleoIndian adaptations, geoarchaeology, Canadian prehistory, fur-trade archaeology and northwestern North America ethnography and prehistory.
  • Forestry and Forest Ecology Research Laboratory Located in the School of Resource and Environmental Management. Overview, satellite images, program, projects, students and researchers, affiliations and collaborations, products, publication, and downloadable software, tutorials, database, toolkit and models.
  • Galdikas, Biruté M.F. Professor with the department of Archaeology. Heads the Orangutan Foundation International. Lists her research interests and program and courses.
  • Graphics + Usability + Visualization Laboratory (GRUVI Lab) Interdisciplinary team of researchers exploring novel approaches to computing graphics and human-computer interaction. Focuses on information Visualization, animation, scientific visualization, medical imaging, and haptic interfaces. Overview, projects, researchers, publications and archives. Includes map.
  • Gries, Gerhard Associate professor of insect chemical ecology in the department of Biological Sciences. Current research and publications.
  • Hartwick, E. Brian Associate professor of marine biology. Current research program and publications.
  • Haunerland, Norbert H. Departmental chair and associate professor of lipid transport protein and insect biochemistry in the department of Biological Sciences. Includes research and publications.
  • Hayden, Brian D. Professor in the department of Archaeology. Research interests includes New World archaeology and ethnology, Old World Paleolithic, hunter/gatherer ethnology, Australian and Southeast Asian prehistory, ethnoarchaeology, lithic technology and cultural ecology. Courses, research programs and publications.
  • Human Motor Systems Laboratory A research facility located in the School of Kinesiology. Projects, people, photos, facility, publications, past students and visitors.
  • Injury Prevention and Mobility Laboratory Biomechanics research focuses on the cause and prevention of falls, hip fractures, wrist fractures, and disorders in balance and mobility. People, publications and mission.
  • Intelligent & Distributed Enterprise Automation (iDEA) Laboratory Located in the Engineering Science department. Emphasizes distributed intelligent systems, manufacturing automation, robotics, vision and sensing. People, projects, publications, collaborations, facilities, related courses and announcements.
  • Kennedy, Christopher J. Associate professor of aquatic toxicology in the department of Biological Sciences. Current research program and publications.
  • Kermode, Allison R. Associate professor of plant cell and molecular biology. Current research program and selected publications.
  • Kim Bartholomew's Research Laboratory Housed under the department of Psychology. Research interests in attachment measures, relationship abuse and gay relationship. Includes presentations, publications, interviews, and FAQs.
  • Lank, David B. University research associate and adjunct professor, CWS/NSERC Wildlife Ecology chair. Research interests, current projects, selected publications and biography.
  • Law, Francis C.P. Professor of environmental toxicology in the department of Biological Sciences.
  • Lesack, Lance Assistant professor in the department of Biological Sciences. Current research program, research interest and selected publications.
  • Logic and Experimental Philosophy, Laboratory for Affiliated with the Philosophy department. Provides information on members, research and software.
  • Mathewes, Rolf W. Professor of Paleoecology and Palynology in the Biological Sciences. Includes current research program and selected publications.
  • Mattsson, Jim Assistant professor in plant physiology and development. Current research program, courses, laboratory, abstracts and publications.
  • Media Analysis Laboratory Located within the School of Communication. Provides a creative environment for learning about, analyzing, and researching the role of mediated social communication. Includes videos, research, community based projects, goals, reports, history and mandate.
  • Medical Computing Laboratory Focuses in the development of software for medical image display and analysis including visualisation and quantification of clinically significant features in medical images. overview, news and events, projects, people, collaborators and publications.
  • Natural Language Laboratory Involved in machine translation, computer assisted language learning, information extraction, and natural language interfaces. News and events, publications and research activities.
  • Nicholas, George Associate Professor of Archaeology and Anthropology. Research interests, courses taught, personal profile and selected publications.
  • Quarmby Lab, The Researches the regulation of microtubule function, the cell cycle, and calcium signalling. Includes research overview, publications, courses, jobs opportunities, journal club and members.
  • Roitberg Laboratory Conducts research in the areas of behavioural ecology and pest management. Under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Bernie Roitberg. Projects, people and photos.
  • Roitberg, Bernard D. Professor of Behavioural Ecology, Pest Management in the department of Biological Sciences. Includes current research program, research laboratory and publications.
  • Smith, Richard Associate Professor in the School of Communication, and Director of the Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology. Biography, photos, research, and publications.
  • The FAB* Lab Made up of a group of researchers focusing on organic evolution and speciation. Overview, research interest, e-journals and links to National Centre for Biotechnology Information, Systemic Biology and Scientists for Species.
  • The Vision and Media Laboratory Carries on researches in computer vision, pattern recognition, representation and retrieval of visual media in digital libraries. Members, projects, activities, publications and demonstrations.
  • Truax, Barry Electroacoustic composer and Acoustic Communication researcher. Professor in both the School of Communication and the School for the Contemporary Arts. Includes biography, Globe's In Person profile, interview, publications, course outlines, Cambridge Street Records, compositions and World Soundscape project.
  • Winston, Mark L. Professor of Apiculture and Social Insects in the department of Biological Sciences. Includes curriculum vitae, published articles, current research program, selected publications, and Once Upon a Bee project.

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